TWRP 2.6 for Galaxy S4!

For those of you using TWRP on your Galaxy S4, please MAKE SURE to update your TWRP recovery to the latest version 2.6 as previous versions do have bugs where custom ROMs may not install correctly.

Older TWRP worked fine but on certain custom ROMs, it would freeze during installation or the custom ROM would not boot causing bootloops.  I found out this is fixed by either using CWM or installing the latest TWRP 2.6.

You can easily update your TWRP by using Goo Manager app OR you can also flash TWRP manually using ODIN and TWRP tar files here.  Some Galaxy S4 models may not be supported by Goo Manager so use ODIN and TWRP tar files if that is the case for you.


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11 Responses

  1. jochoa says:

    So my s4 is stuck at the galaxy s4 screen any way to fix it or do I have to unroot it with odin and root/load rom?

    • Max Lee says:

      after installing a rom? did u try factory reset?

      • jochoa says:

        I did a system format and factory reset before installing rom. The rom would boot once then it would get stuck on samsung screen. I did notice that when I was in twrp the internal storage would show 0 for space.

        • Max Lee says:

          did you try going into the 0 directory?

          • jochoa says:

            Yes and there was folders in there. All folders that I tried had no files. The 0 that I am referring to is the where it displays the size of the internal or ext sd card. The 0 size would only be displayed after I loaded a rom and got stuck rebooting it.

            • michael says:

              this is also my problem,,i rooted and installed a custom rom before,,but i think the problem is with the twrp (enter password) even though i didn’t put a password,, the old twrp version was doing fine,,but the new version ithink it has problems with the mount so if u wipe then installed a new rom it will load at first and everything seems fine then if u will reboot/restart ur phone the you’ll get stucked at the samsung logo

              • michael says:

                hi i was able to solve the problem @jochoa and i’m right i installed cwm instead of using twrp,,try this method installing cwm and you will have you’re problem fixed,you can also install custom rom and won’t have problems rebooting,,btw try foxhound rom for i9505 the best rom for me

  2. markbc says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the TWRP 2.6
    I followed the link and it updated perfectly.
    It seems to see my nandroid backups OK as well
    So. . .I am ready for the next rom or update.

    P.S. I am running Shostock2.1, which is a cleaned up
    TW rom for i337. I noticed you may not have i337 roms listed.
    Are you listing only on the i9505 for both phones?


  3. Kile says:

    It’s been a while since i have been in the rooting game. I did get root, however ATT decided to take upon itself to auto update my phone. I have root, I just can’t flash anything. Any news for flashing custom roms for recently updated phones?

  4. Lord-Y says:


    Last week, I tried to restore my rom but after reboot, I was stuck on samsung screen. I put the last samsung rom and restore again, but I never got my restoration !!! Did someone entountered this error? @Max, can you make a new video with last TWRP version maybe I missed something but I don’t think so?


  5. raymond says:

    Hey max, i rooted my phone but then i tried formatting my tmobile galaxy s4, and after i rebooted it just geta stuck on the “samsung galaxy s4 sign. This is my first time ever rooting xan you help me please

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