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Welcome to GalaxyS4Root.com!  GalaxyS4Root.com was created to help Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone users to easily root and install custom ROMs on their Galaxy S4.

Why root Samsung Galaxy S4? – Please see our Why root Galaxy S4 post for details on the benefits of rooting Galaxy S4.

New to rooting Galaxy S4? Please read up on Galaxy S4 Rooting Glossary.

What is a Custom ROM?

A custom ROM is a custom, modified operating system that you can install on your Android device. Basically it's like installing Windows OS on a Macbook. By installing a custom ROM, you can bypass stock factory settings like locked hotspot tether, install new Android versions early, or even convert your phone into another OS.

With a custom ROM, you can really maximize the capabilities of your smartphone by adding custom features that have been developed by open source developers.

How to Install Custom ROMs

First, you will need to root your device, if it is not rooted yet, follow our root tutorial and root your phone.

Once rooted, you should have TWRP installed on your phone. Installation of a custom ROM is easy if you learn the basic of it. If you don't know how to install custom ROMs using TWRP recovery, see our tutorial on How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP!

113 Responses

  1. david770 says:

    Cannot turn on Wifi after Software update Galaxy S 4 tmobile to to M919UVUAMDL.

    please help

  2. Mani says:

    Hi, Any idea how to convert i337 s4 to work on AWS? some people are converting them in Toronto, Canada.

  3. Brian says:

    Hi Zedomax,
    I just wanted to ask you, if you have released a 11extsd2internalsd for the galaxy s4, say at&t’s galaxy s4?

    thanks so much, I am really looking forward to using the 11extsd2internalsd for the galaxy s4….
    : )


    • Max Lee says:

      It’s not the same, but I am looking into it.

      • Brian says:

        Awesome, I am just happy that you’re looking into it!

      • Jake says:

        need your help please will make a donation.
        i have a google edition galaxy s4
        after rooting it. none of the aps work such as watch on. etc… samsung apps wont even install.
        very strange i need help installing original stock rom that came with the phone.
        i downloaded triangle away and used it to reset count once.

        but i am not sure how to proceed and i am having serious problems please help me.

      • daryle says:

        Hi if got samsung s4 model sgh-i337m it’s on sasktel and when I put my Sim card in and try to make a call it comes up network not registered and when I try register network my service goes away and then it says unable to connect try again .

  4. Kris Anderson says:

    Hi Max,
    Quick question…
    After rooting using motochop, upon rebooting at start up there is a lock with the word “custom” under it.
    same as where/when the triangle was.

    do you know if there will be a “lock away” or will unrooting and resetting the phone get rid of it?



  5. Brian says:

    It is so cool that you almost finished with the 11extsd2internalsd for the galaxy s4!!! I am so incredibly excited, I cannot wait!!!!


  6. Brian says:

    I cannot wait for you to release app2sd for s4, any chance you can release it this weekend? Sorry for being a pain!!!

  7. jose reyes says:

    hello i really like all your videos and their all helpful,
    i wanted to know if you can make a New Video on how to put
    Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy S4 At&t?

  8. ManuelPz says:

    I try to install custom rom gt-9505 with the KT teawer touch Wiz on my galaxy s4 I337,when i reboot i get ATT has not autorize software. i follow your step on the video but it does not work for me, can help me.
    Thank you,

    • Max Lee says:

      Hmmm it seems like you didn’t install the kernel, try re-installing kernel in CWM, if you have kernel installed correctly, you shouldn’t be getting that message.

      • Steve says:

        Hi Max,

        I also have the same problem with the unauthorized software warning. Chris directed me to your youtube video. I followed your video exactly including downloading the kernel and installing it after I installed the ROM. Everything seems to work until I reboot and get the same warning. Any advice?

  9. Brian says:

    Max Lee – Any more progress on the release of app2sd for s4?

    Thanks bud,

  10. salvador says:

    App2ExtSD Hack galaxy s4

    will you be able to help us, with this hack, like you did
    with S3, thank you

  11. Brian says:

    Hey Max, are you going to release a working App2ExtSD for galaxy S4 soon?

    Thanks, I really need this!!!


  12. mike says:

    Do you have any idea if synergy team is doing any roms from the s4? To me their the best I had so far when I had my s3

  13. mike says:

    I didn’t install any rom I was just asking bout synergy team if they just do s3 rom or will they have roms for the s4 in the future

  14. Phi says:

    How can you install more languages for the Galaxy s4? The factory ATT i-337 doesn’t have Vietnamese in it language library.

  15. John T says:

    I am extremely new to “ROOTING” and the Droid life. I have been limited to the iOS world for years and am now taking the leap to Droid. I live in the Cayman Islands, so I bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 new through Amazon, USA. I love the device, but so many of the APPS I want are not available in my region. It seems I need to “ROOT” the phone then use some form of “market switcher”.
    I downloaded the drivers as the video has indicated and also the motochopper. My concern is that I want to be able to revert back to having the phone unrooted after I install the apps I am after. Not sure that is necessary, but sounds like it in order to install future OS updates. How do I get it back to the non-developer state or unrooted stage where it started? My phone isn’t pre-loaded from a carrier like; T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or Rogers. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  16. tom says:

    can i convert my s4 at&t i337 to s4international i9500 ?

  17. tim says:

    i just got my galaxy s4 active from at&t (sgh-i537), do you have any plans of rooting this device soon?

  18. Brian B says:

    I am curious if you know of a way to remove device encryption on the S4. I’m currently downloading the stock ATT image in an attempt to get back to where I started (currently rocking Google’s 4.3).

    • Brian B says:

      To answer my own question. I was able to use the Odin method to reflash with stock ATT rom. After that and a wipe I was able to access the phone without issue. From there I did the normal steps to re-root it and install the Google rom back on it to get back where I wanted to be.
      If you want encryption just be sure, and remember you will be forced to use a PIN or Password to unlock.

  19. Chris says:

    Max – I haven’t commented on any posts yet but wanted to sincerely thank you for all the help. I was an iPhone user until October of last year. Now I’m not only an Android user but have rooted / custom ROM’d my Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones many times. Even my most hard-core Android friends now look to me for advice and help and even when I point them to galaxys4root.com they still insist on help. Couldn’t do all this without you. Thanks for everything you put into the website and YouTube vids. Appreciate you. Chris, Houston TX, AT&T GS4 Google Play Android 4.3 ROM

  20. Brad Knight says:

    I successfully rooted my AT&T Galaxy S4 to 4.3. When I reboot now I see a Samsung Custom boot up screen. Is there anyway to change that to something more appealing?

  21. Kevin Lee says:

    When I root the galaxy s4, it always come out adb server is out of date killing… adb server didn ack, can any one tell me reason ,ATT galaxy s4 I337

  22. Joey Aguilar says:

    I purchased a galaxy s2 for my son only to find out that it was still on a account. I tried to get the to call and release the phone so I can activate it under my carrier with no response. Is there anything I can do to make phone work or do I have what’s known as a brick

  23. Cheryl says:

    I enabled the AWS frequencies on my Fido Galaxy S4 (Canada) for Wind mobile using your instructions. It worked. Thank you. However, I now have a problem, I received a software update and accepted it and now I am unable to register on the network. Also, I am not able to access phone.util, as when I dial *#7284# it either says cannot register on network or invalid IMEI. I would appreciate some guidance.

  24. Cheryl says:

    Sorry, I meant to say invalid MMI code

  25. Henry says:


    I am trying to get high on android but kind of stuck with a question….well questions. 🙂

    I purchased an S4 that is US Cellular (don’t see you mention a lot about them) but my current network is with Verizon. What are my option to get the phone to work on Verizon?
    * could I simply just transfer the sim card from my old phone (Verizon) to new S4 (US Cellular)?
    * If not, could I flash the S4 and change it into Verizon S4?

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply,

  26. Fady says:

    Please help!
    I had a S4 from FIDO in Canada. I installed the Google Play Edition ROM but since then, even when I unroot with you ODIN trick using the FIDO ROM, my phone still behaves as a BELL (BMC) phone…. How can I fix that?

  27. Jim Cramer says:

    Is there a sign-up list for notification of ME7 rooting?

  28. Zanis says:

    hi how to root galaxy s4 octa core I9500XXUBMG9

  29. Abner says:

    HI Max



  30. Jerry says:

    i have the at&t samsung galaxy s4 SGH-i337 and would like to root it. ive followed all your directions for using motochopper and get an error about the binary needing updated. the baseband version is I337UCUAMF3 and the build number is JDQ39.I337UCUAMF3. also your guide mentions using the loki method which requires the phone to be rooted. id appreciate any help you can give, it seems that im not the only one having this issue but havent seen an answer about how to succeed

    • Eddy says:

      Hey everybody. the at&t ota update (Baseband = I337UCUAMF3) kills root, kills custom recovery, it also prevents you from using Odin to flash and previous versions of stock. Two days ago I was rooted with a custom recovery and going back and forth flashing custom roms and using Odin to get back to stock, yesterday while i was on stock, i did the ota update. when i got home i went to go root it again and it failed, i tried multiple ways, keeps failing. it actually flashed SU but it is not properly rooted. So now i have stock I337UCUAMF3 with a broken SU that i had to disable and hide because it was annoying me. from all of my research there is currently no way to root I337UCUAMF3. if your using a version with the baseband I337UCUAMF3 that is why you are experiencing problems. 🙁

  31. ms.samsprung says:

    Hi Max,
    I’ve come upon a couple of issues I was hoping you could educate me about. My current phone is the sph-720, rooted/stock rom.
    First, issue is not that big of a deal but occasionally my phone’s screen will change to an all blue screen that has a white fillable bar across the top and says “cisco” under it. Typically I can just back out no problem but it has gone one step further on a couple of occasions where it goes to another screen asking for a password. Again I’m able to just back out and move on but wondered what this was.
    Second, & bigger issue is that Sprint is on to me & my use of a hotspot mod. I wasn’t sure if you’d want this discussed in public. But I have questions and any advice would be helpful. You have my email on file. Thanks, Angie.

  32. Ryan says:

    I have the us cellular s4 and they finally have a cwm recovery for it but when I download it, its a .IMG how do I root with that?

  33. James Robinson says:

    I Have a GS 4 MF3 I tried the script method and when I go to terminal mode and type the cd /mnt/extsdcard I get an error that says no file is found. I did the exfat on ext sd and installed it in phone. What am I doing wrong?

  34. Chuck Dukas says:

    Just received my new S4. My old one only 1 month old which was rooted was rebooting 4-5 times daily. So I have the new one-it is the SGH 1337 android 4.2.2 I backed my prior one up in Wondershare. My question is I would like to root the new one and restore my old apps. For a fee if you could step me through it I would be gratefully appreciated. Also, I need to send back the old one how can I restore it back.



  35. steve rast says:

    why are we not seeing more rom updates for the S4? I have only see a couple for sprint S4

  36. Effrem Montanari says:

    Big Help I need to root my aio S4 i337Z ?

  37. Dr0ck says:

    Just wondering I saw your vid about enabling aws band on the S4 is there a way to enable band 7 or the 2600 Mhz band on the S4 using the same method? Perhaps a different file than the aws one that was used in the video?

  38. Marcus says:

    Hi, I rooted my S4 and decided to unroot immediately. I found freeware on the Google Play store that deleted the Superuser app. Since I haven’t downloaded any root software, do I still have to do anything to remove the root?

  39. joan casas says:

    I want to root my Samsung galaxy s4 i337z I cant find a root for it and the service is Aio

  40. Bobby Ting says:

    Hi Max

    Thanks for all your advise on rooting androids, throughly love following your sites

    I bought a S4 mini but its an GT-I9197 model, is it possible to root this?

    Thanks in advance

  41. Bobby Ting says:

    Sorry forgot to click the notify me of followup comments via email,

    So again i have the GT-I9197 S4 mini, but cant seem to find any leads to rooting this model,
    Can you advise if any other root is compatible for it?


    • Max Lee says:

      i do not have a tutorial yet as i m still contemplating whether to get one but u should be able to get cwm recovery for s4 mini on xda otherwise instructions are same for cwm or twrp root methods.

  42. Kris Anderson says:

    S3 Battery “can” be used with S4

    If you have spare S3 batteries you can use them in your s4,
    line up the battery to the far left, it’s the same height and will securely lock in if you line up the prongs to the battery
    you’ll have space on the right of the battery, but notice how it lines up nicely on the left!

    when removing the battery, do as always, don’t pull up where there is space to the right of the battery…
    pull from bottom of battery where the notch is.
    each S3 battery will give your S4 an additional 2100 mAh of juice as a spare!
    Not bad when you think about it… 4,700 mAh of juice in total when combined with the stock one 2,600 mAh S4 battery.
    keeps the slim look without having to go to the horribly ugly extended batteries and their over sized battery covers.

    spread the love boys and girls

  43. Vedant Mathur says:

    Hi GalaxyS4Root.com, my friends have created a ROM and we would be delighted you could kindly review it. Its called cyanfox rom, it is a Cyanogenmod based rom, with extra features and performance improvements, the link is down below.//

    Thank you for your time, Vedant Mathur…


  44. Kenny says:

    Hi, I have a Verizon Razr and used all your methods for root and bypassing entitlement check for 4g hotspot cause I have unlimited data plan also. I’m wanting a galaxy S3 an was wondering if there is a way to get by entitlement check on the S3 also? Thanks

  45. markworksfx says:

    Does anybody know if the test build for the i9505 android 4.3
    work on the t-mobile galaxy s4
    here’s the website

    I’m not worried about root yet

  46. rob says:

    Love the videos. Im pretty sure i used your videos to tether an old atrix. Can you help me tether with my new lg g2? So far unrooted with att. Thanks, havent been able to find anything that works.

  47. Abe says:

    I have a rooted nexus 5, but I want to download the 4.4.2 update that recently came out. I tried installing the update but it’s just not working. Will it work if I unroot my device? Whill it lock my bootloader? plz help

  48. Henry says:

    i have amf3 version for at&t and had root on it till yesterday. i unrooted it to apply the current update (ota) and it downloaded it but whatever i do it wont install any rom or update to the phone. when u reset the phone it says samsung with the unlocked symbol. but then it sits with the do not turn off phone its dowloading but even after 20 minutes it doesent do squat. i have to hold power and down button to get it to reboot so i can use the phone. i want to install kitkat and have access to my external sd card can you help me intall or tell me what im doing wrong thanks ANY1 Please HELP

  49. Al says:

    I have the Galaxy S.4. I was rooted before with no problems on stock rom. I have unrooted and rooted this phone 3 times. I got tired of the install update icon sitting in my notification bar for the last several months. So I unrooted my phone. Then did the ota updates. It was 3 or 4 of them. I am now 4.3 stock rom. So I when to re-root and got that with no problem. I used the odin method, I used odin again to install clockworkmod (v6.0.4.4) on the phone. I rebooted and it worked great, no problems. I then when to get the final piece of the puzzles so to speak. I downloaded MDCHotspotmod-odexed from “galaxys4root.com” to gain control of the native wifi tethering abilities. I when to clockworkmod and flashed the zip file to the phone and it said Installation complete (and cleared both cache before hand) I when to reboot and I was prompted with a message from clockworkmod saying “Root access possibly lost. Fix? THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE” so I avoid the prompt the first time and accepted the fix the 2nd time and now my phone is stuck in boot loop. With options had me still stuck in boot loop.

  50. Omar says:

    I have a galaxy s 4 4.3 rooted mja…and a new system update just came up recently and I’m just wondering if I update to mk2 will it take root access away?

  51. d says:

    ok so many post to go through,

    Tried to Root Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 in the UK.

    Ok so I got through, recovery is on etc however super user will not instal binary at all, checked using Root Check says its not done.
    So was going to try unrooting and re-root but cant find UK firmware to do so is getting frustrating
    so many pages and a few hours wasted trying to figure this out……………..brain is going to explode soon

    Anyone help?

  52. Sadi Kane says:

    Hello there and thank you for your amazing work. I do have S4 Mini U.S Cellular that I want to unlock, but I couldn’t find a good source. Also, when I try the *#06# code it doesn’t work on my phone, nor the ##0011#, so would you please make a video of how to unlock S4 Mini please?

    Thank you very much.

    • Sadi Kane says:

      My model is SCH-R890 and I could not find any thing about sim unlock and my phone isn’t responding to any code such as *#06# or *#0011#, so please help.

      Thank you.

  53. CaRon Castillo says:

    Hi Maxx, just want to thank you for all your hard work. I have rooted all of my phones and many of my coworkers phones all from your tutorials. I would say im in the range of rooting 200 phones from over the years. I like samsung so if i ever do a custom rom i stick to the factory like roms. I miss your roms, when you going to put out some more?

    Ok my question today and i know you were having some trouble with it from watching your old videos but wondering if you have found a solution for it on stock roms. I have the m919 Tmobile galaxy S4. I need a way to tether? Please Help, is there any version of wifi tether that works for this device or maybe another source ?

  54. guy says:

    Were are you on vacation? Your site has not been updated for a wile. Great work hope all is well

  55. david kalombo says:

    svp mon dislplay ne fonctionne pas bien ; l’ecran tactile ne marche pas bien apres que j’ai cliquer sur un bouton par inadvertance ; veuiller m’aider!

  56. paul says:

    Hey i dont know if anyone has aked this yet,but does the att version has samsung knox pre-installed when you turn it on for the first time? Because if it doesnt then ima buy me a note 2 when my upgrade comes along

  57. chriscompton27 says:

    can I send you a Galaxy S4 and get you to unlock it ? how much will it coast if so? what state are you in

  58. chriscompton27 says:

    It is with Sprint

  59. Oliver says:

    Good morning friends, I have a problem with my samsung s4 maybe you can give me help to fix it.

    I have version 4.3 on my M919 S4 model, the problem is that I can not turn on wifi, I must add that the phone is root, but have told me I need to re-flash or something like that. I wonder if you can help me find everything I need, I thank you very much for your time and patience less experienced users to us!

  60. Phil says:

    i need to unlock galaxy S4 tm obile model sgh950v can you help me

  61. Lloyd says:

    Is there anywhere else I can get stock roms from, other than SamFirmware.com
    I am having nothing but trouble with this site, paid for a premium service but keep getting errors when I try to download a file. Site contacts have been non responsive, lucky I only paid for a week trial. Seems they have my money now.


  62. Lloyd says:

    As it seems the Kitkat firmware is still months away for Australia, am I able to install the UK version?
    Would there be any adverse issues?

  63. Tim says:

    a friend sent me a samsung s4 mini by sprint SPH-L520 phone and its locked. how can i unlock it so i can use it with the network of my choice. thanks

  64. andrea says:

    hi i have a sprint galaxy s4 and i have the msl code how do i unlock it to be able to use it with straight talk please help

  65. Coy Davis says:

    Do you know how to Root a Galaxy S4 running 4.4.2 carrier AT&T?

  66. Ranj says:

    Hi ZedoMax

    The first question is are you high on android???? I am! 🙂

    Next question, I have just had delivery of a galaxy s4 which has 4.4.2 on it and has Knox installed and is currently set to 0x0. I am aware if I root i could change this to 0x1 which maybe an issue with support from Samsung, apart from this is there any other disadvantages that you are aware of that could affect rooting and putting custom Roms on my phone?

    Big shout to you mate all the way from Birmingham, England UK. Keep up the excellent work and stay high on android…

  67. Ryan Powers says:

    Hi Max,
    I see that you have a version of CWM for the sprint sph-l720 model of the gs4. The model number on mine is sph-l720t and I was wonder if I need a different version or if the one for the l720 will work for my phone. Thanks

  68. Andy says:

    I watched the youtube video of you replacing the S4 digitizer. can you send the link to where you purchased just the digitizer? the glass and assembly are intact.


  69. sdthiele says:

    Hey Max,
    Just got my Verizon GS4 rooted, thanks so much. My next question is about cyanogenmod. I wanted to install it but their web site said it only worked with a certain build #. Mine end sin 1544Vrufnc5. Since I am new to rooting and only know enough to get myself into trouble I figured I would ask you. Is there a version for this build or another ROM that is close to stock android.( I really don’t like touch wiz) also I have not installed safe strap as of yet. Just removed some bloatware.

    • Max Lee says:

      You cannot install AOSP ROMs like CM11 on latest bootloader with Verizon GS4, only if you rooted on previous versions. BUT you can try ROM like Eclipse ROM, which is TouchWiz-based with AOSP parts.

  70. Delton says:

    can you help me with a US Celllar to unlock for a GSM sim Please

  71. Brad says:

    I’ve seemed to have bricked my SGH-I337Z from cricket and nobody has the software except from Aio would you be able to help me out? I specifically need the .pit file and stock rom.

  72. Todd says:

    Do these custom roms work on the Galaxy S4 Active (ATT)?

  73. steve says:

    Just received unwanted att ota update on galaxy s4 4.4.2 an lost my root any suggestions how to get it rooted again and how to stop the future ota fom downloading?

  74. roy herman says:

    I have an S4 with 4.4.2, build i337ucufnc1 that is rooted. I am trying to install CWM recovery using the Loki_flash method but the loki_flash that is available for the sgh i337 does not appear to work with this build. I keep on getting a WRONG DEVICE error. ANy thoughts or work arounds? I have followed all of the instructions carefully to no avail.

    Thanks Roy Herman

  75. Jordan Perry says:

    Hello Max, I love your video tutorials and appreciate the “high” value-added and time saving processes you offer to me and my team. I have a few questions and would be happy to purchase a T-Shirt and or donate for the help.
    I have a small cell phone business in Colombia where we use Tigo (1900), Movistar (850/1900) & Claro (850/1900/3G 850) I almost always purchase my second hand handsets from ATT or from the Canadian carriers Bell/Telus/Rogers.

    Over the last few months we have started to purchase the Samsung Galaxy models AT&T: S3 I747, S2 I727, S3 Mini G730A. When we unlock these units with the Octopus box we are experiencing signal issues/dropping. We all suspect this is a result from AT&T 4G LTE and the networks down here are less advanced so the signal drops because the infrastructre is still running on 2/3G. Have you heard of a solution for this? We are desperately seeking a solution. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Jordan Perry

  76. Jim says:

    I have an At&t galaxy s4 – i337 that fails when I try to root it using motochopper. I also have tried odin and towelroot.

  77. G says:

    hey i have a question i have a galaxy s4 rooted with a custom rom (liquidsmooth rom) and i can not enter any secret codes on the dialer. i am trying to make it a world phone. any thought on why i can’t dial these codes? is there an .apk i need to install

  78. George says:

    I was trying to root sprint galaxy s4. opened ODIN, it connects and “sees” the cell phone (yellow box), but I can’t “attached” file by clicking PDA – the actual image file is downloaded, but no “tar” file exists. .img file is there, but I can’t open it with poweriso either. Could you let me know what needs to be done?
    The phone has “MD5” (not MDL or MF9).
    Or could I downgrade to MDL (using file CF-Auto-Root-jfltespr-jfltespr-sphl720.tar.MD5)?
    Also, when I get to download mode in the phone (Vol down+home+power), the last two line appear in gray: WRITE PROTECTION: Enable and the last one: eMMC Burst Mode enabled.
    Let me know what to do in my “case”. Thanks.

    • George says:

      my previous “problem” with .img file must be disregarded – I went thru most of the process and installed Titanium Track, where it told me that the phone is NOT rooted… Also, in Device Manager (from PC) it only shown one samsung modem (not two as in you tuts). I didn’t downgrade phone to MDL… The result – the new SIM is invalid.

      • George says:

        fixed! with help from Max’s videos and other sites, one of which had a real (working) unlocking apk file SSU.apk.
        Phone is rooted, KNOX shows 0x1, and Sprint is unlocked. Now I’m using Consumer Cellular (GSM) with data.

  79. Natale says:

    I have an I537 model from when I was on AT&T network. I switched to T-Mobile, so unlocked phone, ran phoneutil.apk and did some changes through the QPST software. So phone itself it working, but running on only 4.2.2 OS. I would like to have the latest T-Mobile OS of 4.4.4. Is there anyway to do this, as phone right now wants to only check AT&T for updates? I want Wi-Fi Calling, but old OS doesn’t have it.

  80. Mike says:

    Need help rooting SGH-I337 5.0.1.

  81. monka says:

    Please, i wan’t enable the Function “Wifi-Calling” on me Samsung S4 GT-19505 Android Ver. 5.0.1, Build LRX22C.1905XXUHOJ2 but i don’t found this function (the Button don’t Exist) also after i enable GPS also no Function “Wifi Calling” exist on me Mobile. please exist here any possibilitis to become this button on me MobileFon.

  82. Tanya says:


    Hi my name is Tanya and I work in the field of online marketing. I came across your website galaxys4root.com and think it’s great.

    The reason for my email is with regards a promotion of one of my clients. He has great products which we feel would be very well received by people visiting your blog.

    It would be great if you could give me your price for writing a product review with a dofollow link. Do you accept this kind of advertising?

    Any answer would be appreciated. Thank you.

    I wish you an amazing day.

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