TWRP Recovery Now Available for GT-i9505, T-Mobile, Sprint, Canadian, and US Cellular!

TWRP Recovery is now available for GT-i9505, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and Canadian (Rogers, Telus, Bell)! Check out CWM/TWRP Recovery page!

Also I know some of you were having trouble rooting the GT-i9505 using motochopper method. Now with TWRP recovery available, you can root your Galaxy S4 using TWRP Method.

CWM/TWRP root method is recommended over motochopper as you will have to ability to install, backup, and restore ROM. If you’ve already rooted your Galaxy S4, you can follow the CWM or TWRP root method again to get CWM or TWRP recovery. Also, many users have noted ROM Manager on Play Store now capable of flashing CWM Recovery easily.

Either way, we have root method for all Galaxy S4 models, cheers! Please check out Galaxy S4 Root FAQ for all root methods.

Also, wifi tether method has been posted for AT&T and Sprint Galaxy S4s. – See AT&T S4 Wifi Tether, See Sprint S4 Wifi Tether

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