CWM Recovery now available for GT-i9505 Users!

CWM Recovery is now available for GT-i9505 users and TWRP Recovery is here (with bugs fixed, now install/restore working flawless).  You can check out the latest CWM/TWRP recoveries.

And another good news?  I got my brand, new GT-i9505 with a broken screen (the LCD would not power on) but I did swap the LCD from my AT&T S4 and works fine.  (Yes, they are compatible except you do have to swap out the capacitive button daughterboard.)

Since the bootloader is locked anyways on my AT&T S4, I decided to give it a “vacation” until bootloader is unlocked and let my GT-i9505 take over for awhile.  Heck, it’s as good as brick to me until bootloader is unlocked.

State of S4’s lately?

Pretty darn good, every S4 comes with an unlocked bootloader except AT&T and Verizon S4.  AT&T gets a HUGE thumbs down from me for putting a locked bootloader first time in a long time. (S3 and Note 2 didn’t have locked bootloaders)  Why would you want to do this, so you can drive your customers away?   I do highly suggest avoiding AT&T S4 at the moment, you can actually get the T-Mobile S4, which supports both T-Mobile and AT&T LTE bands (While AT&T S4 only supports AT&T 4G LTE).   T-Mobile S4 seems to be the “super S4”, supporting all types of bands/4G LTE.  Interesting how it works out huh? (But I haven’t got AT&T 4G LTE working yet on my T-mo S4, it supposed to be possible though.)

But I give kudos to Samsung for not locking bootloaders for other units, it’s clear that some U.S. carriers are simply not understanding that unlocked bootloaders mean more business for them but oh well…


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