How to Root Galaxy S4 using TWRP Method!

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For those of you who want to root your Galaxy S4, here’s another root method using TWRP recovery.

This root method works for Android 4.3, 4.4.2/4.4.3/4.4.4 KitKat, and 5.0.1 Lollipop!

Why another method?

Well, at the time of this video, some models do not have CWM recovery available.  But TWRP recovery is just as good as CWM recovery and installation is nearly identical but using different menus.

You can always switch to CWM recovery after rooting later down the line if you prefer CWM recovery.

This root method works for the following Galaxy S4 models:

  • GT-i9505
  • T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919
  • Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720
  • Canadia Galaxy S4 (Bell, Rogers, Telus)
  • US Cellular Galaxy S4 SCH-R970

For rooting Sprint S4 on MF9 firmware, see here.

Step 1. Power off your Galaxy S4 then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together.


Step 2. When you see the warning screen, let go of all the buttons and hit the Volume Up button to enter ODIN download mode.


Step 3. Connect a micro-USB cable from your Galaxy S4 to your computer.


Step 4. Download TWRP recovery for your Galaxy S4.

Download TWRP recovery

You will also need the following tools and drivers if you don’t have them already so download them too:


Step 5. You will need to unzip the ODIN zip file and you will find two files.  Run odin3 v1.85.exe file by double-clicking on it.


Step 6. If you see a yellow-highlighted box, you already have Galaxy S4 drivers installed, skip to next step.  If you don’t see it, run the Samsung USB driver exe file you downloaded earlier then un-plug/re-plug your micro-USB cable to your Galaxy S4.  You should see yellow-highlighted box now.


Step 7. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but click on PDA button and choose the TWRP recovery file you downloaded earlier.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE CORRECT TWRP RECOVERY FOR YOUR GALAXY S4 MODEL!!!


Step 8. Hit the Start button and this will flash TWRP recovery onto your Galaxy S4.


Step 9. Once you see “PASS!”, you have successfully flashed TWRP recovery and your phone will reboot.


Step 10. Once your phone reboots, copy the CWM SuperSU zip file you downloaded earlier to anywhere on your Galaxy S4.


Step 11. Next, we will reboot into TWRP recovery we just installed.  Power off your phone then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together.


Step 12. When you see “recovery booting” in blue text on the top-left hand corner of your screen, let go of all the buttons.


Step 13. Once in TWRP recovery, select “Install”.


Step 14. Choose the CWM SuperSU zip file you copied over earlier.


Step 15. Swipe to right to flash the CWM SuperSU zip file.  This will root your Galaxy S4 by installing SU binaries and SuperSU superuser app.


Step 16. Reboot system.


Step 17. You should find a new app called SuperSU in your app drawer.  Run it once and update the SU binaries if it asks you.

To verify you have full root, you can download and open rooted app like Titanium Backup app, you should see a Superuser request pop-up window.


Congratulations, you’ve rooted your phone!

You’ve also installed TWRP recovery, which will allow you to easily backup, restore, and install new ROMs.  Make sure you make at least 1 backup ROM right after rooting.

If you don’t like TWRP, you can usually install ROM Manager from Play Store to flash CWM recovery without using ODIN again easily and also vice-versa back to TWRP by installing TWRP app from Play Store.

Q: Why are there two different recoveries CWM and TWRP?
A: Both CWM and TWRP do the same thing, allowing users to backup, restore, and install ROMs.  They are built by different developers with a different interface.
Some people prefer CWM and some people prefer TWRP.
And since CWM recovery isn’t available (at the time of this post) for some S4 models, you can still get full features of CWM recovery using TWRP.

Q: After installing recovery and reboot, I don’t see TWRP recovery just stock recovery, what’s happening?
A: That’s caused by some stock firmwares writing over the TWRP recovery. To get around it, run ODIN again to flash TWRP, then pull battery out when you see “PASS!” in ODIN, then boot straight into recovery by putting the battery back on and using the buttons, you should see TWRP recovery now!

Q: Root is not working on my T-Mobile Galaxy S4 with UVUAMDL firmware!
A: T-Mobile has put a new SetUID restriction on the kernel, you can fix by flashing UVUAMDL kernel with SetUID restriction removed.

Q: Root is not working on my Sprint Galaxy S4 with MDL firmware!
A: Sprint has put a new SetUID restriction on the kernel if you have VPUAMDL build number, you can fix by flashing VPUAMDL kernel with SetUID restriction removed.

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208 Responses

  1. edu says:

    hi i have the canadian variant the sgh-i337m!! but this method is not working for me!! i have experience in doing this!! but is not really working!! when i restart the phone in twrp it just boots in the e3 stock recovery!!

    • edu says:

      Imeant the 3e!! The stock one~!!

    • Max Lee says:

      Run ODIN again, then as soon as you see “PASS!” pull the battery out and put it back iin, immediately boot into recovery using the buttons. This is because some firmwares will overwrite your CWM recovery you flashed when you reboot.

      • Harv Gill says:

        That does it. Thx!

      • Marcel D says:

        This does not work with latest stock rom! Recovery mode just wont work. It will boot normally. Same with cwm method

      • daniel says:

        Hello i have a problem, i wiped the internalstorage by an accsident and forgot to backup the device, now i have nothing else then twarp on the phone , is there a way i can install a new rom on the phone by using odin or twarp ? or do i have to buy a new phone?
        sorry for bad english 🙂

      • DRC says:

        Hi max you are good teaching thanks for help me i follow yours steps and works but i have a little problem went i try to use the application superSU i see a announcement were say ( the SU binary needs to be updated) i press continue but say , installation failed what should i do?

  2. Vega says:


    This method also work with S4 GT-I9508, installed and confirmed by me.


    • Nick says:

      May I ask which TWRP did you download?

    • ivan says:

      I have samsung glaxy s4 gt-i9508…my father send to me from china to mexico and here in mexico doesn’t work android market? can I use this metod to fix this…tell me please sorry for may bad english

  3. Viktor says:

    Why isn’t the recovery file for the Gt-19505 a .tar file? Can’t open it in Odin

  4. Billy Qiu says:

    So there are 3 methods of rooting S4?
    MotoChopper, CWM, and TWRP?
    Which 1 is the easiest and safest from Tmobile S4?

  5. Tim says:

    Followed this to the letter, I have twrp recovery but after installing the copied-over ‘’ file I still don’t have root?
    I’m using S4 in UK GT-I9505 android 4.2.2
    Baseband version I9505XXUAMDM
    Any advice much appreciated.

  6. Damon says:

    I have the uk gti9505 twrp recovery works fine but i cant get acess to root, it says there is no su binary installed and closes app… please help thanks damon

    • Tim says:

      I finally got root by using the cf-root method but to get it to work I had to install older kernel. Here’s MDE kernel STOCK. Flash it in ODIN. Then after reboot, power off, enter to download mode and flash cf-root in ODIN.

      Kernel STOCK MDE i9505…r.md5/download
      Hope this helps someone.
      Im on Three network (UK)

  7. stabio says:

    When i try to install update binaries from SuperSu i have error and i dont know pfone is rooted or not

  8. Rick Meza says:

    “Run ODIN again, then as soon as you see “PASS!” pull the battery out and put it back iin, immediately boot into recovery using the buttons. This is because some firmwares will overwrite your CWM recovery you flashed when you reboot.”

    That did it bro, thanks a LOT! (follow this one everyone)

    however, it tells me that everything was successful for me but…
    when I try to run Titanium it tells me “your ROM hasnt been flash” and when
    I try to run SuperSU it says “no binary SU installed”
    do you know why brotha? any suggestions… thanks a lot you rock! 🙂

  9. stabio says:

    FIXED! You must install original software and Wipe all data. Then do everything form begining. Works 100% Sorry for my english 🙂

  10. Rick Meza says:

    hey Sabio,
    what original software?
    how do you do that?
    Please explain a little bit more
    Thanks man 🙂

  11. stabio says:

    You can download from here Is not easy to find correct firmware. Make sure software what you downloading is for yours Country/mobile network or just country (clear soft without network addons). You must reboot phone in download mode,connect to pc, run odin and on PDA choice file what you downloaded from this link. After that your phone will be Unroot with clear original software. Then make root like in this article. Make sure you don’t restore system from backup after thiat.

    Sorry but my english is very poor :/

  12. FunkyChopsta says:

    UK EE branded GT-i9505 rooted 1st time no issues following the above. Thanks

  13. Rick Meza says:

    You didn’t have to download the firmware man..
    You could have just reset your device to factory settings and wipe all data…
    and then try to root again following steps in this article 😉

  14. Jacqy says:

    Ok, i did the odin, restarted, and it stuck on the recovery boot menu!! It does NOTHING!! It says do the odin again, but now it’s stuck on SetupConnection!!

    • Jacqy says:

      Sorry, i was in the recovery mode when trying to flash again. I followed the advice on taking the battery out (which can be difficult) and it worked. I guess my gs4 is rooted now. But, when i open it, i cant update the binary, it says “Installation failed!” What’s up with this?

  15. Jacqy says:

    My phone is T-Mobile gs4, and i guess it is rooted since i can open GO Backup Pro. If i open SuperSU, it say su binary is outdated, and when i DL latest SuperSU from the market, it says it can’t find binary. I fixed it by DL Busybox. Now, my only complaint is that it is so slow when navigating through root apps. My Samsung Tass, which has much slower processor, takes seconds navigating through GO Backup menus, while GS4 takes at least a minute, often screen going black with flickering status bar. Any idea what causes this slowness?

    • Jacqy says:

      What a stressful moment!! After all, my phone is NOT rooted using this method. I did some searching on xda forum, and learned that SuperSU is having some issues with su binary, so this method MAY NOT work well with GS4, at least T-Mobile variant.

      I’m unrooting right now to go with MotoChopper method. Hope this helps somebody else.

      • Jacqy says:

        Ok, so in the end, i got my phone rooted!!
        My phone is T-mobile GS4, and i’m writing this to confirm that TWRP method works.
        I’m just going to simplify the process here so you’ll catch more easily.

        1) Download ODIN and Samsung driver if you haven’t got them yet.
        2) Open ODIN, and flash TWRP (Read the comment above about taking battery out)
        3) Copy SuperSU and stock kernel to the phone (doesn’t matter whether it’s internal or external SD, just copy them where you can easily find). At the end of the article, Lee explains about T-mobile and where to get stock kernel.
        4) Go to TWRP recovery mode, and flash the stock kernel FIRST. When it’s done, DO NOT restart yet, but go ahead and flash SuperSU. At the time of writing this comment, SuperSU v1.25 is the latest, so make sure you get that version.
        5) After you flash both files, restart and your phone should be rooted.

        The details of how to do these steps above are already explained in the article. I just wanted to point out that Lee said flash the stock kernel from ODIN, but i got lost and i think it’s easier to flash through TWRP. Just to make things clear, if you successfully flash the SetUID stock kernel, go to Setting -> About device, and the Kernel version will say “matt@batakang #2” there.

        Billy Qiu, i haven’t tried CWM method, but i personally recommend TWRP method because you can flash SuperSU app, which seems to be the successor to Superuser app. When i went through MotoChopper method, it installed Superuser by CWM, which like i said, may not be supported any more. Also, in TWRP recovery mode, you can backup ROM, which can save you if you brick your phone.

        • Bobo says:

          I have tried your way , unfortunately -no luck at all.Put all the files on the external SD card. When flashing SetUID stock kernel there was an error and the phone reboots immediately after that ,before I was able to flash SuperSU. I’m gonna wait for something more efficient

  16. Steve says:

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out. I followed all of the directions in the OP to a tea. I get the PASS! message in Odin, but when I try to boot into recovery, i get a “No Command” error and it boots into Android system recovery. Does anyone know what might be happening here? Thanks for your help!

  17. Radha says:

    ok. I flashed with odin and TWRP Recovery. I put the CWM-SuperSU-v0.99 in the download folder in my phone all as instructed. I have to pull the battery after success in odin to get the TWRP as instructed. When I opened SU I have the message that the binaries were outdated and when I clicked update I received an error message with failure. What I did to get root is to remove SU by going to app drawer and menu and selecting uninstall and uninstalled it. then put the file SetUIDRestrictRemovedKernel in the download folder and go to the TWRP by pressing the vol up+power+middle button and select install and install it from there then re-installed SU and reboot. After that I opened SU and get the message about the binaries and I clicked update and it updated fine. I opened Titanium backup and it asked me for root access and I granted and titanium said that it has root access. I have Galaxy S4 from T-mobile with the update UVUAMDL. Hope it helps. Thanks for the post.

    • ramalex says:

      *Solved – there is no SU binary*

      Thanks Radha, that helped with my Canadian Rogers Galaxy S4 SGH-i337M using openrecovery-twrp-

      I got the ‘there is no SU binary’ message and tried some of the other suggestions but ended up in the same place each time.

      I uninstalled the SU update that I downloaded from GPlay. The regular SU didn’t have an uninstall option so I just left it. Searched Google for SetUIDRestrictRemovedKernel and copied it to my phone. Then followed the rest of your instructions (vol_up+middle button+power to get into TWRP, install SetUIDRestrictRemovedKernel, re-installed SU and reboot).

      After that SU behaved and I was able to install the update from GPlay. Titanium backup now works properly. Hopefully this will help some other Rogers Canada S4 users!

      • Shari says:

        So now that I have tried to set up the phone, the link that i used )in the above reply) isn’t working quite right. Everything seems to be ok except the Wi-fi will not turn on, so I have no wi-fi on the new phone. When I tried to update the firmware to 5.0 in kies, which is what came on the phone yesterday, kies is telling me that the 4.2.2 is the latest version of firmware and it will not update me to 5.0. Sooooo, I am at a loss for what to do now. I NEED my wi-fi to work on this phone.

        My son got the same phone that I did yesterday. Is there a way to make a stockware backup of his firmware and put it into my phone? So that his phone would be duplicated on mine? I never should have put that SetUIDRestrictRemovedKernel – that is what bricked my phone and it still is giving me an error at startup in the top left corner, “kernal is not SEANDROID enforcing” in red, then in yellow it says “set warranty bit kernel”…. and it takes forever for the phone to restart 🙁 Can anyone help me get my phone back to working order? I don’t even care about rooting it at this moment… just want it back to what it was before I tried to root….

  18. NeilTDavid says:

    If you have the updated ROM, you have to first UNCHECK reboot, install CWM or TWRP from ODIN, and after it says success, PULL the phone battery, and DO NOT reboot it. Put the battery back in, hold up, home button, and power, and ONLY release power when the blue text appears at the upper left corner. Only then will install the custom recovery.

    Then when you reboot (exit) from this recovery, choose the option to disable stock recovery.

  19. shijin says:

    Hi after rooting with this method i plug my T mobile S4 into my computer and its not detecting at all. Help please

  20. Radha says:

    Hi, I rooted with this method and I think all was well but I have found some apps that don’t work. I frozen t-mobile tv and tmobile id only. I have the stop working of S-voice, chrome, text-to-speech and dropbox don’t work if I transfer the update to internal memory using titanium backup. Anyone has any of this problems? Thanks

    • Max Lee says:

      Rooting by itself shouldn’t be the root of those problems I think. Make sure you are not restoring system apps when using Titanium Backup app.

      • Radha says:

        Thanks for reply. Titanium backup has a function to “integrate updates of system apps into ROM” which I have done in the past and they worked fine in GS3. You may be correct because I integrated Dropbox and it did not work but if I convert it to user app, it worked. Any ideas or should be something to be check with the developer of the titanium backup. Thanks again for all you help. I have rooted in the past my galaxy s3 also with your instructions. sorry for the double post.

        • JohnA says:

          Can anybody help me. I have tried everything but I cannot get my Galaxy S4 GT-19505 with firmware XXUAMDM rooted. I have followed everything in the post including pulling the battery when it installs and manually rebooting it. The SU app appears in my app drawer but keeps telling me that ‘there is no SU binary and Super SU cannot install it’. I tried Titanium and Root Checker too, so I know its not rooted. I am pretty inexpierienced at this and could really do with some help……

  21. Radha says:

    Thanks for reply. Titanium backup has a function to “integrate updates of system apps into ROM” which I have done in the past and they worked fine in GS3. You may be correct because I integrated Dropbox and it did not work but if I convert it to user app, it worked. Any ideas or should be something to be check with the developer of the titanium backup. Thanks again for all you help. I have rooted in the past my galaxy s3 also with your instructions.

    • Max Lee says:

      Yeah I usually turn those off in Preferences or just restore non-system apps, they can cause some havoc especially when switching ROMs.

      • Radha says:

        ok. Maybe I did not explain myself clearly. after update some system app like lets say Maps or Gmail I usually run the process to integrate these updates to those system apps into the rom to save the space for use. If I don’t do that I will have space wasting in the rom with the same app in the sd. if I integrate them I move the app to rom and free the sd.

  22. Radha says:

    I have another problem here. I have a sd card that I used in my galaxy s3 with not problem. The card can’t be read in the galaxy s4. I have format this card in the computer and in the galaxy s3 since I can’t access it in S4. only get a message saying “card can be removed”. I know this is not the place to ask this but maybe you have an idea about it. Thanks

    • Radha says:

      I can confirm that this rooting process prevent to use a 64GB sd card, 32GB was fine, maybe the installation of the file SetUIDRestrictRemovedKernel did this. After having this problem I unroot with the method in this site and the card was recognized by this phone, before the card always worked in my galaxy s3 and the computer. Then I rooted again with this method and I have the same message “card can be removed” and the card can’t be read. I unrooted again and the card came back. Can this be fixed? I have T-mobile S4 with the update UVUAMDL. Thanks

  23. Drakesilver says:

    Hi There,

    I got my S4 1,5 weeks ago in the Netherlands. It’s a GT-I9505 with I9505XXUAME2 version (latest update). I have followed all instructions. Installed the software via Odin, also Super user is installed via TWRP. But i cannot update Binary in Super user. My phone is still not rooted.

    I got my phone without contract and i have a sim only card. I have no carrier boot logo or something.

    Is this way of rooting working for I9505XXUAME2 version?

    I am open for any suggestions.

    • Winokkio says:


      I have the same phone and same firmware, no carrier, just sim. I got my phone in Belgium (so we could speak Dutch to eachother, but I’ll keep this post in English so other people can follow it). Anayway, I have exactly the same problem. TWRP is installed but the phone is not rooted. I tried to update SuperSu but this does not work and SuperSu reports a problem. I do not even seem to be able to uninstall SuperSu.
      Up to now I have not yet found a method to root the phone, but I keep on looking. If I find a way to solve the problem I will inform you. It would be great if you could do the same for me.

      thanks to anyone for help


  24. sebastian says:

    I get the signature verification fail every time i flash a zip , can you help? I’m still not rooted !

  25. Drakesilver says:

    Good news for people who have an S4 and updated OTA from Samsung. Yes.. Its possible to get root access.

    First i want to thank the GalaxyS4ROOT website for giving me allot of information regarding rooting of the S4. Like is said in the video in this post, some people are having allot of issues rooting the S4 after updating to 4.2.2 ( XXUAMDM/MDN/ME2 versions.

    Myself i got a I9505XXUAME2 (baseband version). And it works like a scharm.. So have you got a I9505 model with MDM/MDN/ME2? Then proceed. 🙂

    Visit XDA on following:

    Enjoy your rooted S4! 🙂

    If you have questions, please email me.

    • Winokkio says:


      Sorry, I did not see you posted this after your previous post.
      I have read the posts on the link you provided. This mentions, at the top, a pre-rooted rom OR the use of CF-Autoroot.
      However, a little bit furhter in the post, in the section “I – How to root”, I only see the method for the CF Autoroot.
      Anyway, I downloaded the Autoroot-mdr5 file through the proovided link, but when unpacking I get a CRC error, this file seems to be corrupted. I tried the dowload + extraction up to 3 times !!! Same error every time.
      Did you use this file or did you somehow manage to install this pre-rooted official rom ? If so, where is it and where can I find the procedure ?
      Thanks for helping me get my S4 rooted !
      I appreciate it 🙂

      Best regards

  26. player90247 says:

    I have achieved root on Tmobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 and updated SU binaries! I had to improvise a bit after Odin, I could not copy CWM-SU zip file into the phone. Turned off the phone> removed microsd> copied CWM-SU zip file onto the root of microsd> installed microsd into phone> boot into recovery> install> tap storage> select “microsd”> go back > flash> reboot> then you have achieved root!

    • Radha says:

      Did you applied the update before rooting and if so, did you tried a 64GB to see if it is recognized. A 32GB is regognized but not 64GB. thanks

  27. sog says:

    Alright ive fixed my 64Gb SD Card After i Rooted my galaxy S4 the error “SD card can be removed” here is how:

    1. Ive downloaded HPSUBDisk here is the link
    2. right click on it and run as administrator ( I used usb adapter for micro sd card ):
    a. on the device select your sd card
    b. file system : select FAT32 and do a quick format
    3. then insert your sd card in the phone
    4. power it off and go into recovery mode ( Valume Up + home + power )
    5. once you in recovery select wipe and then check SD card then wipe it (after it wipes it does some portitions…shouldnt be long)
    6. reboot your device to system
    7. I hope it will work like it did for me))))))))))))))))))

  28. Mike says:

    hey all,
    I have the usc SCH-R970 and it looks like the OTA update also locked it as well. I can download and run odin and it says it successful but when i go to boot into the recover it still has the stock andriod recovery instead of the twrp recovery.

    • trav says:

      i guess i hit the wrong reply link. oops.
      i have the same r970. the battery trick will get it to work, but am having problems with the binary. wont install so not rooted. still working on it.

  29. Desu says:

    Hey, so I have the european/german version GT-I9505 and the Basebandversion is I9505XXUAMDM.
    Will this root method work for my S4?
    Would really appreciate an answer, thanks!

  30. stabio says:

    I found solution for problem with binary. I will try describe thit tonight.

  31. Maeiky says:

    Bricked phone!
    I have the Canadian version (sgh-i337m) from Bell.
    I have done all the steps to root my phone and flash with “openrecovery-twrp-” with PDA button then it FAIL. I remove the battery, and now my S4 wont boot anymore with This message : Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.
    I can access to the download mode, but if I try to flash again the “openrecovery-twrp-” I get this :
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:25)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    There is no PIT partition.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    On the top of screen it say: WRITE PROTECTION: Enable


    • Maeiky says:

      I FOUND the solution !!!!!

      I thought there was no hope
      I read a a lot of forum
      I tried it one last time and then worked !

      That’s what I did, one or more of these things makes it work:
      -I changed the micro usb cable to the original Samsung one
      -I plugged the cable directly into the usb3.0 port behind computer instead of my hub
      -I rename the file to “flash.tar”

      Once started in Download mode I used Odin v3.07 and chosen my PDA file “flash.tar”, then I click start and I got:

      Odin v.3 engine (ID: 27) ..
      File analysis ..
      SetupConnection ..
      Initialzation ..
      Get PIT for mapping ..
      Firmware update start ..
      NAND Write Start!
      RES OK!
      Remain Port …. 0
      All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

      Then, I successful rooted and everything works, I’m so happy 🙂

      • Max Lee says:

        Actually you didn’t have to rename the file, just flash it again if you get that Kies error mode but good job you figured it out anyways! 🙂

  32. trav says:

    its still the binary update that keeps failing for me. no error code or anything.

  33. Deck says:

    Ok. I am having the same issues that a lot of people with T Mobile a r e having. TWRP is installed and works. But the su binary update fails. I am using the R970 variant of US Cellular. How do I fix it. I’m guessing it will as to do with the locked kernel. Any fix for this

    • sbanodge says:

      Im having the same exact issue. Any work around available for the little folks of us cellular?!?

    • Bob says:

      I was having the same issue and stumbled upon a way to fix. When SuperSU wasn’t working right because of the binaries, I decided to flash over it with a different superuser zip file. That superuser app replaced SuperSU, but didn’t work either. So, I downloaded the new binaries for Super SU listed in a different reply on here straight to the phone. ……..I flashed this new zip file and the Super SU is working fine and the phone is rooted. Hopefully this helps…

      • Tarek says:

        Now THIS has worked at all. And finally! Thanks!!
        I was facing the same problems reported by other colleagues about SuperSU not updating or not finding the binaries, etc, etc

        1 Download SuperSU v1.30 using the link kindly provided by Bob
        2 Flash it using TWRP and reboot the phone using this option in TWRP menu
        3 Run SuperSU after the phone boots up – in my case it didn’t asked for an update from GooglePlay, but instead it has mentioned the option to update itself using TWRP – so I clicked in that option and it has updated itself automatically by rebooting the phone, entering TWRP recovery, flashing the new version of SuperSU, rebooting again and it was done! (automatically!)

        Installed Titanium backup and confirmed my S4 LTE (Brazil) as rooted!

        Thanks guys

  34. Deck says:

    btw I have the vxuamdl kernel. Help asap. Thanks.

  35. stabio says:

    YEAH!!!! Install new SuperSU from google play store. Binary has been updated for new samsung firmware and workink perfect. Good luck and be happy with rooted phone 🙂

  36. Ooops says:


    French I9505 baseband I9505XXUAMDN version here.
    I did everything in the tutorial until the very end and I had trouble with Super SU who didn’t want to update and root doesn’t seem to work. I didn’t really understand what happened with Titanium, so I installed “Root checker” and it said “system is very slow, blablabla” and never actually asked for su rights. I tried to update Super SU though the PLay store and now when I lauch it it says “there is not SU binary installed”. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? I’d be most grateful.

  37. Lito says:

    I’m running Canadian s4 with fido rooted via motochopper. I followed all steps to install twrp recovery via goomanager but it freezes when I boot into recovery on the team win boot page. Any ideas on what I did wrong?

    • Lito says:

      I also tried flashing the twrp via odin and still the same problem i get to the team win page and it does nothing.

  38. Desu says:

    So, should I root my S4 with default stuff on it? I mean with a new fresh system?
    Or can I root it while having all my data on it?
    And if so, does this delete all of my data?

  39. kenshiro says:

    For all of you who has problems with SuperSu: Just replace the supersu that Lee suggest in step 4 with this one: and it will work.

  40. bobo says:

    Hello everybody , Confirm that TWRP method works on my T-Mobile Galaxy S4 with UVUAMDL firmware. The thing that I did differently than before are:
    – Use Windows 7
    – When you are in Odin UNCHECK Auto Reboot
    -When you see “PASS” unplug the cable , take off the battery and put it back.
    Good luck to all of you.
    Just in case here is the link to the site that I used

  41. Kenney says:

    So for anybody that needs help this will!! So I have the T mobile version M919. I did the OTA update not knowing myself it would lock the kernel. Soooo I spent a long time reading and found that this method does work with the ODIN flashing of TWRP …but….in the tutorial it doesn’t state that you should keep the reboot option in ODIN off but you should…..which if you keep it on it won’t keep the recovery.

    Turn that option off, then Flash the TWRP recovery, then unplug the device, then take the battery out, put in back in, then Press Up + Home button + Power button till you see the Samsung logo with some blue script in the top left corner then let go. It should boot into the TWRP recovery. Then just locate the zip folder SetUIDRestrictRemovedKernel and install it. Once you do that then locate and flash the CWM-SuperSU-v0.99 . Once you do all that just reboot the phone. there you go.

  42. Tinna Hjortsberg says:

    First thanks for a superb tutorial, easy to understand even for a noob like me :p
    However I can’t get past the 12 point (picture)

    I do get the small blue text i the left top corner but when I let go of all the buttons i get a small menu instead of like you the 13’th step.
    Cant you tell me why and / or what to do?

    Thank you
    Tinna Hjortsberg

    • Tinna Hjortsberg says:

      by the way my phone is a galaxy s4 GT-I9505 :p

      • Tinna Hjortsberg says:

        Okay i tried ti do like kenney in the thread above me.
        It worked fine i got to the end but i still says that it’s not rooted, any ideas why?

      • kenney says:

        I think this is why. My method works for the restricted kernal method that was put in place cause of tmobile and there OTA Over The Air update. So im not a guru 🙂 but I think that is why

  43. Oscar says:

    I have a sprint sph-l720. I did the root and everything is working great. I I’m on version L720VPUAMDC. Will lose root if I do an system upgrade? Should I just stay with my current software version and ignore the updates? My first Samsung coming from a long line of HTC phones. Thanks for the help!

  44. Shayan says:

    Hi i have a promlem !!!!
    Every thing is ok but when i tap on SuperSU and when it want to update the binary said Installation failed !!
    Plz Help !!!!

  45. Jesse says:

    I follow the instructions fine, but, the phone doesn’t do anything past the “Recovery booting…” screen, it just stays there seemingly endlessly. I’ve got a Canadian/Bell Galaxy S4, it was purchased about a week ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Also tried the battery removal trick to no avail.

  46. Paul says:

    i have the canedian s4 1337m everyting worked perfectly whit odin but we i try to load it wiht Power off your phone then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, it doesent load the twrp like on the video…
    plz help me out

  47. K. Callis says:

    Of course there is the pain in the a** type user… Has anyone been able to use Heimdall (open source version of Odin) to install TWRP. I am using the SCH-R970 from US Cellular. I do all thing under Linux (Ubuntu to be exact and specifically 13.04) and would rather do the install on my machine as opposed to fighting my 8 year old son to use his netbook. My son is like Charlton Heston in regards to his netbook… Something about prying his netbook from his cold dead hands.

    Please give a shout is this at all possible!

    • Russano says:

      I’ve got an SGH-M919, and was able to use Heimdall to flash TWRP wihtout issue. Basically, unpack the tar file and use Heimdall to flash the resulting recovery.bin file.

      At step 5, unzip the file as it says, then extract the recovery.bin file from the tarball. Use the command: tar xvf openrecovery-twrp-

      Then, for steps 6-9, instead of running Odin, use Heimdall from the commandline. Use the command: heimdall flash –recovery recovery.bin

      Proceed to step 10 to reboot and finish the installation. (Note that I also found that I had to use TWRP to then flash a custom kernel to fix the T-Mobile SUID issue as per the FAQ.)

      I run Arch Linux, but those commands should work on any flavor of Linux/Mac that Heimdall can be installed on.

      Possibly related…For some reason I cannot seem to use the Up-Home-Power combo to get into recovery, but adb reboot recovery works once the phone has finished booting up.

  48. gabe says:

    when i extract the

    openrecovery-twrp- it still shows it as a zip file. and i get a recovery.img file then when i try to run odin it never gets past this Get PIT for mapping..
    what a, i doing wrong

  49. gabe says:

    i got the odin file to work and it flashed and said passed and rebooted when i put the supersu on my phone then boot holding volume up home botton and power botton i get the blue words “recovery boot” after that i get the little android guy and it says no command and looks nothing like the recovery boot you had in the video. can you help me at all?

  50. Axel says:

    Need help! I managed to get TWRP recovery installed through pulling the battery and flashed the superSU files like it said in the tutorial, but when I try to update the superSU binaries it says “update failed” and I can’t use apps that require root access, nor can I remove SuperSU since it’s listed as a system app. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  51. Axel says:

    GT-I9505, baseband version I9505XXUBMF5

  52. Andy says:

    Hi Mxx,

    Thanks for all what u do, very informative and detailed. I tried to root my S4 SGH-i337M with Rogers using the Motochopper method, but unfortunately unsuccessful, it gets stuck at ” * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * [*] Device not found . I look forward to ur newsletter and will keep digging until I get it done.

    Thanks again.


  53. deeman2k4 says:

    Max I rooted my tmobile galaxy s4 and everything is fine except for now for some reason I can no longer transfer files with my usb cable. It only will charge when I connect it to my computer but it doesn’t detect it so I can transfer files. Please help.

  54. james.wood says:

    hey it’s important to remember to use a samsung cable for this…..

  55. and.hmr says:

    Hey! Thanks for the guide. I have a huge problem though. Since USB Mass Storage is only available AFTER root, how do I get the damn CWM SuperSu into my SDCARD? Or do i really have to use another device (currently not an option) to get a single file into my phone…

    Otherwise the guide seems to work fine.

    • Max Lee says:

      usb mount works regardless of root, before or after. if you have trouble use a microsd card or use airdroid app from play store.

      • clinton says:

        i got all this:
        – Flash the TWRP recovery,
        – unplug the device, then take the battery out, put in back in,
        – Press Up + Home button + Power button till you see the Samsung logo with some blue script in the top left corner then let go. It should boot into the TWRP recovery.

        problem is it won’t boot into TWRP recovery, it just goes into the regular boot up…any ideas?

        Bell Galaxy S4 I337M
        Build Number: JDQ39.I337MVLUAMG1
        Kernel Version: 3.4.0-897376

        i also tried the Motochopper method with no results.
        any ideas?
        thanks alot!

        • Max Lee says:

          Try the battery pull method, see FAQ on this page.

          • clinton says:

            Yes I did pull the battery like I said in my post.. tried it 4 times :/

            • Max Lee says:

              Keep trying you are not doing it fast enough, pull the battery as soon as its done.

              • clinton says:

                Ok success..sort of. I tried a bunch more times now I have root!
                BUT! Big problem now, my 64gb microSD card won’t stay mounted now!! I tried my card in my friends S4 and he can read it . Card is readable on PC but when ever I try to mount it it automatically unmounts and gives the notification ‘SD card safe to remove’. I tried a 8gb microSD card it works, I bought a new 64GB microSD today and I get the same error where it won’t mount. I was using this card perfectly fine before the root :/

                • clinton says:

                  well i installed cyanogenmod rom to my s4 and now it reads the 64GB SD card again. i do miss some of my samsung/touchwiz apps/interface though…
                  is there a way to root the stock from i got the link from this site, before flashing back to the stock rom?

  56. Stu says:

    Worked first go on my GT-I9505 from Australia. Bye bye to the zombie phone from those “geniuses” we shan’t mention!!!

    Thanks for the tutorial Max.


  57. Steve Levesque says:

    Hello, I need help,

    – boot into TWRP recovery
    – I Install with no error and exact same message as on the tutoral screenshoot.
    – reboot, and start SU app.
    – Got message: The SU binary needs to be updated, continue?
    – After select OK and see quickly a packing installation ongoing, I got the error message: Installation failed !

    Also now, When starting Titanium Backup pro, the application stuck on message: Asking for root rights… like if the phone is not returning the answer to the APP and app is waiting.

    Bell Galaxy S4 I337M
    Build Number: JDQ39.I337MVLUAMG1
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0-897376
    (same as clinton just two post below, who sucess)

    Any ideas?
    Note : The Motochopper method is not working for me either…

    • Steve Levesque says:

      I solved my problem by :

      – Go in SuperSU and remove check in: Enable SuperUser
      – boot into TWRP recovery again
      – installed the lastest SuperSU version: (found on official Chainfire site)
      – Reboot device and ROOT ACCESS is now WORKING 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Good luck to everyone !

    • Max Lee says:

      you can also update supersu app from play store after flashing supersu zip file.

      • Steve Levesque says:

        Hello MAX, I had tried many times to update from play store, but in my case it was not working. The only solution was to flash directly while in TWRP the lastest version of superSU.

  58. s4 says:

    I need help…… I can’t rooting my Samsung s4. I got error help plzz

  59. File help says:

    So i rooted with this. It works perfectly. But i have made backups of my data using the TWRP screen. When i plug into my computer or access my files from my phone even using esexplorer root i cant seem to find these backups. It says the space is used but when i try to find the folder and highlight all of them it only say 1.1 gigs are used instead of the 9 gigs. What can i do? Is there a specific folder? Theres a cloclworkwork mod folder but it says empty. Please help

  60. Brian says:

    I get a “Fail” after I select the twrp file and click “start”

    I followed the instructions all the way up to that point.

  61. chris says:

    device : android 4.2.2 samsung galaxy S4 active GT-19295
    so i have a android but i can’t find ANY android root hacks i tried 5 or 6 or more roots but none of them work .
    can anyone test this on the samsung active device , or do you know any others that work mottechoper doesnt work and also geohot his thing does not work . any ideas ?

  62. Muchacha says:

    I’m stuck in a bootloader and when I do the factory wipe, I get a “failed!” error when it’s doing partition. I have the Canadian s4.

  63. mickeyjaydee says:

    Where can I get a walkthrough and links to the necessary software like this but using OS X as opposed to windows?

  64. jim louie says:

    i cannot get lte speed from the i9505 after root and installing the wicked rom vs 5.1, tmobile is telling me that this unlocked version is not compatible to their lte network? is that true?

  65. hank yan says:

    hi, i have t mobile s4, sgh m919. how do i have the phone display in Chinese language, the phone doesn’t have chinese available through language & input.

  66. John P says:

    Does anyone know of a root for Galaxy S4 model: SGH-1337Z?
    I am a beginner when it comes to rooting. However, I can follow directions to a t. So far, I find programs for every model except mine. Suggestions/recomendations?

  67. Walter Douglas says:

    I have Sprint MDL firmware and I was able to root my galaxy s4 using this method. I was wondering if I could replace the kernel without the Set UID restriction with Chronic Kernel?

  68. Walter Douglas says:

    Is this using a Rom or not and if so is it de-odexed or odexed? because I saw the article on how to enable Hotspot on sprint and I’m not sure if i should get the odexed or de-odexed file for the process. Also how do I find out if my current galaxy s4 rom is odexed or de-odexed (for future purposes)?

  69. Lee says:

    Have a i9505 t-Mobile and followed instructions but when trying to boot in to TWRP I end up in Android System Recovery (3e) tiny blue menu in the top left corner with an android image in the middle with a red triangle with an exclamation mark. Not the GUI you show in the screen shots?

    I tried using the CWM instead but no joy?

  70. Isabel Marant Sneakers says:

    Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this site.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that
    “perfect balance” between usability and visual appearance.
    I must say that you’ve done a great job with this. Also, the blog loads extremely fast
    for me on Safari. Outstanding Blog!

  71. Sobe says:

    Thank you so much, especially for that essential tip about removing the battery if you don’t see TWRP!!!! That has been my problem all along! Thanks!

  72. Ed says:

    Im on step ten it says copy onto anywhere on your s4. my phone is plugged in and im looking in my computer but there are no files there. whats gone wrong?????

  73. alex says:

    hi guys im not sure if this was asnwered or not.. but i have a s4 from fido canadian edition.. 1337m.
    i have tried this method but it just hangs on the when odin flashes the twrp and doesnt do anything else .. then i have to pull the battery to restart..
    ihave also tried the motochopper method it does the whole process but fails right where in the commad promot where
    its suppose to say succesful..(i know this based on vids i wattched)..

    also do i need to do some sort of unlock before i root.. ??? the phone is currently locked to the provider.
    if i need to unlock is there different kind of unlock ? like sim or network unlocckc or a system unlock like bootloader or somethingn.. sorry if im not familiar.. i have only rooted a s3 and that worked beautifuly mind u it was unlocked..
    really appriciated the help if you ccan ..

    thanks in advance .. alex..

  74. Keczanm says:


    I’ve followed the steps, but first time I flashed my old S3-s TWRP.
    After that, I’ve flashed the correct one, but when I try to boot to recovery I get the blue message but under it there is a red text saying: “Recovery is not seandroid enforcing”.
    So I cant even get to the recovery. BTW the phone works correctly. Any idea pls?


  75. Andyman says:

    Just a quick question as I cannot find the answer for the life of me! How do I update TWRP from 2.5.0 to 2.6.3? I cannot find an answer anywhere. Goo Manager does not show “OpenRecoveryScript” as an option in menu. I was giong to do the whole process over with Odin – is that ok? if so can i just flash the new TWRP over the old?

    AS you mentioned you should have the newest TWRP – but there is no instructions on how to do so.

    Plese help.

    Samsung S4 – Canadian SGH-i337

  76. Look At This says:

    You’ve one of the better websites.

  77. ron says:

    As usual you are always giving the best information for rootning… I have followd you with
    gs3, htc one x and gs4….
    Great work,,,

  78. Darrell says:

    Hi i used your method to root galaxy s4 but seems that super su has no binaries to update and will not allow titanium to have root access . Was wondering if there is another way or work around in order to fix?

  79. Buddy says:

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for all the postings. I am new to android. I tried to root my GS4 by following your method. With both CF auto and TWRP Odin says pass. But this doesn’t give me root and when try to boot in to recovery it keeps going to stock ROM. When I read the thread it said something regarding SElinux status which is set to enforcing in my phone. Every time I try to start superuser there is a warning stating that samsung security have stopped superuser.
    This is defeating the purpose of me changing to adnroid as I can’t customise my phone

    Anyone please advice how to get around this problem… so far no joy feel like going back to apple… Help
    Following is my build number and kernel information
    Model i9505
    Adnroid version 4.2.2
    Baseband i9505ZHUDMI7
    Kernel 3.4.0-1371094 se.infra@R0303-12#1
    Build JDQ39.I9505ZHUDMI7
    SELinux enforcing
    Any advice is greatly appreciated….
    Thanks in advance

  80. mike t says:

    OK, i get a pass on my s4 from ODIN. but when i have to hold up center and power, i get the blue text, but then immediately powers down… what am i doing wrong?

  81. Indiras says:

    HELP. Ok, I’ve done this before and it worked for me. I did this before and went to 4.4 kitkat. I didnt like it much and came back to 4.2.2. as if it was a brand new phone. Now I tried to root it again but when i try and open SuperSU. it says “There is no SU binary installed. and superSU cannot install it. This is a problem!” …I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked this before plenty of times. haha. what do I do from here ? the way, your videos are awesome ! Helped me do everything. Thanks!

  82. Jude says:

    When i came to the part where i need to open supersu near the end i get this message : unfortunately, Supersus
    has stopped and a knox message telling me that this app is basically blockedby knox !

  83. JAMES says:

    If u cant updated the su binaries look for the latest super su zip and install that one.It wont ask to update the su.Btw if u cant get to the recovery and your phone shows a dead android at recovery mode,remove your battery after odin says pass and then press the button combination to get to cwm recovery

  84. Andreas Kapitzis says:

    Hello to everyone. Just got a US cellular sch r970. I live In Athens Greece. Will this unlock the phone so that it will work with European gsm 900/1800 or am I stuck with a phone that’s useless to me? 🙂 Thanks

    • Radha says:

      Hi, No, this process won’t unlock your phone to be used with other carrier. This is “root” to gain access to admin the phone further than regular user. Maybe you can unlock it using one of the services online. I am not sure with your phone.

      • Andreas Kapitzis says:

        Thanks for the reply. But since it changes the modem to that of I9505 , doesn’t that change the baseband too and the modem to a global or European version?

        • Radha says:

          Ah, you got me…. lol. I am not an expert on this but I have rooted at about my latest 6 phones in the past 6 years and also I have unlocked them. The root have never unlocked my phones. I have unlocked them through my phone company or paid online for the service. I remember when I bought my Nexus One, it came unlocked from Google but it was not rooted, I did that later. Hope it helps but I can’t help you further. Sorry, good luck

          • Andreas Kapitzis says:

            Thanks for all the replies bro 🙂
            This phone model is locked from Samsung from working in European gsm baseband that’s why I asked .

            Hope someone else too may be able to shed some light to this

  85. Rob says:

    Hi admin,

    I was able to root my phone after trying the pull-out-the-battery method 10x+ but once I rebooted my phone, I received this notice saying “unauthorized access to a secured area has been blocked etc.” I read from some forums that it was about KNOX update. I’ve tried everything I’ve read on the forums to bypass this and disabled the knox but it didn’t help me. Do you have any solutions for this? Thank you.

    PS – newb here.

  86. Måns says:


    If you are unable of updating your binary. Try download the latest superSU from here; and to the exact same as the guide suggest. Hope this works.


  87. GUILLE says:

    just wanted to say thnxs for your help my friend…!

    device: S4 GT-I9508 running on 4.3 stock ZMUEMK6 + K 3.4.0-2106452

    your illustrated instructions are da best around and da feedback on this thread also contributed to successfully run google play store (credit: Marrk Daviid) but flashed with CMW (credit: Trueandroid ents) and device is running swiftly…

  88. Jason Lim says:

    i have the su app but when I accept the installation of binary it says failed to install please help. anyone.

  89. elad says:

    hi, I did everything by the Guide you posted, And everything worked as it should…
    But after I install CWM SuperSU zip and reboot the system i to open SuperSU in my app drawer and it not open
    (Cell phone jammed and he goes to the main screen) so i try to Upgrade the app for google store and the when i try to open the app is said “there is no su binary installed, and supersu cannot install it. this is a problem!”
    what to do?

  90. tim says:

    I already have my phone rooted, but would like to install TWRP recovery. does anyone know if this will work on sprint S4 triband SPH-L720T?

  91. Jari says:

    hey there,

    I rooted my sgs4 GT-I9505 today, but it’s getting pretty hot. not so hot that I can’t touch it, but around the camera area it’s not completely normal. is this something with my CPU? I didn’t overclock it.. is there something I can do about it, or is it harmless

  92. Mortal1 says:

    i have a sprint galaxy s4 running 4.4.2 baseband = L720VPUFNAE. i tried the rooting method that you had in your video and nothing came of it. i ran the odin 3 times and it said that it passed all 3 times and when i went in to recovery mode (and yes i tried pulling the battery out immediately as soon as it said “PASS” as you suggested to someone else) in which all 3 times it has said “no command”. i did everything that was instructed and i still have no root. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! help me in this time of need. if you need more info on the phone please email me


    I HAVE ROOTED MY S4 I9500 4.4.2 XXUFNC1

  94. RDL says:

    Hey all – followed the instructions for rooting and all of it works (to a point). I have the TMO Galaxy S4 SGH-M919UVUEMK2 running stock Android 4.3.

    After the PASS msg on ODIN, I did have to pop out the battery after I was done, in order to see the TWRP recovery (I was seeing the stock recovery). After that, I was able to get it to run.

    The next thing I experienced is that I was unable to get the SuperSU to run, since KNOX was preventing it from running. You should go to the Play Store and UPDATE the SuperSU application (it should already be on your phone since you flashed it). Update and then you need to disable KNOX. I used this link to do it (via the Android Terminal Method – the others didn’t work)

    Trick is to know that the su command is separate from the disable command (if your tech savvy, you will get it). Here is another link to basically the same information:

    Once you disable KNOX, you should be able to run SuperSU now and it will install the necessary binaries to bring your phone to root access. After that, you can test your root process by using Titantium Backup.


  95. Joe says:

    Hello Max
    is there a solution for the t-mobile M919UVUFNB4 build? i want to root but not sure if there’s a UIDRestrictRemovedKernel available for that build. please help Max

  96. Alikoy says:

    My SuperSU won’t wok into my GS4 GT-I9505XXUFNBE,
    pls do help.
    everytime i copied it to my s4 then after reboot,
    it says. Upgrading Android, then SuperSU have stopped.

  97. jess says:

    I got given a Samsung s4 gti-9058 so from china I was wondering if anyone can tell me a way to jail break it or root it to make it like a normal Samsung s4 I have tired anything I could find and no luck thank you

  98. Dipak says:

    Hi i have the galaxy s4 GT-i9505 running android 4.4.2 stock.
    This will work method ???

  99. NB says:

    Hay, Love youre work by the way friendly fun clear and complete works. BUT!! SuperSU no longer has binaries…this is a problem you will need to re root this manually – Plz see the forums…

    So yeh both CWM and TWRP are no good if both use the CWM SuperSU zip..

    Ive gotta Sprint 720 btw… um..NG2 firmware…4.4.2



  100. lalu says:

    one of my friend gifted me a S4 I9508 which is completely in chinese. i have tried to root it but still not able to make it as normal S4. i want to make it english version. i would be appreciated if you please guide me to wipe out everything and make it as complete English version. i did factory reset & root but still the main system is in chinese…another point is Google play store closes immediately when i try to open.

    Pls advise..

  101. Alexandrea Dean says:

    Okay this may sound silly bu to do the “Batter pull out method” or whatever, do I need to repeat steps 1-3?

    • Alexandrea Dean says:

      Okay nevermind, obviously, I did that, but now everytime I try to open SuperSU it tells me that SuperSU has stopped, what do?

  102. Jari says:

    since a few days my GT-I9505 fast boots randomly. at first it freezes, then it reboots. I had the issue when it was rooted, but after unrooting it kept on going.. what to do?

  103. pq says:

    When i can get in to twrp recovery, i cant touch install.. the screen is just like freezing..all i can do is reboot the phone…any solutions?

  104. Yehuda M says:

    Will this work on the GT-I9505 running 4.2.2 on XXUDMH5 baseband?

  105. bruno says:

    hi, i am trying to use this method for the Canadian i337M (with Virgin mobile) but didn’t work. Any clue?

  106. Andrew says:

    thank you very much, it worked great for me. heimdall unfortunately did not.

  107. domain says:

    As the admin of this website is working, no hesitation very shortly
    it will be well-known, due to its feature contents.

  108. hazel says:

    max lee, anyone.. my phones s4 19505, is stuck on the “welcome screen” … (samsung galaxy s4 19505) … i have reached step 10… my computer isnt recognizing the phone (odin is) i cant copy the supersu files onto my device!
    any help from anyone!!! i have been stuck all night without getting anywhere!

  109. Bill Roney says:

    I followed instructions exactly & SuperSU won’t open up. It just keeps closing.

  110. Matthew Jasper Lo says:

    hey, I thank you very much. it worked for my phone. I appreciate all your hardwork. God bless you.

  111. David Battistoli says:

    Hi —

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720) running Android 5.0.1 (LRX22C.L720VPUGOD2). No matter WHAT I try, I canNOT get it rooted! The TWRP method doesn’t work, CF-Auto-Root doesn’t work, motochopper doesn’t work… does anyone know of a method that WILL work? I didn’t have ANY problems rooting my 4.4.2 KitKat version, but now that I’m on 5.0.1 Lollipop, I just can’t seem to get it done.



    • Annor says:

      Hello David,

      I got mine to work you would need to go download twrp file and follow the steps here but before you start to flash twrp uncheck everything in the options in odin once done remove the cable and remove the battery once removed place the battery back in and hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together let go when you see blue, red, and yellow colors at the top left corner and you have twrp installed.

  112. alex says:

    hey max…
    i am trying to flash twrp recovery to my samsung galaxy s4 GT-i9505
    and odin shows pass successfully and i pull back out when it shows success but problem is when i reboot into recovery .. the twrp recovery just stuck on its splash screen …

    what is problem what to do ?

  113. abikerider says:

    I tried this method with a Tmobile S4 on 4.4.4 NK2 firmware. I went through all the steps but it looked like knox was keeping SU from running. I ended up using CF Autoroot successfully and then installed TWRP recovery. I hope this helps others on 4.4.4.

  114. Annor says:

    What if im on sprint OD2 lollipop and TWRP wont recognize it once flashed from ODIN.

  115. Alex says:

    GT-I9505, UK, lollipop OS. used TWRP, at reboot stage after SU install, I get the message ROOT PERMISSIONS APPEAR TO BE LOST, there are two options to fix or do not fix, either which way my phone won’t restart afterwards. Please help!

  116. Chris says:

    Hello! I have gt-i9508 and I can’t install Google services. can you help me?

  117. Rob says:

    Hey there,

    I followed everything as stated and everything worked… up to the point of restarting the phone after the SuperSU install. My phone now gets stuck on the boot screen and appears to “boot up” forever.


  118. THIARLYS says:

    preciso de ajuda s4 gt i9505 lillipop nao esta dando certo

  119. Soter Argy says:

    My Galaxy S4 GT-I9505XXUHOA7 Android 5.0.1 Lollipop cannot be rooted with this method. To be more specific tha last step i.e. the download in Restore Mode environment fails.
    Could you kindly give me your help?
    Thank you in advance

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