CruzerLite Galaxy S4 Cases!


Here’s a quick wrap-up of some cool CruzerLite Galaxy S4 cases.

Probably the TPU cases from CruzerLite are my favorite as they are very thin while protecting your Galaxy S4 from scratches, falls from 10 feet, and it’s a really nicely-designed case that protects your phone well. I’ve done some drop tests with them with my Note 2, S4, Nexus 5, and never once I had even a scratch on my screen. ┬áCheck out my latest drop test with CruzerLite TPU case with the Nexus 5, which clearly proves you that a case can protect your screen, which is the most valuable ($200-250 to repair broken screen) part of your Galaxy S4, nevermind the scratch-protection for your frame.

If you are going to get a case, make sure the case provides some kind of “lip” as it does fairly well at protecting your screen. I actually don’t even use a screen protector as they will protect your phone from scratches but not from falling from 10 feet. Most of newer phones like Galaxy S4 or Note 3 all come with Gorilla Glass 3, which is the main purpose of protecting your screen from scratches. I find screen protectors pretty useless other than great marketing for the companies that sell it.

If you like some of these CruzerLite cases I use (and I use them because they don’t cost me an arm and leg while protecting my $600 investment), check them out here:

See CruzerLite cases at (use this for international)

See CruzerLite cases at (use this if you have Amazon Prime)

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