NegaLite ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720!

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For those of you bummed out because CM10.2 Android 4.3 isn’t available for your Sprint S4 SPH-L720, don’t be as NegaLite ROM is here to lift up your spirits!

UPDATE: There’s a new version, PLEASE CLICK HERE to see it instead of this!

NegaLite ROM is an awesome blue-themed custom ROM with UI customization through Nottach/Wanam Xposed app that allows you to fully customize your status bar/battery/clock or even add screen-off torch easily.

For kernels, you will have a choice of stock MF9 kernel, Agat kernel, or KTweaker kernel.

For launcher, you have a choice of stock, 4×5, or 5×6 launcher for TouchWiz and also option to replace with Nova or Apex launchers.

NegaLite ROM is also based on the latest MF9 Sprint firmware, meaning you will get new features like App2SD and HDR camera.

Other notable features include long-press menu app button, call recording, CRT screen-off animation, and extended power menu.  There’s more features I forgot to mention but I will leave them as easter eggs for you to find.

Overall, NegaLite ROM is one of the best ROMs I’ve used on the Sprint S4, I just wish it would be available for other S4s I own. If you install this ROM, I can (almost) guarantee you that you will be happy with it.  I really dig this ROM.

If you are looking for a great TouchWiz ROM based on Sprint firmware with lots of customizations, overclocking (through KTweaker kernel), and more, check out this ROM this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download NegaLite ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720

For general installation tutorial, see our custom ROM installation guide.

To get wifi tether working, simply download and install this WiFi Tether APK then set the profile to “Galaxy S4”.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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25 thoughts on “NegaLite ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720!

  1. Blaqueboy9

    Do you have to be on the latest MF9 for this rom to work and if not will it update your phone from MDL to MF9?

    1. Jim

      I have not have problems of my phone overheating then shutting off. However, I have had issues with the phone randomly rebooting or shutting off for no reason. I can’t figure out why though.

    1. Eric

      My GPS wasn’t working either so I tried a reboot. After it rebooted, the GPS was working but wouldn’t turn off. Rebooted again but this time I cleared the cache and dalvik cache, which didn’t seem to help. GPS is still on but can’t turn it off.

  2. austin

    i installed this rom then the rom had an update through ota and the wifi seems to not be working??? anyone else having that issue

  3. austin

    problem solved had to wipe everything and then flash the download from here then the ota update one after the other. everything works well. battery life just seems to be about average tho.

  4. Rudy

    I can’t use this rom it’s happening the same to me as Blaqueboy9 my phone overheats and then turns off, try reinstalling and keep doing the same, please do an update on this.

    1. Blaqueboy9

      Rudy I tried again with a different kernel I believe it was the ktweaker. After that everything worked great

      1. Rudy

        Thank you Blaqueboy9, i tried the other kernel and it doesn’t overheat anymore but my wifi bluetooth and wifi don’t work however i’ll try the kernel you suggest lets see how it does .

        1. Rudy

          By the way i downloaded the rom from xda and it worked perfectly for a week i’ll say, but now it’s freezing and won’t let me turn it off or let me use the touch screen unless i take the battery out, oh and it turns off when i’m talking every once in a while, so i’m going back to triforce or another rom this one is too unstable for me.

  5. Jeremiah

    i used motochopper and it failed on my galaxy s4 sph-l720……. still downloaded super user when i opened it it said i needed to update su ….. confused need help just want to root my phone?!?

    1. Rob Man

      IF motochopper failed you don’t have root. Are you on firmware MDC? I dont believe motochopper will work for MDC or newer.
      You might want to try to root using a different method.

  6. Chris

    Im about to download this and try it, im downloading the xda version tho cuz it took to long to download from this site, will let you know what i find. btw im new and this is like my second rom and i dont really know to much about all this so i hope i dont brick it lol

  7. edgar moore

    ive been usnig negalite since rooted, ive updated to diffrent newer version and changed roms., but keep coming back to the version i have.
    fantastic battery life, 2days on stand by, 24 with light usage ,10 hours heavy usage
    my version of negalite is build number
    negalite -wonderom-mk2-r29
    thats the best version hands down

  8. Jim

    I keep having the Samsung Update downloaded notification pop up on the notification bar. How do I go about getting that to go away? I should update that should I?



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