How to Root for Verizon Galaxy S4 on Build VRUAME7 or AT&T Galaxy S4 on MF3!

For those of you looking for root for Verizon Galaxy S4 on build VRUAME7, it is now available.

UPDATE: This root method also has been verified to work with AT&T Galaxy S4 on MF3!

It involves an external microSD card that must be formatted in exFat format (you can do this easily on Windows by right-clicking and selecting format, you should be able to choose exFat as for format type), download and unzip the script, then copy all the files to your microSD card.

Download root script for VRUAME7 (Verizon)

Download root script for MF3 (AT&T)

Next, go ahead and download Terminal Emulator app from Play Store, open and type:

cd /mnt/extSdCard

Once that’s done, simply download/install SuperSU from the Play Store, let it replace the Superuser app and also update the binaries.  Reboot and you should have root!

Once you have rooted your Verizon Galaxy S4, you can follow Loki method to install CWM or TWRP recovery to install custom ROMs.

I should have an updated video tutorial but in the meanwhile, help yourself!

Credits – XDA, AT&T

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97 Responses

  1. Alice Bennett says:

    I formatted a 32g micro sd with exfat, downloaded the vruamez files, extracted them and put them on the card. Then installed the card in my Verizon S4. Downloaded Terminal Emulator and typed in the commands. “not found” Nothing. Have tried multiple times. Nothing except “not found” Any suggestions?

    • melvin colvin says:

      I had same problem. I had to move the files to the device memory for it to work.

      • darren says:


        • darren says:

          never mind , I got it to work now I get permission denied any help ?

          • Blake says:

            I get the same, any luck?

          • patrick says:

            how did you get to work i did ever thing and it still will not root my s4 for at&t running mf3 i must be very

            • RandyBoy says:

              from Google Play Store, get Super SU.
              from Google Play Store get keyboard emulator.

              On a Windows computer with a SD card slot, put in a small 2 or 4 gig SD Micro card… you may need an adaptor for the Micro card to a larger size card for it to fit in the slot of your desk top or laptop computer.

              Reformat the SD card in your G:/ drive with Fat32, by right clicking after entering through the Start button, then My Computer. Select Fat32 for format type. Uncheck the “Quick Format ” option when reformating.

              Now go and get the “root” file shown for your phone, be it Verizon or AT&T and unzip or extract it. Right click on your mouse or touch pad , and on Window 7, the option “Extract All” should appear. Select it and open.

              there should now be a folder named “GS4ex” Click and drag that on to your (G:) drive, your freshly reformatted SD micro card.

              Pull the SD micro card from your PC, and put it in your S4 after you’ve been in it and set up in the admin section allowing “USB debug” after you’ve tapped your settings> About Device>Build Number 7 or 8 times to open up “Developer Options. In there, enable with a check mark “USB debugging”

              Then go back to “settings”> “More”> security> Unknown Sources and enable it.

              Now turn your S4 phone off and reboot.

              After rebooting, open up Terminal Emulator, and enter the first line and press the “Enter” button or “Return” button on your keyboard on your S4.

              after you see it go through the run portion, enter the second line and again press the “Enter” button.

              After it runs again, Enter the third line…. all of this should be done in “Windows 1” on your Galaxy S4. That should get you rooted. You should also add Titanium Back up Pro from the play store., to back up and freeze applications as needed.

              Hope this works for you.

  2. Alice Bennett says:

    Forget my previous comment. My S4 is rooted! Thank you very much.

  3. Phil Harris says:

    Will the MDK roms work with the new build?

  4. Italo says:

    When I try to execute “./pwn” it appears “/system/bin/sh: ./pwn: can`t execute: Permission denied 126|u0_a201@android:/mnt/extSdCard $ ” Can someone help me ?

  5. D Mark says:

    It seems the “permission denied” problem can be avoided if the files are created with the microSD card mounted on a Windows machine rather than an Android device. With this in mind I am able to mount the extSdCard – However, it fails when I run ./pwn:

    “Attempt acdb exploit… SCH-I545 (JDQ39.I545VRUAME7) is not supported…”

    I thought this root script was good for Build VRUAME7?
    –any ideas?

    • JJ says:

      I just rooted my phone using this method and it definitely works. As long as you successfully complete the “cd /mnt/extSdCard” line and get to the “/.pwn”, even if you see something like “Attempt acdb exploit… SCH-I545 (JDQ39.I545VRUAME7) is not supported…” it did work – you should see the the $ change to # (see ~3:20 in this vid

      After that Just type the final line and you will have successfully rooted your phone. If you get an error message after the first command, remove your microSD card and reformat it as exFAT. UNCHECK THE QUICK FORMAT BOX. Do a complete format, that should solve the problem a lot of you guys are having

  6. Victor Cabral says:

    Hmmmm can’t get it to work. I keep getting the “Can’t execute: Permission denied”. Anyone know what’s going on here? Thanks

  7. Adrian Fio says:

    Yea i basically got the “Attempt acdb exploit… SCH-I545 (JDQ39.I545VRUAME7) is not supported…”
    error. I couldnt root.

  8. Italo says:

    When you moved the files to the device memory, did it work?

  9. joe says:

    When you move the file over. remove them from RootforVZWS. and copy to main state on sd card. then run commands. get the bull shit SCH-I545 (JDQ39.I545VRUAME7. Finish commands and reboot. Install Super user from file. Root Granted.

  10. scOtt says:

    I had to download BusyBox for unrooted phones, then it asks to install Android Terminal Emulator (yes). and then I followed the commands and now I am ROOTED!! Many thanks!!!

  11. scOtt says:

    BTW. You may want to use a smaller GB microsSD, I used a 4GB and formatted it exFAT and dl the files….worked fine for me.

  12. Yim says:

    I have the same error. I have the files on the main state on the sd card. I run ./pwn and it says ‘failed to open /dev/graphics/fb0 due to Permission Denied’. I put the sd card back into my pc and noticed two new folders: .android_secure and LOST.DIR. I have tried to put all the files into the .android_secure folder but the phone won’t grant me permission to access it when I mount the sd card. I have also tried deleting the new files the phone made and it still would not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  13. carlo johnson says:

    can you do this on phone memory instead of sdcard if possible

  14. Sam says:

    I was able to root my phone, but when I attempted to install the bootloader/recovery it would fail. Is this because of the locked bootloader on ME7 and we’ll just have to wait until someone finds a workaround?

  15. scOtt says:

    I still cant Loki’d my VZW S4 ME7 build. Any link for the new version?

  16. Brad says:

    Cant get mine to root. Here is what terminal spits out:

    u0_a192@android:/ $ cd /mnt/extSdCard
    u0_a192@android:/mnt/extSdCard $ ./pwn

    Device detected: SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 (JDQ39.I337UCUAMF3)

    Try to find address in memory…
    Attempt fb_mem exploit…
    Failed to open /dev/graphics/fb0 due to Permission denied
    You need to manage to get remap_pfn_range addresses.
    Failed to get prepare_kernel_cred addresses.
    Failed to get commit_creds addresses.
    Failed to get ptmx_fops addresses.
    SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 (JDQ39.I337UCUAMF3) is not supported.
    Failed to setup variables.
    1|u0_a192@android:/mnt/extSdCard $ ./
    mount: Operation not permitted
    cp: /system/xbin/busybox: Read-only file system
    ./[4]: /system/xbin/busybox: not found
    cp: /system/app/Superuser.apk: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/app/Superuser.apk: No such file or directory
    cp: /system/bin/.ext: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/.ext/.su: No such file or directory
    cp: /system/xbin/su: Read-only file system
    cp: /system/xbin/daemonsu: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/daemonsu: No such file or directory
    mount: Operation not permitted
    255|u0_a192@android:/mnt/extSdCard $

    • Jake says:

      Having same issue as Brad, card is 100% formatted in exfat via Windows (not quick format) copied files over from extracted folder, ran commands in terminal, get same outcome as him. Any ideas?

    • mack says:

      I have the same issue did it ever get resolved?

  17. Edgar says:

    I was trying to do this method when i went to format and did this step (you can do this easily on Windows by right-clicking and selecting format, you should be able to choose exFat as for format type). it did not give me the option to format as exFAT just erased everything on my card. that maybe why i could not the root to work. also every time i try to plug it in it reads the phone as a portable device not a devices with removable storage. any ideas?? or another way to format the sdcard???

    • Dennis says:

      As far as I can tell, you either need a 64+ GB microSD card or an SD reader and SD adapter. I have a 16gb and have the same problem you mention above. Have you found an alternative?

  18. mack says:

    I keep on getting this when I run the commands.
    U0_a274@android:/ $ cd /mnt/extSdCard
    u0_a274@android:/mnt/extSdCard $ ./pwn

    Device detected: SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 (JDQ39.I337UCUAMF3)

    Try to find address in memory…
    Attempt fb_mem exploit…
    Failed to open /dev/graphics/fb0 due to Permission denied
    You need to manage to get remap_pfn_range addresses.
    Failed to get prepare_kernel_cred addresses.
    Failed to get commit_creds addresses.
    Failed to get ptmx_fops addresses.
    SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 (JDQ39.I337UCUAMF3) is not supported.
    Failed to setup variables.
    1|u0_a274@android:/mnt/extSdCard $ ./
    mount: Operation not permitted
    cp: /system/xbin/busybox: Read-only file system
    ./[4]: /system/xbin/busybox: not found
    cp: /system/app/Superuser.apk: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/app/Superuser.apk: No such file or directory
    cp: /system/bin/.ext: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/.ext/.su: No such file or directory
    cp: /system/xbin/su: Read-only file system
    cp: /system/xbin/daemonsu: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/daemonsu: No such file or directory
    mount: Operation not permitted
    255|u0_a274@android:/mnt/extSdCard $

  19. Dennis says:

    Can someone please tell me if there is a way to format a 16 GB micro SD in exFAT without using an SD adapter? Is this possible in Windows? Thank you.

  20. Danish says:

    i rooted the my att galaxy s4.. but i cant install recovery via loki method. everythime i use terminal emulator it gives me this msg “loki aboot version does not match device.”

  21. kindongo says:

    This is not working on my att GS4

  22. kindongo says:

    This is not working on my att GS4. Format card, did everything as instructed but the 2nd command is not working on my phone.

  23. Chris Stowe says:

    I got a FIX for At&t s4 root!!!
    I was having the same problems as you all.
    after you insert your SD Card, do a restart on you gs4. then try the terminal method!! worked for me hope it works for yall.

    So simply restart you device!

  24. Jake says:

    Tried restart, still no root. Posted on xda, hoping for something useful.

  25. Chris says:

    I have a Galaxy S4 VRUAME7, it will root, but the loki method of recovery does not load… it says wrong version number, and TWRP method locks up the phone…. It seems that there is still no work around for lock with this version.

  26. Cole says:

    I have try several time to root my ATT galaxy S4 with the method provided but kept running into a problem of ” not found”, so when you move files to your SD Card, just do them one by one instead of a whole file, it worked after i did that, good luck, by the way this method only roots, does not allow roms to be installed

  27. Jay says:

    This is not working no matter how I try it. I will keep checking back and checking the XDA forums till the correct way is found. Good luck to the peeps that try it. and peace to all.

  28. Joe says:


    Go to this link and download the root files from there. Follow the same instructions here and it should work.

    • scott says:

      Thanks for recommendation. Unfortunately, it did not help. Still unable to get past “permission denied” error on the first command line.

  29. Maui Tech says:

    I followed the steps as described on my i337 (not the active) with the MF3 update installed. It worked perfectly the first time! I did get the “not supported” message when I ran ./pwn but it continued on and I got the # prompt and it said I was rooted. My phone is now rooted and Titanium Backup is installed and working perfectly, which is what I really wanted the most.
    Thinking about trying to install custom recovery next…..

    • Dimitry says:

      As far as I know there is no custom recovery for the MF3 build yet. Unless you know something I don’t and I research this topic everyday, in which case please do share links or any other helpful info =)

  30. T.J. says:

    I’ve tried this twice on the At&t version and still no luck, any thoughts?

  31. Maui Tech says:

    Even though it says
    “Once you have rooted your Verizon Galaxy S4, you can follow Loki method to install CWM or TWRP recovery to install custom ROMs.”
    I found this NOT to be true. I followed the steps for the Loki method to install CWM and totally messed up my phone. It would only boot into Odin mode…..would not start the OS and could not get into recovery. It took all night to get my phone to start! Had to use Heimdall method to try to flash recovery. It failed but now the phone will start and is still rooted. Only problem is I can not boot into the recovery…..not CWM or stock! Message says “Failed to boot” and goes straight into Odin download mode.

  32. Jay Peters says:

    This is not working or causes more problems then it’s worth!
    My best advice is for the at&t folks DO NOT try to root your phone until a real WORKING way is found. risking a soft brick or booting issues is not worth root to me on a $600 phone. Hopefully a way will be found soon. thanks.

    • mack says:

      I rooted my att gs4 i337 here:
      basically the same thing except it works!

    • Dimitry says:

      I agree. Especially since there is no working recovery or stock ODIN image yet. I am also impatiently waiting for the complete solution.

  33. Joe says:

    I have a galaxy s4 at&t version and got the permission denied error and a not supported when I ran ./pwn. However this can be fixed if you download the root files from here Follow the same steps and it should work

  34. Jay Peters says:

    I check on the root update for at&t MF3 everyday. as we all should. if I find a working way to do it I will post. so my S4 brothers and sister. keep lookin and keep the faith.

  35. Tyler says:

    To all having a problem rooting their AT&T SGH-1337 Galaxy S 4 on the MF3 build – maybe I can help.

    I also have this phone version and the MF3 update. I tried this method and several other methods to rooting my phone. Nothing was working and I soft bricked my phone. I eventually fixed the soft brick.

    I kept getting errors when trying to run this script like “permission denied” and “file not found”, all kinds of stuff. Via the stock MF3 samsung ROM on my phone, last night I did a factory reset because I kept getting apps force closing every other 4 minutes. I reinstalled literally everything I had installed previously.

    Today at work, from my PC, I tried this new method of rooting MF3 devices and it worked.

    So maybe completely hard resetting your device and retrying this method will work. I ran all 3 lines of the root method.


    AFter running this root method and verifying I had root access via the Root Checker app in Play Store, I then downloaded ROM Manager and it forced TWRP or ClockWorkMod to my device, I booted into CWM and flashed my custom ROM.

    Hope this helps.

    • Tyler says:

      EDIT: This new root method did not install SuperSU to grant access. I had to download it from the Play Store as i’m sure you all have read from other people.

  36. RandyBoy says:

    Folks, pay attention, the files you are downloading are for FM3…. the newer phones are with MF3 , and this method will NOT work on builds ending with MF3. Complete waste of time.

  37. RandyBoy says:

    Will someone start a clean new thread that allows root on a AT&T SGH-i337 with a new build that ENDS with MF3, and properly labeled .rar files to load to a clean reformatted in standard, not quick reformat SDcard.

    Also, please explain how I activate “run” in Terminal Emulator. Some of these instructions are not user friendly at all for us non script programmer types. I want root for one reason, so that I can tether my Samsung Chrome book, that’s it.

    Thanking you in advance when it becomes a little clearer than mud as it is now in this thread, with all the jumping around here and there. I realize things change quickly in the XDA forum world, i’m just a dumb owner with a smart phone, I know, sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?

    Thanks in advance.

  38. RandyBoy says:

    latest development. Restart your GS4 before entering the commands of 3 lines from terminal emulator. that got me working on my AT&T GS4 I337 with build ending in MF3 and rooted.

  39. Jay Peters says:

    Again people, we are doing a lot of try this, try that. BAD idea. There is NO RECOVERY for your G4-MF3, If you goof this up you have a 600 dollar brick. Not worth it. Let’s let the developers work on it and they will get it figured out I am sure.
    Just my advice.

  40. Kweku says:

    The SD card doesn’t have to be formatted for this to work. I extracted the files and copied them to the root directory of the external drive that was on the phone without formatting it. SuperSU wasn’t installed, but I just went to the Play Store to download it. Everything else worked just fine.

  41. RobThaRippa says:

    Once Ive Rooted My Device Successfully can I perform the next step?

    “Once you have rooted your Verizon Galaxy S4, you canfollow Loki method to install CWM or TWRP recovery to install custom ROMs”

    As When I Read The instructions It says “Does Not work on att sgh i337” just wondering…
    thanks in advance.

  42. jeremy ide says:

    Can I reformat the sd card after I root and use it for storing music/ apps or do I have to keep the files on it? I assume you can delete the scripts on the sd card I just don’t want to in case it messes things up.

    Thanks in advance.

  43. Leighton says:

    Thanks so much! Worked great for the SGH-I337 🙂

  44. RandyBoy says:

    This root for AT&T is wonderful for battery life! I’ve shut down all the AT&T bloatware on my phone by freezing it with Titanium Backup Pro, and I can run 3 full days, pretty much between recharges. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  45. Steve says:

    I am trying to root my GS4 on verizon with the me7 ota update on a MAC 10.8.4 (most recentos) Can someone please help? Step by step directions as I am new to all of this but would sincerely appreciate the help. Any videos or written Inst? Please….!?!??!!???

    Thank you kindly.

  46. George says:

    I just successfully rooted my SGH-i337, but was not able to do it with my Mac. I have a bootcamp partition running Windows 7 and was successful with it. I found I had to use the PC to format my SDcard with exFAT. The Mac can format FAT, but doesn’t offer any options. Once I formatted the SD (which is 32GB) the instructions in this string worked perfectly.

  47. Chris Skaggs says:

    I have the Verizon S4 with the VRUAME7 build. I’ve done EVERY step the instructions say to do (attempted at least 4 times now) and it will not root. This is VERY frustrating to say the least. Could someone who knows what they’re doing, please make a DETAILED and SPECIFIC instructions and/or a video tutorial for novices at rooting like myself and others?
    I have formatted (not quick format) my Samsung 64GB Micro SD card on my W7 machine to exFAT format to no avail.

    • RandyBoy says:

      get an old sd micro card of 4 or 8 gig, do a full, slow (not quick) wipe of it, then reformat it to exFAT32. Once reformatted, the files you obtained, extract them (right click on your mouse) from the zip file they are in. Once extracted, there should be 3 files there, take the largest one and drag and drop it onto your F drive, or G drive or whatever letter designates your drive for your sd card. After you have done that, open up your drive, and verify that the files you transferred are indeed there.

      Turn off your phone, and install the sd card you just put the file on. Restart your phone. Then take it from there with the keyboard emulator instructions with the 3 lines above, one line at a time, hit return, then enter the second line, then return, then enter the third line.

      Once all that is done, reboot. Make sure you already have the app Super SU installed, as well as Titanium Backup.

  48. Aszx says:

    I have a SCH-i545, unlocked Verizon mobile, using a Vivo Operator SIM card in Brazil.
    Just did EXACTLY as described:
    – Fully formated a microSD card in Windows 8 (exFAT/Default settings);
    – Transferred the unzipped contente to the root of the microSD and installed back to the mobile;
    – Went to GooglePlay and downloaded the Terminal Emulator;
    – Entered the commands as shown (don’t mind if you see some error messages, just continue entering the commands);
    – Went to Google Play again and installed the SuperSU;
    – Restarted the phone and voilà!
    This was soooo easy that made me doubt, so went to Google Play again and installed Root Check, and it confirmed that the device is realy rooted!

    Superb. Can’t be easier. Thanks a TON!!

    Now I will try to find a way to make SVoice and Google Now understand Brazilian Portuguese!
    By the way, if somebody have a clue, pleeese tell me!!

    THKS ‘n CHEERS!!

  49. babiehuey73 says:

    I am looking into rooting my S4 Verizon ME7. Trivial question, once the phone has been rooted can the micro sd used to root the phone be removed and another micro sd be put in?

    I also read in on other sites that custom ROM’s couldn’t be used with the phone once it has been rooted?

    This is my first attempt at rooting and I am a little hesitant being such an amateur.

  50. Ja says:

    For the Verizon GS4.
    Video Link:

  51. renecio says:

    how unbirck galaxy s4 fm3

  52. Alice Bennett says:

    My S4 vruame7 was finally rooted then after about 2 weeks it was no longer rooted. I don’t know how that happened by I absolutely cannot get it to root again. I have tried a zillion times, tried different methods and still nothing. It is as if Verizon somehow put a stick in my spokes and is preventing rooting again. Any ideas folks?

  53. Terry says:

    After all this is done with the formatted sd card and you have root, can you remove the sd card and put another sd card in that has pictures and stuff. And root still work.

  54. frakle says:

    I used this method to root my phone the root is recgonized by the phone but i’ve downloaded about 10 different mobile hotspot apps and none of them work some give an error message. Others turn on but other devices cannot find it did i do something wrong.

  55. Dan says:

    Is there a root methid for mI1 build and baseband yet

  56. Jay Peters says:

    I finaly got ma s4 rooted. all I wanted it for is app control. the bloatware on this att phone just kills my battery. so!
    I found a way and it does work…i have not tried and ROMS nor will I. like I said. app control. do a google for MF3 and kingo. you should hit right on it. when your reboot just wait it takes awhile….if you do get stuck at the att logo…DO NOT remove your batt…just hold down the power button till you reboot…you will be fine after that. Happy hunting and good luck.

  57. Jay Peters says:

    UPDATE: okies the latest.. i did notice my S4 fails to reboot right. sometimes i have to reboot it twice to get back. I have NOT tried to load a recovery as of yet. Being there is no recover I am not over in a hurry to try it. IF i had a backup phone I would have done so already. Has anyone else tried this yet? I mean this way of rooting and had any luck loading a recover? That itself would be great if only for backups.

  58. James says:

    I have a verizon galaxy s4 but when I opened SuperSU it says it was unable to install because my phone is running android 4.3. Any help?

  59. Jay says:

    yes…. google super user or superu for 4.3.

  60. Gary says:

    Ok, I got it working fine. for AT&T model

    First download the files from this link

    Then Fully format your card in exFAT

    Extract the files directly to the card

    Place the card in the phone and power up

    download terminal emulator from here.

    then enter the commands using this EXACT syntax (including case) One command at a time

    cd /mnt/extSdCard

    Then test using Super user and Titanium backup.

  61. John Partridge says:

    For permission denied errors make sure you follow instructions to the T. Windows will format to exFAT in Windows Explorer by right clicking on the drive and selecting the format option, then select exFAT. Other methods within windows don’t give the exFAT option (the cluster size is 32KB). Regular FAT32 WILL NOT do it. Once exFAT was properly formatted the permission errors (I struggled with for two days) went away like magic. In summation, follow the instructions and make doubly sure exFAT is installed on your external SdCard to eliminate permission denied errors.

  62. Eli says:

    Does this method work for Verizon S4 build MJ7?

    • John Partridge says:

      If the methodology is similar for the MJ7, it suits to reason that these tips MAY serve you well. There is no question formatting portion of will work for the SD Card. I saw similar issues posted from people with the MJ7. They too had “permission denied errors.” I would always proceed with caution, read all instructions twice, and read all forums before attempting a root of your device.

  63. Sam says:

    So is there a final method of working the AT&T model cuz I’m still stuck on permission denied…

  64. John Partridge says:

    See me previous post. I fixed that little frustrating problem only after completing the steps listed in my posting. You may also complete the format of the SDcard in the command prompt with the following command:

    format x: /fs:exfat /q (x being the drive letter of your SDcard)

    All previous links are accurate except a few variations in formatting to exfat. It MUST be an exfat format. That resolved the issue for me and my ATT samsung galaxy S4 SGH-I337

  65. Rigo says:

    Some time ago I followed this tutorial and it worked perfect for my S4. From then to now I haven’t received any OTA actualizations, so I got stuck in my jelly bean version (4.2.2). Is there a way to update my phone to 4.4.2 keeping the root?
    I’m kind of lost in this android world

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  1. February 28, 2015

    […] Firmware Updates – Due to firmware updates being pushed out, this root method may not work on latest AT&T Galaxy S4 MF3 firmware or Verizon Galaxy S4 ME7 firmware, instead please see How to Root for Verizon Galaxy S4 on Build VRUAME7 or AT&T Galaxy S4 on MF3! [OLD] […]

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