Why Root Galaxy S4?

First, what does rooting Galaxy S4 mean?

Rooting Galaxy S4 means that you gain admin access to your phone, sorta like having admin access/username for your Windows/Mac/Linux computer.  In layman’s terms, you are basically getting 100% control over the Galaxy S4 you already paid for.

What does rooting Galaxy S4 do for you?

You will be able to run rooted app such as the DSLR Controller app, which requires root (or full admin access) and you will be able to use your Galaxy S4 as a Liveview monitor for your Canon DSLR camera.  This is just one example where root can unlock potential of your Galaxy S4.

Titanium Backup app allows you to backup all of your apps and restore them easily.  This is very useful for installing custom ROMs on the Galaxy S4 as sometimes you may have to reset your Galaxy S4 and restore all of your apps.

Another great way is to use Titanium Backup app is when you are upgrading your Android smartphone.  Let’s say you upgraded from a Galaxy S3 to a Galaxy S4, then you can use Titanium Backup app to backup all of your apps on your Galaxy S3 then restore them on your brand, new Galaxy S4.

Those are just few examples what a rooted Galaxy S4 but you can also install custom ROMs on your Galaxy S4.


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7 Responses

  1. Fernando Luz says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on the new site. Keep up the great work.Don’t forget the s3s.

  2. tito says:

    Hi I how can I use a tmobile s4 on att I would like to know if lte works, thanks.

    • Max Lee says:

      LTE works fine, I am using Tmo sim on my ATT S4 with this method:

  3. Rodney P says:

    will you have a specific section for the S4 Active? just got it today, kinda nervous to get this thing rooted. I guess Geohot came out with an app that requires no computer?

  4. paul wharton says:

    i have got five triangles come up on my samsung s4 don’t know what they mean or how they got there. Have i dammaged my phone ? I can’t think what i have done except install drop box and used crome only had this phone 4 days can give me some help and advise Kind regards paul

  5. Hal Fischer says:

    I just got my Galaxy S4 and am trying to load an APP for all call recording – having difficulty getting the app to work – I was told that I need to ROOT my phone??? I know a little about software and how to get around on a PC but am a little\
    ignorant to cell phones. Any help you could point me to would be greatly appreciated – my phone is a Model SCH-1545 or maybe i545 android version 4.3 Build JSS15J.1545VRUEMK2 Thanx — Hal

  6. suzanne says:

    trying to use a verizon s4 on t mobile – cannot send text messages. Do you know how to resolve this issue? Thanks!

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