How to Root AT&T/Verizon Galaxy S4 and S4 Active on Android 4.4.2!

For those of you who want to root your AT&T SGH-i337 Galaxy S4, Verizon SCH-i545 Galaxy S4, or Galaxy S4 Active on Android 4.4.2, there’s finally a new root method that will root your S4.  This root method also works on all Galaxy S4 models and does NOT trip Knox!

Towelroot also works on many other Android devices including Galaxy S3, Note 2, and most Samsung Galaxy devices.  Towelroot is very safe to try so give it a try even if you don’t have Galaxy S4.

So, here’s how to do it, you do not need a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer!

After rooting, you can use SafeStrap Recovery to install custom ROMs!

Step 1. Make sure you have Android 4.4.2 in Settings->About phone.


Step 2. Open up a browser on your Galaxy S4 and go to  Press on the Lamda sign and it will download an APK file.



Step 3. Click on the APK file you just downloaded.


Step 4. Hit “Settings”.


Step 5. Hit “Unknown Sources”.


Step 6. Press “OK”.


Step 7. Press “Install” to install the towelroot app.


Step 8. Ignore the Google warning and press “Install anyway”.


Step 9. Press “OK” to open the Towelroot app.


Step 10. Press “make it ra1n”.  Wait about 30 seconds and if your phone doesn’t reboot, try pressing “make it ra1n” again.  If you see a force-close window, try force closing it by hitting “OK”.  Your Galaxy S4 should have rebooted.



Step 11. Once rebooted, download the Superuser APK file and open it with MyFiles app. (Do not download from Play Store as the version is not the latest version!)

Download Superuser APK file


Step 12. Press “Settings”.


Step 13. Press “Unknown sources”.


Step 14. Pres “OK”.


Step 15. Press on “Install”.


Step 16. Hit “Open” to open the SuperSU app.


Step 17. Press on “Continue”.


Step 18. Press “Normal”.


Step 19. You will also get a message to disable/remove KNOX, make sure you hit “OK” as that will remove all KNOX apps which will interfere with your root if you don’t do it.  (KNOX is an unnecessary, useless security app you DO NOT NEED, only interferes with root.)


Step 20. Now your Galaxy S4 should be fully rooted, go ahead and download any rooted app like Titanium Backup app and you should see SuperUser pop-up window like seen below.


Congratulations!  You’ve successfully rooted your Galaxy S4 on Android 4.4.2!

Next steps?  If you want to install custom ROMs or backup/restore ROM, see How to Install Safestrap on Galaxy S4!


Q: Can I remove root later easily?
A: Yes, you can remove root easily in 1-click using SuperSU app, see this video tutorial.

Q: How can I thank you for your tutorial?
A: I don’t take donations but if you could PLEASE subscribe to my Zedomax YouTube channel, that would help me greatly and thank you!


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268 Responses

  1. Corey says:

    will this work on NC1?

    • Wil says:

      Yes, I OTA’d NC1 and it worked, it does not work on NB1

    • dave kane says:

      I am trying to find the area on this site to post a question, can not find any forums. where did you go to post this info I am replying to. Thanks dave

      • dave kane says:

        I guess I can just post here. The root program just starts to download and keeps downloading finally times out. It downloads on laptop at 110kb but dont know if this is correct. Removed trend micro from android but it still wont download completed. Any thoughts. Thanks

    • hartless says:

      hi max…i have a sprint gs4 sph- 720t will towel root work with it or is there any other method i could use without a computer?

    • dave says:

      This does not currently function with the latest ota from VZW with the SCH I545….any other way to take care of root and get around knox?

    • derek says:

      Hello I have 4.4.2 why won’t my phone run the lambda when I come up to make it ra1n it says not supported

    • Fernando says:

      is says this phone is currently supported I am using an s4

  2. scott says:

    After I made it rain and rebooted, I cannot install amy app! Att galaxy s4. Any advice?

    • tsmith154 says:

      That is a good question. Has anyone tried this method yet on the NC1.

      • tsmith154 says:

        Did you follow steps 12,13,14 and so on.

      • scott says:

        Got root working. Now I am trying to get safestrap recovery up, but so far no luck. I can install safestrap app, amd the install within the app seems to work, except it never enables reboot into recovery. Any ideas?

        • tsmith154 says:

          Hi Scott,

          How long was your phone in the mode of “Disabling KNOW…”

          I have been in this situation for about 5 min. now.

          • scott says:

            You mean knox? It was pretty quick for me, no more than 30seconds

          • MaSTA says:

            the same issue happened to me. reboot into recovery button is unable. My phone was taking a while to remove the KNOX so I just pressed home button and moved on to downloading titanium backup. maybe i made a mistake? Do i have to reboot into recovery in order to save the stock ROM before I move on to installing a custom ROM? sorry.. total noob here..

            • MaSTA says:

              update: I did some searching on the youtube and I ran into this video. I hope it helps!


        • MaSTA says:

  3. patrick says:

    Working on nc1 .

    • Corey says:

      is there a safestrap for NC1 though? The link he provided is safestrap for MF3 and the other one.

    • tsmith154 says:

      Thanks (Patrick) for confirming this works for gs4 i337 with NC1.
      This is a great leap forward for the people who had there phone upgraded.

      GREAT thanks to all who worked on this root method.

      • Roman says:

        Been all over the place trying to answer one question. I have the same model running 4.4.2 with the I337. Do you know if I have to root the phone in order to sim unlock under an older ROM?

    • tsmith154 says:

      Because of you I gave it a try on my GS4 SGH-i337 android version 4.4.2 and with the Baseband version i337UCUFNC1

      It worked. I installed a app. that needs root. It asked fo root privileges, I said “yes” the app. confirmed root and ran like a charm.

      Thanks everyone.

      • tsmith154 says:

        I tried to post under Patrick but I ended up under Corey. Sorry Corey. I clicked reply under Patrick but something went wrong.

        Corey please post your findings on the safestrap for the NC1. Thanks.

        • Corey says:

          it doesnt look like there is a safestrap available for NC1..
          NB1 and MK2 were some of the available ones but i didnt find any NC1
          reply me if any safestrap for NC1 is discovered

  4. Tracy Wineland says:

    will this work on FNC5 ?

    • Kerry says:

      Is it a VRUFNC5 build? Then Yes.

      If it is OYUFNC5 then no. That is the DE version and you will irreversibly lock your bootloader.

      • MaSTA says:

        actually in the video he said it works with all gs4 with 4.4.2 version.

        • steven says:

          It does not work with my verizon s4 (sch-i545) running VRUFNG6 build of 4.4.2

          I haven’t read every post here, so I’ll do that to se if there’s a way to roll back the build to an earlier version that will work

          • Kelly says:

            I too have the same phone and it told me that my phone was not supported so I cannot make it rain. Please help.

          • Kim says:

            I have the same problem. I just moved service from AT&T to Verizon. I got another S4, because I rooted my AT&T one easily. Not so fast now. So, I Googled rooting the NG6. Here’s instructions for rolling back to NG5 so you can use Towelroot. I have not done this yet, and it requires the use of a computer w/ Odin. I’m going to try later.

  5. andrew says:

    how to downgrade at&t i337 s4 to 4.2.2

  6. Michael94126 says:

    Wow, followed the instructions and it rooted my Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T Active SGH-i537 with 4.3

    Before this method would not work, but with this update, yes!

    Thanks. I will be donating to the developer.

    Note: I had Superuser from when attempting the previous root. That did not work (as you said it would not). So I uninstalled it, and downloaded the APK from your link. That worked find.

  7. Ryan says:

    Got rooted + safestrap
    Problem: can’t get my mobile Hotspot to work. Someone please help as this is my only sole purpose for rooting.

    • jayswolo says:

      Had the same issue. Posted the simplest guide you’ll find. Please read everything carefully.

  8. Michael94126 says:

    Donated $10 to that guy, for his fantastic work. Hope that’s enough because he saved me hours on trying to figure out how to do this on my Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T Active SGH-i537, with Android 4.3

    I had already spent a few hours on YouTube and the Net with no success on how to root with 4.3 or higher.

    PayPal recipet: 3F139925SY259194H

  9. Michael94126 says:

    Forgive the spelling error. “Receipt.”

  10. Michael94126 says:

    Oh, and a BIG thanks to GS4R for e-mailing me to let me know about this page and the 4.3, 4.4 rooting update. I would have never known about it.

  11. Malik says:

    It did not work on S4 AT&T S4 sgh i337ucufnb1.
    Landa file installed. Phone re rooted but superuser file installs but in end message appears su binary not found. Root checker application says your phone is not rooted.
    Earlier I had tried other method to root it. May be something to do with those failed process.
    Pls help

    • Mesa says:

      I am having the exact same problem, could someone address this please? Nb1 seems to not be working. As mentioned above, you can install tr.apk and it reboot your phone and you can install superuser but when you try it says that there are no su binaries installed.

  12. daniel says:

    when i download the superuser.apk file i keep getting an error message saying “cannot open file.” Am I missing something?

  13. Brian Harasha says:

    On both my desktop and on my phone, when I click the Lambda it brings up a text file (not an .apk). I’ve tried several ways but still always a .txt. file. Anyone else getting that?

  14. Ben says:

    i hit “ok” to disable knox…. my screen is now showing a white box with SuperSU at the top and below its saying “disabling KNOX”. how long does it take to disable KNOX? and should i have taken my SIM card out first?

    • tsmith154 says:

      I had the same results. What I did was reboot the phone and then ran the SU app. The SU app asked my if I wanted to disable KNOX. I clicked “yes”. It disabled KNOX with in seconds. Everything works now.

  15. Brian Harasha says:

    Ooops, never mind. Just renaming it to tr.apk solved the problem. Apparently my browser chooses extensions sometimes that are not correct.

  16. Mark Gresko says:

    Well, based on conversations above, I seem to be the only one with this problem so far. I ran towelroot and my phone rebooted in about about six seconds. Then I ran SuperSU and received the following error:

    “There is no SU binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!

    If you just upgraded to Android 4.3 you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device!”

    My phone is an AT&T I337 running 4.4.2 with baseband I337UCUFND1. Because I hate AT&T, I have unlocked my phone and am using NET10 as my service. I don’t know how much of this is germaine, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to include the information.

    I am new to rooting, but I’ve been jailbreaking iphones for years. What am I doing wrong? Perhpas I missed something? Does anybody have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance….


  17. Marcie says:

    Using AT&T S4 i337 and getting the same error:

    “There is no SU binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!

    If you just upgraded to Android 4.3 you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device!”

  18. tsmith154 says:

    Is there a way to install roms without going through the process of down grading and…

    of course now my gs4 nch i337 at@t is rooted. band nc1

  19. mbagz says:

    Can someone please confirm if this works on Sprint S4 please? Thanks!

  20. Jacob K says:

    Soooo for security reasons where and how are these kinds of roots validated for being legit as opposed to malicious?

    It seems pretty legit and easy but it’s also good to be able to dig into what exactly is going on and make sure everything is how it should be you know?



  21. robert says:

    Just rooted verizon galaxy s4 nc5 4.4.2 worked easy and fast!!!!!

  22. tsmith154 says:

    I have just completed a full circle reading and getting redirected. I have the AT&T gs4 sgh-i337 baseband version NC1. I have not found a web sight that says SafeStrap will work on my phone. Has anyone installed SafeStrap on the same phone and are not having any problems?

    I want to back up my phone before I start messing with it…

    I cannot wait for CWM or some thing I am fully comfortable with. I might be waiting for a long time though. Shoot GS5 is out already.

  23. mark says:

    I have a question guys…
    Is NB1 newer than NC1
    NC1 is newer than Nb1

    • Ismael says:

      Download and install the following programs, but do not open them: (1) Regionlock Away v1.3, (2) towelroot v3, (3) BusyBox Free v1.22.1 and (4) Terminal Emulator and (5) Safestrap v3.72. Then (6) you should also obtain a MF3 modem flash .zip and place it on your internal storage “sdcard” or external storage, just remember where it is. I believe you can have any SIM card that is an unauthorized carrier in your phone at this time. That is of course if you want to unlock your SIM.

  24. Colin says:

    Thank you, it worked so well. Are there instructions on how to install Safestrap for Version Galaxy S4 VRUFNC5? What I see here doesn’t mention the NC5.

  25. alex79 says:

    we need root for nb1,when it will be out ?

  26. Maximiliano says:

    So far, there is no confirmation that SafeStrap is compatible with the NC1 version… they are still at NB1.

  27. tim says:

    Hey guys i am getting su binary not found error, my phone is NB1 do you think this will work if I Upgrade my phone from NB1 to NC1 and try this method,

  28. Chris MaC says:

    is their a safestrap version for AT&T 4.4.2?

  29. lostx89xsoulz says:

    After I root how can I unlock sim?

  30. Lovenpain says:

    Well it worked for me!!
    I have an Samsung S4 on 4.4.2 I337 AT&T. Just ran the app and made it Rain! lol

  31. Octavian says:

    Samsung S4 on 4.4.2 . I ran the app and made it Rain! Thanks!

  32. vaz says:

    For those of you who are on NB1 and are having trouble installing super SU, try to update to the latest firmware OTA to NC1 and then follow the video. Worked like a charm for me.

  33. Josiah says:

    Just to be clear, I have a Verizon s4 that I updated to 4.4.2 in may or whenever Verizon rolled out the update (that made my phone worse). Under phone settings my baseband version is I545VRUFNC5 and my kernel is 3.4.0 and my build number is KOT49H.I545VRUFNC5. Will this method work for sure to root? And if so, after rooting using this method, I assume installing custom roms such as cm11 will work as usual? I’ve just seen a lot of info out there that says rooting and installing custom roms if you took the ota kitkat update is impossible.

    • Adam says:

      I just rooted using this method on the same build you have. Now to get a GPE KitKat rom and remove the scourge of TouchWiz!

  34. Spryte says:

    Worked like a charm on Verizon SCH-i545 4.4.2 NC5

  35. Guido says:

    I had tried motochopper and didn’t work. Thanks man, this one worked marvelously in my s4 i337 4.4.2. 10+

  36. BMC says:

    I have been waiting for this since I accidentally hit the OTA to 4.4.2 when it insisted I do so while in the middle of a text message. Thanks OTA…

    Verizon VRUFNC5, worked instantly. Only on mine towel root said no reboot was needed, previously had it rooted so I had titanium, root checker and SU already on. Root checker said it was indeed rooted, SU wouldn’t work or install until I rebooted then went fine.

    however, no where did i have a message regarding getting rid of knox… Neither in the root or when re installing SU. Anyone have this? Is this just an update from one it was originally posted that Knox is just removed or disregarded?

    In any case, haven’t tried to use the video to install safe strap and test booting into not crappy stuff. But thanks to this I can get back to having fun!

    Also… thank god I have titanium back… THANK YOU SO MUCH! Will try to get a chance to donate!

  37. Davieson says:

    I rooted my phone successfully with this tutorial, however I would now like to back it up. I can only find one article on how to backup a root if it was done by the CWM method. I have an att SGH-I337 model. When I hold the Power, Center and Volume Up buttons, I get to a menu where the android dude is dead and a message saying no command is over his body. There are a few options I can scroll through, such as reboot, reset, install update, etc. There is no backup option. IS there anyway I can backup my phone?

    • BMC says:

      I dont get real deep into the whole boots, back ups, straps and roms. But to my understanding if you run safestrap such as the videos demonstrate in the comments you can create a rom of your current system as a back up. If we can now use odin with this exploit i believe you can port a rom as a back up as well.

      My back up strategy consists of installing Titanium back up and doing a full system back up. I rooted my old droid 4, rather when i bought it used it was already rooted and was excited Verizon allowed me to get rid of bloat ware… silly me. before I knew anything about root, the previous owner had rooted it. lied about it. and when i went to do the latest update OTA I was unable to because I had gotten rid of programs it checks for and updates, thus crashing the update. Had to pull the stock rom and manually load it. But i used titanium back up. Did the update manually and reloaded all my texts, conversations, call logs, game saves. ect with Titanium.

      So depending on what kind of back up you are looking for, Those are some options. With paid Titanium you can even freeze the bloatware so its permanently stopped, but when it comes to updates you dont need to go the long route. Then again, these days it seems like we have to wait for the fine people such as this trick to even get root on new updates.

  38. Dude Sauce says:

    This worked. I didn’t have to downgrade. Very thankful. Thanks.

    • Chris says:

      This didn’t work for me.. When I run Super SU it tells me it needs to dsable KNOX, when I say ok it then tells me it “failed to disable KNOX’. Checked root access with root checker app and no dice.. no root access. Suggestions? I am running S4 i545 Verizon on NC5

      • BMC says:

        When I ran towelroot it took just a few second to do, said i didn’t need to reboot. but to do anything I did need to reboot and never once mentioned anything about knox or asked to disable knox.

        And im the same phone, Verizon S4 i545 NC5 4.4.2 kitkat

        So try to uninstall the app. reboot the system. then re-download and run the apk. once it finishes, reboot the device. then run the towelroot app. hit make it rain. it should say successful. then reboot again. and try root checker

        If nothing else you can scrub what is on the device (since you need root to use titanium to back up apps and text messages/logs) use ODIN to do a full wipe of the system then try towel root again.

        you may get an ODIN no wipe as well and keep your data. it may knock out whatever is causing the hang up.

        I odined a full wipe and did towel root again and it worked just as well as my first session which was updated several times before NC5. So if those dont work… im out of ideas.

        This is both files, plus the pit you need for odin on that phone just in case

  39. KFC says:

    Can I remove towelroot icon after rooting? if not how I can get it hidden?

  40. paddy says:

    I just rooted my at&t s4 i337 with fnc1. When I ‘made it rain’, phone rooted in about 3 seconds and said no reboot needed. I downloaded the SU from the link above but got a ‘parsing’ error over and over. I then downloaded SU from the play store. This time I ran it and it worked. Phone rooted.

    Getting safe strap to work was not so easy. I followed the video but cannot backup or load a new ROM. I am thinking that there might be a better version of safe strap to download.

    Any ideas our solutions that you have found for this problem? Anyone? Anyone?

  41. Giovhanny Archer says:

    Root Confirmed on NC1!
    Special Thanks to everyone involved. Only took about 5 minutes (after reading the instructions a few times – This is important)

    I will donating soon!

    How do I get SafeStrap on my device now, also what is SafeStrap?

  42. James says:

    um.. mine phone when got to step 10, it just.. nothing happen. I press home buttom and… well, it says it crash so i click ok(there is only ok option) them .nothing happen. it didn’t reboot. any idea?

    • James says:

      Oh forgot something.. idk why your’s towelroot says v1, mine says towelroot v3

      • James says:

        ..well. nvm. i’ve solve it. the newest version of towelroot don’t need to reboot. only reboot needed is when install super/su. thx for share through ~>_<~

  43. John says:

    FINALLY!!! I’ve been trying for literally months to root my I337, after the PBA was replaced by Samsung and it came back with KK 4.4.2 on it. I think the problem was that I downloaded the Superuser.apk on my PC, then copied it to both the card and main memory. I didn’t realize that the file size was supposed to be 2.3MB. The PC download was only 6KB! Just came to offer this tip – if you want to download the Superuser.apk file directly onto your phone, type this into your browser:
    then scroll down and choose Download file. You’ll have to answer the Captcha question, then tap the download file button. Now install Superuser.apk and restart your phone. You’ll now see the Superuser icon in your app drawer. Tap it to update the file and restart when done again. Rooted at last!!! Thank you for your site!

  44. thienvuong says:

    thanks so so muck! it working which me! sgh-i337 android 4.4.2

  45. Trent H. says:

    Rooted my NC1 4.4.2 (I337)

    All worked great.


    I Cannot for the life of me figure out how to install any CUSTOM RECOVERY!!!!!!!

    I need to know so I can quit searching……….IS THERE A CUSTOM RECOVERY FOR THE NC1 or not?

    I have no idea what I’m doing. I just dove right into this only to realize I can’t make any system backups? Since I can’t make Backups and Flash them I don’t feel comfortable being rooted.

    If there isn’t a custom recovery what exactly can I accomplish rooted???

    IF there is no custom recovery for my NC1 could somebody point me in the direction of UN-rooting this particular method.

    I would love a response so I can quit pulling my hair out.


    • Wil says:

      As far as i know, there is no bootloader unlock. You can use tools like the xposed framework and add-ons like wanam xposed to customize your phone so it looks and acts how you want it to. There are also apps like titanium backup that require root to do app backup/restores. There are a lot of tools out there. I suggest searching the play store for “root” to explore the possibilities. To unroot, doing a system restore should do the trick. If you do decide to keep root though, get super su or similar to manage root access so that all apps don’t just have root access as the default setting

    • Max Lee says:

      You can use safestrap:

  46. Nano says:

    Nice tutorial,

    one question, when you root the mobile through this way, is this apk increasing the “root counter/binary counter”?


  47. Les says:

    I was very pleased to find this solution for rooting my S4 and paid for it prior to downloading. Imagine my annoyance when the Canadian supplier of my phone force rejected the solution leaving me out a few dollars and still having a phone that refused to use the 32Gb SD card as backup etc.

  48. Momentum says:

    My antivirus says its a malware. Should i go ahead?

  49. John says:

    Didn’t work, received parsing error when attempting install of superuser.apk. Tried third party file explorers, installing from google appstore.

  50. SqueazyPete says:

    I’ve tried everything here and can’t get root. I’ve got v3 of towel root and AT&T SGH-i537 4.4.2 baseband I537UCUCNE3 build date 5-16-14. I’ve tried all the modstrings ( even cycling through method and align on each of the modstrings. Seemingly nothing works for me. Anyone have any clues?

  51. Ben says:

    Will this method trigger the flash counter? I’m good with a rooted stock rom and recovery. I just don’t want to void my warranty if I have to unroot the phone for whatever reason.

  52. Franky says:

    I am trying to download and it is at the very end where it installation failed ! Please reboot and try again. Please Help.

    • vyze says:

      I’m assuming that you rebooted and the issue persisted.
      Have you tried downloading it with another browser? If that fails try clearing their caches and restarting the phone.

  53. yasin says:

    i have doneted to dowenload towlroot but i didnt find the dowenload link ,,what is the problem?

  54. Tequilamike says:

    Read every post.
    Didnt see anything about BUILD NUMBER KOT49H.1545VRUEMK2
    With 4.4.2
    Any thoughts.

  55. Tequilamike says:


  56. Victor says:

    I recently bought a Verizon Samsung GS4 (4.4.2, OTA, VRUFNC5) for the sole purpose of roorting it and turning it into a GPE Device. By visiting your site, I got as far as rooting via towel root, installing Super SU and CLockwork Recovery. I also was able to get a GPE ROM but for the life of me, I can’t get Clockwork (or any other recovery) to flash into recovery mode for flashing.

    In the past, I have had lots of success rooting my other devices, so I feel moderate comfort in the process. I tried following your video video step by step but no luck. I am thinking the newer build my device has might be creating all the troubles.

    Any advice/thoughts? I appreciate any assistance I can get. Thank you for your time.

  57. randy says:

    i have 4.4.2 on my sprint GS4 i keep trying to install but it says phone in not capable….any suggestions?

    • Max Lee says:

      For Sprint, you can use regular root method here instead:

      If my answer helps, please subscribe to my YouTube channel here. thx!

  58. rebecca says:

    Typically how long does the galaxy s4 root process take…start to finish

    • Max Lee says:

      Around 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes max.

      If my answer helps, please subscribe to my YouTube channel here. thx!

  59. D10s says:

    install in this order…

    run it… make it rain

    run it… set to permissive

    SafeStrap 3.72
    Run it… hit uninstall if available… then install… then hit reboot to recovery….

  60. Ross says:

    Made it ra1n on my Verizon S4 4.4.2. It took about four tries w/ reboots to get passed the “app stopped working” problem. But, from there, smooth sailing to install SuperUser. Took about 10 minutes to root, SU, and install SetCPU. Why SetCPU? Because I’m on my 3rd S4 with overheating problems. I was getting over 105F when running basic apps… now hovering around 85 full speed. Hurray for Root! 🙂 No more burning fingers!

  61. vdavidm says:

    Hi, i try to flip on the wifi but just work a few seconds then back to off ,i flash the 4.4.2 stock firmware with the same result i upgrade nb1 to a nc1 i try to flash another modem but odin always fail…..

    • Max Lee says:

      On stock ROM? Root doesn’t affect your WiFi at all so that must be caused from something else or defective phone.

      • D10s says:

        Yes, i flash wanamlite, then i go back to the stock because the wifi issue, i flash with odin this firmware “AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 UCUFNB1 (Android 4.4.2) -” all is working good, just this wifi issue still happen , but whe i try to flash a diferent modem always odin fail, (may be is related with knox??)

  62. vdavidm says:

    I have i337 of att

  63. Bert says:

    I Have A Samsung S4 GT-I9295
    Galaxy S4 Active
    When i went to there wasn’t a ROM for my Phone available.
    Does anybody have a solution for me?


  64. Ashchi says:

    I was able to root AT&T SGH-i337 android version 4.4.2 and with the Baseband version i337UCUFNC1, and works great!
    Easy instructions – really appreciate it!

  65. ilee0990 says:

    I keep pressing “make it ra1n,” but nothing happens.

    What should I do! ! 🙁

  66. John doe says:

    I noticed some users having trouble getting super user to disable the KNOX. I found that it was taking to long for superuser to disable the KNOX. I fixed this by 1) restarting my phone. 2)downloaded the latest version of superuser. This is a must.
    3) opened superuser and disabled the KNOX. Boooom, two seconds done!

    • John doe says:

      Do not install from Google Play. I installed the latest Superuser from the Superuser sight and it worked great.

  67. Diogo Filipe says:

    hello, I tried to root my i9095 SGS4 and gave an error, the mobile phone is not called more and not get reset software for samsung kies then recovered the mobile phone with odin program again to install an original rom from samsung I downloaded, currently my samsung has the version 4.4.2 kitkat, towelroot installed and when I press MAKE IT ra1n (step 10) appears a text that says mobile phone is not supported and thus can not access root, this happened to anyone? can someone help me?

    I await an answer, thank you

  68. Jay says:

    It did Not work on my Verizon Galaxy S4 i545, 4.4.2, VRUFNC5.
    I got an error telling me my version is not currently supported. I’ve had this phone a little over a week.

  69. Anom1 says:

    Confirmed… !!
    work on
    SGH – I437Z ( Samsung Galaxy Express ) From Cricket Wireless
    Android Ver. 4.1.2
    Baseband Ver. I437ZZUCBNB1
    Stock Rom
    ” flawless Victory” — > Mortal Kombat quote…!!

    • M Ville says:

      I got my cricket galaxy express i437z rooted. It is the same model as I saw in your post do you know of any custom roms for this cricket phone….. It is the last thing I need to make this phone perfect…..? I have searched everywhere…..

      • Anom1 says:

        Until now…. 10-22-2014.
        No Custom Roms for this phone 🙁 to bad for us…!!!!

        but yesterday I was reading on XDA, something about this phone…..!!

        here’s the link :

  70. C#ristian says:

    I updated my S4 (SGH-M919) to 4.4.4 and my Xperia M2 to 4.4.2 but it doesn’t work neither 🙁

  71. Tom says:

    TowelRoot is saying “you should have root, no reboot required.” my root failed last I tried it and that’s why I’m trying TowelRoot. Will I have to go through the “unroot” process and then re-root my phone with towelroot?


  72. vdavidm says:

    MAx i need your help, I rooted my GS4 a month back using the downgrade to NB1 method, because i can´t fix the issue with the Wi-Fi toggle button (do not on) that I remedy through the nb1wififix (are there any new permanent fixes for this? with the init.d) i try to fix the tethering but instead i brick the phone, i back to stock, but now i upgrade to nc1 do you have any idea that can help me to fix wifi with the 4.4.2 nc1?

  73. silver says:

    Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 4.4.2 says also after make it ra1n “This phone isn´t currently supported”
    Towelroot V3.
    How can fix this problem?

  74. david says:

    I install it and it says it is not supported I use s4 and 4.4.2 but it still dont work what do I do

  75. TP says:

    I have a samsung sgh-i337 running 4.4.2 baseband i337ucufni1, downloaded towelroot apk file but the install does not proceed, says there is a file with the same name but wrong signature. how do I proceed? thanks for your help.

  76. rance says:

    i just got my Samsung SGH- 1337 running 4.4.2 I download towelroot .apk but the app did work it said the phone dis not support this app

  77. rance says:

    my base band 1337UCUFNi1

  78. osman says:

    Hi, for step 7 the install button in my phone is not pressable. Is there anything I can do about that? I have ATT galaxy s4, 4.4.2

  79. sudhir says:

    it is showing this phone isn’t currently supported

    • Ted says:

      Were u able to root GS4 at&t version. I get the same screen saying “This phone isn’t currently supported”. Any suggestion??

  80. Lisa Stark says:

    Towelroot worked great — installed per instructions above on Verizon Galaxy S4 4.4.2, model SCH-I545, and it didn’t even require reboot.

    Nice work!

  81. Greg92078 says:

    Like a few of the others, i have I337UCUFNI1, and after running towelroot v3, i get the message, “This phone isn’t currently supported”. I have scanned looking for other rooting methods, but always leads me back to towelroot. Any workarounds for this problem?

  82. ScottW says:

    Does not work on SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 Version 4.4.2 Says Device is not currently supported

  83. kai herrmann says:

    so nobody has a solution to the “device not supported” issue?

  84. Maru says:

    Help! i have equal problem. How solution this?, the message error says “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.”

  85. Wrecklesslove says:

    Please Help. is there ANY other way i can root other than this method? Motochopper again? Something?! i went back to stock after having some issues an when i DL this it says my phone is not supported. i dont know why and i dont really care to find out lol i just need to be rooted again Touchwiz is driving me crazy! thanks!

  86. Biokemyst says:

    It seems this method doesn’t work after at&t ‘ s recent update to address connectivity issues. It is still 4.4.2, but that update obviously closed the hole. The update was pushed in September I believe.

  87. Jay says:

    I am trying to root an AT&T S-4 build NFI1. Not really sure what this means. I tried the towel root method with no success. I also tried KINGO Root with no luck. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. -Jay

  88. Johnny dee says:

    my VZ SCH-I545 took the new update now towelroot won’t work . I can survive w a different launcher until I can get root.

  89. Evan says:

    “This device is currently not supported.” Verizon SCH-I545 on 4.4.2

    • Mike says:

      I also have SCH-i545 with NG6. Towelroot gives me “This device is currently not supported.” response when I try to “make it rain”

  90. J. Blackledge says:

    When I goto and try to download the apk, it gets stuck in a loop of opening browser windows but never actually downloads anything. Tried to download from pc and its telling me its Troj.Gen.2 and auto quarentines. Whats the deal?

  91. Kolawole says:

    Please towel root didn’t work for my Samsung Galaxy S4. What can I do?

  92. Khizar says:

    Hi, when i click make it rain after like 1 minute or 2 it says “This Phone Isn’t currently supported”, i have a at&t Samsung Galaxy S4 i337 running version 4.4.2 kitkat, please if anyone can help solve issue please let me asap

  93. Dale says:

    I have the AT&T SGH-i337 Galaxy S4 however towel root says this phone isnt currently supported. Am I doing something wrong?

  94. Brandon says:

    Same issue as most… towelroot says this phone isn’t currently supported.

    Something interesting I noticed is that when I downloaded the .apk file to my phone the VZ Protect app opened up and said the file is a threat. So I checked the box for it and selected “Keep”, but it then said “Can’t keep this file” or something like that.

    Either way, I was able to open the apk file and tried selecting the make it ra1n button, which is when it came up saying the phone isn’t currently supported.

    Lastly, my phone did just do an OTA update this morning. Maybe towelroot v3 needs another update to keep up with this most recent OTA Android update??

    • Evan says:

      the latest OTA update (NG6) is not supported by TowelRoot. You have to revert to the previous build which requires a kernel flash via Odin.

      • Brandon says:

        Is it likely that in time the new OTA update will be supported and that it’s just a matter of time?

        • Evan says:

          Couldn’t say for sure. I have nothing to do with any of this stuff. Try this if you’re feeling brave:

          • PErry says:

            This won’t get pass step
            3. Place your phone into “Download Mode” (press and hold the Home, Volume Down, and Power keys until the phone powers on and displays warning screen, then press Volume Up key).

            it says downloading, and nothing happens..

  95. JM2112 says:

    Verizon wireless S4 SCH-I545 running 4.4.2 baseband version I545VRUFNG6.

    after tapping make it rain it says my device is not supported. 🙁

  96. PErry says:

    Updated Verizon too.. unable to root.

    Tried going into some download mode during bootup, to restore 2 files (See link above somewhere)
    but then the phone won’t do anything.. it Says Downloading Please wait… do not disconnect..

    Wonder to what, since nothing is happening.. after 2 hours I pulled the battery and it booted up again.
    Seems like no way to re-root anymore 🙁

    • JM2112 says:

      I did the same thing. Tried going into downloading mode and nothing happened. Tried it again today and Towelroot still says my phone is not supported. I had not rooted my phone before the update so that may be the problem also.

  97. Jiri says:

    Hi, TowelRoot just said: You should have root, no reboot required. When I launched Safestrap there is State: Not instaled. when I try to install Recovery nothing happend. could you help me what should I do?

  98. Uncle Vinnie 666 says:

    I have a AT&T Galaxy S4 I337 4.2.2 (DUMB) phone that towelroot
    v3 won’t Rain On. It says the phone is not supported. I’ve been fighting with
    The GD phone ever since att mailed it 2 me! I’m disabled & very frustrated. I don’t own
    A Computer & have little patience with Computer Syntax. I probably understand less
    than 1/100th of the postings that U computer geniuses blog!
    I sure could use a boat load of simple ADVICE as 2 what I should do next.
    Anyone, PLEASE HELP a computer illiterate!!!???

  99. Travis Hand says:

    Has anyone heard if there is going to be an update for NG6?

  100. Gaffy says:

    Please can this method work with 4.2.2 if not How can I root s4 i537 on 4.2.2 android

  101. Talik Eichinger says:

    For those still struggling with the NG6 issue (“device not supported”), follow the instructions on the following page. It worked for me. One important thing to note, when the NC5 firmware is in place, the device is *very* buggy. I had to try several times before I could get towelroot to work, but once it did, I was able to put NG6 back on and everything is as it should.

  102. Troy says:

    I rooted my GS4 with this meathod when i got the phone. That was when it was android 4.4.2 NC1. Then AT&T decided to do an update. Now I’m still running 4.4.2 but now its NI1. Is there an updated version of this root for the AT&T update?


  103. daneandnori says:

    I tried to do it and it said that my phone is not supported. now what do I do?

  104. max says:

    Does not work. click on the symbol and just junk text appears on the screen.

  105. Cherie says:

    Is there a way to root my daughters phone and then hide the icon on it so she will not be aware of it or try to remove it?

  106. Cherie says:

    is there a way to root my daughters phone and then hide the icon on the phone so she cannot see it and delete it?

    • Josh says:

      You can just uninstall it after you root it. There’s no need to keep it after you root it. The app only does one thing. IF you want to unroot you will have to use supersu.

      • Cherie says:

        Ok I my daughter phone rooted with the icons towel root , supersu, and titanium back up on her phone… is there a way I can hide or remove these icons so she can’t see them?

  107. dofus kamas cheats 2014 ipad says:

    Nice blog right here! Also your site loads up fast!

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  108. anthony says:

    Same thing with my verizon galaxy s4, I had an update so I updated and now towel root says that my phone is not supported i am running 4.4.2 i545vrufng6

  109. ALeksandar says:

    SGH-i337 Galaxy S4 here also not supported by Towelroot… Any solutions yet?

  110. Nitesh says:

    4.4.2 has 2 version, after update 4.4.they again updated some patches, those updated that patch towel root will not work.
    even I am also looking for solution

  111. chase says:

    i have a gs4 sch-1545 on kitkat 4.4.2and it says my device is not supported

    any help??

  112. Galfriday21 says:

    I am a newbie. I have the same problem as all of above. I have downloaded towelroot but I too am getting the message phone not supported.
    I have Verizon s4 4.4.2 i545vrufng6.

    Is there a solution?

  113. Nick0o0 says:


    I have an S4 Verizon on 4.3.
    I’ve downloaded an device diagnostics app and it says : ‘Please use the Samsung official version. Your device has been rooted.’ But it is incomprehensible because I didn’t do anything with that.

    Ohhh and few functions are not able to use :S Maybe it’s because of the rooting.

    Please!!! What should I do with that? Should I unroot it to make it work well?? I don’t really want to harm my device or open the android system if it is not nessesary.

  114. Sohail says:

    Thanks man very good post.

    just need to ask one question after doing thing can i still get the updates from kies and i am using AT&T mobile if i want to change this i337 to stock rom is there any post or guide for this.

    your help is very much appreciated


  115. randy maxwell says:

    I have a galaxy note i717 that was running 4.0.4 and was rooted with this method. But I updated to 4.1.2 and lost root . Now none of the one click methods are working. And I don’t have access to a computer. I moved to a new town and state even tried poot debug apks for root. Please help. If some one knows the code for my phone please share. As I have tried the suggested codes for new Samsungs and temporary root to do it yourself for this application. And still nothing works

  116. Devon says:

    I am running Verizon sch I545 4.4.2 downloaded towelroot and opened it. Went to run it and it said device not supported. Any help?

  117. Colin says: is not downloading. I click the Lambda, and it goes into a spaz constantly opening new tabs over and over. the only way to stop is to close all open apps.
    Can you help with any other suggestion?

  118. Brendan says:

    I had to use the stock “Internet” browser to get it to work right. Firefox or other downloaded browsers may not handle the page as needed.

  119. L says:

    I tried with brand new AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4. Phone is not supported. Towelroot did not work.

  120. Ady says:

    10q man worket S4 active. very good post.

  121. Yan says:

    I did all the steps up until u click make it ra1n after i click make it ra1n it said that your device is not supported

  122. dylan says:

    galaxy s4 active 4.2.2 software fully up to date when i hit makeitrain it says this phone isnt curently supported.

  123. Dick says:

    Same here: I have a S4 with 4.4.2 and it says this phone isn’t currently supported. Pity
    Any other options to root S4/4.4.2?

  124. Paddy says:

    My phone just did an update to I545VRUFNK1. Will Towelroot work on this build?

    • Paddy says:

      I don’t know if any of this will help, but I figured more information is better than less information. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the couple previous comments before mine have received a recent update as well and that is why we are having trouble? Who knows, but here’s what I am working with:

      Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4
      Android Version: 4.4.2
      Baseband Version: I545VRUFNK1
      Kernel Version: 3.4.0 dpi@SWDD6215 #1 Tue Nov 4 23:03:49 KST 2014
      Build Number: KOT49H.I545VRUFNK1
      SE For Android Status: Enforcing SEPF_SCH-I545_4.4.2_0027
      Hardware Version: I545.07
      Security Software Version: MDF v1.0 Release 3, VPN v1.4 Release 2

  125. Samir says:

    I am running Verizon sch I545 4.4.2 downloaded towelroot and opened it. Went to run it and it said device not supported. Any help?

  126. Chris HIckie says:

    Getting same “devise is not supported” on SCH-I545 running 4.2.2

    I seem to remember a system update to my phone about a week ago.

    I can sen you screen shots of my phone info pages if you’d like


  127. Steven says:

    I’ve rooted my Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545 running 4.4.2 NG6 build. Now Verizon/google are trying to push an update to 4.4.3 Jelly bean build NK1. That update fails when you’re rooted (which is fine with me). Question: How do I get the phone to stop putting up a notification that this update is available? Thanks!

  128. chris hickie says:

    My phone has the VRUFNK1 build, fyi

  129. ASHRAf says:

    hi i have rooted my samsung s4 i-9500 but i got 4.2.2 jelly bean version but i need 4.4.2 kitkat version how to do it plz give instruction??

  130. Sky Lama says:

    i tried and it did passed all the steps but when i run Titanium Backup than it same “Error Sorry, i could not acquire root privileges. This application will *not* work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted, and try again.” and this is last message – This attempt was made using the “/system/xbin/su” command.”

    so please help me guys what is the wrong or where did i do mistake or something, just help me to root my Samsung Galaxy S4 Model Number GT-I9500 Android Version 4.4.2

  131. Ivan says:

    When I download and install towelettes and pressed on that emblem, . It said device not supported. I am on verizon running 4.4.2

  132. Joe Tahan says:

    Please help

    I have a Verison GS4 SCH-I545 4.4.2 VRUFNK1 Verison Kernel Version- 3.4.0 and when i try and make it ra1n it says my device isnt supported.

    Is there anything i can do about this?

  133. Antoine Zola says:

    Ok so I did everything you said very precisely, and when I press make it ra1n it tells me “phone currently not supported” I don’t get it! I’m using an S4 with android 4.4.2 that I bought at LA FNAC (equivalent of virgin megastores in France). Could you Help me?

  134. Daniel D Walker says:

    Heads up people, I just got off the phone with AT&T Tech. Department…rooting a Galaxy S4 Active AT&T Cell Phone will void the manufacturers warranty on the phone itself, can cause damage to the cell phone and is highly discouraged by AT&T, all things all these goggled up sites and YouTube Video sites should warn potential users of this rooting method!

    • Zac says:

      Rooting any Android phone will void OEM and Service Provider warranty. Same goes for Jail Breaking any device, even game consoles.

  135. Richard says:

    Works perfect on i337 att baseband UCUFNB1, thanks a lot

  136. james says:

    I have Verizon sch-i545 with 4.4.2 kitkat. When I select “make it ra1n” I get message that “this phone isn’t currently supported”.
    Shouldn’t this be working for me?

  137. Adrian Zayas says:

    This worked on my LG Optimus G Pro Prefectly thank you

  138. Adrian Zayas says:

    It worked on my LG Optimus G Pro AT&T

  139. trav says:

    At&t s4 with 4.4.4. I337ucufnj4 and it says phone is not supported :/ just my luck if its not one thing its another death gotta be easy cuz life is hard

    • Robert Schneider says:

      Same result (not supported) with my Samsung S4, android 4.4.2. Towelroot was supposed to work with ANY S4, or so I read.

  140. Jordon says:

    yes the same thing it keeps saying that my phone is unsupported is there a way to get around it

  141. jordon says:

    I found out you have to flash your phone using Odin v3.09+ …. go to XDA and go to Samsung galaxy s4 Verizon then general information then how to root and it will tell you how to do it

    • Robert Schneider says:

      You’ve told me things I don’t know about: “go to XDA”; “flash your phone using Odin v3.09+”. Also, does it matter that I’m with Sprint, not Verizon?
      Thanks for the reply.

      • jordon says:

        Um I’m not sure about the service provider you might try looking it up that is how I found out what I did google helps alot

  142. Steve Bourne says:

    I tried to root my s4 GT – 19506 using towelroot. Downloaded the tr-1.apk file and ran. Get a message that says my version is not supported.

    Also noted that below “make it ra1n” it says that “if your phone reboots, towelroot failed”?
    That’s the opposite of what it says in the tutorial and the video…
    Version : 4.4.2
    Baseband: 19506XXUCNJ1
    kernel ver: 3.4.0-2587343
    Mon Oct 20 15:11 :07 KST 2014

    (This is an unlocked phone that I previously used on the Telstra Network in Australia.
    Its now being used in Thailand running on a prepaid casual service.)

  143. James says:

    if you are on I545VRUFNK1 then you need towelroot v3.

  144. Name says:

    Does this work on 4.4.4?

    • Andrew says:

      You have to downgrade the kernel first, root the phone using towelroot then upgrade the kernel. I followed these instructions on my AT&T phone and it worked. Note: WiFi stops working until you complete the last step. Root Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.4 (AT&T):

  145. David says:

    Towelroot did not work on my samsung galaxy s4 active android 4.4.2 of course the towelroot version say’s for s5 so is there a link to the one for the s4

  146. Alec says:

    It says my phone isn’t currently supported pls help i am on latest update verizon s4

  147. eddliz says:

    It says my phone isn’t currently supported I have a galaxy s4 sch-i545

  148. Twist00 says:

    Getting the same message on my S4 running Android 4.4.2. Seems that Verizon may have patch hole that allowed Towelroot to work. I did get it working at one point, but after an update I lost root. Should have installed a custom ROM.

    Is there an alternate way to get root?

  149. Joshua says:

    I also got the error saying my currently phone isn’t supported. Is there any workaround for this yet?

    Verizon S4

    Thank you!

  150. mike says:

    aug 2014 build s4 active # 1537 , says not supported

  151. fairuser says:

    Max, thanks for helping people with your posts and replies! Like many people here I got, “This phone isn’t currently supported” when I tapped, “Make it rain”! Following is my phone spec.:

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4
    Android Version: 4.4.2
    Baseband Version: I545VRUFNK1
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0 dpi@SWDD6215 #1 Tue Nov 4 23:03:49 KST 2014
    Build Number: KOT49H.I545VRUFNK1
    SE For Android Status: Enforcing SEPF_SCH-I545_4.4.2_0027
    Hardware Version: I545.06
    Security Software Version: MDF v1.0 Release 3, VPN v1.4 Release 2
    16 gig memory

    I found this link for rooting VRUFNK1:
    However, the instructions are not as clear as they are provided here by Max.
    I am not sure if the specified procedure in the above link (xda forum) keeps my recoverable data in tact!
    Actually rooting is not my goal! It is a requirement for using software to uncover my lost pictures and videos on the phone. If anyone knows and wants to help me get back what seems to be deleted, please read the next paragraph, otherwise please help me with rooting this Build Number only. I greatly appreciate your help either way.

    On this past Saturday I connected the S4 phone to my laptop (Windows7) to transfer pictures and videos to the computer via USB 3.0 port. The computer recognized S4 and it said its software is up to date. When it flashed for what to do, I selected, transfer pictures and videos to computer. It gave me a message that you do not have anything new to transfer. When I checked my phone Gallery, non of the photos and videos that I took were present!! I could not find them on the computer in the windows transfer folder that I had specified, either.
    I searched and found software such as, “Dr. fone” and, “7-Data Android Recovery” that claim to undelete what I have lost. They require a rooted phone to activate, “USB Mass Storage”.
    Dr. fone claimed that it will root my phone and un-root it at the end. It failed to run.

    I greatly appreciate any HELP!

  152. Jeff says:

    This still doesnt work on Galaxy S4 Active!

  153. Yoshi says:

    I looked thru all the comments but didn’t really find an answer in this post.

    So I’m on 4.2.2 with an ME7 build running HyperDrive RLS10.1 and I want to get to RLS20
    Which requires that I’m on 4.4.2. I’m wondering if theres a simple way of getting there,
    Or do I have to uninstall root and flash a 4.4 build?

    Thanks for any help

  154. juan says:

    when i download its says its a document

  155. pliskin024 says:

    When I hit “make it r41n” it says my galaxy s4 active is not supported

  156. Sean says:

    will this work on a recently updated S4 with lollipoop? My phone was just updated to 5.0.1 and it blows, I want KitKat back.

  157. Chris says:

    Will This work with the MetroPCS version of the S4 (SGH-M919N)? also, do you have to disable the secure bootloader to root the phone this way? one more question i promise, LOL i have android 4.4.4, will this still work or does it strickly have to be 4.4.2?

  158. Etone says:

    Hey guys, I have an S4 SAMSUNG-SGH-1337Z Android version 4.4.2, which is a model that Cricket Wireless stores are currently selling. Now, I know that Cricket just recently got purchased by AT&T, so I wasn’t sure whether or not this rooting method would work on my phone since it’s SGH-1337Z, instead of just SGH-1337. I haven’t found much information specifically about the Cricket version yet, so I was curious if there were any major differences between the two. Thank you in advance, and hopefully I’m not asking a completely stupid question!

  159. Todd Nguyen says:

    after I rooted my S3 , I got ” The SU binary needs to be updated ” … How do I do that ?

  160. Vickkal Kristianes says:

    When i tap the Make it rain button, it says this phone currently not supported.
    im sure it’s 4.4.2
    any help?

  161. matt says:

    will this work on android 5.01?

  162. ulujm says:

    Hey i have a SGH-I337 from AT&T and the android version is 4.4.4 and baseband is is I337UCUFNJ5.

    so can I use “How to Root AT&T/Verizon Galaxy S4 and S4 Active on Android 4.4.2!” method on 4.4.4


  163. Maleaa says:

    Okae .. i got to make it rain but it says the phone isnt currently supported what does that mean ?

  164. kundan priyadarshi says:

    will u plz tell me how to root vivo y21l without useing kingroot ,supersu,and magisk
    i tried all these app but at the end it wasn’t intalled
    so plz help me

  165. Stephanie says:

    I have the Galaxy S10 model number ending with a U does this mean I can’t root this phone ever? Help?

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