How to Convert your Galaxy S4 into Galaxy S6! [S6 Port ROM]


Want to convert your Galaxy S4 into a Galaxy S6? If so, check out the S6 Port ROM by XDA user Albe95.

Based on latest Galaxy S6 SM-G920F Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware, S6 Port ROM brings you all the goodness of Lollipop and Galaxy S6 to your S4. You can install this on the international GT-i9505, T-Mobile SGH-M919, Canadian SGH-i337M, and AT&T SGH-i337 with unlocked bootloader.

Inside the S6 Port ROM, you will find a flawless S6 launcher with support for changing your grid size and the new Samsung theme engine (so you can get cool themes like Iron Man). With the latest theme engine, you will be able to download the latest Galaxy S6 themes on Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store and enjoy what S6 users are right there on your Galaxy S4.

As for performance, it’s actually pretty good, I was able to score near 30K on Antutu, which is excellent for the Galaxy S4. Battery life is also fairly good so you should have no problems using it as daily driver.

Of course, you can also get the latest Galaxy S6 camera. As far as regular auto mode, the camera works flawless out of the box for photos and videos. If you try to use any custom modes, you may get some force close errors but you do have the option of installing regular S4 camera in its AROMA installation settings.

What is a Custom ROM?

A custom ROM is a custom, modified operating system that you can install on your Android device. Basically it's like installing Windows OS on a Macbook. By installing a custom ROM, you can bypass stock factory settings like locked hotspot tether, install new Android versions early, or even convert your phone into another OS.

With a custom ROM, you can really maximize the capabilities of your smartphone by adding custom features that have been developed by open source developers.

How to Install Custom ROMs

First, you will need to root your device, if it is not rooted yet, follow our root tutorial and root your phone.

Once rooted, you should have TWRP installed on your phone. Installation of a custom ROM is easy if you learn the basic of it. If you don't know how to install custom ROMs using TWRP recovery, see our tutorial on How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP!

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49 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Link won’t work!!????

  2. rudb says:

    UPSM doesnt work. Couple of small bugs, but runs smooth and fast on my old t-mobile s4

  3. JB225 says:

    Thanks! Is working great so far on my Canadian S4!! Only issue is that if I try to reboot my phone it gets stuck at the Samsung boot animation and I have to reinstall it all over again. Other than that works great.

    I will try to erase the system as you suggested. Thanks.

  4. Nathan says:

    Is there a way to get this on a S4 currently running 4.4.4?? From what Ive seen on this site you can’t put CWM/TWRP on one running 4.4.4. Would I somehow have to downgrade the OS to get one of those recoveries on there?

  5. Lindapr says:

    todo perfecto pero tengo un problema lo apago y lo vuelvo a encender se queda en la palabra samsung no sube, que puedo hacer ? Tengo s4 sgh- m919

  6. puneet says:

    Is this will work in INDIAN s4 i.e, i9500..???

  7. KaylA says:

    Never worked. flashed twice with twrp 2.8 and instatnly got ui stopped working on reboot both times.

  8. gennaro says:

    Just installed on my tmobile s4, works great..only problem is my lte not working?
    I went to apn setting..says I don’t have access..why is this?
    I can Put in settings manually but won’t save settings…help me

  9. Mike says:

    Does WiFI calling not work on this Rom?? for Tmobile S4 919??
    I can’t seem to find that option on here….other than that I installed it with TWRP worked 1st shot!

  10. Varun says:

    When it wil come for GT-I9500?

  11. fernando says:

    Shortly battery life with this rom

  12. sam says:

    works on sgh m919v version?

  13. Mike says:

    Yes it works on m919 ..but you will not have Wifi Calling..and it’s not that great of a Rom …battery drainer!…
    for S4 stick with Wicked Rom…stable and Wifi calling works…

  14. Lindapr says:



  15. Lindapr says:

    Hi I have problems with my cell model is a galaxy s4 SGH-M919 T-Mobile I put the rom s6 sm-g920f worked well suddenly it stopped working card external memory SD opened the Kies program to the original configuration not I want to read the device and the cell does not turn me stays with the image of the recovery of kies I have tried various roms down in ODIN to flash but I enfriza the program or do not recognize. In his page SamMobile I’m trying to download the firmware s4 and s6 and the page tells me that is not working error. Urgent Please Help me I’m no cell 3 days and I need it working. Thank You

    Hola Tengo problemas con mi celular el modelo es un galaxy s4 sgh-m919 t-mobile le puse el rom de s6 sm-g920f funcionaba bien de repente le dejo de funcionar la tarjeta de memoria externo SD abri el programa Kies para la configuracion original no me quiere leer el dispositivo y el celular no me prende se queda con la imagen del recovery de kies he tratado de bajar varias roms para flashear en ODIN pero se me enfriza el programa o no lo reconoce. En su pagina SAMMOBILE estoy tratando de descargar el firmware de s4 y s6 y la pagina me dice que no esta funcionando error. Necesito ayuda Urgente Please Estoy sin celular 3 Dias y lo necesito funcionando. Gracias

  16. Scott says:

    So, what do i do if i get this after the install.
    Big yellow triangle and. “System software not authorized by AT&T has been found on your phone.”
    and it wont boot.

  17. Al says:

    This rom would be great but too many issues even XDA Dev’s install procedure still turns out to be a fiasco freezes forecloses gotta say it the way it is no offense

  18. Mike says:

    Avoid this ROM…to many bugs..Random Reboots…No Wifi calling with Tmobile…
    You want an S6 ..go buy one!

  19. mohamed says:

    i installed it on my tmobile s4 ,but when i reboot it ,it gets stuck on the samsung logo,Please help

  20. Asif Mohiuddin says:

    Antutu benchmark Score of my S4(SHV-E330L, 5.0.1) is 41690.
    so why Ur score is near 30k only ???

  21. Mark says:

    It won’t allow me to add an apn.

  22. Adel says:

    How i should install this rom in my glaxay s4

  23. Adnan says:

    I have Samsung S4 GT-i9515 black edition…..can i do the update

  24. Rajat says:

    Is this will work in SPH-L720

  25. Angel Soto says:

    When I finish installing it on my s4 sgh 1919 and it boots “System UI has stopped” constantly pops up. Close it and it pops back up immediately.

  26. raj says:

    I flashed this rom, working fine except one problem, cant install applications on SD card, all applications are being installed in internal memory and phone storage is full. In application manager there is no option to shift the application to SD card. please Help.

  27. Raj says:

    Sorry, Max*, waiting for your reply……..

  28. James H. says:

    Are there any known issues beside the camera issue?

  29. presiga says:

    Amigos tengo un S4 M919 T Mobile, me sucedió lo mismo que a muchos, se quedaba iniciando en el logo de Samsung, lo que tienen que hacer es entrar en modo CWM y volver a decirle Wipe Cache Partition con eso se soluciona, reinician y ya inicia sin problemas despues de un momento empieza a ejecutar la actualizacion. Espero les sirva de ayuda mi opinion porque es difícil encontrar soluciones cuando se ha flasheado.

  30. Alberto Vidana says:

    Does it works with SGH-M919V?

    Can anybody tell me?

  31. Larissa Vieira says:

    I convert my galaxy s4 into a galaxy s6, but the camera doesn’t want to work. It’s really troublesome, maybe you know how to fix it?

  32. Corey says:

    Hey guys,

    Works on my Canadian i337m. Been using it for a week now and only a couple small bugs. It does however drain the battery fairly quickly. But I picked up a power bank and don’t have to worry about that anymore : ) For those having the problem with it getting stuck at the Samsung boot animation after rebooting – DO NOT ENABLE POWER SAVING MODE! Whenever I enabled power saving mode it would get frozen at the boot logo, when I did not it worked just fine after rebooting. Peace guys, let me know if this helped you : )

  33. CReaM says:

    This thread and download redirect is about a Year old so it’s outdated. Google Albe95 S6 port to get the newer update with the most accurate fixes. Version of 4.7 is now available at this current date

    XDA has different versions of the download because I have a Verizon Tmobile and at&t S4 and each download is specific to brand. XDA is the best solution for Your current S4 inquiries

    P.S. to get the Tmobile S4 to connect to data a separate file needs to be flashed in recovery. Good LuCK

  34. PUSSY says:


    • Great says:

      You telling me i got an Email of a new comment, and when i open it..its about someone’s mom…LOL..
      Way to filter out these stupid responses so i don’t get spammed!!…thanks
      Listen up..if you have a T-mobile phone..YOU WILL LOST YOUR WiFI calling…so any ROM you lose your WiFi Calling on…Truly Sucks and shouldn’t be used on a T-mobile phone, PERIOD!!

      • Looshka says:

        My galaxy i9505 is now a i9305 after installing this awesome app!
        Can’t wait to download the movie Game of Cards.
        Thanks for the sub!!

  35. Kamarul28 says:

    should i install gapps also??????

  36. freddy says:

    vvfdsgfsgdfggrgagxbrgvabhae e

  37. bapak ngko says:

    hope can fix this rom, because line 4g not available, only h+ and 3g and also unstabble connection line, and some menus are gone!!!

  38. Adam says:

    I have a verizon s4 that was unlocked by verizon but on any other carrier, it could not send text messages while 4g was available. It had a locked bootloader so I used flashfire to flash this rom to the phone. Worked first shot and phone works great. Used the method on xda developers for flashfire.

  39. Mapis says:

    How canow I get it to work on a Samsung galaxy s4 GT-I9500?

  40. jesuse says:

    Que Recovery puedo instalar que me funcione con la ROM Albe 95 S6 Port ROM lollipop 5.1.1 en el galaxy S4, tengo bootloader bloqueado. tenía funcionando safestrap para Kitkat pero al instalar la nueva ROM la perdí y no me funciona, he descargado otras versiones de safe strap pero no se cual será la adecuada. Alguien puede ayudarme? gracias

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