Root for AT&T Galaxy S4 MF3 Firmware Is Here!

Since, everyone seems to be asking me if there’s root method for AT&T Galaxy S4 MF3 (and I don’t think I can respond back anymore to the same question over and over again), you can root it using Verizon ME7 root method!

For those of you already rooted, I suggest you do not update to the latest MF3 firmware as you will be able to root it but you won’t be able to install custom ROMs as there’s no way to install custom recovery yet!


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4 Responses

  1. darren miller says:

    hello , I have a question do you have any information on when odin will update for the new software on att ? I bricked my phone any help would be awesome (:
    p.s keep up the good work your videos help out a million !

    • Neil says:

      Odin will not work until MF3 is released through keys which will allow devs to create a .tar file for odin. I suggest
      It had helped many people but for now there’s nothing you can do other than throwing in some money for the boot loader unlock bounty. Best of luck!

  2. ricardo says:

    Guys there’s a petition against At&t’s Mf3 bootloader update. I did sign it. If anybody else is interested here is the link:…share_petition

  3. Tommy says:

    I was able to root with a completely different method… I used Saurik’s root end to end using the Master Key exploits lol. Apparently AT&T Went through all this time to fix LokiDoki and Motochopper, but didnt fix that! Sad!

    he has a download link for win and Mac OSX

    Also… later on, i went to goo manager and tried installing TWRP, i rebooted into recovery through goo manager and it fails to go into recovery mode, it just goes to odin instead. Got out of it by pushing combination to go to odin and push cancel. Took me a while to get out of that, and it scared me quite a bit, for there is not really a odin .md5 for MF3 yet…

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