How to Disassemble/Assemble Galaxy S4 for Screen/Parts Repair!

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For those of you who need to repair your Galaxy S4 for either LCD screen replacement or parts replacement (such as fixing broken micro USB port, camera, etc…etc…), here’s a video tutorial that shows you how to easily disassemble and re-assemble your Galaxy S4.

Update: I’ve also replaced my broken screen glass on my Galaxy S4, see How to Replace Screen Glass Only on Galaxy S4!

You will need:

#00 Screwdriver

Plastic tool or guitar pick

Step 1. Unscrew the 9 visible screws.



Step 2.Start near the volume rockers and insert your plastic tool/guitar pick in between the screen and the frame.


Step 3. Carefully slide your plastic tool along the edges until the frame pops off.



Step 4. To take the motherboard out, make sure you pop off connectors as shown below.


Step 5. There’s one black screw on top right that holds the motherboard, unscrew it.


Step 6. Carefully pull the motherboard out, it should pop out easily.  If you need to replace the camera on the Galaxy S4, you can simply pop it off the motherboard and replace with a new one.



Step 7. If you are replacing the screen/digitizer, you will need to pull out the sensors at the top, the vibrating motor (on left side) and also the 3.5mm headphone jack on top right.


You might also have to take the bottom USB board out.


Step 8. Once you’ve replaced your screen/digitizer or other parts, you can easily re-assemble your Galaxy S4 starting with the motherboard.


Step 9. Nicely pop the motherboard back in place.


Step 10. Re-connect all the connectors you poped off and make sure you connect the blue wire from the USB board.


Next screw the black screw back on the top right.


Step 11. It’s time to put the frame back on, carefully place on top of your phone.  It should nicely fit and you will hear popping sounds and the frame gets put back on.


Make sure there’s no spaces in between the screen and the frame.


Step 12. Screw all the 9 screws back.


Step 13. Insert your SIM card and your battery, then turn on your phone.  Once turned on, test your video camera, audio recording, sound, bluetooth, and wifi.  Make sure they are all working.  If for some reason it doesn’t work, you will have to re-disassemble and check your connections.


Overall, disassembling the Galaxy S4 is a pretty easy process so long as you have a #00 screw driver and some type of plastic tool so you don’t leave nicks and scratches.

When disassembling your Galaxy S4, we highly recommend you to have a LOT of time on your hands and you do it slowly if this is the first time you are disassembling a smartphone.  Otherwise, this is something any one can do.




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