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How to Unroot Galaxy S4 and Remove Root Completely!

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For those of you who want to unroot your Galaxy S4 and remove root completely so your phone is back to completely stock, it’s pretty easy to do with ODIN and stock firmware.

This is great to get your phone back to stock status for returning your Galaxy S4 for warranty or perhaps you’ve ended up in a bootloop and simply want to get back to stock ROM.

Now, before we begin, you should make a backup of EVERYTHING on your internal storage as you might have to do a factory reset in the end if you end up in a bootloop, which will erase everything on your phone.  (If you have CWM or TWRP recovery installed, you can get around this by doing a data wipe/factory reset BEFORE you unroot.)

Also, Triangle Away app should support Galaxy S4 soon so you can reset your binary counter.  Run Triangle Away app BEFORE starting unrooting process.

Step 1. Power off your Galaxy S4 and hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power button together for about 5 seconds.


Step 2. When you see the warning screen, hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download mode.


Step 3. Connect a micro-USB cable from your Galaxy S4 to your computer.


Step 4. Download and run ODIN program:

Download ODIN

If you see a highlighted yellow box, you are good to go, otherwise install Samsung USB drivers.


Step 5. For U.S./Canadian Qualcomm-based Galaxy S4, see our Galaxy S4 stock firmware page and download the appropriate stock firmware for your phone.  (If you don’t see it, that means it’s not available yet but will be available soon.)

For international GT-i9500 or GT-i9505, go to and download the appropriate stock firmware for your model/country Galaxy S4.

Unzip the stock firmware, you should find a file ending in “tar.md5″.  That is the stock firmware you will flash using ODIN.


Step 6. DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but hit the PDA button, select the stock firmware “tar.md5″ file and hit “Start” button.  That’s it.  This should take around 5-10 minutes.  If you get stuck right after hitting “Start” button, try another USB port and turn off Kies in Task Manager.



Step 7. When done successfully, you will see “PASS!” and your Galaxy S4 will reboot.

If for some reason, you get “FAIL!” during the ODIN flashing process, simply reboot your phone into ODIN download mode and try again.  Also, if you see some type of “Firmware error” during boot, just try running ODIN in that mode, that’s same as ODIN download mode.


Step 8. Once rebooted, your Galaxy S4 should be fully back to stock firmware.


Step 9. If for some reason, your phone doesn’t boot up or you want to erase EVERYTHING on your internal storage and the phone for returning for warranty, you can do a factory reset using stock recovery.

Power off your phone (or pull battery) and hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together.


Step 10. Keep holding down Volume Up and Center Home buttons but let go of Power button.


Step 11. Once in stock recovery, choose “wipe data/factory reset”.


Step 12. Choose “delete all user data”.  WARNING!  This will ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE!


Step 13. Once done, reboot system.


Step 14. Once rebooted, you should find your Galaxy S4 completely back to Day 1 you got the phone, congrats!



Q: I can’t find my firmware for my GT-i9500 or GT-i9505!

A: For GT-i9500 or GT-i9505, you can also use another country firmware as it’s compatible across all GT-i9500 or GT-i9505 respectively.

For example, if you couldn’t find German firmware for your GT-i9500, you can flash a Belgium firmware for your GT-i9500.

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148 thoughts on “How to Unroot Galaxy S4 and Remove Root Completely!

  1. Doug Horne

    Great videos and tutorials!

    So, what’s the difference between doing this and unrooting via the setting in SuperSU?

  2. chris resendez

    The samfirmware site has a sgh-i337 firmware for US att now.. is that a current one I can use to unroot?

      1. Rudy

        Hey max a long time ago i saw you wrote the address of a company that actually unbricks phones for you, can you like post it again cause i have a galaxy note that i brick and need to get it working and dont have insurance for it please or email it to me if you don’t want to post it again, thank you.

      2. daman

        hey max i just want to ask ..if i unroot my device using supersu full unroot method..will i be able to get ota updates in future?

    1. Ali

      My galaxy s4 i9505 i root then i custom recovery tmrp i wipe some data to install custom rom but now is not booting up after manual factory restore How 2 go on stock rom on galaxy s4 i9505 using this file.
      PLZ TELL ME DO U THINK I BROEK MY PHONE ? Odin3 v1.85 deceteding my phone its showoing yellow.

  3. John

    I rooted, but then decided to unroot. Now I get a message stating, “Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available” when I click UPDATE. Does this mean I will no longer receive OTA updates on my phone? I removed root and did nothing else to the phone.

    1. TC

      I’m curious about this too…I rooted using motochopper then backed up and freezed stuff with Titanium Backup. But even after removing root I still get this message. Will I have to apply OTA updates by hand now??

      1. Max Lee Post author

        Most likely yes, it’s not hard to do usually there’s a rooted version of the update you can flash in CWM or TWRP when new updates come out plus most custom ROMs come with the latest updates.

  4. peter

    i would like to replace my s4 at samsung. if i do it like you in the video they will not notice that i had it rooted? will this reset my binary counter?

  5. peter

    i would like to replace my s4 at samsung. if i do it like you in the video they will not notice that i had it rooted? will this reset my binary counter?s

    1. Mohamed Farid

      Thanks a lot !! worked perfectly “_

      I followed these steps. and Yes the custom lock was removed from the booting screen. and the status was changed from custom to official.

      I guess that means the binary counter was cleared.

  6. Karl

    Hi Max.
    I used motochopper to root my ATT S4 (I337) and then used titanium backup to remove the ATT apps and a bunch of the Samsung apps. Now every time I’m in the gallery I get a “Unfortunately, Samsung text-to-speech engine has stopped.”. I didn’t install a custom rom yet so my question is can I restore to factory by just booting into system recovery (vol up + power + center home) by selecting wipe data/factory reset? Or, do I have to download the firmware and then use odin first?

    Alternatively, if you’ve seen this error is there another way to fix?

    Thanks a ton, your videos are the most helpful I’ve ever seen.

    1. reggie

      I am also in need of the same answers that the previous posters requested, as he stated everything I did to a tee, minus the multitude of samsung apps. I am receive the samsung-text-to-speach-error. I am thankful for your helpful website.

    2. reggie

      Hey Karl, Just simply search online for the new S- Voice api file for Galaxy S3 rooters and install the file directly to your phone or transfer through usb cord to selected folder on phone. Install apk file and you will have you fully function S- voice and text -to- speech engine working.

      1. Karl

        Awesome, thanks for sharing. Did you happen to figure out which app we removed that had this? I don’t remember removing an s-voice app but I guess its possible.

          1. MB

            Reinstalling ChatOn from Play Store doesn’t fix the problem, or didn’t for me. I had to purchase the pro version of Titanium Backup and freeze the Samsung TTS to get S Voice to work. I also converted S Voice to a user app in TBPro.

  7. John

    As someone who has a rooted AT&T GS4, I only have access to a Mac right now. Could I just use the restore to factory settings via system recovery or would I have to find a PC to use?

  8. roberto

    are these files available for the mac osx
    i was able to get odin for mac but it doesnt show the samsung usb drivers as being installed
    (the highlighted yellow box)
    is there a mac version for the samsung usb drivers ?

  9. Jacqy

    When i open the Superuser like you did, it says “Superuser binary (su) must be updated” And of course, it never installs easily, same thing with SuperSU. I had hard time getting straight answers on how to update this binary thing. Can anyone help me?

    1. Radha

      I used in my S4 from T-mobile and it worked. It changed the counter to 0 and from custom to official.

    2. jesse

      I can’t get it to work, keeps telling me it prefers supersu. try installing that and it conflicts with the superuser in place from cynagenmods, tried disabling that and running supersu but it wont update the system correctly. when i try running the triangle away it goes to the recovery option and then just restarts.

  10. Radha

    Hi, can I flash stock rom using CWM? If so, can I copy the file for my phone in the sd card and then install it going to CWM? thanks for your help?

  11. joe

    I rooted my sprint s4 and without knowing any better I updated the ota and broke my root. Can you show me how to regain root again. Motochopper says its golden but root checker says hell no. Im lost without my root acess. Without root im like all the other people.

  12. Havoc256

    When I try this unroot method Odin tells me “there is no pit partition” and the flash fails.

    1. Havoc256

      Okay, got it to work. Had to use the factory USB Cable, I had to try a few different USB Ports, and I had to reboot my PC.


  13. Sunny

    The title of this artical is complete misleading. I just want to unroot, not to flash firmware. I don’t want to lost any data in my phone, just unroot.

  14. Piero

    Hi Max I rooted my galaxy s4 and now I want to unroot it can you please tell me what firmware update is available for the GT-I9505 for the Australia version has I did not see any on your links.
    always get hi on android

  15. George

    hi Max! I have one question…. do i have to delete everything in order to unroot the phone or i can just stop at step 8? thank you

  16. qazx

    Hi! I have a question about this operation. I havent root and unroot yet. Which one I do : ODİN install on computer or S4?

  17. Bill

    Hey guys i tried rooting and after installing the tether app, i am stuck in a bootloop. I tried to flash stock with odin but it immediately says not responding… Any help?

  18. Curtis

    Hi Max,

    I am having alot of trouble trying to get ODIN to work on a mac… I’m very confused about Heimdall as well-don’t understand how to use it. Have you ever tried to unroot an S4 with ODIN on Lion? Please do let me know, thanks


  19. Benji


    I am sort of new to rooting and things but I get the basics of it. Anyway at the moment I have a rooted GT-i9505 and I really need this app2sd feature. My question is, if I unroot using this method, can I do the update for the firmware then re-installed the root I had before?


    - Benji

  20. diznanl

    I used your unroot guide and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, I was attempting to restore the Golden-Backup to my S4. Is there any way to restore the Golden-Backup once … accidentally … removed?

  21. Clay

    I used this unroot method but it didn’t get rid of superuser. I promptly uninstalled it, but is that something to be concerned about?

  22. Clay

    I used this method but the super user app was still there. I promptly uninstalled it but is that something I should be concerned about?

  23. Curtis

    Unroot worked successfully through your tutorial, but I ended up finding a friend with a PC, it was actually a lot simpler than finding the right program to use on mac, thanks Max!

    Just a general question for everyone, I have ATT S4 and after unrooting the phone, I’ve noticed that my signal occasionally turns on and off… any of you experience that? and any solutions?


  24. Matty V

    i need a rundown of how to COMPLETELY restore the factory everything. i was messing with KTweaker, and editing scripts, ended up getting a Status 7 error, then my phone went into a bootloop/vibration loop with a black screen. Ive reflashed with factory firmware several times, tried with and without battery flashes, and reboots, also used odin to erase userdata partition while i flash the stock firmware and im getting nothing but this dark nothing on my screen, vibrating every 5-7 seconds loop. only thing i have access to is ODIN mode. Im thinking it was something to do with the files i may have deleted to make CWM stick over the stock recovery (AT&T I337) but what do i know.

    Please Advise. I’ve used this website for multiple restores, and tutorials and its been great, but i am just straight stuck and frankly scared here lol. Are there other things i can use with odin? other flashes? can i flash backups that i have of successful TWizz roms somehow?


    1. Matty V

      can ANYONE hook me up with a link to files for pit,bootloader,phone,pda,etc. for odin on a full firmware recovery restore/ repartition?

        1. diznanl

          Can you share the files you used? I’d like to do the same with my GS4 to try to restore the golden-backup. Thanks!

  25. Jason

    I bought an SG4 rooted and running a custom ROM – this is exactly what I needed. Worked perfectly for me!


  26. Link

    How do you flash the original software using a Mac (not via VM or things like that). I need to do this because the camera/gallery keep crashing my phone. As well my Samsung text-to-speech does’t work…oh and half my games wont load – they crash before I can play… HELP!

  27. Angad

    Man u simply Rockkkk!! great article…thanks a lot…

    guys just remember below prior doing unroot:-

    1. enable the USB Debugging mode.

    2.go back to the “Security” options and click on the field “Unknown sources” to allow third-party apps to be installed.

    Your phone is now ready for being unrooting.

  28. jordan


  29. Thomas

    just need to make sure. after i run triangle away, now i have a 0 counter. if running odin wouldn’t it trip the counter to 1 because we ran odin?

  30. North west

    Hi, i have rooted my galaxy s3 tmobile using motochopper on mac OSX. I followed your tutorial and it worked perfectly! now my question is in case id like to unroot and go back to a factory fresh phone, how do i unroot and reset using only a mac OSX ?

    I have no custom roms or anything and all i did was root and install rom manager and titanium backup.

  31. Unrooted

    Thank you. I cannot express in words how thankful I am.

    Thank you, seriously. For making this blog and this post.
    You have help me so much.

  32. Cybercut

    I rooted using CWM root and CWM SuperSU 99 on my SGH-M919 for T-Mobile.
    All responses were pass but I still don’t actually have root access.
    Is this newbie doomed because the phone is still locked by T-Mobile.
    Do I need an unlocked phone before even thinking of rooting?
    Anyone know how I can unlock if that is so?
    Thanks a bunch. (toasting in Miami!)

  33. moe

    i did exactly what you posted ,it passed but when i go to about Device,Status still shows CUSTOM! so i can not update my T-mobile software to send the phone back.

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Samsung has changed up things a bit on the S4, you need to run Triangle Away app first then unroot to get that back. But usually carriers don’t check for the device status, only if you have custom ROM installed or not.

  34. calvin

    i did it but everytime it reboots after it says unfortnately the process android process acore has stopped what should i doooooooo

    ps i cant press anything without the message popping up and lagging my phone

    1. Max Lee Post author

      You may need to do a factory reset after but that will erase everything so make a backup beforehand.

  35. Steve

    I performed the unroot method for my at&t GS4 including triangle away before booting into download mode and after restoring to stock it still boots saying custom screen. HELP?

  36. Kirsty Mann

    I tried to unroot and got this:
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    There is no PIT partition.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I have not tried unrooting again using the factory cable as others have suggested above as I am worried I will brick my phone if I try and unroot again. Does anyone know if I will actually brick my phone if I do try this again!
    I am using the firmware I9505XXUAMDD_I9505VODAMD9_I9505XXUAMDD_HOME.tar

    Thanks :-)

  37. Daniel Villarreal

    i installed samsung usb drivers and reset odin. but the box that is highlighted yellow isnt, its blue “0[COM3]
    is this a problem?

  38. Pingback: Samsung S4 Liquid Smooth Animation BootLoop - Android Forums

  39. Damon2nomaD

    Can you someone please help i have a Mac and my AT&T is stuck on a bootloop, is there a way to unbrick my phone using my mac?

    1. Max Lee Post author

      you can try factory reset in recovery mode first to get it booting then use mobile odin pro to unroot to stock firmware.

  40. VACG

    I have a mexican i337M and after i’ve done this I can’t root it back, either by motochopper or by causal, if somebody knows why please tell me, thanks!

    1. Max Lee Post author

      its most likely because the latest firmware breaks motochopper but u can still root using cwm or twrp method.

  41. John

    Yellow box doesn’t appear when I connect my phone. I tried to flash the google 4.3 rom and now I get the “System software not authorized by ATT has been found on your phone” I did redownload the samsung drivers and still nothing!


    1. Leeland

      I’m pretty sure the 4.3 rom is for a different s4 model/carrier. it works but right after flashing the rom, you HAVE to flash an AT&T kernel.

      how long is it generally supposed to take to install the stock firmware through odin? my status has been sitting at “Get PIT for mapping..” for some time now and it’s starting to become a little concerning. What should i do?

  42. Mike

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TUTORIAL!!! i rooted my phone and did something and my touch screen no longer works!!! BUT U SAVED ME!! THANK YOU

  43. Craig Eleftherion

    Hi Max,
    You are great… your energy. Your tutorial on how to unroot my Galaxy S4 saved me. When I rooted my Galaxy S4 ( Stock firmware –…..bought in Thailand – original Samsung ), and applied custom recovery, my camera did not work. The camera is one of the best features of the S4. I tried several different root methods that are out there on the web ( including yours ) and did not install any custom recovery. In all cases, just rooting the phone caused the camera to fail. What I am trying to do, is root my phone ( so I can use Titanium Back up ), and use my stock firmware/ recovery, and have my camera work. Second idea is to root, use custom recovery, and have camera work.

    Do you have anything in your bag of tricks that can help me out? I would appreciate if you can look into this and let me know.

    PS… I am very new at this whole smartphone stuff. I am 52 years old retired in Thailand, and way to much time on my hands. I have subscribed to your news letters, and have been reading most of your posts. You have taught me a lot in a very short time. My sincere thanks.

    Best regards,

  44. Arun Panta

    Hi All,
    If I need to unroot, I must install the stock rom.
    Does this mean all my apps will need to reset? Do i have to do the wipe cache and data?

    I want to retain my app progress on games and other details such as watsapp and sms data.
    Please advise.


  45. junaid

    Hey dude i just unrooted my galaxy s4 and everything was working good but my sim says emergency calls only i tried other sims but still same in service state it says out of service ps my phone was on the latest update whrn i rooted but when i unrooted it i did it to the second last update firmware i downloaded please help me cant call or send messeges but when people call me the bell rings and when i select a network manually it says rigistered network but still says emergency calls

  46. Dan

    Hey Max, I did all the steps except the triangle away and I’m sending my phone in for manufacturer warranty because I have a green line running through my screen. Do you think I will have any problems with the warranty?

  47. Damon2nomaD

    i have unrooted and factory wiped my phone but everytime i restart it or off/on i get the samsung custom screen how do i take it off? I am getting a warrenty exchange please help?

  48. Daniel

    I had accidentally deleted my SuperSU for my Canadian SGH-I337, and I’ve tried rerooting it but it’s not working. I’ve also tried redownoading supersu but it just says no binary found or smthing.. so I’m wondering if i should unroot it with this method? Plz help if u know

  49. kewin h

    hey when i flashed a cwm called gt i9505 non touch . zip i think it was that file name. then i got an error when i installed cm10.1 it (7 aborted) error something. and when i rebooted into recovery it said can’t mount and the specific paths… 3-6 different paths…but then i flashed philz kernel through odin and i got no errors and i was able to flash cm10.1 :D.. but now im wondering is my device emmc brickbugged or something so that when i flash stock rom 4.2.2 in odin will it boot fine?

    also one more thing is it safe to wipe data factory reset in stock recovery ? since it was not safe with my old samsung galaxy s2?

  50. Jeremy

    Im having to send my at&t s4 in for warranty repair causr the accelerometer is defective so I tried rooting and custom rom to fix it. Then reverted but didnt remove root and the ota update hit last night. So now I have mf3 firmware and odin keeps failing with “FAILED” (Auth). Any help would be great.

  51. dhruv

    I have a rooted i9500 which now I want to be unrooted .
    my only question is whether I will be getting the official updates after I unroot the device by methods stated above .

  52. neil

    cannot even download the firmware off samson site!After putting in code a box appears saying cannot pers something?!

  53. Yoon

    Ok, so i just unrooted my phone so I can get the 4.3 update and re-root it. Everything unrooted fine except when i checked for the 4.3 update, it says it’s up to date. Do i have to wait for the update to come back to the phone for the 4.3? Is it just a waiting game from here or did i Do something wrong?

    1. Yoon

      or does this have something to do with the binary counter? I didn’t do the triangle away before unrooting because I don’t have any need for insurance purpose.

  54. francisco

    Muchas gracias,
    thank you very much

    it worked perfectly.

    i was able to get the 4.3 update by unrooting and doing factory reset. :)
    after that i was prompt with the update


  55. Chipko

    Why link to a site that uses Hotfile? We’re talking about files that are >1GB in size. Hotfile offers shitty speed, no’s completely fucking pointless.

  56. Jacob

    I have a Galaxy s4 SGH-I337 with mf3 firmware rooted and rommed via Safestrap. I want to unroot, flash a kitkat Rom. What do I need to do?

    1. SuperCrackMunkey

      My baseband was UAMDL, and I had rooted using Casual (TWRP version It downloaded and started to install what I believe to be the AM3 update (~360MB) Hopefully this works and the 4.3 update will follow.

  57. Guy Wallar

    As a computer enthusiast, I held on to 8 hours of patience trying to unroot my tmobile galaxy s4. Biggest problem wasnt downloading the proper files. Rather unzipping a tar file. Nonetheless, my phone is back to original form…..stock

  58. John Mark

    Hi. Max,

    I live in the Philippines and my mom bought me a T-Mobile SGS4 v4.2.2. in the US, but my phone is locked to T-Mobile And i updated the firmware to V4.3. I decided to root my phone today. By rooting it i thought i could unlock my phone. But it didn’t work. So now, my phone isn’t working properly. Like the menu and back key won’t work and my lock screen widget is blank. :(

    I guess i have to pay $20 to unlock my phone. :(

    I was wondering if you have the Stock Firmware (4.3 M919UVUEMK2) So i can UNROOT my phone OR I can use the Stock Firmware (4.2.2 – M919UVUAMDL)? Thanks a lot! God bless.

  59. Kev

    hey guys, i was wondering if the download takes really long for you guys as well..

    I am trying to get sprint version of .tar file but it take like 8hrs and downloading keep disconnects after 1~2 hrs in…

    =( anyone else?

  60. Mark

    Why do I get a error when I try resetting my stock Samsung galaxy s4 for sprint. I want to clean up my phone. The error I get is (The parament is incorrect) can you help me with this. thanks

  61. michael lopez

    I tried using this method with a verizon root s4 on Mj7 keep getting a failed attempt and now my phone is bricked need help!!!!!

  62. Elie

    Hey,plz help i rooted my phone and i installed cm 10.2 on my galaxy s4 i9500 and and i wiped my system by mistake , and im on cm10.2 , and i want to get back to stock firmware and im using twrp recovery plz does anyone know how to get my stock firmware backkkkk

  63. John Smith

    hi i have tried every port on two different laptops at least 3 times and right after it say nand write start it fails. Any tips i run an att version on the mdl software.

  64. remem

    I’ve tried a couple different roms and I can’t get it back to the original version, I keep on getting this in the logs I would appreciate the help!

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    L720VPUAMDC_L720SPTAMDC_L720VPUAMDC_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:12)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  65. hanann

    Hey, I have rooted my S4 using Odin, I am not able to do the screen mirroring on my Samsung TV. It says unable to mirror screen because of hardware problem. Is this because of the root? Will I have to unroot it just to mirror the screen? any other solution to be able mirror screen without unrroting??? please help!

  66. Caleb Scofield

    I’ve been using your videos for a long time now. Thanks for your work. I found myself stuck on the yellow sprint screen on my gs4. I tried to unroot using your method, but I do get that FAIL message, I’ve done a factory reset and retried several times to reflash, no luck. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

  67. Bayo

    Pls I noticed that my Samsung galaxy S4 gt-i9500 is in Chinese lettering,at start up,it shows “circles” instead of samsung, all my applications downloaded are gone, and I had just performed a factory reset but all to no avail…
    Pls I need help urgently

  68. sefar

    Brilliant! Worked like a dream- i bought a used phone that had been rooted, unbeknownst to me.

    I did get an error at first that the extracted firmware file was bad, but changing ports and rebooting the phone got er done.

    thanks for the help.

  69. Ash

    I have a different problem All-To-Together…….
    whenevr i hit the start button in Odin….
    it sayz Odin (not responding)

  70. Vivyane

    Passei o dia de cabeça quente ,inclusive voltei nesta página várias vezes porque algo dava errado !
    Estava desesperada…
    Depois de horas (manhã e tarde inteiras ),com calma consegui ver o que havia de errado e dei sequencia a este procedimento que você explica aqui !
    Deu tudo certo e estou muito feliz !
    Obrigada mesmo !

  71. Juan Soriano

    after i unrooted my Galaxy s4 I337m the wifi won’t turn on …what can i do to fix that issue ??


  72. Thomas

    Followed directions and it still shows everything is custom. It did take away root status but now i cant change flash counter or anything else. What can i do to change these statuses without root?


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