How To Install Flash Player on Galaxy S4!

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For those of you who want to view Flash videos or play Flash games on your Galaxy S4, you probably couldn’t because Samsung decided to co*k-block you.

Well, there’s a simple solution for that.  Although Flash Player doesn’t work on stock S4 browser, you can get it working easily on 3rd-party browsers like Firefox or Boat browser.

*Note – I’ve also tried Dolphin and Chrome browser, it doesn’t work on those browsers. (but in the future it may be possible with a hacked browser on custom ROMs)

**Note – No root required and works on ALL Galaxy S4s including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, GT-i9500, GT-i9505, etc…etc…

Step 1. Download FlashPlayer.apk to your S4.

Download FlashPlayer.apk


Step 2. Download browser like Firefox or Boat browser.  I recommend Firefox since it works out of the box without doing anything.


Step 3. Use your favorite File Explorer app to install the FlashPlayer.apk.


Step 4. Make sure you “Unknown sources” is checked on and re-install FlashPlayer.apk if you get blocked.


Step 5. Open up Firefox (or Boat browser) and browse to flash-enabled site like

Click on the flash video or game and enjoy!


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19 Responses

  1. Damien says:

    Hello Max, I am getting “Parse Error” when going to install for the link for the Flash apk you provided.

  2. Martin says:

    Trying to install the apk and the it just says App has nor been installed, i have unknown sources checked. Any tips?
    International galaxy s4 GT-I9505 Sweden

  3. umar says:

    Not installed. Unknown source is checked. Any solution max?

  4. jamie says:

    Yah, I have installed and tried both Firefox and boat browser and neither one will let you do anything with flash they say your device is not supported. Any thoughts?

  5. Sea says:

    I wanted to play an swf file with swf player lite, but it crashes almost immediately after launching the swf file. I have reason to believe it is the s4 at fault here. any help?

  6. ndsp99 says:

    Worked for me (Verizon) on firefox. “Internet” and “Chrome” still duds.

  7. Tommy says:

    I noticed something. Try renaming the downloaded apk to .html and open it in Firefox. It’s the file hosts fault. Please use a different place to host the apk’s for this host makes things confusing and requires people to make an account with them.

  8. Tommy says:

    Wait, it’s even worse,I think they want people to buy their monthly service 🙁

  9. Tristan says:

    If you have problems with downloading and know someone with an ICS phone, simply use a free app like File Expert and save the Adobe Flash Player as an APK file, copy across to your phone and install. Worked for me with Firefox.

  10. jack says:

    This doesn’t work on galaxy s4 rogers network..

  11. jonny says:

    Doesn’t work with any browser at all apart from Firefox which displays the message click here to activate plugin. Force closes on clicking.

  12. F R says:

    I installed on S4 ATT, I have Boat browser and Stock Samsung Browser. I checked “Unknown Sources” option. I followed your instructions and it doesnt work.

  13. esteban m. says:

    I have an s4 active and i rooted the phone the way you stated. and it was working fine but now the activeroot app is not working can you help please. i click on the app and it acts like its going to open but then it doesnt.

  14. CY says:

    The flashplayer file should be a little over 4 MB. If you get a parse error message, it is because your phone didn’t download the entire file. If you download in file on your computer (and ensure that it is about 4MB for flash 11.1) and use MTP to transfer it to your phone, you should be able to install it.

  15. Bill says:

    If you were like me. I couldn’t get any flash player to work including on firefox. Which is my personal favorite. I don’t understand why Adobe flash doesn’t work on any of the browsers. It is really up to Adobe to make itself compatible with mobile units. Well, I finally found one it is called FLASH FOX it is an alternative browser. You’ll find it in the play store. It has worked for me on the S4 when I want to watch a flash based video. So far I have had no problems.

  16. Fred says:

    Doesn’t work … message “Flash Player not supported”. Waste of time

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