How to Root Android 4.3 on Galaxy S4!

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For those of you who trying the Google Play Edition ROM with Android 4.3, we have some good news, you can now get full root on Android 4.3 thanks to ChainFire.

Chainfire has posted a simple zip file you can flash in CWM/TWRP recovery to give you full root on Android 4.3.

To root your Android 4.3, simply download the rooting zip file and flash in CWM or TWRP recovery as shown in video.

Credits – Chainfire on Google+

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27 Responses

  1. brian says:

    I have noticed that when you do root android 4.3 you can get root access to root apps…but i noticed that titanium backup can not delete apps that are originally on the android 4.3 rom for example…GMAIL app. you can not delete it cause it saids…can no find .apk? do you know why this is?

  2. Fernando says:

    If my Galaxy has never been rooted, does this method still work?

  3. Damon2nomaD says:

    I’m running 4.3 Google edition on my at&t GS4 I used your CWM method to install it. Now I am trying to root it, I downloaded the file on the link but it does not let me put my phone in recovery mode do I have to install something else or try a different method to root it?

  4. Damon2nomaD says:

    I followed your exact instruction on your “root 4.3 android” still not able to any suggestions?

  5. Damon2nomaD says:

    Max please help I downloaded the link to get full root on 4.3 but I’m not able to get into CWM mode I’ve tried several times to (volume up+home button+power) but all it does is it restarts how do I fix this?

    • Max Lee says:

      Make sure you let go of Power button when you see “Rebooting Recovery” at top left of your screen, you may be holding them down too long.

  6. Damon2nomaD says:

    I’ve tried many times max but no luck. I don’t think its how im doing it. it only gives me a quick glimpse on the top corner left that says recovery booting then it just restarts the phone. I also used your method to install cwm with a droid terminal. I really hate to bother you with these questions but if possible please help

  7. Damon2nomaD says:

    I feel so dumb it worked thanks so much sorry for the bother.

  8. Moe says:

    I have Rooted Galaxy S4 , I installed Wifi Tether TrevE mod on the Tmobile ROM ,keep giving me error, but when i flash diffrentsamsung rom for example the Wiked it works perfect , can you help ?


  9. lUKA says:

    I have managed to root but after i root it ask me that recovery my reflash if i say do not let custom recovery to be flash i am ok but it gives a messages of UID UNSTABILITY if i say yes then its not rooted. And titanium backup is acting on me?? what is this could it be becouse of 4.3? i am on a TMOBILE S4 with the Google Play Experience ROM of your page

  10. johnwafer says:

    i have installed the jellybean 4.3 on my rooted gs4 and soon after it shows that my phone isnt rooted anymore. do i need to root it again after i have installed the 4.3 version? and also my 4g lte is very spotty now. do i need to install a new modem and if so which one?

    • johnwafer says:

      actually you know what?? im an idiot lol. i got it. thanks! but i still need help about my connection problem. my phone usually says either “3g” or “H” sometimes it says “LTE” but its pretty rare. do you think its something with the modem?

  11. Matt Wood says:

    The root worked, however the times i was in cwm recovery, instead of reboot phone option, there was (and this is paraphrased as i do not remember exactly what it said) fix recovery then reboot. I ignored this option until the last time i was in recovery and chose the option. I lost root. I have since tried to flash the root file twice but with no success. After flashing the root zip, the phone behaved like it was rooted when booting, but running SU shows no binaries configured and it gives an error. CWM app agrees as it will not allow me to reboot into recovery or create backup files. No big deal, i was having some app problems not liking JB 4.3 so i installed google play 4.2.2, all is well… still, there is that feeling of ‘I am not running the latest android’ LOL. Please let us know when this bug is fixed. Thanks for your site and all your hard work

  12. Kevin says:

    Will this ROM still be able to receive OTA?

    • Matt Wood says:

      Yes, I am getting Android OS 4.3 OTA push notification… just not going to update since I lose root and the current root method is buggy

  13. Jack Roberts says:

    Hi does this work on JWR66V ?

  14. zhoopin says:

    i updated my galaxy s4 i9500 to android 4.3 now how can i root my device????
    this is just for i9505??

  15. joe e says:

    Will this root method work for the sprint variant I got 4.3 update today but dont know if this will work?

  16. galaxys4 says:

    I have the samsung galaxy s4 gti9505 and android 4.3 but not the google edition. And my question is can i root it with this or only the google edition ?

  17. ritesh says:

    Ummmm…how are we suppose to install Clockwork or twrp if stock 4.3 no root. And locked i missing something..yawn..let me hear this one

  18. utxdcgfv says:

    use a different method, cf-auto.

  19. Jose says:

    So I have the s4 version: 4.3, Model number SCH-R970C, baseband/build version: MK4…….. I want to root my phone but when I search for the files on your website I only find the “SCH-R907C” or the “SCH-R970” and im afraid I might mess up my phone if I use those because they don’t match my stuff exactly. I cant afford another so im taking precautions and if you would be kind enough to send me an email or message me on this page with the link to my needed files and a link to a rooting tutorial that goes through the same process as mine would go through….plz help!

  20. Xoom says:

    My phone is SGS4-I9505 (4.3) I’ve sent the TWRP file with Odin (Passed), rebooted in recovery but TWRP didn’t start.

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