Galaxy S4 Stock Recovery

For those of you who tried to install regular CWM recovery for AT&T or Verizon S4 with locked bootloader, you may end up in a nasty bootloop.

To fix, you just simply need to flash stock recovery back with ODIN.

Download the tar file and flash with ODIN, your phone should be booting now.

Also, you can install stock recovery on any stock firmware that you’ve rooted with CWM or TWRP recovery so you can take OTA.

Download Verizon S4 Stock Recovery

Download AT&T S4 Stock Recovery

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14 Responses

  1. vyze says:


    I am trying to find the stock image for the S4 Active (i537 AT&T) .

    Would these work? Any better resources for the Active?

    thank you!
    I’ll keep searching XDA until then..

  2. Ben Hughes says:


    My phone is bricked and when I’ve tried to return it stock with odin, I keep getting the error ‘Complete(Write) operation failed’. I am trying to restore it to a higher version than what was on the phone originally and I have samsung kies installed and not running in the background.

    Please help!

    • sumayyah says:

      For a bricked phone, you just need to factory reset by holding volume up+power button+ home button if there is one and then you will be in recovery mode so you scroll down to factory reset. When I bricked my phone that’s what I did. Hope this helps!

      • James says:

        hey man i am stuck on the sprint spark screen.. I tried flashing with odin and i get Auth ( fail).. when it tried to write the nand.. i did a factory reset by holding up and that didnt work.. I tried flashing it again and it goes thru the process but it still doesnt get passed the yellow screen.When i go into the devloper screen.. in the top left by the words the last 2 are greyed out one says… WRITE PROTECTION: ENABLED.. they have one more thats greyed out but i cant make it out its so small.. is there any way i can put the stock firmware on a sd card and run in the strock recovery?

  3. marcos says:

    Hi i’m with problem in my galaxy s4 sgh i337 AT&T , its with a nasty bootloop , i downloaded the file in description but it just contains an a image file what i need to do to flash it in odin as tar file ?

    • Alan says:

      dont extract this file with winrar or anything just go to odin load up ap and click on the tar file and just flash it onto your phone in download mode. simple as that and it works again

  4. jt says:

    I rooted sgh i337m bell with the CWM method ( & super su) successfully. Tried to instal wicked rom v7 and got stuck in a bootloop. I didn’t turn off my password lock before i rootedor installed rom and after i type in my password it starts the boot loop. Tried to install bob cat and the same issues.

    Now i have downloaded the stock recovery and flashed with odin and now it is stuck in the stock boot loop

  5. Mike S. says:

    Help! I used the TWP method on my M919. I kept getting a boot loop. I just used odin to load the stock original ROM and now when I try to get into recovery or regular boot I get “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again. It doesn’t seem to connect when I run Kies. I don’t know what to do now.

    • jt says:

      Hey when I was stuck in a stock boot loop( after odin stock firmwear flash) I had to go back to recovery mode (volume up, pwr btn, hm btn) wipe data factory reset. After that the phone booted up but read the error of “kernel is not seaandroid enforcing” in red and ” set warranty bit” in yellow

  6. Manzoor says:

    can u pls guide me to root my s4 GT I9500. Android version 5.0.1
    before 1 month i updated my phone to lollypop via odin. Base band version is I9500XXUHOA7
    but i hve some problems like auto closing application..some times not responding for touch screen..
    so plsguide me to root and install a customised ROM .

  7. WebDawg says:

    VZW Galaxy – was rooted by Kingroot. Has Lolipop 5.1, but now can’t factory reset. Can I use the stock recovery from this page to fix that? Do you still use the PDA option in Odin like you do for the actual ROM?


  8. Rayner says:

    Hi im tried lookong for stock recovery for s4 i9500, 🙁 i want to flash stock recovery to make s4 in official so that i can download OTA uodate. Please healp me i need file stock recovery foe s4 i9500. Thank you

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