Galaxy S4 Root Glossary

Here’s Galaxy S4 Glossary for those of you new to rooting Galaxy S4 and custom ROMs.

Why Root Galaxy S4? – For those of you who don’t understand why people root their Galaxy S4, here’s some reasons into why.

What is a Galaxy S4 Custom ROM? – With a rooted Galaxy S4, you have to ability to install custom ROMs, which add new features to your phone.

What is Binary Counter? – Samsung uses its own binary counter to track if users have installed modified custom recovery/firmware, but there’s a way to reset the counter.

Does Rooting Galaxy S4 Void My Warranty? – Here’s some good news for those of you who are worried about voiding your warranty after rooting.

43 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 Root Glossary

  1. manny

    Hey I have a question. ..I seen on a different page idk if its yours as well…but I seen that they were able to change the bands of an at&t galaxy note 2 into a 3g/4g for tmobile….is that procedure possible for the galaxy s4 as well?

    1. Antonio

      I have the same question. How can I change the modem on i9505 to an i337m modem? I wan to have the 1700 LTE band. Thanks

  2. Vicker

    hi plz i need ur some help here i am trying to root my cell via cwm, everything going smooth in odin and get passed but when i try to go in recovery mode its directly entering in official recovery mode but not in which, installed during root, i tried as u mentioned, i tried 3 or 4 times but result is still same.
    i am trying it on gt-i9500 so plz reply me as soon as possible

    and one more thing, i have seen white background and call menu on some galaxy s4 but mine se black is there any way to have that white?

    1. Max Lee Post author

      See FAQ at bottom of CWM or TWRP post for fix on that, you just need to pull the battery when you see PASS!

      With custom ROMs you may be able to change the background I think.

      1. juan

        HI MAX
        I HAVE THE MESSAGE AFTER INSTALL THE ROOM: (system software not authorized by at&t has been in your phone).
        I WAS INSTALLING THIS ROOM GT-I9505_WanamLite.XXUBMH1.V1.5.NO-WIPE with safestrap recovery.
        i didn’t the partition of 2 gb
        i try everything to fix this problem but nothing
        can you help me please
        i am waiting your answer

  3. Rainner

    Hello Max,

    Just a quick thanx for your post here. Just got a S4 from ATT and rooted quickly with np! Keep up the great work


  4. David

    I accidentally put click on phone instead of PDA when I rooted my S4 and now I can’t get custom recovery . What do I do

  5. Troy

    i did root my verizon s4 with your tutorial and had clockworkmod recovery but it started only rebooting with factory recovery so i tryed to reinstall and nothing so i did twrp and my phone locked in odin

  6. Bob

    Will I be able to root my phone?
    I have a Verizon SCH-I545. I have no access to a computer. I have a SanDisk 64 gb ultra that is factory formatted to exFAT. I have downloaded Easy Unrar Lite.
    I have downloaded the necessary files for root and recovery.
    Many thanks for your time and assistance.

  7. Troy

    I have the latest OTA update (UAMF3) for the AT&T version SGH-I337. I have rooted it using the external SD card as outlined by XDA developers. The root is functional now even without the external card installed.

    I am having an issue with installing apps from google play (406) error. Ideally, I would link to install the ROM (MF3 with root) you have on your site but I don’t have CWM installed because of the locked boot loader. Any assistance you could offer would greatly assist. You da bomb!!

    P.S. I had a Galaxy S3 “tricked out” with all your help but I lost it and sadly got this S4 and now have to deal with it.


  8. joncinla

    I successfully rooted my S4, and one day, AT&T or whoever pushed out an upgrade to Android, which unrooted my phone back to some default. Now I’m trying to re-root it again, but when I run the run.bat under motochopper, right after “this will take a few minutes’ I get a [-] “Failure message,” it still does the reboot at the end of the run.bat running, but when it wakes up sure enough it’s not rooted. Is there a harder kick that this to complete root?


  9. CJ

    I could not get root using this method ( LInux) ,in Terminal mode message was as follows:

    Rooting phone……..
    This may take a few minutes………..
    Cleaning up……
    Exploit complete.Press enter
    read :83 Illegal option -n


  10. Shaka2204

    Hey! 😀
    I have a question!
    when it will be available tutorial how root s4 that has Andorid 4.3 because the old methods do not work in this version and I tried but just installed SU but the device is not root!!! Thx 😀

    1. Rod

      Yes, I’m waiting to install the update until I know there is a Root method for the Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 running 4.3. Not sure if there is a good reason to update it anyway.

  11. Al Marenger

    Anyone been able to find a way to ROOT S4 I9505 after the JB 4.3 update I have tried all the possible ideas from the net and no dice should never have upgraded in the first place but didn’t know about KNOX

  12. Jesse

    I’ve recently got a root locked AT&T i337 and can’t unlock root at all
    since they’ve locked boot. Any hope to work around it and unlock?

  13. Tony

    Hi Max,
    I have a Dual Sim GT-A9500 in which I have already rooted. You had mentioned that you have Rom for dual Sim as well. Could you direct me to the correct place to download, I cannot seem to find them? I apreciate the help and thanks for all the HTC evo roms I’ve gotten over the years.

  14. Chaitanya Mohan

    Hi, I’m trying to root my phone from my Mac. I saw your video in which you used motochopper. I tried the method.

    This didn’t work on my phone, after everything was done I opened superuser but it says
    “The Superuser binary (su) must be updated. Please choose an installation method.” I’ve tried both but it says that “there was an error installing Superuser. Please send a log of the error to the developer”.

    I even tried installing titanium Back up just to be sure. It says
    “Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This application will not work. Please verify that your ROM is rooted and try again. This attempt was made using the ‘su’ command”

    How can I fix this? Thank you!

    Phone Specs
    GT – i9500
    Android Version:- 4.4.2
    Octa Core

    Please tell me if there are any more details you’d like me to provide. New to rooting so not sure what all information is required.

  15. infamous one

    I’ve rooted my Samsung galaxy s4 sgh-m919 t-mobile, I’ve put in my sim card but it says I can only use emergency calls and it’s unable to find my mobile carrier, please help to resolve this issue

  16. Pedro de Castro

    I have tmov m919 rooted running twrp kit kat 4.3 I want a ROM that can do apps to SD even if I have to down grade what is the use to have A 64 gig SD card if you can’t optimeze your space thanks for any advise.

  17. Tequilamike

    I just donated $25 to you and cant get the lambda button to work.
    Nothing happened when i hit it.
    I went to notifications window and saw nothing there.
    Could my macafee be blocking it.
    i clicked visit site anyway, for
    clicked lambde
    and nothing
    any help would be appreciated

  18. daeereza

    would you please guide me for the latest official android version for my cell phone?
    Model : sgh-m919v Videotron
    Android: 4.3
    Baseband: M919VVLUEMK5
    Kernel: 3.4.0
    Build No : JSS15J.M919VVLUEMK5
    Sim Unlocked, Work with any Sim
    thank you

  19. Buzz937

    I have a Verizon S4 Phone settings show SCH-1545. With Android version 4.4.2. Build number
    KOT49H.1545VRUFNG6. It won’t accept any of the root kit mods listed above. I also see under the build number
    SE for Android status
    Tue Sep 02 14:19:26 2014

    Does any of the root mods from your source work for this strange one?

  20. frankie757

    hey ggo people i need help i want to root my phone but ive recently upgraded to nk1 ive tried towel root and nothing else helps i thgink i may try to go back to the previous build if possible. help me please

  21. Jay

    I flashed the echo s5 ported rom onto my sprint l720t , runs great I love it. Every so often though my signal strength with show as a circle with a line through then come back in a few minutes , I had to manually set the APN settings and I’ve done so with two different configurations But the problem persists. Is there anything I can do for this. Also my 4G never comes in anymore. Great rim though thanks a lot .

  22. JEDICS

    Seems myself and many others have been foiled by the kitkat/knox issue, would be great for yo to respond with some guidance to solve this or atleast say there is no solution so we can all stop smashing our heads against the wall.

    If root isnt possible then fine, I just need to know so I can just install factory and sell it so I never have to look at touchpiss again.


  23. rockson

    I followed the steps in rooting my s4 active and tethering hot spot for AT&T . after I restarted the phone and tried to turn it on, it keeps saying unfortunately, settings has stopped. ….. how do I fix it?

  24. rockson

    hi max… still having a problem _with turning on my hotstop….. I followed the rooting process and how to wifi tether at &t galaxy s4 active. … I really need your help… thanks for
    I get this notification: unfortunately settings ha
    s stopped


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