Wicked ROM v4 for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-i9505/Sprint/Canadian]

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Wicked ROM version 4 is out now and you can now install this ROM on AT&T, T-Mobile, GT-i9505, and Sprint Galaxy S4s. (I’ve tested all of them working fine 100%)

UPDATE: version 5 is out, CLICK HERE to SEE IT INSTEAD!!!

The latest version of Wicked ROM ships with Wicked ROM Control which allows you to tweak various UI stuff on your phone like your clock, battery, status bar, icons, and font.  This is probably only the beginning but it’s exciting Wicked ROM is getting better and better.

Other notable features on this ROM include init.d support, bluetooth/wifi tethering (hacked native hotspot), CRT animation, extended power menu, Hold-Menu-Button to kill app, all apps enabled for multi-window, Ad blocking, and lots of performance tweaks to make your S4 run faster.

This is a T-Mobile MDL firmware based ROM so you also get wifi calling of course (when using T-Mobile SIM card).

Wicked ROM is coming along very nicely and if you haven’t tried the latest version with its own ROM Control Settings, try it this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Wicked ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-i9505/Canadian

Download Wicked ROM for Sprint SPH-L720

To install Wicked ROM, AT&T S4, install ROM then install Loki-Doki.zip.

If you get bootloop while installing, try formatting /system and /data and re-install ROM, I had to do this on my GT-i9505 to get it booting.

For general installation tutorial, see our custom ROM installation guide.

If you need removed bloatware, check out the XDA thread for zip files that will add it back on.

Credits – Evil1art for original T-Mobile version, Sprint ported <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it!

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52 Responses

  1. Jacob Night says:

    Whenever I put this rom on my phone, I was unable to access the play store. Any idea what that’s all about?

  2. ilyas says:

    Is the Turkish language??

  3. Albert Lujan says:

    Once again I am a huge fan of Wicked Roms. With that said I just switched from the Blu Kuban. I have to say that both are just great Roms. I going to try the Wicked Rom for a while and make better comparison. One of the biggest things for me is the ring tones. I Think that Kuban has a few more other than stock as the Wicked.
    I do like the ease of some of Wicked.


  4. Reinaldo B. says:

    i for some reason keep looseing 4g LTE and i have to go back to mobile settings to fix it ever hour or so, fix for this?

    • Max Lee says:

      Hmmm make sure it’s not the network, that happens to me here in SF Bay area, which is normal.

      • Reinaldo B. says:

        it happens in 4GLTE areas where i normally have perfect signal with other roms

        • Max Lee says:

          Hmmm I am looking into it…

          • Reinaldo Beldarrain says:

            Thanks, also lately it seems to drop the data network and signal for a few seconds before reconnecting, ive done a complete wipe or system data cache and preload

            • Larry More says:

              Yeah, I was just noticing the same thing…… in the philly area. Never noticed it before this rom (not in the v3, either, I don’t think). Not a deal breaker, but a nuisance.

  5. Tromain says:

    When I install the rom my sd doesn’t show up and keeps saying mount sd and the wifi calling doesn’t work either, what do I do?

    • Max Lee says:

      Not too sure if this ROM requires FAT32, check the format of your SD card first and also test with another SD card.

  6. Darren R says:

    Great ROM so far! The only thing missing is S Memo. I cannot install from play store or sem to find a copy of it. Any help? Thanks!

  7. Blaqueboy9 says:

    Having problems with the dual camera settings. seems to always freezer

  8. xavier says:

    Where can I find the check box for usb settings some reason I cant find it

  9. Jerson says:

    AT&T LTE its now working in this ROM!!

  10. Larry More says:

    Max, Ive been using wicked v3 on my at&t galaxy s4 for about a week, and it works just fine. I installed v4 today, particularly because it allows for easy tethering (works fine) and you comment that it has multiwindow for all apps. I can’t seem to find how to get all apps into multiwindow – is there something I have to do here ? I did just install papyrus, and it popped right up on the multiwindow selection, but I’d like dropbox there and a couple others. Do I need to re-intall them (they were restored via titanium backup after I flashed the ROM) ?

    Thanks in advance. I follow/subscribe to your newsletter regularly !

    • Max Lee says:

      Hmmm that’s interesting, I haven’t tried that, did you try rebooting? It should add them automatically.

      • Larry More says:

        I rebooted to get the ROM started, of course… have rebooted a couple times otherwise, just did it again now…. still no change in available multi window apps…… don’t really want to reflash unless you think that might do it.
        Everything else is working fine.
        Want data toggle !
        Some wicked tweaks see nice.
        Maybe my imagination, but it seems battery is going down faster on this version….

        • Max Lee says:

          Just give it a day or two, battery stats are usually off until you go through a full power cycle. It should be much better and also turn off any syncs you don’t need, those are the worst battery drainers.

      • Larry More says:

        installed samsung multiwindow manager, and this made all apps available for multi windows.

  11. dasar says:

    Will this work with the Google Play Edition (GT-i9505G)? Thanks.

  12. Nichelle says:

    I’ve downloaded the .zip file three times and have tried to install the .zip file and it keeps saying it cant install it. I’ve rebooted into recovery, selected the file but it keeps saying “bad install”. Please help

    • Max Lee says:

      Sorry just try redownloading, you can try opening the zip file after downloading to verify, if it opens it’s good but if it doesn’t you have a bad download.

  13. Nichelle says:

    When I open the file it’s fine but when I try to open it in CWM it says “cant open extsdcard/wicked_v4.zip (bad) installation aborted”

  14. cole lewis says:

    When the rom gets done and i reboot, it says System software not authorized by ATT has been found on your phone. Please help

  15. Nick says:

    Just realized that the front camera is not working in the ROM…
    Any fixer?

  16. Mac says:

    Any Idea If this works on the SGH-I537=AT&T Active

  17. raneman89 says:

    I’m running wicked v4 on an att s4 everything works perfectly except for mms, I’ve tried tweaking all the apn settings to no avail. Any info on this? Thanks!

  18. Pete says:

    I have an issue with voicemail setup since this feature becomes inactive and I can not enter proper VM operator number in my T-mobile s4. Have anyone had simillar issue? Any resolutions available?

  19. Viktor says:

    I’ve tried installing this rom multiple times now but it keeps crashing every time. Downloaded 3 copies, to make sure it’s a “good download”. First time I tried installing it said “installation aborted”, but now the phone just shuts down when it’s about to install. I’ve tried both CWM and TWRP-method. Suggestions? Please help, btw the only ROM I actually got to work properly was the Bobcat ROM, but I wasnt a big fan of that. I also tried both versions of Google play edition, but I had trouble with bugs etc, and it wasn’t working very good.
    I ALWAYS wipe data/cache etc for a fresh install, I’m so tired of this…

  20. Juan Pablo says:

    i cannot install this on my i9505, i get a black screen and a soft brick every time i try to flash it, ive formatted the /system and /data as instructed but there not way to get this to work, im using version 3 right now and that works perfectly. maybe ill be able to use V5 if it comes out.

  21. kyle says:

    I just installed this ROM, when I got to More Networks, IPservice has stopped, appears, but after I click ok i can still get into the menu..anyone know whatsup?

  22. Sab says:

    I’ve had this rom installed on my TMobile S4 919 for a few weeks now. I changed the font and restarted and now it’s stuck on the skeleton loading screen. How do I fix this?

  23. Jeremiah says:

    Hello, first time poster here. I am running v10 on a Galaxy s4 for sprint. Everything seems fine except that i don’t have my 4g anymore and I can’t send/receive mms. I have LTE selected as my preferred network, but it apparently can’t connect anymore, I live in Chicago with full 4g. And when poking around my settings I get the “Unfortunately, ipservice had stopped” as well. I do see these issues posted, but don’t see resolution and didn’t really see mention of v10. Any help would be greatly appreciated asi do not want to have to go back to stock after seeing all these tweaks, thank u in advance.

  24. Jason says:

    The rom is great but i have connection issues on my sprint phone. I loaded the Sprint 720 version and my phone thinks its a Tmoble phone now. Other than poor 4g coverage it works good. Still need my sprint network back.

  25. Milen says:

    Hi, guys. I am new to the custom firmwares etc. however have just received a gift from my wife a Samsung Galaxy SGH-i337m (Canadian version). As per the store, the phone is factory unlocked and I see no apps or whatsoever preinstalled in it etc. I discovered a problem with the original firmware – the phone freezes randomly to 10-30 seconds after what reboots, so I started looking for alternatives.

    I have installed CWM, rooted the phone and started testing Wicked v3. After the initial install all I see is the boot logo, but the booting stops on that step. Than I tried the Wicked v7, and then v10 and they all do exactly the same – white initial logo of Samsung Galaxy S4 and freeze there for ever. In Internet I have read that I might need loki-doki for kernel part and I did install that too, but nothing in progress so far, so here I am out of any other ideas.

    Btw, I have tried to install Cyanogen Mod 10.1.x & 10.2 however had camera etc. issues, BobCat, however could not boot (the same thing as with Wicked) , however with the official firmware even though the phone is freezing, it is installing and booting without any problems…

    Any ideas, or steps am I missing during the installation process? I am trying right now to not choose any options on Wicked 7 (wicked 10 even did not work with the touch screen, so had to use vol. up/down & power) but the default and see what would happen, however any more experienced persons or advisers are more than welcome to assist.

  26. Nate says:

    i flashed the new wicked ROM on my sch-r970 and now I’m stuck in bootloop. tried a factory reset but that didn’t work. theres a message at the top of the screen saying kernel is not seandroid enforcing…. any ideas?

  27. ytee says:

    I have flash thus wicked rom but I cant switch manually between 2g abd 3g

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