T-Mobile UVUAMDL Firmware Update Root Fix!

For those of you having problems with the latest UVUAMDL firmware, this is because T-Mobile has added a SetUID restriction on the kernel.  This can easily be solved by flashing a stock kernel with the restriction removed.


After using ODIN to flash CWM or TWRP, boot into CWM or TWRP recovery and flash this stock kernel:

Download Stock MDL kernel with SetUID restriction removed

Then follow the rest of the steps to install CWM SuperSU zip file in recovery.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to developer or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if this has helped you!

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59 thoughts on “T-Mobile UVUAMDL Firmware Update Root Fix!

    1. chris

      just yesterday i didnt have root now i got it my gamekller still didnt work so after i follow these instructions now my game killer works amazing galaxy s4 t mobile UVUAMDL great !!!!!!!!!

  1. Jacqy

    “After using ODIN to flash CWM or TWRP, put it in ODIN download mode again and flash this stock kernel”

    I can’t select the zip file…this is SO frustrating!!

  2. Tim

    Sprint is having the same problem with not being able to root after the update , so would this trick work with sprint too?

  3. Razgriz

    I believe what you all have to do is “Flash” it through TWRP or CWM (recoveries)… just like you do with roms

    (If you don’t have it already find and download a SuperUser (SU) zip file)
    1. Hold Home+Vol. Up+Power To get into recovery

    2. Install .zip file (from wherever you have it)

    3. Once again in Recovery Menu flash the SU zip file

    made it as simple as i could

  4. Victor

    My Air view stopped working, and also the application called T-mobile My Account so everytime I turn on the phone I got a message “T-Mobile my Account stopped working” does someone know how to fix this?

    Thank you in advance!

  5. David

    after installing the SetUIDRestrictRemovedKernel my SGH-M919 does not connect to the pc :( any fix for this problem?

  6. steve costa

    How can I flash the file if I cant root my phone because of the kernel . Ive tried every way possible to root my phone cwm, twrp , motochopper and nothing . Please help max .

  7. LoveMySI

    So, I left a comment on the Root page for Mac, but there has been no response. Clearly other people are getting the same issue. My question is, is there a solution for this on a Mac and can you post a video of how to do it if there is. The OTA has me stifled on what to do for Rooting this bad boy. Please help. I know I’m not alone on this as there were other posts concerning the same thing. Max – hook us up!

  8. bobo

    Hi Max , still nothing new for T-Mobile S4 with UVUAMDL firmware ? tried everything but still no luck with rooting the T-Mobile S4. The kernel with SetUID restriction removed did not work for lot of us. Please , keep us posted when there is a new “method” to root S4

  9. TikoRacer

    I’m not sure what the SetUID Restriction Remover is for, but I pushed the stock rom, install CWM and then installed SuperSU v1.30, installed TitaniumBackup to make sure it’s rooted and it worked, didn’t have any issues, did I miss something here?

  10. Juan

    Hi, by any change, do you have the original UVUAMDL with the SetUID Restriction?
    i want to revert it back and remove root,

    Please let me know,


  11. tony

    Hey Max, could you please post a video on how to root the tmobile SGH-M919 with the updated kernel fix? I tried it many times but seem to be doing something wrong, would really appreciate it very much! thank you

  12. Carlos Lopez

    THIS WORKED….!!!!!!!!!!!!! alsome guys thank you i tried everything nothing worked but this guys THANKKKK OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU……….

  13. Ric

    It works… Before you start rooting your phone make sure you have the kernel fix and the superuser files copied to internal and external memory just in case…. Also, you need to uncheck auto-boot.

    After you root your phone and it says pass unplug the cable and then pull out the battery, after 5 seconds insert it back. boot into recovery manually and flash kernel fix first and then superuser, reboot and there you have it. Easy

  14. Dushan

    After you root your phone and flash wit kernal will the IMEI number change? If not how can I change it?

    1. Max Lee Post author

      IMEI does not change from flashing kernel, there are ways to change IMEI using QPST software, not sure how to exactly do it but if you do some research on the internet you should be able to.

  15. dushan

    Max do you have step by step instructions on installing the kernal fix for T-moblie s4 m919? Those video instructions are great.
    You said in your instruction before you flash the kernal to make sure that your flashed with UVUAMDL which looks like that is the stock firmware for the phone otherwise you could damage the phone.
    Now if i want to reflash to stock would I use the program odin to do it?

    Thanks dushan

  16. Souza

    What is WRONG?

    Root Access is not properly configured or was not granted.

    Super User Applications Status:
    Superuser application – is NOT installed.
    SuperSU application – version 1.30 – is installed!

    System File Properties for Root Access:
    Standard Location
    Check Command: ls -l /system/bin/su:
    Result: /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    Analysis: File /system/bin/su does not exist.

    Standard Location
    Check Command: ls -l /system/xbin/su:
    Result: -rwsr-sr-x root root 96144 1970-01-12 21:31 su
    Analysis: Setuid attribute is present and root user ownership is present. Root access is correctly configured for this file! Executing this file can grant root access!

    Alternative Location
    Check Command: ls -l /sbin/su:
    Result: /sbin/su: Permission denied
    Analysis: File system permissions restricted and denied access.

    Alternative Location
    Check Command: ls -l /system/xbin/sudo:
    Result: /system/xbin/sudo: No such file or directory
    Analysis: File /system/xbin/sudo does not exist.

    Root User ID and Group ID Status:
    SU binary not found or not operating properly

    System Environment PATH: /sbin /vendor/bin /system/sbin /system/bin /system/xbin

    ADB Shell Default User:
    ADB shell setting for standard access, stored in default.prop, is configured as: shell (non root) user – ro.secure=1

    Results provided on your SGH-M919 device by Root Checker Pro version 1.3.3 from joeykrim in the Android Market -http://goo.gl/NcnHn

  17. Dave

    if I root using this method, flashing the kernel with the SETUID restriction removed, will i no longer be able to get OTA updates?

  18. BaW

    All worked fine except that when opening SU user for the first time updating binaries fails. Also TI Backup opens fine but ‘hangs’ on the request super user right screen? What do I do wrong?
    GT-i9505 Baseband-version: I9505XXUAME2

  19. dushan

    Im trying to flash the kernal with CLOCKWORKMODRECOVERY and it says that my samsung s4 m919 tmobile phone is unsupported im try to flash the kernal using the file (SetUIDRestrictRemovedKernel.zip) that i downloaded from this site is there another way or program to flash the kernal? Can i use odin?


    1. Max

      Thanks SOO much for linking this!!! I wish I would’ve scrolled down a little more yesterday haha Yeah it disabled by 64 GB card as well, I couldn’t figure it out…

  20. Jaycee Huang

    Hi guys,
    this Kernel has two major issues. I don’t know whether your guys encounter or not:
    1. When you got a missing call, you may got a lock screen error. (com.sec.android.app.keyguard has stopped.)
    2. Triangle Away is not working in this Kernel.

    So, my questions are raised.
    1. is it another method to root the M919 in UVUAMDL firmware?
    2. Can I flash the official Kernel back when I root the phone?

  21. 2TWISTD

    It worked perfectly for me. I’d bet that the guys having problems with this are on the wrong firmware. Come on guys, CHECK YOUR FIRMWARE VERSION, this is for UVUAMDL ! Thanks so much for the help.

  22. David

    How can I go back to the regular KERNEL? I got my tmobile galaxy s4 m919 and messed around, but I wanted to go back to completely stock with normal kernel?

    1. Max Lee Post author

      You can unroot with ODIN or stock firmware and also there should be CWM flashable stock ROMs on XDA.

  23. Frank

    If done properly (and I have the UVUAMDL firmware), there shouldn’t be any issues that people are reporting (Samsung Air, Missed Calls Lock error, etc), right?

    1. Ric

      everything works for me…
      This is the way i did it:
      Before you start rooting your phone make sure you have the kernel fix and the superuser files copied to internal and external memory just in case…. Also, you need to uncheck auto-boot.

      After you root your phone and it says pass unplug the cable and then pull out the battery, after 5 seconds insert it back. boot into recovery manually and flash kernel fix first and then superuser, reboot and there you have it. Easy

  24. Greg Perry

    I am new to rooting. I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S4 from TMobile ever since the week it came out but keep it updated. Can you tell me if I can use Although I can look at the about-the-phone screen (of which I posted a screen shot here: http://www.bidmentor.com/photos/CellModel.jpg) —

    I assume because I see the letters UVUAMDL down there at the end of the Build Number that I have the updated firmware that requires the T-Mobile UVUAMDL Firmware Update Root Fix here: http://galaxys4root.com/galaxy-s4-root/t-mobile-uvuamdl-firmware-update-root-fix/

    Am I correct about that?

    Once I do that and do the root fix, if you say I need that, then can I do the regular S4 rooting process you describe here http://galaxys4root.com/galaxy-s4-root/how-to-root-galaxy-s4/ in your Hot To Root Galaxy S4 article?

    (summary: Looking at my screen shot, do I need to apply the Update Root Fix, if so, can I do the regular S4 root using MotoChopper?)


    Greg Perry

  25. Manny

    Used this method and once again was able to root my S4 first try. I always get nervous but never have any problems. Thanks again Max for making it easy and having info readily available.

  26. Chris

    I am very new to the world of rooting. I recently tried to root my t-mobile S4 m919 running 4.4.2. I rooted my phone with http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4-tmobile?nocache=1&z=9919900225941092#root I did everything exactly as on the video but when I rebooted after going through clockwork mod and flashing ROOT_M919UVUAMDL.zip It reboots to the galaxy s4 screen and at the top left it says kernel is not seandroid enforcing. Set warranty bit: kernel. It just stays on that screen. anyone help please. I would either like to get my phone working again or finish the root also When I try to try to boot into recovery it also stays on the galaxy s4 screen saying recovery booting… in the left corner stuck


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