How to Replace Screen Glass Only on Galaxy S4!

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So if you’ve cracked your screen on a brand, new Galaxy S4 and feel miserable perhaps because you don’t even have insurance, there’s actually a way to replace the screen glass only.

Now, for this to work, you must have a broken screen ONLY, if your digitizer is not working, this method will not work!  To test this out, see if you notice any cracks in the digitizer layer under the glass layer.  Also, check to see if your touchscreen is working.  If you only notice cracks on the outer glass layer and also your touchscreen is working fine, you can use this method to replace the glass only and revive your Galaxy S4 for just about $20 USD.

Step 1. You will need to order a replacement glass kit.  I ordered this one on Amazon which was nice as it also comes with tools you may need along the way.

The replacement glass kit comes with a bunch of plastic tools, guitar picks, and a suction cup.

Place the suction cup anywhere on the screen where it’s not cracked.


Step 2. Get a free standing hair dryer (so you can work on the phone while heating the glass) or heat gun and start applying heat to the screen of your Galaxy S4.


Step 3. Heat up the screen until it’s almost too hot too touch then use the plastic tool to get in between the Glass and the frame.  This may take couple tries and DON’T FORCE THE ISSUE.  It’s very easy to break the digitizer during this process so keep heating up the screen if you cannot get a good gap between the screen and the frame.  BE PATIENT!


Step 4. Once you’ve successfully wedge your plastic tool between the glass and the frame, place a guitar pick to hold the gap in place.   Then heat up the screen again.


Step 5. Slowly slide the guitar pick and also use extra picks to hold gaps in place.
VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE KNIFES OR METALLIC TOOLS as that will increase your chances of breaking the digitizer.


Step 6. Keep heating the screen then work your guitar picks all around the phone so there’s a slight gap everywhere.


Step 7. Once you have nice gap, you can try pushing your guitar pick and if your screen is hot enough, the adhesive between the glass and the digitizer will slowly come off.


Step 8. Once you have the adhesive loose, keep sliding your guitar pick while applying heat.


Step 9. Eventually, you will be able to get most of the glass off.


Step 10. When all adhesives come loose, you can try pulling gently on your suction cup.


Step 11. Your screen glass should come off now.


Step 12. Carefully pull the glass out from the bottom buttons and loosen any connections that are still connected to the screen using your plastic tool.


Step 13. The screen glass should come off completely and you should be left with a screen-less Galaxy S4 with a bunch of adhesives.  If you notice any cracks in your digitizer at this point, you either failed (used too much force) or the digitizer may have had cracks beforehand. (You can now order digitizer and replace the whole digitizer.)

Clean the digitizer with some rubbing alcohol (or Windex) and get rid all the adhesives on the screen but leave the adhesives on the side of the phone as you will re-use them when putting the new screen back on.


Step 14. Once you get the digitizer sparkly clean (it took me 30 minutes to clean), place the Home button back on your phone and also double-check there’s no missing parts.


Step 15. Put your new screen glass on your Galaxy S4 and press it down nicely.


Step 16. Apply some more heat (so the adhesives melts) then push down on the screen couple times.


Step 17. Once done, you should have a completely restored screen on your Galaxy S4!


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61 Responses

  1. Gerald says:

    Do you know if the 9505 has the same glass screen as the 9500?

  2. alex says:

    Do you need to apply adhesive to the new glass?

  3. Mike says:

    Did you use adhesive on your screen? I didn’t notice you using anything?
    What about applying a screen protector to the underside of the glass to fill in that gap?

    Maybe the screen protector is thick enough to make contact with the LCD/digitizer???

    Thanks. Going to replace screen soon.

  4. Faisal says:

    I have broken my docomo galaxy s4 screen and there is no display, anyone please tell me what i should do..Currently i m at Pakistan and mob belongs to docomo japan..

  5. Michael says:

    What kind of adhesive should I use to fill the “void” or does the old adhesive typically stay like in the video?

    • Max Lee says:

      I am a bit confused myself, some people are telling me if you just use new adhesive on the edges it will work but some people say you can use clear adhesives with UV drying. I am currently messing with some screen protectors to fill the void. Not matter what you have to fill that area with something otherwise you may get dust in between… I should have an update soon though.

      • Michael says:

        I’m not sure if you saw but if we use something like a screen protector in said void, will it prevent that effect seen at 17:58 in the video. Also, if you find anything else useful reply is greatly appreciated.

  6. Glen says:

    Hi there , is there any way to replace the home button without taking the glass off? Sorry , completely unrelated but I can’t find anything anywhere .

  7. Liam says:

    Dude . your instructions to replace cracked glass screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 was amazing. But i am certain that 99.8% of Galaxy s 4 owners would not be able to do this replacement, its too complicated .

    • Alex says:

      This wasn’t complicated at all. Everything Max explains throughout the video and this site, plus with the tools that come with the replacement are spot-on. I have never ever replaced anything with a touch screen, this is the first time I’ve had a Galaxy anything (8 years with BB) and by following his concise steps, just replaced my glass tonight. Although the screen is perfect, the old glass was pretty shattered and I had to remove all the adhesive. Looking to find an adhesive to fill the void now as my keyboard sensitivity on the left side is at 50%. Thanks, Max!

  8. Zach says:

    Hello, Thank you for the video! I successfully transfered my glass only on my Verizon Galaxy s4. It took us apprx 4.5 hours… 3 of which were scrubbing off the old adhesive on the digitizer. However, I placed the new glass on top and re-used the old adhesive around the edges which worked BUT NOW I have a gap inbetween the glass & digitizer. I can see smudge marks and various marks when pushing finger on glass and I need help.

    I looked on Amazon for adhesive but I have no idea which one to use. Do you have a link you could send me for the Verizon gs4 model? Also, any further luck with trying to cut down a screen protector to fit inbetween?? any results? The company I got my glass from did send me a screen protector and I happened to think, after I put the glass back on, maybe that was what it was for 🙁 I guess I was just under the assumption the new glass would already have adhesive on the back side when peeling off the sticker…

    Thanks again!

  9. Zach says:

    Also, I forgot to mention to anyone who tries to replace glass… be very careful when starting that you are ONLY removing glass and not the whole digitizer. When starting we were actually pulling up the digitizer w/ the glass… God were we nervous, lol.

  10. Johns says:

    Guys, loca (liquid optical clear adhesive) is really needed to put the new glass on. Otherwise you get a mirror effect. Frequent digitizer freezes and etc..

    I purchased it on eBay. Search something like: UV Glue LOCA Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive iPhone Galaxy S3 S4 Glass Repair

  11. Tony says:

    I’ve been going at this for weeks now. The LED screen on my phone broke (not the glass itself). I bought the entire frontal replacement LED + touch-screen digitizer.

    I’ve heated the screen to the point where it burns my hands to touch the phone. I’ve removed all the hardware, such as the motherboard. And it still wont budge. I don’t understand it. My finger is getting RSI from attempting to pry the screen off, and it hasn’t moved a single millimeter. nothing I can do will get under the screen. There has to be a way. I’m ready to stick the damn thing in an oven.

  12. olivia says:

    where did you buy the glass? the only ones that i found in amazone are from china or hong kong… and I dont know how secure they are… please help!

    • matthew says:

      You can watch this video to distinguish the original screen glass and the fake one.

  13. Matt says:

    Nice guide, but it is hard to tell where to buy genuine OEM glass. I’ve found a few sources that claim to be, but no way to know for sure. Question for anyone who has done a replacement and used the phone for a good amount of time afterwards: does the new screen seem as scratch resistant as the original? Does it feel the same in every other way? If so, where did you get it?

    It’s a shame that finding mfr OEM part numbers and places to purchase them is not easier, like it is with automotive or PC parts for example.

  14. Druk PIT-37 says:

    Hello to every body, it’s my first visit of this weblog; this blog consists of amazing and genuinely excellent data designed for readers.

  15. londonsmee says:

    ThAnks for the video. Did a replacement, once I put the new screen it no longer recognised touch pattern. Can see every thing buttons work. You think I could have damaged the digitizer with cleaning.


  16. Andy says:

    hi,my phone’s glass was broken too,and im trying to replace the glass only.
    here is my question,do you put the uv glue on the whole glass?or only on the edge of the glass?
    in te video,you did nothing with uv glue,and i found on other website that you have to use a uv light to make the glue to take effect.

    so is it possible that you can make a video to demonstrate how to replace the glass properly?(with glue)

    thank you a lot

  17. jay says:


    The glass for my S4 cracked. The display was working fine but I had a shattered glass.
    I replaced the glass but now I am having issues touch sensitivity. I have trouble typing some of the letters and the screen has become quite unresponsive.
    I have to push on the screen hard to drag down the notification screen.
    the overall touch sensitivity has deteriorated.
    How do we fix such an issue?

  18. Aaron Agresta says:

    Do I need to bond my new glass with UV optical glue (LOCA)? Because I didn’t see you do that. But I watched several videos that did. HELP?

  19. bila says:

    well i finnally did this repair.

    the only thing that i messed up on was that the proximity sensor is constantly pressed now. so no more proximity sensor. :s

    i guess some glue got on there. there is also glue coming out from the button on the bottom :s

    next time i suggest we skip the loca and get the samsung glue sheet.

  20. Toomiq says:

    saw your guide and I’ve got one question, will this work for I9000?
    I’ve found some videos but they’re replacing it with new digitizer with glass already sticked on it.
    Does this phone have same glass or this just won’t work for it?

    Thanks for reply

  21. pete says:

    Great instructions.

    Will this method work with a severely smashed glass? The touch screen still works and there is no dead area, but the go as has loads of tiny holes / splinters. It’s clearly not going to come off in one piece. How will I get small bits off without damaging touch screen?

  22. nicnicfam says:

    Hi I replaced the glass on my s4 and did not used uv glue in be tween glass and screen now my touch screen does not work does it need uv glue to work or did I ruin it whan I replaced it

  23. hos says:

    I bought this front glass

    I unmount Screen Lens Glass already and touchscreen working without front glass just when i put new glass (from link aboved) is not working:/ What is the reason of this situation? bad part?

  24. Lindsey says:

    Hi, I followed your steps.
    It was just the glass on my screen that cracked, I took my own glass off and cleaned off the glue etc I stuck the new glass back on, it sticks fine although it didn’t come with any extra adhesive.

    I found after doing this, for example when I try to type a text message, the touch is not all that responsive anymore?

    Any advice on how I can fix this??


  25. dan says:

    I’m having trouble getting the new glass screen to work after install, managed get old broken one out and removed all glu on the lcd, cleaned it and replaced with new screen but on the bottom 3 buttons work on the s4 and I know the digitisers not broke.
    Seem to need loads of force to pick up touch response.

    any tips?
    p.s. haven’t used an replacement glue.

  26. kelly says:

    a friend replaced my daughters cracked screen, now the phone is working correctly, it gets locked, the touch feature seems like it is not working correctly…any suggestions?

  27. chris says:

    This worked a treat first time changing it had alot of work as gf smashed screen bad no damage to digi thankfully took 2 hours but came offis with the replacement screens do any come with addesive thanks for the vid

  28. fred says:

    HI MAXX,
    I have developed techniques to replace most samsung device glass that is fool proof. This includes the replacement of the filler LOCA beck inbetween the glass and amoled screen. I think you could do some videos of this and it would be a great tool for the android community. Email me if your down. Great sites too by the way….

  29. Vieyn says:

    I replaced the screen on my s4 but the buttons came off with it. Now my homescreen, menu, and back buttons will not work or even light up. What can I do to fix it?

  30. Rj says:

    Trick to get glue off in minutes instead of hours . . . Goo Gone or WD 40!! It’s like magic!

  31. Chuck O says:

    there was a lot of glue on the digitizer that was difficult to remove.
    After replacing my screen, i have some hard to use areas on the screen.
    certain spots worse than others.
    Any ideas as to what I did wrong and more importantly,
    how do I fix it?

  32. devon says:

    i changed my glass now the scren does not display but i can still press thing on the screen but can not see them

  33. galaxy s4 screen flicker says:

    Thanks for these tips. I want to change my screen on my phone. I have a Galaxy S4 screen flicker issue . I hope this will solve it.

  34. steven says:

    I would like my phone to be exactly the way it was is there screens that dont have the samsung engraving under the phone and camera or should I not worry about that

  35. Wade says:

    I bought the glass and tools, but never saw anything abt needing the new adhesive. I have the old adhesive on abt 95% of the screen, one dime size spot that got gouged in the removal process. I’m hesitant to remove the adhesive due to the comments abt leaving a gap and losing screen sensitivity. Is it possible to heat the existing glue again, try to melt down the bad spot, and reuse that glue already there?

    • Wade says:

      Well, I tried melting the glue, never noticed a change even after 20 min on high heat, and didn’t want to risk possible damage to the digitizer. So I just wiped the adhesive layer lightly with goo gone , on as lint free a cloth as I could find, to remove residual debris from the glue. Then popped in the new screen. I can see the spot,and it doesn’t seem to have fully adhered on the entire screen, but all functions work.

  36. burun estetigi doktoru says:

    Hi there fantastic blog! Does running a blog like this require a massive amount work?
    I have virtually no understanding of programming but I was hoping to start my
    own blog in the near future. Anyways, if you have any ideas
    or tips for new blog owners please share. I understand this is off subject however I simply wanted to ask.
    Thank you!

  37. Adrian says:

    Hello everyone 🙂

    I decided to writte to encourage all of you guys who are about to perform replacement of glass only in their samsungs.
    I did it all by myself using those plastic tools, Molybdenum Wire, hairdryer and toothpicks 🙂

    I was afraid but eventually everything went good 🙂 had used Loca glue and its like new now 🙂


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