ClockworkMod/TWRP Recoveries - Page 2

AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337 – CWM Recovery v1.0.3.4 – DownloadCredits (Must use LOKI method to flash DO NOT USE ODIN!) Download LOKI

Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545 – CWM Recovery v1 – Download – Credits (Must use LOKI method to flash DO NOT USE ODIN!) Download LOKI (This is for older MDK bootloader, DO NOT INSTALL on Android 4.3/4.4.2 TouchWiz!)

Download CWM Recovery v6.0.4.7 for Verizon MDK users, you can use your existing CWM recovery to install this recovery, then reboot recovery!

US Cellular Galaxy S4 SCH-R970 – CWM Recovery v6.0.4.4 – Download TARDownload ZIP

CSpire Galaxy S4 SCH-R970x – CWM Recovery v6.0.4.4 – Download TARDownload ZIP

TWRP Recovery

AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337 – TWRP Recovery v2.8.4.0 – See Download and Installation Instructions

Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545– TWRP Recovery v2.8.4.0 – See Download and Installation Instructions

GT-i9500 or Korean (E300S, E300K, E300L) – TWRP Recovery – Download

GT-i9505 – TWRP Recovery – Download

T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 – TWRP Recovery – Download

Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L710 – TWRP Recovery – Download

Canadian Galaxy S4 SGH-i337M (Bell, Rogers, Telus) – TWRP Recovery – Download

US Cellular Galaxy S4 SCH-R970 – TWRP Recovery – Download

Cricket Galaxy S4 SCH-R907C – TWRP Recovery – Download

For AT&T or Verizon, you can use Goo Manager to install TWRP after rooting.

What is a Custom ROM?

A custom ROM is a custom, modified operating system that you can install on your Android device. Basically it's like installing Windows OS on a Macbook. By installing a custom ROM, you can bypass stock factory settings like locked hotspot tether, install new Android versions early, or even convert your phone into another OS.

With a custom ROM, you can really maximize the capabilities of your smartphone by adding custom features that have been developed by open source developers.

How to Install Custom ROMs

First, you will need to root your device, if it is not rooted yet, follow our root tutorial and root your phone.

Once rooted, you should have TWRP installed on your phone. Installation of a custom ROM is easy if you learn the basic of it. If you don't know how to install custom ROMs using TWRP recovery, see our tutorial on How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP!

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231 Responses

  1. Ryan S says:

    Is there any TWRP recoveries? Because if there are I don’t see any.

  2. TMC3 says:

    Max.. Just wanted to point out a small mistake on this page..

    Shows in the Header Title…

    Here’s a list of working ClockworkMod or TWRP recoveries for Galaxy S3!

    No problem for me.. But just wanted you to know..

    • Max Lee says:

      Thanks, fixed!

      • judeson says:

        himax i tried installing a tmobile rom on my AT&T galaxys4, now im getting an error saying system software not authorized by AT&T has found on your phone. can you help please?

        • Jose antonio says:

          Yo si puedo ayudar amigo busca 1337_NC1_stock_kernel.tar.md5
          ya que lo descargas flashea tu celular con ese archivo con odin

          A mi también me paso eso si se arreglara

      • Grant says:


      • Brently says:

        So when I try to download the uscellular TWRP it takes me to the download website but when I put in the Capcha it doesnt load the page an tells me theres no data coming from the website

      • erick says:

        himax i tried installing a tmobile rom on my AT&T galaxys4, now im getting an error saying system software not authorized by AT&T has found on your phone. can you help please?

  3. Dave says:

    Hey Max, what are the chances we get an att version, im debating returning mine, from what I read it’s not looking good have you heard anything about it.

  4. Alan says:

    Can you use goomanager app to install twrp?

  5. TMC3 says:


    Issue in defs… The USCellular ROM Code should be SCH-R970, not SCH-930…

    just saying…

    • Max Lee says:

      I believe SCH-R970 is MetroPCS and SCH-R930 is US Celluar? Correct me if I am wrong.

      • TMC3 says:

        No.. Backwards… R970 is USCellular and 930 would be MEtro… Check my profile pic.. Im uploading it now… im on USC…

        • K. Callis says:

          I just picked up a USC S4 SCH-970… And I have yet to get this working correctly… I had hope that the other person would give a couple of more pointers to get this working on the 970…

          • K. Callis says:

            Aright, I have tried this again, and still have same response:

            [*] Rooting phone...
            [+] This may take a few minutes.
            [-] Failure.
            [*] Cleaning up...
            [*] Exploit complete. Press enter to reboot and exit.

            I am wondering if the failure is because of the latest update of the firmware. I am currently running:

            Kernel version:
            Fri Apr 26 17:56:03 KST 2013

            Build number

            I have read of other people being successful with the R970, but I wondering if that was because they had an early firmware when rooting?

        • Cwindows says:

          He just tricks ppl so he can get the download from his site you must run the spec on your phone to have the right version if not he knows you will brick your phone if you cross your recovey md5 tar fiie

  6. Greg says:

    Max, I had a few quick questions.

    I have the Sprint SPH-L720 model and I was wondering;

    1) Does your method of root definitely working properly for my device? I’m having a bit of trouble navigating through all of the xda threads. Everyone seems to be saying something different.

    2) I can’t remember but will simply rooting the phone delete all my apps and data that I already have installed? I have everything setup to my liking and don’t really want to start all over again. I rooted my previous android phone 2 years ago so I’m having trouble recalling what happened and your videos don’t really say. I’m hoping I can root and make my own recovery through CWM.

    3) I’m having this overheating issue with my gs4 and I’ve read that numerous people are also having it. In case I decide to exchange my phone is it fairly simple to unroot my model? (I have the Triangle Away app downloaded if needed).

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  7. Vlad says:

    After latest T-Mobile update
    It won’t Root anymore

    • Max Lee says:

      If you use the motochopper method, no worries, just use CWM or TWRP method, works regardless of updates.

      • Vlad says:

        I don;t want to test myself and break root
        but there ared numerous posts on XDA T-Mobile GS4, that even after installing TWRP or CWM after new update
        And then installing SuperSU
        It can’t get Root access
        Since new Kernel is Locked

        # Samsung Rooting Restriction Feature

        Here’s the problem.

        • Max Lee says:

          You need to install a custom kernel then after installing CWM/TWRP that has it disabled. If not available currently, it should be available soon, not too big of a deal, someone just needs to compile a kernel with those options set to N. But we might need to wait until Tmobile releases the kernel sources.

  8. bill says:

    Max, any news on att? I have rooted it through motochop but really wants to add CWM. Thanks.

  9. sergio says:

    hi max i do the root for the galaxy from sprint but when i install the t mobile sim it say invalid sim if you can help me there i would really appreciated

    • Max Lee says:

      Yeah I think you need to actually have a non-sprint ROM to get that phone working on non-sprint. BUT DON’T TRY IT AS YOU MAY BRICK YOUR PHONE, just wait until developers have found a stable solution.

  10. sergio says:

    tks for your time and help max !

  11. Brett says:

    Hi Max,

    I’ve rooted my phone with motochopper with no problems. Now, looking for your intsructions on how to install cwp or twrp on to my Sprint GS4 with a Mac Book Pro. Thanks for all your help!


  12. Brian says:

    When do you think it will be possible to flash Clockwork recovery on AT&T SGH-I337 model? i was able to root the device…but i wanted to know if it would be safe to flash either sprint or t-mobiles clockwork recovery?

  13. Dylan says:

    Hey max, i rooted my tmobile s4 with the cwm way, and when i go to update my binary code, it says it failed, and when i open titanium backup it will sit at asking for root rights, any advice?

  14. DJ says:

    I’ve tried this method on my Sprint SPH-L720 and it does not work with either CWM or TWRP. All is well loading the tar files but when I try to get to the recovery menu, it brings me back to the standard recovery menu which does not include the option to load a zip file. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  15. Michelle Holmes says:

    I had the same problem with the recovery – would go into system instead of twrp. I took out the checkmark for auto reboot in odin & removed the battery, then could get twrp. I installed the CWM supersu and when I went to reboot it said I needed to fix root. Did that and rebooted but programs are just stuck asking for root rights.

  16. Nichelle says:

    In your article there’s a comment that says you have a working CWM for the ATT Galaxy 4’s but when you click on the link theres no link for the ATT Galaxy 4

    • Max Lee says:

      There is a working version of TWRP but you cannot install it since bootloader is still locked on AT&T.

      • Nichelle says:

        So there’s no way to root the phone at this time?

        • Chris Studder says:

          You can ROOT but no custom recovery yet,

          • nycmon says:

            I don’t understand what you’re saying. This whole rooting method seems to involve accessing CWM to install the SU files etc. If there is no CWM available for ATT sgh-i337, how are we supposed to root? What are we supposed to do for ATT s4?
            I’ve read the article and all the comments and there seems to be no clear answer for ATT users.

            • Chris Studder says:

              Rooting and flashing are two different things. However you do need to be rooted to install cwm or twrp. With that being said, root just gives you the ability to access the root files of the phone. CWM or TWRP is the ability to (flash) install custom roms or firmwares on different devices. For the att model the bootloader is locked at the moment, the credited developer djrbliss that unlocked the att gs4 bootloader dont wont to release it yet because the Verizon model isn’t out yet, an he don’t want the unlock methed to be patched or blocked. Thats what I gathered reading through a few forums including the discussions on Max’s pages. I hope this helps

  17. katie19 says:

    I was wondering when there coming out ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery for the Canadian Variants galaxy S4 Max?

  18. Chris Studder says:

    Hey Max, Great vids an I always appreciate the help. Is there a way to get TWRP-or-CWM on the galaxy s4 (i337) for AT&T? Im rooted but I cant really change roms. An again thanks for your help 🙂

  19. tony says:

    hi max i have a samsung galaxy s4 i rooted my phone already but i still can get the clockwrok recovery install could you please help some how please and thank you

  20. David says:

    Where is the AT&T SGH-1337?

  21. D.J. says:

    Note for Sprint users. Sprint loads a firmware update OTA after you activate the phone. This will block you from rooting with this method. I’ve tried this on two S4s, one after it was activated, the other straight out of the box after can canceling the “handsfree” activation. The one before activation rooted without problem. The other not.

    • tony says:

      Im on att carrier and i rooted my phone now im just trying to flash the clockworkmod recovery is there any one thst can help

  22. Steve says:

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out. I followed all of the directions in the OP to a tea. I get the PASS! message in Odin, but when I try to boot into recovery, i get a “No Command” error and it boots into Android system recovery. Does anyone know what might be happening here? Thanks for your help!

  23. Robert says:

    I’m finding that if I can’t get the boot recovery screen I uncheck the auto reboot option and just power down after it’s completed. I can’t get my recover screen just fine on my sprint phone but I get a out of date binary error for Super user and it goes away. can anyone solve what like 10 people have put on the comments HA HA.

  24. steven says:

    Im havig trouble with tmobile m919 cwm

  25. nycmon says:

    I don’t understand. This whole rooting method seems to involve accessing CWM to install the SU files etc.
    If there is no CWM available for ATT sgh-i337, how are we supposed to root?
    What are we supposed to do for ATT s4?
    I’ve read the article and all the comments and there seems to be no clear answer for ATT users.
    Are we supposed to use the Motochopper method?

  26. Brice says:

    Anyone know where i could get the us cellular kernel that will allow root, or one that will work? It seems they have blocked root as well.

  27. Chris Studder says:

    Max, Ive been doing “A lot” of research an found a patch tool for Locked Boot-loader of the GS4 AT&T (i337)
    I just want to know if you know anything about the Loki Patch Tool?
    and again, thanks for the links, help and mods,

    Cant wait to flash my i377

  28. Brian says:

    Go here and check this new youtube video out, it explains perfectly how to hack your samsung galaxy s4, I did it and it works perfectly! Check out the link below….

    1st. link:

    2nd link:


  29. Chris Studder says:

    The At&t bootloader has been patched, you can get twrp through goo manager
    And get custom roms an flash away, I’m running CyanogenMod 10.1 on my i337 at&t gs4

  30. NoVaDroid says:

    Great tutorial for installing CWM! My Verizon GS4 is properly rooted. However, I am at the point where I am attempting to copy Loki and CWM files to /tmp folder using ES File Explorer and am being shown that /data is empty. I am unable to navigate forward to drop those files. Any answers to this?

  31. Guillard says:

    Hi Max

    I tried your methods to root my tmobile, they don’t work. I also used another method, it didn’t work either. The Oden doesn’t work. I downloaded GT-i9500, GT-i9505 none of them works. After I downloaded them, I rebooted the phone on recovery, it says NO COMMAND each time. I tried to install superuser anyway, then it says ERROR.
    After I received the phone, I downloaded and installed the t-mobile software. I think if I could uninstall the upgrade, the root will work.
    Any ideas?

  32. wrxpablo says:

    Appreciate the tutorial, work seamlessly for on tmobile branded GTi9505.
    Many thanks!

  33. wrxpablo says:

    But seen as I’m a complete nub to all this Android rooting stuff (moved from iOS) I need to find out what I can now do with a rooted phone….

  34. Damien says:

    Thank you! 😀 The info you have here is SPOT ON!

  35. Michelle Holmes says:

    K. Callis – did you ever get your s4 cwm/rooted? Check out the forums at for the latest info and directions or let me know if you still need some help.

    “I just picked up a USC S4 SCH-970… And I have yet to get this working correctly… I had hope that the other person would give a couple of more pointers to get this working on the 970…”

  36. shadi says:

    Max, You’re the Best.
    I have an i9500 from Israel, I’ll try your method now.
    BTW, how can we know if the bootloader is locked? or is it just an issue of AT&T and Verizon?

    thanks man,

  37. Steve says:


    I followed the instructions to install twrp through goomanager and that worked perfectly on an ATT GS4. Then I tried to install Cyanogen mod like Chris did through TWRP. The installation seemed to go fine, until I restarted and now it says “System software not authorized by ATT has been found on your phone,” like judeson, although I didn’t install the wrong thing, I think.

    I thought I was carefully following the instructions, but I guess I made a mistake somewhere. Anyone have an idea of where I can start looking to figure this out? Thanks

    • Chris Studder says:

      Steve, first how did you root your phone? Motochopper right?

      • Steve says:

        Hi Chris,

        Yes, I used motochopper to root it. As far as I know, it worked fine. After doing more research, is the problem that my bootloader is still locked?

        My plan as of right now is to use ODIN to flash back to stock and then try again. I read about Loki? I think that is what is suppose to unlock the bootloader. So I will hopefully get back to stock. Then root again using motochopper. Then goomanager for TWRP and then finally Loki? Does that sound right?

        • Chris Studder says:

          Yes!!! Loki has to be used to totally complete the process

          • Steve says:

            Chris, thanks for your help.

            So at least I’ve gotten back to stock on my phone and it’s working. I tried starting from scratch again and used this method: which says it should root+loki+twrp. Everything went great. Checked to see if I was rooted and I was. Recovery booted and installed this rom: Everything seemed to go fine until…

            Restarted and it was back to the same error!!! I restored and wiped and tried it twice more with the same ROM and once with another. Always the same issue. I have done so much reading. I am out of ideas. I’d appreciate any guidance.

          • Chris Studder says:

            Max (the author of this page) has a flawless way to guide you through the whole process, look on his YouTube page.

  38. smittty456 says:

    hi any one able to tell me if the us cellular version up at the top of the page works because mine is schr970 and the one up top says uscellular schr930 so im wondering if it would still work or not

  39. deeman2k4 says:

    Help!! I tried to root my M919 and when I finished and tried to update the SU binary it failed to update.

  40. Stone says:

    Hey thanks so much for your great tool to root!

    But it seems like your SUv0.99 file is not working, I tried a few programs which need root right, it takes forever to wait… Then I use the latest v1.32, works very well.

    Thanks again!

  41. Yury says:

    When I try to root my I9505 Odin gives an error message :

    There is no PIT partition.

    How can I solve this?


  42. Paul says:

    i have the canedian s4 1337m everyting worked perfectly whit odin but we i try to load it wiht Power off your phone then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, it doesent load the twrp like on the video…
    plz help me out

  43. tommy says:

    hey max, i have the m919, after the odin passed, i boot into cwm, seem like there already an error, but i applied update from sd card anyway to install the kernal fix, it said failed to verify signature in red letter, then it just reboot it self… what did i do wrong?

  44. Haider says:

    I have the Galaxy S4 i9500 international version. The clockworkmod was installed and worked fine then i installed the supersu zip folder through the recovery, i rebooted the phone but when i opened the supersu app it said installation failed for upsating the binaries. Where did I go wrong? What am i supposed to do now? Tried reinstalling the supersu zip file but it didn’t work.

    • Biel says:

      Hi haider,
      I had the same problem that you had while trying to root my galaxy with the clockworkmod: I have the Galaxy S4 i9500 international version. The clockworkmod was installed and worked fine then i installed the supersu zip folder through the recovery, i rebooted the phone but when i opened the supersu app it said installation failed for upsating the binaries. Where did I go wrong? What am i supposed to do now?

      You discovered a way to fix this? Tell me if yes… Thanks a lot from Brazil

  45. Eddie Balcarcel says:

    Hey, followed all the instructions in the v=ur video but when i open Super SU it says SU binary needs to be updated, i press continue and it says Installation failed… So its not rooted?

  46. Scott says:

    I have noticed that has a cwm touch. Is there anyway to put this onto my VZW gs4?

  47. Fredy says:

    Sprint Version with latest MDL Update, Did not work with Superuser version 0.99
    I Google version V1.30 like someone suggested, i can not find his name now.
    Works great now!!!

    Thank you guys

  48. jurich says:

    hi i just tried to use this one with my S4 GT–i9505, but after flashing the recovery, copying the zip file, and reboot with (Vol up + center button + power) combination, i did not see the install zip option. i only see the below items:

    – reboot system now
    – apply update from ADB
    – apply update from eternal storage
    – wipe data/foactory reset
    – wipe cache partition
    – apply update from cache.

    this is what i used:

    -> did i miss something??

  49. Tage says:

    Maybe the wrong place to write this but i want to used a custom rom from Omega for a s4 from at&t but i haven’t seen this rom available for the at&t forum on xda. Is there anyway i can install the omega rom for the I9505 on my at&t s4?

  50. Edgardo says:

    Hi Guys,my s4 at&t was rooted with motochopper, and I install twrp through goomanager , the problem is when i try to do a backup, it say “Superuser has stopped”, how i can fix the superuser problem?

  51. Jose Robles says:

    Hi Max,
    Thank you very much for your guidance. So far, everything is working fine, except for one little detail which I’m getting an annoying notification that says: “Detection information: the device has detected an application attempting unpermitted actions. To protect your device, it is recommended you reboot.” Is there a way to correct this problem?
    Thanks again, Jose.

    • Max Lee says:

      If you get this message after booting up the kernel:
      “The device has detected an application attempting …”

      Go to the “/system/app/” folder and delete the files that begin with “knox”

  52. Jose Robles says:

    Hi Max,
    I noticed the custom recovery cannot mount the external sd card in my Sprint S4.
    I’m getting from OUDhs v1.0.3.3: “E: Can’t mount / external_sd” or “Error mounting /external_sd!”
    Any idea to solve this will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks again, Jose.

  53. McDaddyTree says:

    Just wanted to let you know USCC variants also have official builds of standard and touch CWM.

    Standard –
    Touch –

  54. Vegeta says:

    I have CWR on my I545, and used the Oden method to install it with no problems, has this changed since the phone was released?

  55. vq says:

    hi there,
    do you have video tutorial how to root i9500 using mac osx?

  56. Kervin says:

    is it possible to root Samsung S4 Build Number JDQ39.I9500UBUAMDK

  57. Mike Spaid says:

    Hi Max, I have the Sprint S4…I followed the steps for twrp exactly as your video instructed, however, after i flashed SuperSU, it did not show up in my apps, and when i try to run Root Check, a screen comes up and reads, “Please wait for Root Check to complete. System appears to be running very slowly” Any ideas on what may have gone wrong and what I can do?

  58. Aleksandar1006 says:

    Can I install custom recovery? I tried all methods but no succsess… Build number is: JDQ39.I9505XXUBMEA

  59. Jeremy says:

    Hi, this method does not appear to be working with build number JDQ39.I337MVLUAMG1

  60. oscar says:

    when i download the Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 – CWM Recovery i get it as an .IMG file not a .TAR file. Does this matter?

  61. yas says:

    CAN I USE TWRP Recovery FOR GT-I9500?

  62. yas says:

    the TWRP touch recovery is also published for gt-i9500 in follow link
    add this to ClockworkMod/TWRP Recoveries page

  63. M O N O says:

    How about if you cant access recovery? Kies and odin havent helped either, maybe a repartition?

  64. Jon MaC says:

    Hi Max,

    I have the same problem as a few others concerning flashing both CWM and TRWP recoveries for my S4

    I downloaded both for the GT-i9505 first I flashed CWM without success then tried TRWP also without success, I still only have standard Android recovery with the droid on his back, exclamation marn and the words No Command. I tried re-flashing CWM again and pulling the battery as soon as Odin shows pass, but again without any any success.

    Below is about my phone then the messages displayed in Odin, again below is the messages I see when I go into restore. Any help would be really appreciated Max, Phone seems fine with no problems showing as of yet, but I would dearly love to root as to install a firewall.


    Android Ver 4.2.2

    Baseband Ver i9505XXUBMEA

    Build Numver JDQ39 i9505XXUBMEA

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)


    Standard Android System Recovery

    Below in yellow writing is:

    –Applying Multi-CSC…
    Applied the CSC-code : VOD
    Successfully applied multi-CSC.

    Best Regards


  65. Mike says:

    I have the JDQ39 i9505XXUBMEA and was getting the droid on it’s back with the message no command when trying to boot into twrp.

    The solution I found from the xda site is to install the pda software via odin as before and DO NOT allow the phone to reboot normally.

    Make sure the first reboot after the pda software is installad is into TWRP and it works fine. There is something in the new Samsung firmware which re-sets the boot loader. TWRP as the first boot fixes it.

    • Michael Burkley says:

      I too found that the only way this would work is to NOT let the phone reboot normally after using ODIN. As the phone shut down to reboot I pushed that Vol up, side button and center button (quickly!) and TWRP came up! Hurrah!


      p.s.: Hmmm…I had already asked a question on what to do about this problem before I thought to search for the word “Sprint” in this forum. Now that I found the answer the question is still there. Sigh!

  66. Eric Serrano says:

    I Have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Gt-i9505 Factory unlocked international JDQ39 i9505XXUBMEA. is there a way to make work with Verizon Network in the US.

  67. Rick says:

    Hi Max,
    Sorry if this is an asked/answered question. I have an ATT S4 with the recent update : SGH-I337, 4.2.2, I337UCUAMF3

    I had just rooted it with your method and had installed CWM, but had not gotten any farther. Obviously, my root had been reversed.

    I rooted it with the Jortex root a day or so after the update.

    I have not been able to get farther. I thought I was ok, when I could run CWM and update the recovery, but no good. It boots into recovery, but then I could not get out. Had to wipe the phone, and restart. Root was preserved, but no recovery it seems. Looks like it is there, but no files to run from.

    Is it possible to complete the root and get CWM on there? I want to run a custom rom.


  68. kenioy says:

    what happens if i don’t have it on any of those carriers, my s4 is unlocked i don’t know who is the carrier does that make a difference?

  69. Dan says:

    I am looking to flash tmobile rom to my Galaxy S4 Active – SGH i537. I canot seem to load twrp or clock workmod to do this. How can i accomplish this so i can have Wifi calling?

    • Justin says:

      I know this comment is a few months old but I have been looking for a way to create a nandroid backup and noticed that CWM does not work for my GS4 Active either. Did you ever find a way to do it? Or does anyone know of a way for me to be able to make backups with my phone?

  70. max says:

    I am getting “Loki aboot versoin does not match device” as well. I am hoping this will get fixed soon. Verizon schi545 with vruame7

  71. steve says:


  72. Jumper says:

    Ok, im stuck… using CWM, tried installing and I get 3 fails regarding the file signature.

    Sprint GS4 – newest firmware MF9

    This just a bad file or what?

  73. Shivank says:

    Hey max a little help needed bro.i did everything according to your instructions and have installed the cwm recovery and the also has been installed fine but when i click the app it says installation failed!!what to do??

  74. Shivank says:

    i still don’t have the root access because the installation for the supersu app fails each time please suggest some workaround for this annoying situation

  75. Dennis says:

    Hello need help please. Each time I attempt to launch custom recovery on my S4 SCH-i545 (ME7) I get a VZW unauthorized software error. How can I unlock the boot loader and install a custom recovery? On this phone/build?

    Thank you!

  76. Dennis says:

    PS already have root access

  77. Rohan says:

    I have a galaxy S4 SGH-M919 (T-Mobile). I have watched both videos for (CWM) Recovery and TWRP Recovery and I followed all the procedures and I just cant seem to root this phone. When I restart the phone after flashing it with odin the phone keeps going to the factory style recovery.

  78. tyebrea says:

    Hello again.

    I have the verizon samsung galaxy s4 and I installed twrp with the goo manager after I rooted it. I did this awhile ago so once I saw this post I checked to see which version of goo mamger I have . I have version 2.1. and when I check for updates it says I’m up to date. Am I doing something wrong ? Is there another way to update it?


  79. AlSat says:

    Worst place for file downloads I’ve ever visited! (your links).

  80. Alex says:

    Hi Max!
    I have Galaxy s4 sgh- m919 t-mobile. It was sent from US. I have tried both methods but I can’t get root on this fhone. In both cases, everything run fine until the SuperUs. The installation is faild. I tried cwm recovery and twrp recovery. even through motochopper. Still nothing. I will be glad to get help from you. Thank’s.

  81. Hunter Jones says:

    Hi, I have a rooted At&t Galaxy S4 but could not install a custom recovery. I tried to install TWRP but it soft bricked my phone, I was able to fix it but now I do not have a recovery, stock or custom. When I try to boot to it, it just goes into download mode and says “Could not boot normally.” My phone is still rooted but would really like to be able to flash custom ROM’s, what would anyone recommend to fix this? Thanks for any help!

  82. Dave says:

    When I first tried to run superSU after installing a notification popped up that said it needed to install updated binaries but the install failed. I downloaded an updated .zip installation file (v1.65) from XDA developers website and installed using the same method shown in the video here and it seems everything is working good now. Hope this helps anyone having the same problem.


  83. Nick says:

    I have rooted my Verizon Galaxy S4 VRUAME7 and I would like to install a custom ROM. I have tried to use clockworkmod recovery via ROM a manager but it just boots me to the normal android recovery screen. I also tried using TWRP via GooManager but that just gives me the Downloading… And nothing else happens. What can I do to fix this and install a custom ROM?

  84. xitar says:

    hey max. i tried to install cwm on my i9500 with odin. everything was ok, odin showed passed! but when i try to enter recovery mod, it keeps showing the original recovery,like the cwm didn’t actually installed. what can i do?

  85. Liden says:

    Hi, do you know if i could root my Galaxy S4 i9505XXUDMH8 version?

  86. stephen says:

    theres is nothing for metro pcs

  87. Neetesh says:

    As you know that in international version GT i9505, Android 4.3 is rolling out in most of the country regions. The new feature in 4.3 KNOX is causing trouble with root access as I read in other forums. Until now I found CF method to root that, but even that doesnt seem to be foolproof. Just wondering, has anyome tested TWRP or CWM in new android 4.3?? Also how to beat KNOX?? Thanks.

  88. gereltod says:

    Hi where is GT-I9500SWM recovery.

  89. luckybun says:

    Hi, I just rooted a tmobile M919 with OUDhs v1.0.3.3 by CWM method, everything seems fine, sd card working while turn on the phone, but when I go into recovery method, it can’t read the sd card, having “E: Can’t mount / external_sd” or “Error mounting /external_sd!” showing, can can one help me with this? I really don’t want the sd card just to use to save photos,… thanks a lot….

  90. I savor, result in I found exactly what I used to be looking for.
    You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

  91. Noel says:

    Can you guys put up a clockworkmod recovery for the gt-i9505G?

  92. Nemanja says:

    It wont work for me, i did everything you said on this video, step by step, even factory reset my phone, and start once again, and nothing… it stucks on last step, and it says NO COMMAND,

  93. Dave says:

    I installed Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 – CWM Recovery v6.0.4.4 using ODIN and it said PASS!! and rebooted into the OS just fine, but when i tried to go into recovery to do factory reset and install Gummy kitkat it now says “seandroid is not enforcing” what can i do to fix this? thank you very much sorry im semi new to this.

  94. Kevin says:

    Max need help have att s4 no card reader need a way to root

  95. tyebrea says:

    I’ve gotten root access on my verizon galaxy s4. Im running 4.3. Now im trying to install twrp on my phone. Ive tried using goomanager like you suggested but i cant get it to work. Ive used both goomanager and twrp on my galaxy s4 before so im pretty aware of how to use them but for some reason when i go to install openrecovery script and comfirm the download nothing happens. it just says your download is starting and then nothing happens.

    Is there anyway I can maually install twrp on my verizon s4 without using goomanager??

    Thanks !

  96. Paul says:

    pretty easy steps to follow. great video and everything, only problem is that it doesn’t work i REPEAT IT DOESN’T WORK i have a sprint sph l720 just like yours, android version 4.3. Baseband Version l720vpuemja. I Tried the easy way using motorchopper, and nothing no good, than i tried your twrp method, once again disappointing with a no go as a result. Only option i have left is to use cwr. PLEASE HELP. IT WILL BE VERY HELPFUL BRO BRO!

  97. Rdq says:

    Hi. i’m on a i9505 international MKF baseband. rooted with cd-root. but when it comes to recovery i really hit my head hard. i already flashed about 5 times CWM . i don’t have recovery and i don’t even have stock recovery. any chance someone can help me ? thanks in advance.. i’m really lost here !

  98. ROB says:


  99. Dillion says:

    Chances are he has not updated the page. Anyway, the easiest way to root the latest Verizon VRUEMK2 base is to download Saferoot. It works on the SCH-i545 (I rooted mine) and they say it doesn’t do any harm if it fails, so why not? However, don’t install any recovery because the bootloader is locked at the moment. Once you’re rooted, I’d suggest getting a program to freeze FWUpgrade so you don’t get prompts for OTA updates. This way, when they do find a way to unlock the bootloader, you can use it rather than having to wait even longer.

  100. josh says:

    i need help on installing the us cellular stock ROM i need a tutorial please help im a noob

  101. alex c says:

    ok guys for all of you having problems rooting your t mobile versionm919 uvuemk2 android 4.3 i rooted mine using

    once you do this your phone will be rooted and superuser will work

    then to install recovery download goomanager from playstore give it root access using su

    and boom you can then install custom roms

    that is all

  102. Djordan says:

    I have a sprint galaxy model SPH-L520 (galaxy s4 mini)

    will Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 – CWM Recovery v6.0.4.4 – Download TAR – Download ZIP work for my phone.

  103. JJK says:

    Hi Max,
    I have an SGH-M919 that I am trying to restore to stock for warranty, but ODIN fails with the following:

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    M919UVUAMDL_M919TMBAMDL_M919UVUAMDL_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I need help.

  104. MOh says:

    Hey Max,I cuoldn’t find my phone model here it is

    s970g for TRACFONE

  105. Carolyn Teo says:

    Hi, I am having a GT-I9505, android 4.3. I wanted to install CWM on my phone. I’ve downloaded the recommended GalaxyS4-CWM- and did an install via Odin as per your video.
    Result I’ve got is not what I expected.
    When in recovery mode, it show as “No command”. Android System recovery will take over.
    Please help!!!

    Thank you.

  106. Tom says:

    When I rooted my SGS 4 Canadian Model on 4.4.2, I installed ClockworkMod Recovery, Made a backup of my stock rom. I already had downloaded the •Virgin Google Play Edition ROM , which should work for the Canadian Galaxy S4. I wiped, Factory reset and tried to flash the ROM. It didn’t work, so what I did was I tried restoring from my backup and once my phone booted up, I got a bunch of errors with GApps not functioning and Twitter not functioning.. rendering the phone un-usable. I eventually used ODIN to restore to factory settings, but I was wondering why the ROM didn’t flash…? was it because it was 4.3? and I was already 4.4.2?? I had the most updated version of Clockwork, so.. I dunno. and why would my Backup not work properly? Anyone?

  107. Jose says:

    So I have the s4 version: 4.3, Model number SCH-R970C, baseband/build version: MK4…….. I want to root my phone but when I search for the files on your website I only find the “SCH-R907C” or the “SCH-R970” and im afraid I might mess up my phone if I use those because they don’t match my stuff exactly. I cant afford another so im taking precautions and if you would be kind enough to send me an email or message me on this page with the link to my needed files and a link to a rooting tutorial that goes through the same process as mine would go through….plz help! (I posted this before but I kind of lost it lol so im reposting so ill remember where it is this time)

  108. mobile games says:

    I like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

  109. John says:

    RE: Max;

    My Device Is: Samsung Galaxy S4 (SHG-1337M) Firmware: 4.4.2

    I followed all your instructions correctly for root process. When I accessed SuperSU, I keep receiving the message: There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem.

    I noticed many other people who tried rooting their 4.4.2 SGS4 devices are also experiencing the same problem I have. Can you please explain to us why we are receiving this error message please?
    I have used your root tutorials in the past going back as far as my SGS1 device and this is the first time I came across any issues.

    I believe that the SuperSU version might be outdated and this is why it is causing the problem? I DO NOT wish to unroot my device and format my internal memory just for this reason. Is there a step-by-step quick fix to resolve this?

    Thanks and hope to hear back from you soon!


  110. Nishant says:

    Hey friends I tried rooting my i9500 using cwm recovery
    But it shows a signature verification failure and phone isn’t rooted
    Kindly help … I am also seeing 1 knox warranty void ..

    Any way I can root my device and fix the issues up

  111. tim says:

    will this work with the l720t version of the s4?

  112. ed says:

    Hello Max

    newbie here

    I have a AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337 with 4.4.2. Followed the motochopper but will not root. tried odin but there is no file in your website? can’t run loki because it is not rooted.

    also, error updating superuser binary….

    read the thread above that we need the updated superuser? how to interface this with the motochopper?
    what am I missing here?

  113. Henry says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 I9506. Do you by chance have the CWM for it? I’ve tried the methods on the other sites for the I9506 but it seems that the recovery mode looks different. It didn’t have the Install zip option. Do you know why?
    Thank you.

  114. Frank Huddleston says:

    ATT SGH-i337 with build KOT49H.I337UCUFNC1. Android 4.4.2. Just rooted via the Towelroot method. Now trying to install CWM recovery and, eventually, Cyanogenmod. Downloaded loki_flash and recovery.lok, put them in /data/tmp (I had to create tmp: it wasn’t there). But upon running, I get:
    loki_flash v1.1
    Loki aboot version does not match device.

    What can you tell me?

  115. Frank Huddleston says:

    I did a little more checking on this problem, and found the loki_tool utility, which apparently takes the aboot.img form the target system and patches it, or the cwm recovery file, to allow it to boot the system. I followed directions,
    got the aboot.img file from my system, downloaded the loki_tool utility, which is an executable for Android. It wanted a cwm image file, so I downloaded one for my phone (recovery-clockwork-, copied it to /data/local/tmp/cwm.img, and ran the loki_tool on it and the aboot.img file:

    .127|root@jflteatt:/data/local/tmp # ./loki_tool patch recovery aboot.img cwm.i>
    Loki tool v2.1
    [-] Failed to find function to patch.

    So it’s still not working. Any help is appreciated.

  116. Ryan Powers says:

    Hi Max,
    I see that you have a version of CWM for the sprint sph-l720 model of the gs4. The model number on mine is sph-l720t and I was wonder if I need a different version or if the one for the l720 will work for my phone. Thanks

  117. Frank Huddleston says:

    Looking at the code in loki_tool (specifically, in loki_patch.c) it seems that the aroot.img file is searched for one of a number of patterns , and if one isn’t found, one gets the error I’m getting. If one is found, it checks in its list of target information to see if there’s a match with the “signature”. If not, one gets an error message that the aroot is not supported. I don’t see my build in the array of targets, so I assume that my build of the ATT S4 (KOT49H.I337UCUFNC1 or perhaps just “UCUFNC1”) is not currently supported.

  118. Albert says:

    I have had my phone for over a year. It is a MK2 and so back then I used safestrap. Question on this post, can I use odin and flash the the Latest NAE firmware,,. And is there any other recovery or new ROMs? As far as i Know the answer was no. except Triforce.
    So will I be able to update to NAE?


  119. Albert says:

    Sorry I forgot to say Thank you for what you do. for the post above.
    I am on sprint as well.


  120. Hetal says:

    is there any way to downgrade from OTA NC5 to MDK bootloader?

  121. Ronaldo Soares says:

    Hi, great post!
    I’ve S4 GT-I9515L – 4.4.2 Android.
    Can I install CWM for 9505?

  122. Sujee says:

    I have two android phones. 1. Galaxy note 3 Model number SCL22 . and Sony Ericsson Xperia Model number IS11S both brought from Japan. i try many ways to root hose phones but everything failed. Is there any way to root my phones.? Please help me.

    Thank you.!

  123. Jillian says:

    Simply want to say your article is as astonishing. The clarity
    in your post is just cool and i can assume you are an expert on this subject.
    Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep up to date
    with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up
    the gratifying work.

  124. Jun Fer says:

    Hey Guys,

    I tried downloading the TAR for the Sprint S4 and when I tried open it I got an error message ” There are no trailing zero-filled records” and I was not able to use the program… what can I do to download the TAR or is there any other way for to root my sprint s4 sph720? please help… I’ve been trying to root the phone for a while and you guys give the better way of doing it.


  125. Somraj Roy says:

    Max I have a question. Can you please help. I have CWM installed in my S4 I9505. However I want to switch to (install) TWRP removing CWM. Can you please let me know how to do it. Thanks in advance. Your articles are too good. Warm Regards, Somraj Roy

  126. Madroxcide says:

    Hey, The Twrp method for verizon SCH – I595 is no longer valid. Tried it an bricked it with the message to go see verizon since this software is not verizon approved

  127. Edgar says:

    After installing the CWM Recovery for GT i9505 s4 4.4.2. I enter the recovery mode and I see SEandroid is not enforcing. Pls help me fix

  128. ronl2k says:

    The article doesn’t mentions downloading ODIN, TWRP tar and SuperSU zip for the M919 but doesn’t mention which if any of those archives provides the rooting capability. Please advise. Thanks.

  129. Juan says:

    Hi Max Le
    I have the samsung sgh-i337 kitkat 4.4.4 rooted (Towelroot) how I can install on my cell cm12.

  130. Juan says:

    Comment: I have the samsung sgh-i337 kitkat 4.4.4 rooted (Towelroot) how I can install on my cell cm12.

    In other words, how I can install ClockworkMod / TWRP Recovery in a samgsung sgh-i337 kitkat 4.4.4 rooted (Towelroot Method).

  131. zakof says:

    i have s4 i9500 4.4.2 prob recovery boting

  132. lovy says:

    signature verification failed while installing super su in samsung s4 gt-i9505.

  133. SRD says:

    When i download CWM for GT-i9500, its giving me a disc recovery img file, not cofface.

  134. Ezekiel DeSantiago says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you had any way to get a CWM or TWRP on a Straight Talk SGH-S970G galaxy S4? I cant seem to find one. and do they need to be model specific? Please help as I want to put a rooted stock rom on my S4l lte SGH-S970G.

  135. sangam says:

    what to do with supersu? how to use it? where to use it plz help

  136. Ed Averill says:

    I want to root my Galaxy S4 T919 T-Mobile phone. T-Mobile JUST updated the firmware/android version 4.4.4. Looking at the comments, here, I wonder if anyone has reason to think the files shown way at the top for T-Mobile still work.
    T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 – CWM Recovery v6.0.4.4-OUDHS-Recovery-jfltetmo-

  137. Alexander says:

    yo instale el sistema en mi galaxy s4 sprint l720t y funciona perfecto unico detalle que no me parece s que al recibir llamadas me aparece numero desconocidos y no me muestra el numero aun los tenga guardado en mis contactos alguna solucion a eso de lo contrario todo exelente

  138. raghav says:

    hello I am raghav, I have a Samsung galaxy s4 sgh i337 and I have flashed a rom through system recovery,then it fail and not booting,but every time I boot my phone up, it shows samsung logo and under that it shows a lock which is unlocked and under it it says custom.I have try to flash in odin many roms but that fail and not installig any custom recovery.what can i do?please give me any suggetion.
    Also sorry for my english.(samsung sgh i337 at&t jflteuc kot49ah) please help me.

  139. Raghav says:

    Hello Max Lee,I am Raghav my phone model s4 i337 at&t not booting,because there is no OS in the phone only have system recovery(flashing wrong firmware in wrong method)and how can i install custom recovery? when it booting go to system recovery every time. please tell me any idea.. Thank you.

  140. Harlocke says:

    I have an AT&T I337 (5.0.1, OK2) and am unsure of which set of instructions to follow, those for the AT&T phone, or those for the5.0.1 OS? Did not want to just try one and see since it’s my fiancee’s phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  141. Chris says:

    Hey max, just wondering, i have a metropcs s4 (SGH-M919N) and was wondering if the t-mobile version (SGH-M919) of twrp will work with it?

    • Chris says:

      does anybody know if it’ll work? i’ve searched everywhere and noone seems to know…i’m not a n00b at this by no means. i just didn’t know if this will work or not because they stopped making newer versions of the metropcs twrp but they still make it for tmobile and also, the tmobile roms that i’ve seen will work with metropcs but i didn’t know about the custom recovery.

  142. jaffer Rafiq says:

    A.A! I have flashed 4.4.2 on samsung gt i9500 now signal problem

  143. Michael Burkley says:

    You are an excellent teacher! I have a Sprint Galaxy S4 with the newest secutity updates and Android 5.0.1. When I follow your instructions (on YouTube) for rooting my phone everything works through running Odin and loading the openrecovery-twrp- file (exactly as it shows on your YouTube video). After that is installed and after shutting off my phone and rebooting with the Vol up, center button and power button. What comes up is not TWRP recovery but the following
    First the little Android bot shows up, then a new screen with a notice flashes up “NO Command” With a fraction of a second the below shows up

    Android system recovery

    Vol up/down to move hightlight;
    power button to select.
    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    apply update from cache
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    reboot to bootloader
    power down
    view recovery logs
    Enable cp logging
    Disable cp logging

    –Appling Multi-CSC.;..
    Applied the CSC-code : SPR
    Successfully applied multi-CSC.

    Any idea what is happening, and do you have any suggestions as to how to fix it?


    • Michael Burkley says:

      I too found that the only way this would work is to NOT let the phone reboot normally after using ODIN. As the phone shut down to reboot I pushed that Vol up, side button and center button (quickly!) and TWRP came up! Hurrah!


      p.s.: Hmmm…I had already asked a question on what to do about this problem before I thought to search for the word “Sprint” in this forum. Now that I found the answer the question is still there. Sigh!

      • This list is ancient… and totally useless to me at this point, several android releases later… so does anyone know if there is a way to get a custom recovery onto a Verizon S4 (SCH-I545) running android 5.01? I tried ROM Manager and it says it’s flashing CWM but then when it boots into recovery it’s back to stock – if it ever actually flashed CWM… I managed to root my S4 finally so I’m 1 step into this. Ultimately I want to put AOSP on.


  144. afshar says:

    when i wana start download go to another web page and have not download. where is this download

  145. FindTJ says:

    How do I get Odin? I don’t see where to download it to root my galaxy s4-l720

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