How to Enable T-Mobile HSPA+ AWS Bands on AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337/SGH-i337M!

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Similar to the AT&T Note 2 AWS MOD to enable T-Mobile AWS 3G/4G bands, we can also do something similar with the AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337 or Canadian SGH-i337M.

What this will do?

You will be able to enable the AWS bands (which is the bands used by T-Mobile for 3G/4G HSPA+ service) on your AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337 (or Canadian SGH-i337M) and receive 3G/4G HSPA+ data when using T-Mobile SIM card (or other Canadian networks that support AWS).

UPDATE: T-Mobile 4G LTE also works with this method!

In layman’s words, you can turn your AT&T Galaxy S4 into a full-fledged T-Mobile Galaxy S4.

Step 1. Go ahead and install Phone Utility app by downloading and installing phoneutil.apk:

Download phoneutil.apk

howto-enable-tmobile-aws-bands-on-att-galaxys4-sgh-i337-1 howto-enable-tmobile-aws-bands-on-att-galaxys4-sgh-i337-2

Step 2. Dial “*#7284#” on your dialer.


Step 3. Choose “Qualcomm USB Settings”.


Step 4. Choose “RNDIS + DM + MODEM” and hit “OK”.


Step 5. Connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to your computer.


Step 6. Make sure you have Samsung drivers installed.  If you did everything correctly, you should be able to see some kind of “SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port” under “Ports” in Device Manager.


Step 7. Download QPST program and run the EXE file to install QPST program and also download the QCN file with AWS enabled.

Download QPST Program

Download 337_AWS.qcn (AWS-enabled QCN for SGH-i337/SGH-i337M)

Run QPST Program and click “Add New Port” under “Ports” tab.


Step 8. Select the COM port you saw earlier in Device Manager.  If you have more than one, just try one of them first and hit “OK”.


Step 9. If you see “No Phone” then try adding the other COM port.

howto-enable-tmobile-aws-bands-on-att-galaxys4-sgh-i337-10 howto-enable-tmobile-aws-bands-on-att-galaxys4-sgh-i337-11

Step 10. If you see (0), this is the COM port you will be using.


Step 11. Next go to “Start Clients”->SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD.


Step 12. Choose “Backup” tab, then choose your COM port, and set QCN file name and hit “Start”. This will backup your current NV memory.  If something goes wrong, you can always restore the original NV memory.


Step 13.Choose “Restore” tab, choose the QCN file “337_AWS.qcn” you downloaded earlier and hit “Start”.  This will flash the new QCN file with AWS bands enabled.


Step 14. Your phone will reboot.  And you should now be able to pick up AWS bands.  If you are using T-Mobile SIM in your AT&T Galaxy S4, you will see that it picks up HSPA+ signals just fine.



Q: Will this break my existing 4G LTE on my phone?
A: No, this will keep your current 4G LTE and HSPA+ bands for AT&T but add additional AWS bands.  So you get the best of both worlds. 🙂

Credits – XDA

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374 Responses

  1. Rick Meza says:

    Awesome, but…
    can you do the opposite?
    ..turn your T-Mobile Galaxy S4 into a full-fledged AT&T Galaxy S4?
    cuz I already have a T-mobile one!


    • Jeremy says:

      T-Mobile Galaxy S4’s are already fully capable of utilizing AT&T’s network, it just doesn’t work the other way around.

  2. Thunor Odinson says:

    I read on a G+ post on this that some are saying this can work on AT&T S3’s too. I doubt this, but do you know if this is actually true?

  3. sergio says:

    How are you? Do you know if it is possible to enable the 1900Mhz 3G bands on the sgh-i337? My network operates mostly on the 1900Mhz frequency therefore most of the time I am not able to connect. (I have an AT&T trying to use it with my network TIGO in Colombia. Thank you

  4. Enrico says:

    What about LTE? Will this mod allow the AT&T S4 to run on T-Mobile’s LTE? (not just 4G AWS)?

  5. GM says:

    Has anyone tried this? before I dish out 600 bucks I’d like to know if it actually works

    • GM says:

      Just wanted to say that I had enough guts to buy an s4 and try this and it worked! Had a couple hiccups but figured it out! Thank you so much for this guide :]

    • dan says:

      Hell yeah it does. By the way thank you for this awesome tutorial

  6. Hamoudie says:

    IT WORKS! Tried it on My Canadian S4 which is basically the ATT model and it worked fine!

    • timfur says:

      I’m looking at buying the AT&T 32gb and using it in Canada. Is this what you did?

    • Momchil Dimitrov says:

      My computer simply says “Unknown Device”,
      when i dial *#0808# i get the pop up window and i tried all of them. Neither one gives me the “Samsung Serial Port Com24” or whatever. I have the Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones…

      Help would be appreciated. I tried this on two different computers with two different phones. If i can make this work and I can enable both on Wind Mobile I will save 400-500$
      Please help

      • Aj says:

        did you finally find a way round the UNknown device error when you dial *#0808# and connect to the pc (RNDIS+DM+MODEM). Been searching for a solution for the past week.

        • Ron says:

          I found out that the later versions of Android on galaxy S4 will not find the usb drivers Mine is on 4.4.2 I had to get my mother boards switched out on my S4 for an older version because mine was on lollipop. I’m assuming they must of patched it or something in the newer OS if you find a fix for this let me know have a buddy who has 3 or 4 s4’s he has this problem with as well.

  7. NaSir32 says:

    Hi, will it change phone model too, ?

  8. QsforA says:

    does this mean the att version would pick up Tmobile’s 1700 bands and get HSPA + 42 on tmobile?

    • Hamoudie says:

      YES that is correct.

      • robertkoa says:

        I am wondering about purchasing a Factory Unlocked i337 Brand New from

        Samsung Store.

        They say it works with AT&T and TMobile BUT

        Are the aws bands available for LTE 4 G and full Bandwith AWS

        WITHOUT doing this procedure ?

        Thanks. I want to use it on TMOBILE…

  9. Saba says:

    Is this only for T-Mobile or can this be used for Wind’s bands too?

    • Max Lee says:

      Oh any 1700Mhz AWS bands including Wind

      • Jay says:

        Thanks for your help Max.
        One more question. I have the i337m working on wind now, If I wanted to change stock rom to CM, which roms should I be looking at? same i337m or the Tmo/wind one ? and will it keep on working with AWS too?
        Sorry for the dumb question, but due to the flood of info regarding this mod, its quite confusing…. 😉

      • Amin says:

        Does this work if you’re not rooted, do you have to do this, every time you update or factory reset or is it permanent.

  10. Alex says:

    Does it have to be rooted in order to do all this process?

  11. vinh says:

    I am unable to install phoneutil.apk into my rooted at&t galaxy s4? Any helps would really appreciate. Thanks so much.

    • Alex says:

      Download apk installer from the market

      • capnobvious says:

        I’m having trouble as well. When I try to install the APK it just says “App not installed.”

        • justin says:

          Did somebody ever figure out a fix for this?

          • bl says:

            Uploading directly to my phone and opening the app on my phone to install it also did not work for me.

            Solution: I used Wondershare MobileGo on my PC to install phoneutil.apk on my phone. Any equivalent software that enables you to install apps on your phone through your computer desktop should do the trick.

  12. vinh says:

    No, it doesn’t work. It does not matter how I install that specific app (phoneutil.apk).

  13. smokey says:

    Will this work for a verizon version?

  14. MrNasir32 says:

    Thanks guys, worked like charm on my Rogers Galaxy S4, now connects to Wind Home and Rogers LTE both, didn’t need to root, but phone was already unlocked, kool

    • Marco says:

      Please help how you do it…? i tried for 2 days and not working my computer not reconized the Port COM with value ‘0’ to the samsung s4 I377M please tell me what do you do….?? i followed everything but not working, thank you…. IOS 4.4.2

      • Ron says:

        Try pressing *#0808# and Choose “RNDIS + DM + MODEM” and hit “OK”. if it says unknown device it wont work. If the drivers are able to install they install automatically but if not try checking windows update. this usually finds the drivers automatically

  15. jun says:

    thanks for the info. this has helped me focus on what s4 to buy… a quick question, however. t-mo version (m919) seems to have all the radio bands available, including the at&t and others. this trick allows for at&t s4 to use the t-mo’s AWS bands for HSPA+ network. is this essentially reflashing the at&t s4 with a t-mo radio? i guess the real question is, does this “unlock” all the LTE bands that t-mo s4 has that at&t doesn’t? or is this mod for enabling the AWS radio on the at&t s4?

  16. vinh says:

    I followed steps and I got no errors at all, but my phone renains
    usta:3 instead of changing hspa+? I have rooted at&t galaxy s4 which running
    stock rom.

  17. KnightRider says:

    Will this work with Android 4.1.2 of Galaxy Note (SGH-I717)?

  18. Michael says:

    IT DOES NOT WORK. I tried this step by step and i am still not getting any 4G signal, not even edge. This does not work.

    • Matt says:

      Just tried this on my S4 Active sgh-i537 and it worked perfectly…had to dial *#0808# instead of *#7284#

      • Rodge says:

        Matt, I’m running a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active also, bringing it to t mobile from att. Do you nede a signal to dial the number? Mine is just one bar, but I get a message that says Connection Problem or invalid MMI code.

      • A LASSICH says:

        I am running Gummy ROM instead of stock firmware AMDJ. Now I am trying to enable AWS Bands on this phone. My problem is that *#7284# and *#0808# does not work. I had installed PhoneUtil prior to flashing Gummy ROM to do a special unlock by cable. When I flashed Gummy, did I lose the Qualcomm USB Settings Options? I don’t know where I read that you had to be on stock ROM to be able to use *#7284# any others like *#0808# etc. Did I put the cart before the horse? Should I have done the AWS prior to flashing custom ROMS? What do I do now? Will I have to flash to stock and start over?

  19. Raymond says:

    Hi Max,
    Is there anyway I can enable AWS bands on my S4 model GT-I9500?

  20. Andy says:

    This did not work for me on a Bell Canada sgh – 1337 model Galaxy S4. I think i may have created a problem. my qcn backup does not seem to work. I was initially trying to put the phone on Wind. Can you help me please?

  21. Michael P says:

    Will this work for the International I9500?

  22. dan says:

    qpst doesn’t show the (0) on any of the com ports –

    in the device manager i get only com 5 and com 6 (not com24/25 like urs) and both of them show “no phone” in the qpst software….

    and everytime i plug in my gs4 it shows up in my device manager as not having proper drivers even though i got the drivers from both samsung website and even from above too.

    wth is going on? thanks for the help!

  23. dines says:

    This did not work…I was able to follow every step without any errors and after the phone rebooted. I still had no data access. My “Mobile network Type” showed up as “LTE:14” and “Mobile network state” = Disconnected.

    • YURI says:

      it does work but some how t mobile don’t allow you connect to LTE only HSPA when ever you connect to LTE shows as no connection i wish they can fix this problem seems like a good fix for the galaxy S4 I337

      • Matt says:

        T Mobile LTE and HSPA are both working great on mine after doing this (and super fast, 28meg down and 18 up!)…I’m on an s4 active though

        • ivan says:

          hi matt can you help me I have s4 active I need know if this process is good for change to T-Mobile

          • Matt says:

            Hi Ivan-
            Yes, this process works perfectly to get your AT&T s4 active to work on T-mobile, bought out of my AT&T contract and paid less than buying an s4 on ebay and my data seems to be faster (and a lot cheaper!) now…check one of my earlier posts, there was a slight change I needed to make. I’ve got a 99% working phone now, just trying to figure out wifi (or usb) tethering since that doesn’t seem to work at all-

  24. dines says:

    btw my phone is as follows
    AT&T USA sgh – 1337 model Galaxy S4

    • YURI says:

      Ok Dines i have a solution dial *#2263# you will get the service mode screen and select option [6] LTE/WCDMA Mode Only. that will fix any connectivity problem on tmobile network and will have enable HSPA+ and LTE with no problems already had tested it and IT WORK LIKE A CHARM!

      • nakazi says:

        THANK YOU this worked on my ATT&T like a charm after changing the setting as you instructed. Thanks again

      • Jason says:

        Is there anyway I can get my i537 att s4 active to work for tmobile,I called att and they told me that I can’t unlock it,I try to enter the debug menu but it won’t let me get to the menu to change anything

        • Lebanesecheese2 says:

          You need to use a third party app and buy an unlock code. It is illegal in the United States…. But then again, what isn’t?

  25. Bob says:

    Now will this work for the galaxy s4 Active?

    • Yuri says:

      What do you mean by galaxy S4 Active?

      • Bob says:

        i’ts the new phone exclusive to AT&T. I feel that is more important to unlock and put on t-mobile since you actually can’t purchase it on t-mobile :]

        • Yuri says:

          This process is for a att galaxy s4 I337 that’s already been unlocked. In the video above we’re trying to enable tmobile HSPA+ WMS bands on the att galaxy s4 I337. Let’s say you already had your S4 unlocked and had followed the steps on the video there is a another step to follow not mention on the video.
          dial *#2263# you will get the service mode screen and select option [6] LTE/WCDMA Mode Only. that will fix any connectivity problem on tmobile network and will have enable HSPA+ and LTE with no problems already had tested it and IT WORK LIKE A CHARM!

          • Bob says:

            Well my question is about it working on the Galaxy S4 Active. I understand that it works on the S4

            • Matt says:

              Works great on the s4 active, I didn’t change the settings as listed above ( *#2263# menu) since everything works great without that (in fact I had perfect LTE connection without doing this hack at all, just needed it to enable HSPA it seems)

          • Rajesh says:

            I understand this step ( 6. LTE/WCDMA mode only) for t-mobile data speed and connectivity. Let us say , If I put back my ATT SIM and use ATT network will this affect ATT data speed after performing this step?
            Thanks in advance

          • henry monzon says:

            Hi this will do the same of the video without doing all the in the computer??

    • Stephen says:

      I would also like to know if this works for the S4 Active. All the specs I can find show the phones have the exact same internal hardware, except for the Active having an 8MP camera and a TFT screen (not AMOLED, but still full 1080). I would hope this hack works on the phone due to the it sharing almost all of the innards as the standard S4.

  26. Me says:

    THANKS!! Both to your video and the guys over at XDA. This worked like a charm and I verified band II and IV working in the service menu. Now I have AWS HSPA+ on my AT&T S4 and I didn’t even have to root it. I don’t think this could have been made any easier. A+

  27. Bryan Lo says:

    Will this work with the Google Play Edition as well?

  28. starr says:

    it worked for me but phone still goes back and forth between 4g and edge how do i stop that

  29. santosh says:

    Ihave a sprint l720 cdma device will this enable me to connect it to tmobile….

  30. Justin says:

    Before doing this just want to clarify something. I have an unlocked AT&T s4 after doing this mod, what feature on the phone will not work anymore?! Just wondering to see if it is easier to just get a tmobile version instead

  31. Luiz says:

    Awesome man. I have a S4 from FIDO (Canada) and I was trying to make it works with Wind (Canada) that works in AWS. It worked PERFECTLY. Thanks and congratulation!

    • Zakaria says:

      Hi there,

      I’m really sorry to disturb you, but i read that you baught an S4 from Fide and you managed to make it work on wind. I am planning to bring an S4 from Saudi Arabia that has the same options as Fido S4. Therefore I wanted to ask you about it cuz I have wind Simcard back in Canada so is it gonna work? is it working well for you all the time? did it affect the fone at all like lagging or rebooting? Thank you for your help

  32. Jeff Q says:

    Does this rooting prevent OTA updates and/or use of DRM-based apps like Kindle, Nook, Kobo ebook readers? If so, can one un-root the phone after making these changes and preserve the network capabilities while allowing protected stuff to work?

  33. Max says:

    Does this work with an Unlocked Verizon Galaxy S4 as well?

  34. IamCakez says:

    I have already rooted the Galaxy s4 from sprint. I want to use it With t-mobile .. is this done the same way as at& t.. please help Thank you<3

  35. Andy says:


    I tried to SIM Unlock my Galaxy S4 SGH-i337M with the service mode method, then tried to enable AWS. After a few trials I could see the ports ( COM11 and COM12) in the device manager, I added them, followed the steps, the phone rebooted but I realized it didnt get SIM unlocked.

    I SIM unlocked it now (works both on Rogers and Bell) and tried with Wind SIM card as well, but it couldnt find WIND network, however under APN Wind address does come up.

    Tried to enable AWS again, but my PC cant see the phone now ( nothing shows in device manager ), and in QPST Config COM1 and COM2 are crossed with a little red line, tried to enable them but it wont work (it says port is either busy or damaged or something like that). Tried many times on 3 different PC’s, wont work. Did I screw up my S4 trying it so many times before and after the SIM unlock? What did I do wrong? Could someone help me to troubleshoot and fix this? Thank you!

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you reboot your phone afterwards? It should work normally after that.

      • Andy says:

        I cant remember if I rebooted the phone or not, but I factory reset it, tried it again and it worked this time. Thanks a lot for the guide, it’s very detailed, it’s just if I would know a “bit” much about these things it would be easier. I have access to all Canadian carriers now, Im still confused if theres anything else I should do re selecting different bands, or how to go about to do anything like that, but the phone works on Wind now!!!

        The problem I was having now the phone was not being detected by my PC’s, laptops. I tried 5 different USB cables, all the USB ports on 4 machines, uninstall and reinstall Kies on all of them, etc…I even finished a big box of chocolate icecream… nothing would work.

        I think I got it right now though after reading through all the posts: I reselected MTP+ADB in Phone Utility and enabled USB Debugging and voila, the PC detects my S4 now, Samsung Android ADB Interface shows in Device Manager, the drivers got updated…life is beautiful. Now if I could get a bit more courage I would try your guide rooting it, but then again, I am scared ****less.

        Thanks again Max for this great guide, I’ve never done anything like this before, you are a huge help!

    • Privated says:

      Hi Andy,
      My phone was unlock before I went through those steps, now after I done with How to Enable T-Mobile HSPA+ AWS Bands on AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337/SGH-i337M, I tried to put in roger, bell, wind sim card , it keep asking for sim card pin #. what I did wrong? Thanks

  36. Dimitry says:

    After doing this do I need to change the USB settings in PhoneUtil to anything? This method worked fine for me, however now my ATT GS4 is not recognized by my PC even as a Media Device. When I plug it in it shows that it’s charging, however it does not get recognized for USB. I have tried everything, reinstalling drivers (using several methods) nothing works. With Developer Options off it goes through the driver setup but doesnt show up and as soon as USB debug is turned on, it disconnects. Any ideas?

    • Andy says:

      Im having the same problem now. I had problem enabling AWS earlier (see my prev post), so I factory reset my S4 i337M, rebboted my pc, and redid it again and it worked. I have access now to all Canadian networks, Rogers, Telus, Bell and Wind. I want to root it now, but my PC’s, laptops wont detect the phone anymore, Kies neither. Device manager shows the ports COM4 and COM5, and under network adapters Samsung Mobile USB Remote NDIS Network Device, but nothing under processors as Samsung Android ADB Interface as shown in the rooting guide. I rebooted PC’s, laptops and phone as well, still nothing. I am afraid to start the rooting process. Any advise pls? and thanks.

    • Andy says:

      Dimitry, try to select MTP+ADB in Phone Utility and enable USB debugging. It Worked for me. Let us know if works.

    • GM says:

      You know in the beginning where you did *#7284* you have to change it back when you’re done

  37. jimmy says:

    does it hav to be rooted first?

  38. Brian says:

    Hi, does this work on S4 i9500 international version?

  39. Dylan Lachance says:


  40. Int Owner says:

    Can anyone help me make this work on the i9505 (the LTE version of the Galaxy S4 which uses similar hardware)

    • Max Lee says:

      Oh not sure, I am going to experiment soon, it should since they share same hardware.

      • John Chan says:

        I have the same question. I have an international GT-i9505. I’m wondering if I can get AWS working on my phone with this method.

        • Giovanni says:

          I have the same problem, I have a GT-I9295 Active S4, as did almost all the process, but I have not finished the process because if it works or not damage my phone. Does anyone know if it works?

      • Jonathan says:

        Hi Max, did you get a chance to experiment this on the i9505? I have searched everywhere on this site and the xda one, i can’t seem to find anyone who has posted a successful case.
        I tried on mine. But for some reason, the phone keep asking me to insert a sim card (even I tried different sim from different carriers).
        It would be nice if you can let us know. Thanks!

  41. Steve says:

    Hi Max – I have a Docomo S4 (SC-04E) model that I want to enable 1900 Mhz 3G/HSPA (AWS is not important and probably not included on the radio hardware). Would it be possible to create a file for this model? I don’t want to apply this hack to my Docomo phone because it seems specific to the ATT model.

    • Max Lee says:

      I am not sure on the Docomo S4, is it qualcomm based?

      • Steve says:


        Here is a link to the specs…it appears to be a Qualcomm processor.

        I am trying to enable UMTS 1900 – LTE and AWS are not needed, although AWS would be a nice-have if it were possible.

  42. matthew e says:

    @zedomax hey I have a tmo s4 unlocked via dialer codes… I have att. My signal keeps dropping. I read your thread on about enabling hspa + aws brands. Fot tmobile. Would this work in my situation? Would it have different steps? If this wont work could u please advise what would? Thank you very much in advance.

  43. Bada Bing says:

    Trying to do this to my S4 ACTIVE (i537). Would expect it to be the same but not so. I got the phoneutil to install but when I enter the *#7482#, it says ussd code running the gives connection or invalid mmi code. Also have to hit send to make run the code too… normally they take as soon as you enter the last #. The phone is an UNLOCKED, UN-rooted AT&T i537 Samsung S4 Active trying to run on T mobile. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. – See more at:

    • Max Lee says:

      I just ordered my S4 Active so I should have an updated tutorial for that specific model probably next week.

      • Juan says:

        Max, where you able to find out anything on the S4 Active? I am also having the same problem as the person above, *#7284# is not working to get into PhoneUtil.

        • luan agostinho says:

          yea its not working please make a video for the samsung galaxy s4 active! i need help solving the inavalid mmi code fix.. thank you

          • Juan says:

            Ok guys I just saw tried *#0808# instead of *#7284# and it worked! Thanks to the XDA forum I was reading. I just followed the steps in the guide and my Samsung GS4 Active is now working better than ever. Thanks to everyone who helps with all this!!!

            • luan agostinho says:

              thank you soo much it worked, but now im getting another problem on status /mobile network type says unknown. i did all the steps… and on the end is not working not even wifi call. (IM STUCK ON STEP 14) Please help

  44. Elpidio says:

    will this procedure work on Baseband version I337UCUAMF3?

  45. Kari says:

    Hi, I have installed the drivers, but the computer doesn’t see the phone in the Computer section. I also do not have a Ports section in the Device Manager. I am on Windows XP, please let me know if you have any suggestions

    • Kari says:

      after changing the setting to MTP+ADB on my phone, I was able to see my phone on the computer. It is in Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers, but this doesn’t give me the information needed to add the port in the QPST Configuration program. Thank you for you help!

  46. IApprove says:

    This worked for me. Unfortunately speed test at my area indoors only shows 2Mbps down.

  47. Alex says:

    When my phone is switched to RNDIS + DM + MODEM it will not connect to my computer and QPST is not finding a phone. When it is switched to MTP + ADB the phone connects to the computer but the Ports are not available.

  48. pablo says:

    hi, can someone help me, i buy a I337 at&t and i unlocked it by service mode, im from colombia and my operator works on a 1900 band (OMV UFF MOVIL) virtual operator from TIGO, when I am in my neighborhood works perfect the h+ but when i go to another place like 1 mile distance doesn work at all. its strange only works on my neighborhood , i try this method and do it right but still happend the same, but when i change the sim card from another carrier like movistar or claro who operates on 850 band works perfect all the time.

    its like my 1900 band its blocked when i leave mi neighborhood
    and i have to change to EDGE with *#2263# and select only gsm to can chat but to browse on internet really sucks
    I try a lot of methods, like flashing modems, this one and nothing work so if anyone can help me i really aprecciate it thanks!

    • Max Lee says:

      Does your carrier work on AWS bands? If not, this isn’t going to help you, I believe AWS bands are 1700Mhz.

    • Andres says:


      I’m from Colombia too im using I337 from AT&T and also the same happens i use TIGO, and I can not use the HDSP+ networks. so if you already fixed the problem, please comment, I will look for, if I find something I will post here.


  49. Pawan says:

    Thanks for all the hard work and providing us steps to to make this possible.
    Would these changes void one yr manufacture warranty? Please let me know.


    • Max Lee says:

      No, they probably won’t even notice this one the beauty of it, they can’t tell unless they actually put in another SIM from another carrier. It will def. not affect warranty in any way.

  50. pablo says:

    hi, thanks for the response, my carrrier doesnt work on AWS bands , works on hspda 1900 band , someone post someting about my problem, seems like the 1900 band doesnt automatic switch from PCS to PSC or someting like that .

  51. Cherish says:

    Is AWS already unlocked on the S4 Active I537? I tried the *#7284# code, and it doesn’t work.
    I can get into *#2263# to change bands and *#*#4636#*#* device info, to change gsm/cdma/lte though.

    Phone isn’t root, completely stock.

  52. NANCY says:


  53. SamsungS4 says:

    I have Samsung S4 SGH-I337 which is a US version and I would like to know if I can enable 3G 900 MHz band on this mobile phone?

    My country does not support 850MHZ for 3G network but only 3G 900 MHz hence cannot use it.

    Is it possible to enable other LTE Bands apart from Band 17 (700 MHZ) on this model – SGH-I337

  54. M O N O says:

    ran this step by step, unlocked hspa was hitting 4g lte on my at&t s4 with t-mobile sim card and on reboot the phone bricked. some help please

  55. Rami says:

    Hi Guys, I am some how confused what model of S4 to buy, I live in Canada and would use it with Fido, but I travel to USA and Europe. I need the one with all the features and options, any recommendations? Thanks in Advance.

  56. M O N O says:

    the t-mobile version has proven to be the best with the unlocked bootloader and all bands/frequencies compatible

  57. M O N O says:

    phone worked for a day and on start up got stuck on galaxy s4 welcome screen wudafux is going on

    • Max Lee says:

      Could be unrelated to this, perhaps you installed an app that is causing it?

      • M O N O says:

        I was unrooted when I tried this, now after stock firmware thru odim and kies I still cant access a recovery menu with vol+ and power buttons. It worked until the was restarted

  58. M O N O says:

    cant access recovery mode just sits with blue lettering

  59. Alex says:


    This tutorial worked on my S4 a few months ago, but now after updating my phone (samsung update) the AWS is DISABLED again. I have all the drivers installed but I no longer see my phone under COM ports. plz help.
    when I choose RNDIS + DM + MODEM, I no longer see any samsung device under COM ports in my device manager, but when I change it to MTB+ADB I see my phone.

    Also, the *#7284# NO longer works, but I can access the qualcom USB settings using *#0808#.

    Thanks a lot

  60. Tj says:

    So is there a fix yet since the update? I lost my aws band which I need to use for wind u less I sell my s4 or trade but no one is willing to trade I hope there’s a fix for this soon sucks not allowed using my s4

  61. Luiz says:

    I’ve made all steps once and it worked perfectly, but this week Samsung launched a update for the firmware, and then, after updated, the phone came back to be locked. So, I tried to do the same process again, but now, when I type *#7284# doesn’t work. Do you know something about it?

  62. Dennis says:

    Hi, I’ve done all the steps up to QPST program, and I can’t seem to get the (0) to show up on both my com ports. Please help me.

    • steve says:

      I had been scratching my head for few hours after upgrade and was about to restore back to previous firmware but I manage to get it to work. Phew!! so I thought I will share it with all those having the same issue. what I did was since *#7284# doesnt work anymore after upgrade I use *#0808# and then selected RMNET+DM+MODE instead of RNDIS+DM+MODE and Bang! connected the cable it auto install the driver. went back to QPST program add port and I was able to get the (0). All I had to do was to restore the 337_AWS.qcn file. 😀

      • TJ says:

        works like a charm ! now have my phone running on with thanks Steve

      • Dennis says:

        Still doesnt pop up (0). Please help!!

      • Eric says:

        tried all the different variations above, drivers loaded just like steve said but all ports = no phone. device manager shows ports 3 and 4. QPST lets me chose 3, 4 or 5
        when phone is set to RNDIS+ DM+MODE, device manager shows ports 6 and 8. QPST lets me chose 6, 8 or 7.
        Still all ports = no phone.
        What could be the problem? Right now I am getting edge reception very weak and constantly dropping completely, in a location where my old G2 ran 4G most of the time. Glad things seem to be getting better for most folks. It gives me hope. And many thanks to Max for getting me as far as I am. and steve et al for the tweaks.

        • Eric says:

          Sorry very tired… the history above refers to my i537 active.
          I am stone cold stuck at step 10, where Max says if you see (0)…..
          i don’t, even with Steve’s variant.
          Regards and thanks for any suggestions.

      • dean says:

        This worked for me too on a freshly rooted and unlocked att mf3. Thanks!

  63. Eric says:

    uggh. should there be anything listed under the” active phones” headers cause i got nuthin.

  64. brian says:

    Do I have to be rooted to do this

    • Max Lee says:

      No root required not sure what happened to user below but that seems like an unrelated problem or user error of something else.

      • luan agos says:

        lee can you fix teathering hot spot on samsung galaxy s4 active? It says network problems or invalid sim. i called tmoble and they said att blocked it on that device and only works with att

        • Max Lee says:

          There should be a way I will post it soon.

          • luan agos says:

            thank you soo much!

            • Bada Bing says:

              There is a round about way to force the tethering to work on the AT&T active running on T-Mo network. It is not pretty but works.
              Until Max does his magic and comes up with a real fix, you can try the ugly way.
              I have been using it for about a week now and seems to work.
              Involves turning off a couple at&t apk’s and using a third party app to tether.
              If Max can come up with a way to enable the real tether feature, we need to buy him lunch.
              Max, is it ok to post the way I did it?

          • Bada Bing says:

            Hey Max…
            Not sure the stuff I sent was any help but I do have tethering working on an AT&T Active running on the T-Mobile network . Does require ES File and a few other ‘adjustments’ but maybe it is a start for you. If you want, e-mail me and I can pass on what I pieced together. Also might have a simple fix for a secondary problem from using the tethering… testing it now. Might be baby stuff for you but maybe this idiot got lucky by accident and did something that might be useful to you.

  65. j papa says:

    hey i tried this without rooting my phone and once the phone restarted it left me stuck at startup, if i try recovery mode it gets stuck with the blue recovery booting letters in the top left corner. i could get into download mode and have used odin to reflash stock hardware and have used kies to flash stock hardware but the phone is still stuck in the same state after.

    so basically after using kies and odin to reflash the stock firmware im still stuck at the first startup screen, phone was not rooted before trying so any help would be greatly appreciated

  66. Eric says:

    i537 did a factory reset. and followed these instructions before loading anything else. samsung drivers really dont want to load on my win7 pc but eventually they do. still get comm ports “no phone” any further ideas?
    Thx, Eric

  67. Kari says:

    Hi, I have tried both the “*#7284#” and *#0808# methods, tried both the MTP+ADB and RNDIS+DM+MODEM
    Using the *#0808# and MTP+ADB allows my mac to see my phone, but NONE of the combinations allows a Windows 7 laptop to see my phone (I have installed the drivers). Moreover, the Device Manager on the Windows 7 laptop does not have a Ports section. Thank you so much for any help!

    • Kari says:

      Turns out the cure was using a different USB cord! Interesting that it could work on one computer but not the other!

  68. Ken says:

    Hey i got to the step where you call *#7842# and it says not registered to a network or sometimes it ll say , ussd code running the gives connection or invalid mmi code. The phone is unlocked and not rooted, i am trying to use to connect to wind.If i use a bigger network sim card for example was going to use telus that way it could find the network.My wind mobile sim card is currently in it while I was trying the steps. Is There a way to get to phoneutility using a different number or method? I also just updated to the newest version of android 4.3 too by the way will this effect me in any way.
    PLease help and thanks so much

  69. Ken says:

    does the drivers work on windows 8

  70. Ken says:

    does this work on windows 8 no ports pop up at all

  71. Shariq says:

    Hey, I have S4 i337m i followed you steps and enabled AWS on i337m suddenly i updated firm and the phone went back to factory setting and removed all AWS setting please help me

  72. Nav says:

    Hi can someone confirm, If this method works for I337M canadian S4 with android version 4.2.2. If it does work with 4.2.2 then is it work exact same way as explained here or some different steps.

    Someone commented on this process that after latest update of android he was facing issues with this procedure then he did this “since *#7284# doesnt work anymore after upgrade I use *#0808# and then selected RMNET+DM+MODE instead of RNDIS+DM+MODE”

    Please confirm, is this procedure as it is good for s4 version 4.2.2? or have to follow this person’s advice?

    I will really appreciate any help.


  73. dina says:

    i would like to know the answer to the last post as well

  74. Pawan says:

    I am getting 4g sometime and mostly 2g on my phone. Please can you advice if I need to make any changes mentioned by other guys after att software updates. I only made the given in video only .

  75. dina says:

    i tried RNDIS+DM+MODEM and RMNET+DM+MODEM debuggin is on and unknown sources is on, the phone goes through the whole process but wifi calling is not there… help!

  76. Kari says:

    I have successfully completed these instructions, including the unmentioned final step (dial *#2263# you will get the service mode screen and select option [6] LTE/WCDMA Mode Only). My 4G coverage seems very sporadic though. For example, I was driving from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica on the 10 freeway. The way there, I had no 4G connection whatsoever, but on the return trip I had a consistent 4G connection. Does anyone know of an additional step that will help me look for and secure a 4G connection. Or 3G? I have never seen my phone connect to 3G, it is always 4G or nothing, and 3G instead of nothing would be great! Thank you so much for any help.

    • adrenal777 says:

      Are you running on the latest UCUAMF3 firmware? In my location, selecting option [6] LTE/WCDMA Mode Only from the service mode screen allows LTE speed but it is very unstable with the UCUAMF3 firmware and always tend to lose the data connection. If you’re willing to sacrifice LTE and only stick with 4G then go to the service mode screen and select [2] WCMDA Band Preference, then select [6] WCDMA ALL. This will give you a very steady 4G connection at all times.

      • Pawan says:

        Hey adrenal777,

        I am also facing same issue of not getting 4G beteork.
        I see baseband version 1337ucuamf3 on my device. Are the steps same for this device as given by you?

        • adrenal777 says:

          Yes, if you are running baseband version 1337ucuamf3 then i would suggest you try the method i mentioned above. After performing the method above, make sure to restart the phone and you should be connected to 4g.

      • Kari says:

        Thank you adrenal777 so much for your response! I see Baseband version 1337UCUAMDB in my About device section (is this my firmware version?). I have also tried selecting WCDMA ALL, which gave me a consistent 4G symbol at the top of my phone, but I was not able to actually use the data connection.

        • adrenal777 says:

          Have you done a restart on your phone since selecting WCDMA ALL? If not, then perform a restart on your phone and the 4g data should be working. I have tested many times on the baseband version i337ucuamf3 with great success. Your i337UCUAMDB version should work fine with tmobile 4g and LTE without even needing to flash the QCN file. Majority of the people that are having connectivity issues are the ones running on baseband version i337ucuamf3. If you are still experiencing issues with the data connection then i would suggest you odin flash to firmware I337UCUAMDL, i have found the MDL firmware to work great with tmobile’s 4g and LTE connection without needing to flash the QCN file. Another advise is make sure not to upgrade to the I337ucuamf3 version as this version has many restrictions and is not downgradable.

          • Kari says:

            Thank you, with a restart, I’m getting great 4G now! How do I prevent my firmware from updating?

            • adrenal777 says:

              Simply reject the OTA update when being prompted on the phone. There’s also a way to block the update but i cannot post the link here, so you can try googling it.

  77. Nav says:

    working the original method great on I337M andriod 4.2.2….Thanks

  78. Jay says:

    Thanks for your help guys
    One more question. I have the i337m working on wind now, If I wanted to change stock rom to CM, which roms should I be looking at? same i337m or the Tmo/wind one ? and will it keep on working with AWS too?
    Sorry for the dumb question, but due to the flood of info regarding this mod, its quite confusing…. 😉

  79. Gabriel says:

    I DO NOT KNOW WHO ARE YOU…but you are a GENIUS and a god TEACHER!


    works for : galaxy s4 active i537 and galaxy s4 i337

  80. M says:

    Tried this on Galaxy S4 Active i9295 – 4.2.2 – UAMF5 – Kernet 3.4.0

    Didn’t work! The phone keeps connecting / disconnecting on network. (Regular network that it was working on = Fido). Also didn’t work on Wind either same issue – connect disconnect. Enable / disable mobile data, didn’t help. Reset the USB settings (with *#0808 code) and on effect.
    Thank Allah for backup!!
    The QPST software downloader was connecting / disconnecting as well. As soon it shows connected – I press restore and it didn’t disconnect until it restored the whole file. System rebooted and we are where we started from.
    If it didn’t restore, this would have caused BIG issues!!

    Moral of story: BACKUP! BACKUP! Backup! nvdata is specific to each model, (and sometime batch #) and not always work on every device. Read more on XDA-Developers about how dangerous can it be.

  81. Raymond C says:

    I need help!!! I did everything and it works but now my device wont connect to my computer. It charges but it doesn’t show up. I have googled for hours looking for a solution but none helped me. Can someone please help me here!?

  82. Sk13 says:

    How to enable 900 MHz on AT&T Model – i337 for Samsung Galaxy S4

  83. Tarniman says:

    My computer is not recognized in the qpst. I cannot backup the files. I do see the ports in my device manager but nothing it say “no phone” in QPST on all of them. Can anybody help me to get my computer to recognize my AT&T I337 SG4

  84. jimmy says:

    Does tmobile wifi calling work after doing this?

  85. Stop writ of execution says:

    Hi, I purchased the 32g S4 from AT&T. I wanted to take it to T-mobile for the cheaper monthly fee. AT&T gave me an unlock code, but I unlocked it using youtube tutorials. I took it T-mobile and got their sim card. Now, I keep getting the “no network connection – emergency calls only” message every couple of hours. Will this process help me in anyway?

  86. kindongo says:


    After I did this my phone will not connect to my PC via USB. Does anybody knows how to fix this?

  87. MR. DSSTECH says:

    Thank You. this S4 Active AT&T is now on Spot Mobile with 4G. I could only ever get EDGE. now I have 4G

  88. Nav says:

    I worked on my s4. sgh-i337m. My firmware was new, so I didn’t install phoneutil.apk but instead I pressed *#0808# and then choose the option “RNDIS + DM + MODEM”. Rest all same.

  89. tarniman says:

    Has anyone figured out how to get pass the “no phone” and get it to show (0) yet? It would be much appreciated

  90. tarniman says:

    For anyone that was having trouble like me getting qpst program to show (0) instead of “no phone” click on the 1st youtube video at the top of this screen and veiw the comment section under the video. Look for a comment from a guy called “allen ros” he has solution posted that worked for me. I have the at&t sgh-i337

  91. Matt says:

    Any word from anyone on how to get tethering (usb or wifi) to work with this setup yet? I’ve tried changing the provisioning file, tried Max’s link to a custom wifi tether for root app, foxfi, barnacle etc. as well as playing with APNs but nothing works. Stock app gives me ‘mobile data not available or invalid sim’ error, I’m assuming the phone is trying to contact AT&T to see if the account has tethering…

    • Bada Bing says:

      I do have the tethering working on an AT&T active running on T-Mobile.
      I used the STOCK apk and froze a couple AT&T update files using App Quarantine (Really doesn’t matter what app you use to freeze them but the freezing fixes the network error). Then used ES file to connect. There is a net manager tab under the tools menu in ES File that lets you set up a network. Just make sure you have your WiFi off or it will not show the option to enable a hotspot. I tried a bunch of other Tethering apps but none worked. By the way, most times you get a warning that the settings have stopped working but that is just the AT&T stuff complaining, it really is working.

      I suggest setting up an SSID name and password in the stock AT&T tethering app and then setting ES File to USE THE SYSTEM AP settings. When you leave ES File to use a RANDOM AP you do not have a chance to read the SSID name and password before it disappears behind the SETTINGS HAVE STOPPED warning.
      I did not delete any stock files, only froze them. I will look in my notes for the files I froze when I get home.
      Last, if you do not have tethering with T-Mobile, they give you a warning to buy it. Not gotten that warning after playing with some settings on my Tablet. Not too sure what is allowed to post here so I will be vague to avoid getting the site in trouble.

      Ok… rather than waiting until I get home, I’ll just post a link to another place where I explained it…

      The ONLY CHANGE IS ;
      In app quarantine set up… uncheck “hide system service”

      Here is a link to where someone added the rooting to the instructions and simplified my poor first attempt at explaining what I did;

  92. Ariel Castro says:

    Greetings! Quick question that’s totally off topic.
    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My
    web site looks weird when viewing from my iphone. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct this problem.
    If you have any suggestions, please share.
    With thanks!

  93. Jarek says:

    I wonder which frequency obtained after flashing? I mean 3g and LTE list bands ?

  94. Haris says:

    I have a Galaxy s4 i9505. I came to Canada recently and want it to work with wind. is there a way to do that?

  95. Yamil says:

    Will this procedure stay permanent? I ask because I constantly play around with roms, and I wonder if this reverts with every flash

  96. Ash says:

    The USA and Canadian models seems to be S4 i9505. I have S4 international model S4 i9500 that does not have LTE capability. Does the above method will enable AWS on S4 i9500 too?

    Following link shows difference between i9505 and i9500.

    S4 i9505 seems to be AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337/SGH-i337M. Since I have S4 i9505 I want to know whethet above instruction will make s4 i9500 aws enabled.

  97. Juan Lopez says:

    did not work for me.. i installed the apk but the dialer code wont work. Am I doing something wrong?

  98. Privated says:

    My phone was unlock before I went through those steps, now after I done with How to Enable T-Mobile HSPA+ AWS Bands on AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337/SGH-i337M, I tried to put in roger, bell, wind sim card , it keep asking for sim card pin #. what I did wrong? Thanks

  99. Hassan says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’m trying to go through this process but *#7284# opens nothing thus I’m stuck on this step. Any help will be appreciated.

  100. Gary says:

    Hi guys! When I install the QPST, it installs 98% and once it hits 99% a pop up window opens up (I have attached a picture in the link of the pop up window that opens up). What is the problem? Is there a problem with the QPST program? I have installed it on like 4 different computers and laptops and I am having the same problem with the QPST. I even downloaded the QPST from a different source and had the same problem. Why isn’t QPST installing?

    Any help would be kindly appreciated!


  101. Gary says:

    Hi guys! When I install the QPST, it installs 98% and once it hits 99% a pop up window opens up. Some “scramp” file or whatever it is, is not installing? What is the problem? Is there a problem with the QPST program? I have installed it on like 4 different computers and laptops and I am having the same problem with the QPST. I even downloaded the QPST from a different source and had the same problem. Why isn’t QPST installing?

    Any help would be kindly appreciated!


  102. raul says:

    would that work on galaxy s4 gt-i9505??

    i did every thing you says but it not working so please informe me if there is a way to get T-Mobile 4g LTE signal ……

  103. aguirres says:

    Should I still have installed the Phoneutil.apk after I have finished the process of enable AWS bands? What happended to me is one day after this folowed these instructions my contacts applications start to have problems, it got locked, so I decided to unistall the Phoneutil.apk, so should I repeat the instructions to continue with my AWS enable?

  104. Skilladeez says:

    Yesterday I followed all these instructions and got 4g working on T-Mobile in my house where on ATT I would get very limited 4g service maybe one bar. Now its been one night and I’m at work where I would get full bars of ATT 4glte and now I am back to 2g. Is it possible that everything i did from this tutorial got reverted automatically while i was sleeping? Can you please help me?

  105. sohum says:

    qpst can not find my phone plz help me

    email me at 6476083690

  106. Lombax says:

    Hey guys I have the Verizon Galaxy S$ and I’m stuck with the crappy EDGE 2G on T-Mobile. can I use this on my phone to pick up the other HSPA+ bands? cause the HSPA exists in my area just not the frequency I can pick up.

  107. Ebony says:

    I unlocked to t-mobile on 4.1.2 on AT&T phone I’m with t-mobile, I go in with *#7284# selections are both still the same as the tutorial. Connect my phone open up device manager no port selection. I can only find the phone under portable devices as Samsung SGH – I317. Where do o go from there if it shows no port selection tab…..please help me.

  108. Eduard Manea says:

    I did all the steps and it didnt work for the first 20 minutes after i rebooted it….came so close to rage quitting….but finally somehow it magically worked and now im able to connect to Wind Home. If you are having trouble with this give it a little time and keep rebooting it and turning the mobile network on and off. Anyway I could not thank you enough for all the help. 🙂

  109. John Wentworth says:

    Additional information for MF3 modem, this guide was made for MDL
    I’ve noticed this guide works much better on a MDL stock rom.
    MF3 provides me better battery life and works with my work wifi
    MF3 seems to work with this mod with some additional work

    I live in an area with broad 1900 Mhz HSPA+ and LTE support
    I was doing this to ensure I’d have HSPA+ while traveling.
    I did multiple tests locking phone to specific frequency using *#2263#
    and confirming with *#0011#

    I did the hack with a mdl rom and mf3 modem and it seems to work.

    Couple things I noticed with hacked modem
    GPS issues at first
    Once I clear agps and rebooted the GPS started to work again, sometimes a bit slow though.

    Speed Tests with app.
    Upload speed test fails with network communication issues
    Slower general speeds on LTE and HSPA+, likely due to upload issues

    Parts of mod might not be 100% suitable for MF3 modem
    I decided to revert to stock MF3 modem
    After reverting to normal MF3 without AWS
    GPS lock is quick
    Speed Tests run fine, and speeds are quicker.

    Unexpected Fix
    Seems you can fix the problems the hack causes on mf3 by reflashing the normal mf3 modem
    after reflashing mf3 normal over my hacked mf3, the aws unlock stuck.
    flashing mf3 over mdl w/ hack had removed the fix, so I assumed it would be the same when I flashed stock MF3
    but it didn’t remove the AWS unlock, maybe because it was the same modem?
    But *#2263# and *#0011# confirmed I can still force my phone to AWS
    without any of the issues that I had immediately after hacking the mf3 modem.

    Information on this hack + MF3 isn’t very common.
    Hope this helps someone else
    work was done with stock MDL rom to apply hack
    Cleanrom 1.5 MF3 to update and get MF3 modem working 100%

  110. Roger Stumbaugh says:

    Is there a QCN file for the i537(Active)? Because I tried it and got no errors, but my phone did not reboot and after I rebooted it, I still don’t have hpfs listed. I also notice that in that same list where it says mobile service, my phone says Mobile Network State: Disconnected.

  111. Wang Ke says:

    When i try to flash the 337_aws file, it does so very quickly without the file and progress bar moving at all. After it tells me that memory restore is compeleted but i doubt it. Now i can only see wind away signals. can anyone please help me?

  112. Chris S says:

    AMAZING! Thanks so much! Runs perfectly on WIND mobile network now!!
    My S4 was unlocked and worked on WIND until I ran firmware update today (not rooted) and when it rebooted it wouldn’t connect to WIND anymore…is this normal?

  113. Threecardtrick says:

    do you have to have root for this to work? I can’t root (Good for Enterprise won’t work if I do) but I can’t get the Phone Utils to load. followed all instructions to download utils.apk but nothing when I dial *#7284#. Any ideas? Pleeeese someone! I am stuck with Edge and its crap!!!!!!

  114. favian firdaus says:

    1.Use *#0808# and pick DM+MODEM+ADB need to install mobile samsung driver
    3.follow steps shown in this website or

  115. Threecardtrick says:

    This workaround works particularly well but it still doesn’t change the Tethering provision option i.e. your ATT phone will still keep trying to get authentication for a Hotspot from ATT and not from TMO. The result is that you will get a ‘mobile data is not available or invalid SIM’ message. Some of us can’t root our phones due to Corp IT policies so it may mean that we can’t use this feature which is a pain!!!! Thoughts anyone?

  116. andy says:

    How come when i switch it to the AWS tmobile, the 4g data is even slower. I lived in NYC so most area have refarmed. When i get 4g uisng original band i get 3-5mb. When i switch to the tmobile one i get 500kb…? But in area where i get edge only, with this upgrade i get 4g at 500 to 700kb instead of 50kb. Anyway I can get the best of both? Am I doing something wrong? I tested it repeatly and got same result…

  117. Brady says:

    I have the 1337m running cyanogenmod and I already get H+ but just not LTE. Should I still follow this guide or is that irrelevant since I already get H+?

  118. Doug says:

    If I try this on my i527 Can I do any harm? The i527 looks just like a big i337

    I Gotta try it !!!!

    • Doug says:

      ……. I tried to write the 337_AWS.qnc file to my i527. No go! Error writing file to device. Device would not reset. If it helps, I was able to backup and save my current NV memory file. But even when trying to write that back up file to the device, I would get the error. So it seems that I can’t write any file to my i527 with this method, which leads me to believe if I could have written the 337_AWS.qnc to my device it would have worked. No? Any help here? Max?

      A Bounty to the one that can help me Enable T-Mobile HSPA+ AWS Bands on the AT&T i527

      H E L P !!!!!

      • Doug says:

        This is the error I am getting “COULD NOT RESET THE PHONE. COMMUNICATION ERRORS OCCURED” It seems that QPST 2.7 is not writing this file or even my back up file to my device (which I can back up and save my current NV memory file with no problem). Is there a newer Version of QPST?

        =======> HELP <=======

  119. Doug says:

    Somebody explain to me where this file came from so I can create one for the i527….

    HELOOOOOOOOOO! HELOOOOOOOOOOO! Anybody out there??!!?? 🙂

  120. Nestor says:

    Graciassssssssssssss…. Por fin mi problema resuelto despues de tanto buscar. que alegre, ahora mi telefono Samsung M919 levanta 4G =D gracias nuevamente

  121. Zed says:

    I was able to backup and restore the nvdata. I getting 4g and the internet is working on WIND service. but I do not get any signals i.e 0 bars and no voice calls. I have tried the following things:
    1. Select ALL WCDMA from service mode.
    2. re-flashed the nvdata.
    3. restarted the phone various times.

    Is anyone else getting or got this problem?

  122. Joey says:

    I received a Vodafone GT-i19505 and tried the procedure using *#0808# and DM+Modem+ADB to connect. After restoring the 337_AWS.qcn, the phone reboots but it indicates that I have to insert SIM card. Restoring to my backup works but then I don’t have access to the 1700 range. Can anyone help? I am trying to use it with Wind.

  123. Doug says:


  124. Doug says:

    Does this change your IMEI when you write it to your phone?

  125. Doug says:

    Does this change the IMEI?

  126. hallo says:

    hi i have a samsung galaxy s 4 19500 first i am wondering if i can unlock the aws to work on wind? and ive gotten up to the point where you plug in the usb into the computer but it just says device unknock but when i get back to the defualt MTP +ADB the device is found on my computer. the problem is there are no ports. please somone help me i dunno why it wont work.

  127. nav says:

    Hi I have modded my phone with this method about 4 months ago and its working flawlessly for me. I am using wind mobile on bell phone. But now problem is my phone is showing update to 4.3 which I am not sure about.

    Will installing update ruin my mod?

  128. moe says:

    I did all this steps it works and everything but my data doesn’t work. I got wind any help?

  129. Rich says:

    I have a tmobile family plan. I have a s4 locked and not rooted. My 4g service is horrible in my neighbor. I have been pushing tmobile to update in my area for over 2 years… I also have an older 3G phone that works perfectly fine in my neighborhood (full 3G bars)! The problem is my s4 has no bars depending in what area of house I’m in. I would like to know if this mod will enable 3G signals to my s4 phone? Please any help or point in right direction would be helpful.

  130. Liam Gillanders says:

    Hi Max,
    I was wondering, after completing this process, would the aws capability remain if I flashed a ROM?
    Thanks, Liam

  131. Duf says:

    You’re the Man!

    I done with Fido SGH-i337M and use it with Videotron HSPA+

    So I flash modem.bin from videotron stock rom SGH-M919V first.
    And Use this trick to get out off the “not getting the (0) detection on QPST”:
    1) enter *#9090# on dialer
    2) CLICK on the #2 – DM/DUN over HSIC
    3) phone should reset; just connnect the cable back in and try QPST again

    Work like a charm.

  132. rico says:

    does this work only with android 4.2.2 or also with 4.3.2, please confirm.

  133. Jay says:

    Hi, I’ve got a galaxy s4 from Rogers. I had been using it on Tmobile since May 2013. Out of nowhere it stopped connecting to the Tmobile network the other day. I thought the problem was with sim, got a replacement sim from Tmobile and problem still persists. I followed every step in this Tutorial/Video and it still didn’t work. However, when i turn my phone off for a few hours and THEN turn it on it connects to the Tmobile network for about 5 to 10 seconds and even lets me make a call. But after that call or within the first 10-20 seconds it goes back to “Not registered on Network” error when making calls…

    Is there anything else i can do to maybe fix this issue?

    Thank you so much!
    btw i was really hoping for it to work with this tutorial :/

    • bada bing says:

      Jay, Check to see if your phone has been blacklisted. That is how it would react if it was on the blacklist. Check your ESN at somewhere like

    • bada bing says:

      Jay, forgot to mention… T-mo just got aggressive with the list as of November 1st so even though you have been using it, it still could have just been added to the list.

      • Jay says:

        Hey Bada Bing! thanks for replying.

        i checked with tmobile and made sure, it is not black listed.
        Just so lost. Did another factory reset and tried this tutorial again… nothing.

        • bada bing says:

          T-mo told me the same thing, not on the blacklist. Even gave me a couple new sim cards… but it turned out the phone was blacklisted (thanks e-bay). The phone would connect for a few seconds and then NO SIGNAL… not even emergency calls. Before that, the phone had worked fine for months. Not sure why t-mo wouldn’t tell me it was blacklisted but it was. I even went to a t-mo company store and had the guy check it over. He stuffed two new sims into it before he firmly announced it was broken. Did some research, ran my ens through the list and found it was listed. Just for fun, I took the phone with me to Mexico and sure enough, it connected to Movistar just fine. I ended up changing the motherboard to one with a clean esn (super easy) and after that all was well. Seriously, check your esn on and a few other sites (some update their list more frequently). I guess t-mo got tired of arguing with innocent people begging to be taken off the list so they just imply yours is broken. Better for them to sell you a new phone at more than new prices.

  134. Steve says:

    Got an I537. *#7284# doesn’t do anything for me.

    • bada bing says:

      dial *#0808# instead of *#7284#

      Look toward the first third of this post and you will find where others have done this to the i537.

  135. Zade rizal says:


    I have the sgh-1337m. *#7284# didnt work for me but *#0808# did so its fine. However, even when I set the connection mode to RNDIS + DM + MODEM and two com ports howed up in device manager, QPST was unable to detect the phone through either of these com ports.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Duf says:

      Try this :
      1) enter *#9090# on dialer
      2) CLICK on the #2 – DM/DUN over HSIC
      3) phone should reset; just connnect the cable back in and try QPST again

      *Try another usb port can help too

  136. Rob says:

    Worked GREAT! on Samsung S4 i337M for Rogers, now able to connect to the Wind network (Canada)

    Also note *#7284# didnt work for me but *#0808# <— think this is going to happen on a lot of Canadian variants.

  137. mike says:

    Hey. I completed all the steps and made it through the process. Upon rebooting into the wind network it says there is no network available. I manually added their network and changed to 1700 frequency. Has anyone else had this problem ? Also strangely I have 4G coverage but am only unable to make calls or text

    • Zade rizal says:

      Its been blacklisted. Same issue I had. Dealing with it right now. Learnt the hard way to always check the imei/esn before purchase. Luckily I only buy from other students at my uni so I can track them down after purchase.

      • mike says:

        I bought mine online.. If I were to get another imei would I be able to use this phone?

        • Zade rizal says:

          Nope. Well technically you can but its illegal to swap imei’s. It was designed to prevent theft. Best you can do is hunt down the owner and get him/her to whitelist it. If you bought it on ebay, open an item not described case, unless ofcourse it was already described as “bad esn/imei” in which case, you’re pretty much stuck with a glorified mp4 player.

  138. Yasar says:

    I am getting the following errors:

    Memory Restore Failed!

    Received an invalid command from the phone.

    Even restoring the backed up QCN file gives the same error message. It fails at about 5% progress. Please help!! How do I resolve this?


  139. Yasar says:

    Also tried the *#9090# and chose option 2. Got back the default settings. Tried again after selecting the port with (0) on the phone and getting the same error messages as above!!

  140. Pawan says:

    I am using AT&T S4 on Tmobile with the changes mentioned here on this page and it works fine. Thanks for the help

    Can i safely update to Kit Kat without losing the capability to use the phone on tmobile network?

    Please advist

  141. adwokaci says:

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  142. krajik says:

    hello i can back up fine evrything goes smooth then when i try and restore the 377_AWS file it loads to 5% and tell me error memory failed. failed phone commands

  143. Dingo says:

    I should mention my phone is on android 4.3 now.

  144. Yasar says:

    Same problem for me. Fails at 5% restoring the 377_aws. I did find an alternate way to use data on my att phone with t mobile gsm. I just change the APN setting to the following and my phone now picks up 4G and LTE :

    Here’s the source:

    Name : T-Mobile LTE



    MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0

    MCC: 310

    MNC: 260

    APN Type: default,supl,admin,dun,mms

  145. Ferdin says:

    Has anyone found the fix to… stops at 5% when I try to restore the 337_aws file??? PLEASE HELP OUT

  146. muhammad says:

    anyone try ATT S4 LTE 1900 ?

  147. muhammad says:

    anyone try ATT S4 LTE 1900 Band 2 ?

  148. Dex says:

    Will this work if your laptop is a windows 8?

  149. Surya says:

    This file changes your imei which is blacklist.

    Alternate is use the Note 2 qcn file that one has no imei so it wont change your imei. and works the same. this file changes yours imei which is blacklisted. Just change your imei back using one of the boxes and then flash the Note 2 qcn file which has no imei so it wont change your imei and cuz signal issues.


  150. ferdin says:

    I checked both my S4 and the IMEI match they haven’t changed although I still can’t get 4G working

  151. Person says:

    You can force LTE Only on T-Mobile if coverage is available by dialling *#*#4636#*#* and wait for a screen to pop up (only Stock ROM). Tap device information , and there should be a box that says LTE/GSM Auto, WCDMA only, WCDMA preferred, GSM auto, or something like that. Scroll down and tap on LTE Only. Later, dial the same number and change it back to LTE/GSM Auto.

    • Person says:

      Only tested on the i337 Galaxy S4 Model (AT&T)

    • Ferdin says:

      Thanks for your advice I was able to get 4G but for some weird reason my phone loads pages a lot faster on edge then on 4G. On 4G the pages take about 1 minute to load and half of the time it says something like connection error.

  152. Ferdin says:

    Thanks for your advice I was able to get 4G but for some weird reason my phone loads pages a lot faster on edge then on 4G. On 4G the pages take about 1 minute to load and half of the time it says something like connection error.

  153. klvp says:

    Hi Max, I am using AT&T Galaxy S4, android version 4.4.2. I recently moved to Tmobile and just getting the edge fro data. I tried instructions and was getting ‘no phone’ in QPST. I installed phone utility and tried with two USB settings ‘RNDIS+DM+MODEM’ and ‘DM+MODEM+ADB’. I am seeing the samsung USB ports in Device Manager but QPST shows ‘no phone’ in the above two USB settings. I tried this on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 PCs but no luck. I appreciate if you can provide me any insight why my phone is not recognized by QPST. Thank you!

  154. Josh says:

    I have an At&t galaxy s4 on 4.4.2 and I keeps stopping at 5%. Is there an easy fix for this yet?? Please help.

  155. Shaheel says:

    In Step 13…when uploading the nv file for i337, i receive the error message “Received an invalid command from the phone”.

    Please Help!!!

  156. jason says:

    I can not download the files. The link keeps bringing me to download utiliy pro, install converter? anyone have this issue or how to get arount it?

    • KUZI LTD. says:


  157. KUZI LTD. says:

    THANKS 🙂

  158. Rod says:

    My lte worked for a bit then disappeared after I set it to airplane mode one night, used the [5] WCDMA/GSM option when you dial *#2263# to get 4g after that but after doing some searching I realized I never switched my APN settings to tmobile! After I did that I switched back to option 6 on the *#2263# menu and I have LTE again 🙂 hope this helps someone!

  159. jason says:

    I can not get device to show on Port COM , it will only show on USB devices as unknown. Any idea what to do??

  160. Mukvidkal says:

    I have made a request with AT&T to get unlock code and I may get it most likely (if not, will get it from eBay as I am not computer savvy to try this method). If I unlock the phone through AT&T, what I need to do to enable T-Mobile 3G/4G?

    Can someone let me know.


  161. JG says:

    receive the error message “Received an invalid command from the phone”. at 5% when trying to flash 337_aws…anyone know what is wrong? I have 4.3 jellybean and VERSION 1337UCUEMK2…

  162. tim says:

    When I did this, ALL my data stopped transferring.
    I am using TMobile on an ATT i537 active
    I am in a roaming area in Nebraska right now
    before I did this I had fully functional LTE/4g roaming…now it says I’m still picking up 4g but the roaming network options all have a icon in the menu bar asking for me to connect/login to the roaming towers

    I did not pay attention to what modem option was default before switching to RNDIS + DM + MODEM

    I would like to switch back and see if my data transfer will return…

    Anyone know what the ATT default was and are there any other suggestions or thread inks please?????

  163. Casey says:

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  164. Bart says:

    Does anyone know if I can use this on a Wind Mobile SGH-M919V? It’s nearly identical to a T-Mobile model but I don’t want to brick the phone if this version is incompatible with this phone.

  165. Sbenne11 says:

    BIG PROBLEM !!! Thanks btw for the mod, absolutely awesome…Haven’t had a chance to test with a new SIM, but went through all the instructions and everything seemed to work. But the problem is, now I can’t make or receive calls. Using my existing SIM after the MOD, when I make a call it appears to try to go through, but I cant hear anything, the phone screen goes black and flashes and no call is made…When someone tries to call me, sometimes it rings but I cant answer it, and phone locks up. Everything else works ( data, text, etc )…It seems like trying to make/receive calls makes the phone go haywire, and doesnt work…

    Any thoughts or suggestions ? Should I restore my .qc file that I originally backed up ? Thanks all

  166. jun says:

    thanks for this! i did it just as described, and everything seemed to go swimmingly. but when i go to *#2263# and select WCDAM/GSM only to test if i can get HSPA+42, i don’t… i only get HSPAP15 (even when i change apn from to i live in greater LA, so i know i should have it… any way to tell that the activation of AWS bands worked? my i337 got LTE before i did this… so there is no convincing myself that this actually worked… any help?

  167. brian says:

    will this method also work on s4 active from at&t??

  168. Ali says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say I am extremely grateful and after a whole day of trying to get this damn phone to work on WIND network in Canada (it is a Bell phone) I FINALLY DID IT WITH YOUR GUIDE! Thanks a bunch. For anyone with android 4.4 where the*#7824# code doesn’t work, just use *#0808# and it will take you directly to USB settings!

  169. Tanya says:

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    I wouldn’t mind producing a post or elaborating on a lot
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  170. Andrea says:

    i get to step 2 but when i input *#7284# nothing happens? what am i doing wrong.

  171. Penney says:

    Very shortly this web page will bee famous among all blog visitors,
    due to it’s gokd posts

  172. Joe S says:

    This was great. worked on a Rogers phone and converted to Wind

  173. Bernie says:

    October 12, 2014 – Worked like a charm. I had an unlocked Rogers i337m. This took over 24 hours to unlock online, got a code for 15 bucks. Then followed the steps above using the *#0808# tip. I’m definitely NOT a techie at all…but this worked for me in about 30 minutes total. The only part i found confusing was the backup. I didnt realize that I had to name the backup file I created, I was looking through my computer for one like in the images!!! Once I figured this out, the rest was done in approximately 3 minutes.

    Reboot happened, phone took about 60 seconds to recognize the new AWS settings. Checked it online, set to wind (which never used to come up as an available network). It told me that mobile data would not work. After about 30 seconds, the strange symbol on the taskbar went away and I was now displaying full signal strength, and 4G was lit up. I again checked, set to wind. I opened google chrome, and data works like a charm!

    Thank you for this…amazing opportunity to NOT have to buy a wind phone!!!!

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  176. Ashish Kumar says:

    After flashing the bands is there a way to switch between 2G/3G/4G ? bcoz the option is not available on the setting directly.

  177. Amos S says:

    Everything was running smoothly up until i had to chose the COM port that has the (0), the device manager only shows COM3 & COM4 but both say No phone and in the QPS COM5 shows up but the same No Phone problem. Any suggestions?

  178. Nara says:

    I put in *#7284# and nothing happens? what do i do?

  179. Don says:

    I don’t believe it. Everything worked and I am connected to Wind. Thanks !!!
    Nara if you had read or searched the posts there are at least 10 times where people have said if *#7284# does not work try *#0808# It worked for me

  180. ozone says:

    seems like a lot of people during restore get “Received an invalid command from the phone” but I never see anyone offering a fix for this problem

    • Urjita says:

      I know right. Have you found a fix yourself? I just got a new phone, had a macbook so spent hours trying to use my windows laptop again to make this work and yet nothing.

      • ozone says:

        after digging around it seems that this does not work on I337UCUFNB1 i don’t know if in the future someone will come up for a way to do this on I337UCUFNB1

        • ozone says:

          finally got past “Received an invalid command from the phone” problem was my baseband version was too new. I installed using safestrap. baseband version then showed as i337ucuamf3. qpst then worked fine.

          • Ali says:

            Can you give me the install instructions on how I would go about installing the files? I have downloaded the zip file, and even extracted it’s contents. But still, I don’t know how to install. Can you please help?

          • Ali says:

            Can you give me the exact safestrap version you used for your i337? Because what I am seeing is a multitude of different versions of SafeStrap. And the one I installed is not giving on State: Not rooted; and on Safe System: Not Active. Also how do I run the zip file on safestrap?

            • ozone says:

              i used safestrap version 3.72 because that what was recommended from my phone. i copied the zip file to a folder on my phone where i could find it. booted into safestrap, clicked install chose the zip file, i found i also had to install SELinuxMod Changer to allow safestrap to work

  181. Brittany says:

    When I select the file and try to restore it says that it is receiving an invalid command from my phone. How do I fix this?

  182. Ulz says:

    I get an invalid command failure at 5% complete of the restore operation. I’ve tried several work arounds.
    The best setup so far:
    *#0808# USB Setting RMNET+DM+MODEM
    The USB setting will return to the default MTP+ADB after a reboot.

    Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)
    BaseBand i337UCUFNJ4

    Has anyone got this to work on KitKat?

    • Ali says:

      You have a brand new android version with the latest baseband version. QPST has not yet upgraded to facilitate the new baseband. Downgrade your baseband version using Safestrap recovery (for me the version that worked was 3.72. Can’t say much about your i337. Just keep downloading different versions until you get the one that works). You are going to search and download, and then install the following baseband zip file: Then you should be able to run the QPST patch with no problems.

  183. MSA says:

    Just tried it … Many thanks!

  184. manu says:

    I GOT : Received an invalid command from the phone too at 5% Not sure what can I do.. Is there a workaround?

  185. Armin says:

    I am also getting “Invalid command from the phone” at 5%, followed all the other steps perfectly!

    • Ali says:

      Armin see above in my replies from Ozone. Ozone pointed out how it is the problem with the baseband version of the Android 4.4.2. I very likely guessing this is what you have on your S4. The new baseband that comes with the new Android version will not allow QPST to work. I also take it you don’t have root. Just go to Towelroot’s main home page and download their root application. It did not work before, but they have updated their software now to work on the new Android 4.4.2. After you have rooted, use Safestrap (for me the version that worked was 3.72) by rebooting to recovery mode and installing the zip file from there. You are going to search for the following zip file on Yahoo or Google:

      • Joe says:

        I did the above, but now my phone cannot connect to any network, and it also can’t connect to QPST for more than a couple seconds at a time.

        Currently I am running Android 4.4.4 Baseband version I337UCUAMF3 but build number I337UCUFNJ4. I just got my phone, and it came with Android 4.4.4.

        Do I need to downgrade to Android 4.4.2 I337UCUAMF3 in order to connect to QPST and cell networks?

        • Ali says:

          Try downgrading to 4.4.2 Joe. Then try the steps of putting the downgraded baseband version. I am using 4.4.2 so it did not give any problems when I installed the baseband version of the zip file stated above.

          And thanks for the heads up about the 4.4.4. I’ll remember to never buy an AT&T phone but always T-Mobile, or any other carriers that support AWS bands. They are really making it very hard now to be able to run QPST and QPST is not upgrading it’s software, which is pretty sad.

  186. Stefan says:

    Can it then be rooted and install a custom rom and keep the same settings???

  187. dalha says:

    Hi I have problem my sumsung galaxy tab3 . My phone is working only when I select GSM if I select WCDMA/OUTO MODE doesn’t work . I can’t make call and internet

  188. Momchil says:

    Hi guys,

    When i follow the instructions i get “unknown device” in the device manager rather than samsung serial port com 24 or whatever its supposed to be. I did install the samsung mobile usb phone drivers. I tried this on two different computers with two different phones. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  189. Yatti420 says:

    So this will work to go from Koodo to Wind Mobile SGH-I257M running 4.4.2 – no root yet – no unlock..

    ASsuming it’s going to need to be rooted to do this?

  190. Heidi says:

    I can’t get the AWS file to load past 5%. What can I do? Thanks

  191. Wayne Choi says:

    For people who get unknown device:
    1: go to recovery mode (Press Up + Power till logo comes on then let go of power)
    2: Select Enable CP loging

    For QPST Problems:
    2:Select DM/DUN over HSIC

    Everything Should work From there.

    This Works with Lollipop.

  192. Tom says:

    Wayne Choi, you are my hero.

  193. tai game bai iphone says:

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  194. Mike D says:

    Wayne Choi – thanks so much for suggesting CP Logging to get around the unknown device problem. This allowed me to reconfigure my Galaxy S4 to work with Wind Mobile and give it to my daughter after I unlocked it from Bell. She can now retire her S3 which had battery problems, and I have switched over to my S5 for work. btw I was running V5.01 and it showed me ports COM8 and COM9 in QPST – it turned out the phone was on COM9.

  195. Amos says:

    I rooted my S4 about 2 years ago and it worked great. Fast forward 2 years and my screen dies, so i take it to a cellphone repair shop. While my s4 was in repair, i put my sim card into a spare samsung phone that i have. After my s4 was fixed, i put my sim card back in but now it won’t connect to the network. i called the repair shop and asked if anything other than the screen replacement was done and they said no. Would me putting my sim card into a different phone change any connectivity to my S4? I tried taking the steps to re-root my phone thinking its a phone issue but now i can’t dial the number to bring up the phoneutil.apk file. Any ideas?

  196. John Doe says:

    On my particular phone, I had to temporarily go back to the stock recovery from TWRP so that I can “enable cp logging”. If I don’t do that, QPST simply cannot find the connection to my phone.

    Originally I was afraid that going back to the stock recovery would remove my root, and I would have to re-root again before I can install TWRP. It turns out to be a non-issue.

    Just a reminder when your attention is so warped up with this AWS challenge, Odin cannot flash a recovery.img file (which you extract from the stock ROM). I should have known better. After some frustrating moment, I archived this file into the .tar format and Odin flashed it without a glitch.

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