Galaxy S4 Rooted Stock ROMs

This is a list of Galaxy S4 stock rooted ROMs.

What’s different from stock firmwares?

These are the same versions of stock firmwares but with root and you can install them easily using CWM or TWRP recovery just like any other custom ROM (no ODIN needed).

If you are not returning your phone for warranty and you just want to re-install stock ROM, you can install these rooted stock ROMs instead of using ODIN and stock firmware, a much easier process and this will also let you keep your CWM/TWRP recovery.

Latest Galaxy S4 rooted Stock ROMs

Download Galaxy S4 rooted Stock ROM AT&T SGH-i337 Latest MF3 – For AT&T, you also need to install after installing ROM in CWM/TWRP recovery!!! – Credits

Download Android 4.4.2 Stock ROM with Root for T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 (also can be installed on GT-i9505, AT&T S4, and Canadian) – Mirror (See Wifi Fix here)

Download Galaxy S4 rooted Stock ROM T-Mobile SGH-M919 Older MDLCredits

Sprint MJ4 Android 4.3 is out, here’s how to install it.

Download Galaxy S4 rooted Stock ROM Sprint SPH-L720 Latest MF9Credits

Download Galaxy S4 rooted Stock ROM Verizon SCH-i545 Latest ME7Credits


What is a Custom ROM?

A custom ROM is a custom, modified operating system that you can install on your Android device. Basically it's like installing Windows OS on a Macbook. By installing a custom ROM, you can bypass stock factory settings like locked hotspot tether, install new Android versions early, or even convert your phone into another OS.

With a custom ROM, you can really maximize the capabilities of your smartphone by adding custom features that have been developed by open source developers.

How to Install Custom ROMs

First, you will need to root your device, if it is not rooted yet, follow our root tutorial and root your phone.

Once rooted, you should have TWRP installed on your phone. Installation of a custom ROM is easy if you learn the basic of it. If you don't know how to install custom ROMs using TWRP recovery, see our tutorial on How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP!

58 Responses

  1. JASSE says:

    Problem in the phone does not recognize the SIM card Turkey
    Galaxy s4 GT-I9500

  2. Dave says:

    Will this T-Mo rooted stock ROM contain the original kernel?

  3. Jose says:

    Thanks for an excellent website…My question is What flash/Download method we need to install this stock rom. As I see is zip file so assume is a flashable file but not sure what recovery method. ..For Odin we need a .tar file right ? THANKS

  4. Blaqueboy9 says:

    after flashing rom do i need to do a factory reset before rebooting? when i flash rom on my sprint galaxy s4 and when i rebooted in showed the samsung logo and then went black and did nothing

    • gs4phone says:

      having the same problem
      did everything listed in the instructions
      ” rebooted in showed the samsung logo and then went black and did nothing ” became paper weight 🙁
      please help

  5. Tommy says:

    #1: it just keeps saying latest. 4.2.2? 4.3?

    #2: lose wifi and wifi tether. And doesnt read sim card

  6. Mont says:

    I have a question. How do i root my Korean S4 SHV-E300S

  7. Henry says:

    is it possible to use custom roms with the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 (Build MF3 i read that you cant as of yet

  8. Jeremiah says:

    Flashed this for sprint and everything was fine but all of a sudden I have no connection to the internet anymore with the exception of wifi. What could I have done wrong or what can I download (drivers or something) to regain internet access?

  9. Ken says:

    I need to un-root and return my phone for warranty. I have SCH-I545 and the build number includes VRUAME7. Is the stock ROM listed above what I need? Is there a difference between stock ROM and stock firmware? I already have Triangle Away and SuperSU. I could use some help, if someone is available for an assist.

  10. Amoeva says:

    hello!! the best galaxy s4 website!! Did u have the i337M Canada Stock Roms????


  12. vikrant says:

    hi.. i have sprint sph720 from usa ..its not working in new delhi india ..pls suggest me what i shoud do ????????

  13. Nash says:

    If I download the ” Galaxy S4 rooted Stock ROM T-Mobile SGH-M919 Latest MDL ” will i be able to connect to my Galaxy Gear ?

    Well I be able to revert back t my rooted rom (carbon) running 4,2 ?

  14. Vincent says:

    Will it still work for the AT&T model if its not on MF3?

  15. Guys this website is not being updated. Most of this doesn’t apply to ANYONES phone unless your firmware was never updated. I mean if you bought the phone 9 months ago and never updated. Go to XDA developers website for better info….up to date I should say. Please please read and only try to do what is for your model of phone. If u happen to Iock your phone up go to Best Buy and they can do a reset. If you update your device firmware you CANNOT I repeat CANNOT go back to older firmware. If you have At&t, like I do, good luck cuz our phones have the locked bootloader. I have firmware MK2 Jellybean 4.3 and am rooted so all is not lost.

  16. hello great website for all the androin freaks and of course the best way to get high on android!!!!

    love it keep it up !!

    I have the samsung s4 rooted with currently 4.3 baseband version m919uvuemk2, model sgh m919

    and want to download the latest for this phone but it wont do the download waited for an hour and nothing whats wrong ???
    for this one
    Download Galaxy S4 rooted Stock ROM T-Mobile SGH-M919 Latest MDL – Credits
    for this one

    thanks hope you can help i would greatly apreciated

  17. Harshad Lokhande says:

    Need costume room for India my model is GT-I9500
    Dase Version:- I9500DDUEMK9

    I am new to it and i have rooted my mobile and just wanted to install Android 4.4 with all options working like Camera and camcorder working.

    Thanks in Advance
    Harshad Lokhande

  18. Jordan says:

    Are you able to flash this then unroot and that would put it back to complete stock?

  19. Harshad Lokhande says:

    I did not try to Unroot can you tell me how to do it and i am also unable to get updates from Samsung


  20. Augusto says:

    Mine after 4.3 update keeps restarting itself 5, 6 times a day. Somebody told me that it is a KNOX issue.
    Also at least twice a day ha ve message saying that SIM CARD was removed and have to restart.
    After this, i have intalled every single rom available in order to work as it has to be but unsuceesfull.
    Took to a SAMSUNG Service Center and they didn’t even touch because the Warranty Void. Actually, they didn’t find a solution and blaimed the warranty.
    Need help.

  21. Leighton says:

    Is it possible for me to update to a newer rooted stock rom without a custom recovery? I’m currently rooted but without a custom recovery and I have an old rom that I’d like to update. Galaxy S4 AT&T I337 MF3

  22. josh says:

    can somebody help me i need to get back to the stock rom on s4 for a us cellular carrier

  23. Alex says:

    I did the ota to 4.4.2 on 1337 and I want to go back to stock rooted firmware are there any odin files?

  24. Noah Wildermuth says:

    I’m thinking about posting a link to my wayyy faster Google drive link because these downloads are beyond slow if that’s something you guys would appreciate then just hit reply and holla at me

  25. jessica ariano says:

    Yeah that would be great thanks 😉

  26. nuwan chinthaka. says:

    hi noob hear,
    i just want to update from 4.2.2 mf3 to kitkat .coz i need to use galaxy gear.
    and 4.2.2 is not compatible.
    im rooted.

    can i install CWM,and then i9505 rom on it.its i337.
    please help.

  27. Gary says:

    If I download this MF3 rooted rom for ATT will I be able to update to Kit Kat through my ISP AND keep root?

  28. nuwan says:

    No you cant.
    Odin to stock mf3…tthen your root will go.
    Then update to mk2…root again and install km custom rom.
    If you are i337? You must install safe strap and install custom km rom on it.
    Or you can update km but no root yet.

    • Gary says:

      Thank you for the quick response and yes it is the i337.

      • nuwan says:

        1.go to stock with odin.
        22.then you have clean mf3.
        3.then update to mk2 with update zip.
        4.then root.
        5.install ss.
        6.burn km rom on it.
        Or 7.update km without rom.
        All in xda forum.

  29. simon says:

    hey how can i root s4 for cricket? some help please.

  30. Nate G says:

    I have the Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720T. The baseband version is L720TPUBNC6. Can someone please help me find the method to unlock it.

  31. Gamaliel says:

    I installed the att rom and my wifi doesn’t work

  32. christian says:

    Dies putting the the stock ROM back on the phone will you get all the stock apps back to?

  33. wem says:

    I want to install stock rim for my grill. .what is the best rim to install? Thanks

  34. JAGAN says:

    hi. sir i need ur help . i tried to flash firmware for samsung s4 R970 us model. geting authntication error when flashing firmware. i need stock rom in zip format flash by cmw recovery. my camera not focus in custom rom. thats y changing to stcok rom.plz i ready turst u. sir. beacuse i did not sleep for 4 days nigh. for seachinh stock rom. i wasted 5 gb above nothng worked. plzz help me. to fix ths.

  35. kenneth says:

    Hi i need some assistance….
    I recently updated to OS 5.0.1 leaked chinese firmware…then tei3d downgrading to 4.4.2…and had no network emei number…can you direct me as to how i can restore my emei number…

  36. Brian Kieffer says:

    Hey max question I used your stock rooted 4.4.2 rom on my t mobile galaxy s4 and air gestures don’t work or smart scroll any fixes?

  37. Andy says:

    To whom this may concern:
    would you be kind enough to direct me to a clean copy of Kit Kat 4.4.4. that with install on to a Samsung Galaxy 4, T-Mobile, M919. I would really appreciate that. Please and Thank You.


  38. Abdol says:

    Hi Max Lee
    Thanks for your great work .
    I have a question about if I install rooted stock rom will I be able to update my galaxy android system?

  39. josh says:

    I have a rooted sph-i720 (sprint). I am running the newest 5.1.1.(cm 12.1) im trying to get back to strock rooted rom please help

  40. jose says:

    puedo aplicar esta room con odin?? a un sgh-i337 de at&t??

  41. Rig says:

    I have a sprint s4 that I installed a verizon rom on. I tried going back to a stock rooted rom and couldcouldn’t, please help.

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