LiquidSmooth ROM w/ KitKat for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/Sprint/Verizon/GT-i9505]


For those of you looking for the fastest and smoothest AOSP ROM “right now” with latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat along with a TON of customization, look no more than the latest LiquidSmooth ROM.

A multi-carrier custom ROM that can run on any LTE-enabled S4 with Snapdragon 600 processor (that means AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, Sprint, Verizon, and GT-i9505), LiquidSmooth ROM brings you another successfully release of their highly-optimized custom ROM for everyone to enjoy.

The moment you install this ROM, you will see what being “liquid smooth” really is as the ROM literally flies, probably even faster than overclocked GPE ROMs.   Not only speed, LiquidSmooth completes your Android 4.4.2 KitKat experience with a ton of customization you may be used to on Jelly Bean AOSP ROMs.

Overall, LiquidSmooth Team has done it again, they have produced an amazing ROM that runs fast while bringing a great set of customization along with stuff like PIE controls, multi-window, etc…etc…  If you are looking for a good fast Android 4.4.2 KitKat AOSP ROM, definitely give this one a try over the week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download LiquidSmooth ROM with Android 4.4.2 KitKat for Galaxy S4 (for all AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, Sprint, Verizon, and GT-i9505 S4)

Download Android 4.4.2 Gapps (DO NOT USE OLDER GAPPS!!!)

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot. (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

Credits – AT&T, Sprint, Verizon <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if you want photosphere, but may force close so make a backup of your Gallery app using Titanium Backup app before installing!  )

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.


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45 Responses

  1. Abs says:

    Hi, is this ROM rooted??? Thanx.

  2. blaqueboy9 says:

    I’ve had issues with videos freezing during playback. Anyone else have this problem?

  3. Ed Schaplow says:

    I have a replacement Verizon Samsung galaxy S4 phone. I have not transferred my old phone information to the phone yet. I would like to root this phone with the latest ROM before I transfer my information from the old phone. I would like to install the liquid smooth ROM. Please give me some pointers on how to start this process on the new replacement phone. Thanks in advance.

  4. Darth Zouka says:

    I seem unable to run the ROM properly on my AT&T S4. It installs and reboots but in the initial reboot it goes to a dark screen, only the battery and time notifications showing. After that, nothing. and if I reboot, it just stays on the “liquidsmooth” show screen.

    Any ideas?

    • Darth Zouka says:

      I finally managed to install it on my AT&T S4, but the trick was NOT tu use the PA GAPPS from your link. I used and older 4.4.2 version (gapps-kk-20140105-signed) and then LS worked perfectly. So maybe that could be a solution in case somebody else is having the same difficulties I had.

      Thanks Max!!

      • P.T. says:

        Hi, was curious, prior to you installing this ROM, what was the build for your phone? I’m trying to find out if it would work for the MK2 builds. I read that you can’t, but I see that you could, so I wanted to double check. Thank you

      • donald says:

        what gapps did you use to get it going mines keep get stuck as well and do you have the link to where you downloaded the working gapps?

      • spyder says:

        how did you do the install, was it safestrap. I don’t see anything prohibiting safestrap nor do I see anything encouraging it either. Thanks for your response.

    • Phill says:

      That is because after flashing the rom you should reboot into recovery and then install gapps.

  5. Craig Mangum says:

    If you want the best version of LiquidSmooth, go to xda and find the CPAPoke version of 4.4.2. Make sure not to do a system wipe, it is a unified build for all carriers

  6. Nick says:

    Does this work with AT&T safestrap?

  7. D says:

    Does this work with Verizon Safestrap?

  8. Nochie says:

    I have been using Gummy/Nightly and I think I have found something better now because of this post. Thanks brah

  9. Oscar says:

    I can’t get the wifi tether to work. Help please :,(

  10. jason Kingston says:

    Anyway to fix the voice mail issue

  11. alex says:

    I installed the liquid smooth ROM and the gapps from your link but, every time I try to open my camera it keeps telling me that it stopped going and it closes. How do I fix it?

    • Bhonda70 says:

      I’v sprint and I faced the same problem with the camera, it’d freeze and eventually go off. I tried gummy and got no google play and no Wifi. I have since gone back to stockrom, I liked liquid smooth keyboard but am sure it has a number of issues apart from the camera????

      • Bhonda70 says:

        Hey you guys with Sprint models, the best rom you could get is 4.4.2, NAE. its smooth with no probs at all. After trying liquid, gummy and all the rest. I have come to appreciate this one. No issues

        • Brandon says:

          I hope asking for that link doesn’t violate any rules or anything for this site,if so i do apologize

  12. leemonh says:

    I can’t end a call

  13. Rob Man says:

    Does WiFi Hotspot work and does this have App2Sd?

  14. austin says:

    hi the gps is not working on this rom. cannot even remotely find my location

  15. DJ says:

    I have an SGH-M919, and can’t install apps from the play store since installing this ROM. I am signed into it, but it hangs-up on the install process. Is there a fix for this?

  16. Kaye says:

    Hey there I have a problem with my verizon phone I am using it in canada “Fido” and when someone calls me my phone doesnt ring is just sitting there doing nothing any ideas. Of curse I did factory reset and so far I flash this rom twice. Any help would be great Thanks.

    • Björn says:

      Did you format data (aftermaking the necessary backups)?

      • kaye valdez says:

        i entered clockwokmode recovery and select wipe data/factory reset, after that i wipe cache partition… then i choose advance, then wipe dalvik cache, then flashed the ROM… also, i never heard of that what you are mentioning, i do have a back up saved on my internal sdcard memory.

  17. Jeff says:

    Tried it and it comes with its own DSP, Viper4android seems to be not working right, I didnt get the deep bass as 4.2 ROM , overall I like it, customization are plentiful, i will try to reinstall it next time till I get my ableplanet headphones work right as it use to be with 4.2 ROMThanks , MAX,

    P.S. Max, have you tried the Danvdh ROM ?

    • Albert says:

      Can you tell me if this LS will work with MK2 baseband or firmware?

      I had a fatal error last night.


      • Jeff says:

        MK2 baseband/firmware is from TMO OTA, not sure what youre talking about, are you rooted? My S4 is from TMO too, get it rooted then download the ROM , check if you downloaded the right file size, Backup and install, Wipe ( if it doesnt work the first time) and then re-install.

  18. Albert Lujan says:

    Max, will this work on MK2 baseband?

    I tried once and I got an fatal error.


  19. ken says:

    Installed but been experience horrible battery drainage.
    Screen idle takes up 70% of the battery on idle and simple usage.
    battery died after 12 hours.
    Anyone been experiencing this issue?

    I have i9505 AT&T.

  20. Masa1607 says:

    Honestly as some one who has played with alot of different Roms on a few different devices threw the years this ROM really shines. A lot of Roms kinda blend together after awhile all just android with another group slapping there name on it, however while this ROM isn’t as packed with features as some , it is the fastest smoothest ROM with less bugs that I have ever used on any of my devices period! I honestly was not huge fan of my s4 before this ROM. Thanks to this team for making it and Max for posting it, you all rock!

  21. Kaye says:

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone successfully install this rom in a Verizon phone !!
    Thanks 🙂

  22. Layon Gois says:

    bom dia! como faço para retirar essa rom?? instalei e está funcionando! mas não gostei dela! não consigo mais instalar nenhuma outra rom no celular! qual tutorial devo seguir para retirar esta LiquidSmooth ROM???

  23. perfection007 says:

    im having issue with mobile data and wifi direct. it isn’t working for me. anyone having the same issue? need solution badly T.T

    • Layon Gois says:

      Olá! tive o mesmo problema mas consegui RESOLVER INSTALANDO 1º OS ”GAPPS” DEPOIS fazendo a limpeza em: ”wipe data/ factore reset ”

      logo em seguida executei : wipe cache partition


      • perfection007 says:

        do you have any particular GAPPS? cos i already tried it and it still doesnt work.. wifi direct and mobile data are the problem still

  24. Michael says:

    Hi Max,
    I’ve just installed this ROM and it runs great. Unfortunately i can’t restore properly because all my backups are on my external sdcard (64 GB Sandisk SDXC [exFAT]). Do you know if there is a kernel for this ROM that I can flash that will provide exFAT support? otherwise do you know of another workaround? Short of formatting my sd card

  25. fusionite says:

    Does this rom liquidsmooth v3.0 work on GT-I9500

  26. andrew Curiel says:

    My ROM version is jellybean 4,3 will it still work?

  27. Brandon says:

    I have a sprint version GS4 anyone have any luck with getting mobile data to work ?

  28. Jordin says:

    Okay so I installed the liquid smooth I had backed up the Rom with rom manager and okay so after I installed liquid smooth the appstore and like all the things on my galaxy s4 like hangouts and messages and like the polaris office disappeared I didn’t do the gaps so should I do that and it’ll fix it or what do I do

  29. Vladimir Mariano says:

    I can not end calls, in my samsung galaxy sprint

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