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How to Root Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545! [UPDATED with VIDEO]

Download this video for viewing in HD on your smartphone or computer.
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For those of you who just picked up a brand, new Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545, there’s a root method out now.

Currently, Verizon Galaxy S4 bootloader is locked, meaning you cannot use CWM or TWRP root method.

Also, the VRUAMDK kernel on the Verizon Galaxy S4 comes with SU-co*k-block which makes it hard to root.

*UPDATE: There’s is a different root method for ME7, please see How to Root for Verizon Galaxy S4 on Build VRUAME7!

BUT, there is a way to do this by flashing a pre-release VRUAMD2 kernel using ODIN, then using Motochopper to root, then re-flashing the VRUAMDK stock kernel.

Here’s how to root your Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545 step-by-step:

Step 1. First, go check your Build number under Settings->More->About Phone.  If your build number ends in MDK you can follow this root method exactly, otherwise make sure you download the stock kernel for the build number you are on.


Step 2. Turn off your Verizon Galaxy S4.  Then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together.


Step 3. Let go of all buttons when you see the warning screen and hit Volume up button to enter ODIN download mode.


Step 4. Connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to the computer.


Step 5. Download and unzip/extract.  You will find everything you need including drivers, motochopper, and ODIN.


Double-click on “odin3 v1.85.exe” file to run ODIN program.


Step 6. You should see a yellow-highlighted box with a COM number.


If you don’t see this, run the Samsung USB EXE program to install drivers.  Then unplug your USB and plug to your phone again.


Step 7. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but hit the PDA button and choose the file with “MD2″.


Step 8. Hit Start button and this will flash a pre-release MD2 kernel and your Verizon S4 will reboot.


Step 9. Once rebooted, goto Settings->More->About phone.


Step 10. Click on “Build number” about 5 times until it says “Developer mode has been enabled”.


Step 11. Hit Back button and you can now see a new menu option called “Developer options”, hit it.


Step 12. Make sure “USB debugging” is checked ON.


Step 13. Run the “run.bat” program inside the motochopper directory, this will root your Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545.  Make sure to WATCH YOUR PHONE SCREEN as you will have to confirm couple alerts.


Step 14. If everything went well, you will see “Exploit complete”.  Hit Enter key and your Verizon S4 will reboot.


Step 15. Once rebooted, you will find a new app called “Superuser”.


Step 16. Since Superuser app isn’t supported with MDK kernel, we need to switch to SuperSU app.  Go to Play Store and download SuperSU app.


Step 17. Open up SuperSU and choose “Continue” when it asks you, “The SU binary needs to be updated. Continues?”.


Step 18. Choose “Normal”.


Step 19. Choose “Allow”.


Step 20. Choose “OK”.


Step 21. Now you should see SuperSU instead of SuperUser app.


Step 22. Power off your S4 and reboot into ODIN mode by holding down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together.


Step 23. Hit Volume Up and connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to the computer again.


Step 24. Choose PDA button in ODIN and choose the MDK kernel.


Step 25. Hit Start button and this will re-flash your stock MDK kernel and your phone will reboot.


Step 26. You can verify you have full root by downloading and opening Titanium Backup app.  Congrats!


Step 27. Do you need CWM or TWRP recovery?  For CWM recovery, simply install ROM Manager from Play Store and install it.  For TWRP recovery, simply install Goo Manager from Play Store and install it.  (Watch end of my video tutorial starting at 10:53 if you don’t know how to do this.)


Credits – XDA

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121 thoughts on “How to Root Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545! [UPDATED with VIDEO]

  1. Noel

    Waz up Maxx no root access for me sir I followed all the steps and still no root. I have verizon S4

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Make sure after motochopper is done, you open SuperSU app at least once and update binaries.

        1. Max Lee Post author

          Oh, try updating SuperSU app in Play Store after motochopper is done, then update binaries, then re-install stock kernel, should work.

    2. Derrick

      Hey max so I successfully rooted my phone but no Wifi tethers are working. According to titanium back up it is rooted. What should i do

  2. Dave

    I have what will undoubtedly be a stupid question. I want to buy an S4. But I want to root and unlock it. I travel frequently and want to be able to swap SIM cards overseas. But I’ve never done this before. I’m an iPhone guy. Should I go with an AT&T model or a verizon model?

  3. S4M

    Max my man, same problem as Noel, I have Verizon S4 and I flashed the kernal with odin, opened up super user and it had no updates available so i flashed the kernal again with odin and tried running Titanium backup to find an error message that my phone was not rooted.

      1. S4M

        Forced the kernell with odin again and installed SUPERSU from the android market and ditched SUPERUSER. Then i ran the app and installed the updates. Afterword i reflashed the kernell with the last file and now everything works. Thanks for making this site. Hope to see how people are using their S4′s.

        To those who havent figured it figured it out yet.

        1. Spencer

          I can verify S4M’s discovery. SUPERUSER app does NOT work. Use SUPERSU instead. I am currently rooted on the stock kernel. Thank you S4M.

        2. C.Mega

          S4M, the same thing happened to me, I used SUPERURSER, and not SuperSU, and at the end i wasn’t rooted. At what “step” of the process on this page did you start from when you redid it. I used an all in one tool to do it originally, that’s why I am asking. After all was said and done, I also ended up downloading SuperSU from the market and tried running it anyway and I got installation failed. Do you think I should uninstall both SUPERUSER and SuperSU, then re-try from whatever step you started from?

          1. S4M

            I flashed the 2nd kernel and installed TI(completing the whole process). That was how i learned i was unsuccessful rooting my phone. So i flashed the first kernel again. Ran motochopper, Downloaded SUPERSU off the playstore and ran it. It found an update and installed it and ran its course. I then proceeded to flash the 2nd kernel again and checked to see if my phone was rooted with TI.
            I think the problem was with SUPERUSER and it did not want to update when I ran it and for some reason thats key to this process.

            good luck and lemme know what happens. If this doesnt work maybe we can figure out something else. All the information IS HERE ON THIS SITE. Its just a little hard to decipher without some critical thinking.

            1. C.Mega

              Thank you so much, I followed what you said and I finally rooted it and verified it via TI. Very excited!!!!!!! :) Hope other people don’t make the same mistake we did!

  4. Dman

    Hi, I updated SU while in VRUAMD2 from play store, but when I opened the super user app to update the binaries, nothing happend, or rather, it wasn’t apparent if something did.

    anyway, reflashed to stock and I have no root, so I guess I did something wrong.

  5. aiden

    Is call recording possible on the Verizon galaxy s4? I tried rooting and the feature still isn’t working

  6. Brendan

    Are there any custom ROMs available for the Verizon S4 yet? I’m dying to get rid of this touchwiz interface.

  7. Anthony

    I am unable to root my s4 also. I followed all steps to the letter.. checked and double checked.

  8. Dman

    Ok! I know what I did wrong!

    So the part where it says to update SuperSU, I ASSUMED it meant the super user app that is installed when you run mottochopper – IT IS NOT-

    There is an app called SuperSU in the app store. After you run mottochopper you need to download, and run it. Once you do, it will detect the super user app mottochopper installed and remove it, and up date its binaries.

    Yaaay rooted S4 wheee

  9. John

    Hi max long time follower here any idea when the stock firmware for unrooting will be available for Verizon, thats the one thing holding me back from rooting i wanna make sure a stock firmware is available, just so if anything goes wrong im not completely SOL

  10. Rob A

    Super awesome thread! I am not able to force the stock kernel back on to the phone. After root, superSU, updated binaries, and confirmed root access (Ti backup), ODIN is not able to complete the setup connection step. Any thoughts? I would not mind so much, but I am getting an error/ icon telling me that something is requesting reboot.


  11. William

    Max, I’m receiving the same warning error as Rob A. Haven’t noticed any other problems. Any idea what the warning error is?

    1. Rob A

      I reflashed the second kernel, then I used TiBackup to freeze the seandroid process. That cleared it up.

      1. Rob A

        There are 2 options in SuperSU to update binaries. If the one you use the first time does not work, uninstall it, then try the other one. Then you *should* be able to load the second kernel with no issues.

        If you don’t have Ti backup, then you should get it, pay for it, and use it. It has saved my bacon on a number of occasions. It gives you the power to freeze applications that are annoying, bloatware, or are possibly giving you permissions errors. To do this, go into the app, middle tab: Backup/Restore, tap the app or process you want to freeze, and tap “Freeze.” For this particular error, the process you are looking for is called “SEAndroid1.0″

        Hope that helps.

        1. William

          Thanks again Rob. That did the trick. Now if I can find a tethering app that work. Any suggestions?

          1. Rob A

            There is a new CM ROM. I am flashing it now. In the past there has been a wifi tether in their builds. I don’t know if this one has it, or if it works. I don’t need tether usually, (and now I have lost unlimited data) so this is not a big feature for me.

        2. Alfredo

          I tried uninstalling then reinstalling SuperSU and superuser and it wont ask me to update bianary since I already tried it with both. I tried clearing data and cache but nothing. Any ideas?

          1. Rob A

            Alfredo –

            Do you have any other SuperUser Apps? You HAVE to use that specific one, as the others don’t seem to work. Did you run SuperSU before you flashed the 2nd kernel?

            Are you still having issues?

  12. Alfredo

    Hello! Your website is awesome! I had a slight problem. I tried using Odin to flash •VRUAMDK kernel after I verified SU with TI backup and so far it has been stuck on this command for the good part of the last 6 minutes

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..

    What should I do?

    1. Alfredo

      This is actually the whole command

      Enter CS for MD5..
      Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
      Please wait..
      SCH-I545_MDK_562219_Kernel.tar.md5 is valid.
      Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
      Leave CS..
      Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
      File analysis..

  13. Dave

    ok folks … I’m a Mac guy. No ODIN for me. What do I use instead? Is there a method to root a Verizon S4 with a Mac?

  14. Max

    Hi Max, this is Max! Yep, my name is Max too! Anyway, thanks for do all you do! Excellent guide, worked the first time, no issues at all! To anyone having issues, follow the directions EXACTLY….Don’t guess you know what to do next. Read, then re-read, all the steps, then follow them.

    Once again, great work!

  15. Max

    Hiya Max!

    Max here again! Just thought of something that I think may be useful to others, (forgive me if you’ve already done it!) A detailed list or a general guideline of “things” (for lack of a better term) that users should NOT freeze or “mess with” in their system when using APPS such as “Titanium Backup.” I know there are many users, like myself, who want to take the bloatware off of their rooted devices (especially Verizon customers!) after they have rooted, but before they have installed a custom ROM. Just a thought (As if you aren’t busy enough already and are just LOOKING for something extra to do eh? lol

    I’ve been a subscriber and supporter for awhile now. You’re the best man! Keep up the good work. I can speak for everyone when I say…We ALL greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into each and everything you do.

    Thanks a million!


  16. Ray

    sooo my phone keeps rebooting. im stuck on step 14.
    this is what my cmd says..

    no app has appeared on my phone and i have restarted about 5 or 6 times now

      1. Kolgy

        I get to step 14, it says “daemon started successfully” but no on phone prompts come up and it just sits there. Tried different USB port.

        1. Mike

          Under Developer Options, there’s a Verify apps via USB. Uncheck it, start the run.bat again and it should go through.

  17. Ray

    after watching the video. i learn that my phone is never asking me to debug like the video shows at 6:47

  18. Raul

    Hi Max,
    First, i would like to thank you for your tutorial and video. It’s great !
    I bought and brought the Verizon S4 to Brazil. Although I can make and receive calls and SMS, it seems to have compatibility problems… some basic numbers as *100 to call may voice mail does not work (message “Connection problem or invalid MMI code). Also if I dial a big number as 04111981003344 (it is a valid number in brazil!) it adds “+1″ in front of number…
    Can I upload a ROM from another Brazilian S4 phone to my Verizon phone ? Would it work ? If so, how do I download a ROM from another Brazilian S4 ?
    Thank you so much.

  19. Tom

    First of all, let me thank you for providing this info on the I545. I got one on VZW’s “first day of issue” and am eagerly awaiting 100% proof of a way to root my phone. I have a question though:

    In the video, where you are enabling “Developer options”, it looks like the MDK ROM is still installed, not MD2. Is this just a result of editing the video to include something which did not actually occur at this point in the process? If this is the case, maybe it should have been mentioned?

    I presume your reference to trying different USB ports refers to USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0. Is there evidence that 3.0 does not work on this phone? If so, that might limit the ability to do some of these things in the future as 3.0 supplants 2.0.

    Also, part of my hesitation is seeing that NONE of the hidden codes { } work on my phone. Is there something I need to do to turn this on or is something strange happening?

  20. Daren

    I was able to successfully flash to the pre-release kernel, run motochopper, install super su, and update binaries. However, when I go to flash the stock kernel, it doesn’t go. Odin doesn’t proceed past this point:

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    SCH-I545_MDK_562219_Kernel.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:11)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..

    After waiting for a few minutes, I turned off the phone and booted it up and it still has the pre-release kernel on it. Any idea what’s going on?

    1. Daren

      In case anyone else has this problem. I was able to resolve it by installing the latest version of Odin 3 (v3.07). It was able to flash the stock kernel without a problem.

    2. Chuck

      Same problem for me back in January. I discovered it matters which USB port I use (I have an ASUS P6Tdeluxe with i7 processor.) I must use the REAR USB ports; Odin has trouble making connection on the front ports. All I can surmise is that the front ports don’t have “proper” COM identities.

  21. Rick

    Does this process increment the flash counter? If so, your carrier will be unhappy. I believe the “Triangle Away” app will reset the flash counter. This is very important and should be included in the instructions.

  22. Alex

    Hi Max,
    thanks for posting the video really helped me out, was able to root my GS4 but wont let me boot into cwm recovery by pressing and holding volume up, center and power button, have only been able to boot into cwm through ROM manager app option of boot into recovery. Any suggestions of what I’m doing wrong or something, also I bought the touch recovery but only boots up as normal recovery does touch recovery not work on the GS4 yet?

  23. Rick

    I ran this process to completion, but after that installing CyanogenMod 10.1 bricked the phone. It just sat on the CyanogenMod booting screen.

    I cannot get into recovery mode – it will boot into the downloader (vol dn + home + power) but it will not boot into recovery mode (vol up + home + power). Any other boot goes to a black screen, or a grey battery if it’s plugged into a charger. I can get into the downloader and I’ve tried flashing back both the MD2 and MDK kernels, but neither does anything.

    Is there anything else I should be doing to return to a workable configuration? I thought flashing the MDK back would reset it. Some people said get the battery to 80% before entering recovery mode. Will it just not go into rec mode if the battery is low? I have recharged the battery for a couple hours but I will try charging overnight.

    I let it charge for a couple hours.

  24. ilto

    max ayuadem dime tengo s4 galax me lo mnadaron de estados unidos ahora estoy en peru SPH-L720 con sprin
    numero de compilacion JDQ39.L720VPUAMDL
    ayudaaaa puedo libearlo como lo hago por fabor cuelga un video tutorial o los pasos por fabor

  25. ilto

    ayuda por favor tengo sansum galaxy SPH-L720 con sprint
    numero de Compilación JDQ39.L720VPUAMDL puedo liberarlo se puede????? como lo hago los pasos por favor..

  26. Craig

    Hay I have tried everything to root and still cant odin reconises my phone but cant put file into pda and I get adb is not reconised internal or expernal command… did verzion do some update or something to lock bootloader again?? I have only had my s4 for about a week please help!! Thanks craig…

  27. Mark

    I downloaded the old kernel, then went to run the run.bat. It just sits at Daemon successfully running, but nothing happens. My company puts an encription code on the phone. Is this possibly interfering?

  28. Bruno

    Hi max, great videos by the way! My i545 from verizon happened to get stuck on a boot loop. My phone is rooted, nut without CWM recovery to hard reset. My other option would be to flash back the stock firmware, although I believe Samsung has not yet come updated or provided the software.
    What are your suggestions on how to unbrick and do you have any idea of when the firmware will be available??

  29. Sean

    Great stuff! But I’m also a mac/linux guy. Can you post instructions for doing it from a mac or linux box. Thanks!

  30. Robert Anthony Pitera

    Thanks very much for this great tutorial and video. I tried the “one step” version on XDA but couldn’t get it work. Your method was just as easy and did the trick. Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this together and make it so easy.

  31. BJ

    I rooted my VRZ S4 and installed both the apps, after adding the APN I am able to get data but voice or sms does not work. I see the network but unable to make or receive calls.

    I tried using Airtel and Vodaphone sim in India.

  32. Craig

    I have gone through the steps step by step in painstaking detail several times. Everything appears to run successfully. I know we are not suppose to run superuser but superuser is never even installed yet run.bat appears to work. Another oddity but shouldn’t the md2 package show up in about phone? It always says mdk on mine.

    1. Craig

      …it should be apparent in what I said, but this never worked for me. Also, When trying to run a new SuperSU and selecting Normal, it says, “Fatal Error”
      Build: JDQ39.I545VRUAMDK

  33. James Black

    I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 and would like to install a rom Brazilian, if I follow this tutorial I get??
    I’m asking because I tried to put another rom and it is giving error ….

  34. James Black

    I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 and would like to install a rom Brazilian, if I follow this tutorial I get??
    I’m asking because I tried to put another rom and it is giving error ….
    Thank you so much..

  35. Rick

    Sorry all I am new to android…. I am curious if I follow this procedure will it wipe my phone? As will it erase all of my data and such?

    Thanks in advance


  36. Rick

    Sorry all I am new to android…. I am curious if I follow this procedure will it wipe my phone? As will it erase all of my data and such?

    Thanks in advance

    Sorry for dup post

  37. Orlando aka MWaV

    To all having verizon. remember you do not necessarily need wifi tether as Verizon’s mobile tether app that was included with your phone works just fine because tethering is included in your plan. I thought about it for a minute, also included is the ability to tether via bluetooth without any add on. Hope this helps alot of you. GREAT WORK MAX AS ALWAYS. YOU ALWAYS COME THROUGH FOR US!!

  38. Madison Knight

    I just wanted to say thanks for this tremendous step-by-step guide. I just got my first Android smartphone and I knew very little about what was needed to get root permissions. I read around and felt pretty uncertain about what to do and whether it would work, but once I saw this guide I felt sure enough to move ahead.

    I really appreciate that this covers everything needed for this exact model. This worked like a charm for me, and now I have the ability to customize my phone how I want it, rather than getting stuck with all the bloatware.

  39. vescut1

    Can i use this root method on the latest Verizon OTA build number: JDQ39.I545VRUAME7?

    Thanks for your responses

  40. Louie

    When I run run.bat I don’t get any pop up notification on my phone that begins the rooting. Any ideas?

  41. Cristian

    hey so i got a brand new verizon Galaxy S4 model SCH-I545 and it told me that there was a new version. The newer version end with ME7 instead of the MDK i keep seeing in your videos. Can you help me root my phone and if so can you make a video i would really appreciate it.

        1. Max Lee Post author

          Are you accusing me of copying everyone else’s work? I could do the work myself as I did with Note 10.1:

          But if I spent that time doing that, that would mean less tutorial videos I can make but focusing so that is why. It’s an open source “community”, we are supposed to copy each other’s work and everyone’s work is credited.

          Well, if you are going to make a comment, don’t accuse people, they are not as dumb as you think.

      1. Michael

        Why can the root not be done after getting the OTA update to ME7 ? Wouldn’t you simply
        be flashing back to MDK and lose just the update patch? Then later when the download zip ME7 comes out for flashing
        that can be flashed by itself. Correct me if I am wrong in my logic.

  42. obstinate

    Hey Max, dont forget about the reward bounty at xda. If you are already working on unlocking the bootloader, you are going to be the hero of the vwz s4 forums!

    thanks for all the hard work.

  43. chrisb

    I applied your MDK root a few days ago, and spent a day or so trying out a Google Play Edition ROM. But decided I wanted to spend some more time with the Verizon version — play with stock camera app, fancy software features, try to create SwitchMe profiles (didn’t work) — to get a feel for it. So I used ROM Manager to restore a backup of the Touchwizstuff. Then, this morning, I accepted the ME7 update without realizing what I was doing.

    Tonight I decided to go custom ROM, and tried first to use ROM Manager to create a backup of my newer Touchwiz setup . The backup failed, and when I tried to re-flash recovery, the phone ended up on the “Downloading … Do not turn off target!” screen. If I pull the battery and start the phone up again, it goes directly to that screen — never even the warning screen where I get to choose the ODIN download mode.

    ODIN can see the phone, but the MD2-MDK kernel steps above end in failure. I have a backup of the Touchwiz from a few days back on my SD card. The GPE ROM is on there, too.

    But since I’m post-ME7, am I toast here? I imagine it won’t let me flash something at all — which seems to be the answer to getting out of this download mode.

    1. chrisb

      Tried to flash and ME7 image with ODIN, now stuck on screen that says, “Firmware update encountered an issue, please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.”

      1. Henchmanc

        Updating back to MDK in Odin failed and I too now have “Firmware update encountered an issue, please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.” I wanted to root because I was getting the notification to upgrade to the latest firmware and did not wanet to be bothered by it so I was going to install Titanium to freeze the upgrade warning. Now I am sort of bricked because I cannot flash any back to Stock or anything. I’m guessing maybe this happened because I did not run SuperSU after motochopper. Although not sure because it did not say to do that in the tutorial. Any one have a fix for this?

        1. Max Lee Post author

          ME7 does not have root yet, if you tried to install MDK and failed in ODIN, you will need to reflash ME7 firmware to get your phone working.

          1. chrisb

            Wish I could. Can’t get this thing to budge from the “Firmware update encountered an issue” screen. About to throw myself at the mercy of the provider.

  44. billy

    Hi i have tried 4 times but every time when i get to step 13-14 a pop up shows every 5 minutes saying detection information. I have no things to select yes with while rooting so please help.

  45. Henchmanc

    Not sure if it was the restarting of my PC or the using of the stock USB cable that came with the phone, but I tried it again after doing those 2 things and the MDK flashed and now the phone is un-softbricked and rooted.

    1. Michael

      You got the root after getting the ME7 update like chrisb ? Just seeing if you were in the same situation of going
      from root to accepting the OTA update.

  46. Ben Lee

    I have flashed the pre-release kernel successfully, but i’m stuck in Motochopper “Daemon started successfully”….I have tried everything from reinstalling usb drivers to reflashing the stock image and starting over…nothing is working. please help

  47. Watsom

    Followed steps exactly – annnnnnnnd: IT WORKS PERFECTLY. No problems whatsoever. Be sure to double-check that your device info is the same as shown in Step 1. Mine was exactly the same: JDQ39.I545VRUAMDK. I cannot vouch for other ‘MDK’ appended devices, however.

    Thanks for the excellent directions.

  48. Rodrigo

    I am very slow with root, I try to root, but always give me failed…I am getting crazy…someone can help me.

  49. dan

    Ok I got Verizon s4 i545 me7. And followed the vid to install custom rom. I got it rooted.
    I git titanium back up. And it say im rooted. But I cant install custom google rom. Transered loki and did exactly like in video. Its telling me me something is not for my device. Any updates?

  50. Police Equipment

    I rooted my phone back in June. Now I’m getting an annoying software update message every day from Verizon. I’ve tried installing and it fails. Which I expected. What can be done to remedy this problem? (I thought I had posted this question already, but I guess not)


  51. virgil

    are fucking kidding me, followed the download link and all I got was freaking spammed with software I didn’t want. never got the files I was trying to download. what a fucking joke, your a cocksucker

  52. alperekinciae

    I bought my samsung galaxy s4 I545 from USA with verizon on end of May, then I came back to Turkey; however I cannot use my phone here deu to sim card. It says non-verizon sim card. I watched the video and I did all of the instructions, but I could not get succedd. I guess the problem is in the end of the video, you gave us many apps to download from playstore and I could not understand how to do it.
    Could you please help me to get succeed.
    Thank you.

  53. Dustin

    Hey I’m on ME7 and rooted fine but when I put my phone in Diag mode, it wont read the lock code and says it needs a 16 digit passkey?? Ive been digging through modem.bin hex packets and still NO LUCK. I connect to DFS and it wont read certain NV items ( which im assuming have my keys in it) and i cant find my lock code OR my ” 16 digit passkey “. Ive been digging through threads EVERYWHERE

  54. Dustin

    Hey I have the SCH-I545 on ME7 and im rooted fine but when I put my phone in Diag mode, it wont read the lock code and says it needs a 16 digit passkey?? Ive been digging through modem.bin hex packets and still NO LUCK. I connect to DFS and it wont read certain NV items ( which im assuming have my keys in it) and i cant find my lock code OR my ” 16 digit passkey “. Ive been digging through threads EVERYWHERE and still no luck. I’ve tried QPST, Revskills, cdma workshop, efs professional and DFS. I need help in a bad way!! Thanks in Advance and i will buy someone a beer!!!

  55. Thomas

    Thanks for the help! I rooted the phone and it all went fine, however, the phone doesnt go out of global mode and always add a + at the beginning of the local numbers; and it still says that its a non verizon sim.

    Any thoughts to get rid of the + and enable mobile data. I tried few apn settings, but does not seem to help

    b/w am using at&t sim

  56. kevin

    I would like to root my SCH-I545 but as i read through the guides i can’t find my correct version I545VRUEMK2. My kernel version is just 3.4.0 and android version 4.3. Thank you in advance for any tips you can give me.

    1. Billy

      I am in the same spot as kevin, (build VRUEMK2). I would love to root, and your process is the only one i trust. please update,
      Thank you!

  57. Don Ray

    I gave your tutorial the ultimate test (75 year old noob) and was successful. Great job. After rooting I attempted to install CWM using ROM Manager and seem to have a glitch. It came up with the model of my phone as jfltevzw. I don’t see this anywhere in more/about phone but since it was the only choice (other than “none of the above”, which leads to a window saying CWM not available for this phone) I selected it. Seemed to be be going through a download/install. However, when I attempt to go to CWM recovery (either by the manual “hold down the buttons” method or through the on click method in Rom Manager, it goes to a recovery screen. However this recovery screen is titled “android system recovery (e3) and backup/restore is not listed as an option. Further, I did a backup in Rom Manager but when I went to test it with restore it said no back up available.
    Back to your rooting tutorial, I really appreciate what you are doing for we users.

  58. Pandu Ari

    If your build number ends in MDK you can follow this root method exactly, otherwise make sure you download the stock kernel for the build number you are on.


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