How to Replace Screen Glass Only on Galaxy S4!

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So if you’ve cracked your screen on a brand, new Galaxy S4 and feel miserable perhaps because you don’t even have insurance, there’s actually a way to replace the screen glass only.

Now, for this to work, you must have a broken screen ONLY, if your digitizer is not working, this method will not work!  To test this out, see if you notice any cracks in the digitizer layer under the glass layer.  Also, check to see if your touchscreen is working.  If you only notice cracks on the outer glass layer and also your touchscreen is working fine, you can use this method to replace the glass only and revive your Galaxy S4 for just about $20 USD.

Step 1. You will need to order a replacement glass kit.  I ordered this one on Amazon which was nice as it also comes with tools you may need along the way.

The replacement glass kit comes with a bunch of plastic tools, guitar picks, and a suction cup.

Place the suction cup anywhere on the screen where it’s not cracked.


Step 2. Get a free standing hair dryer (so you can work on the phone while heating the glass) or heat gun and start applying heat to the screen of your Galaxy S4.


Step 3. Heat up the screen until it’s almost too hot too touch then use the plastic tool to get in between the Glass and the frame.  This may take couple tries and DON’T FORCE THE ISSUE.  It’s very easy to break the digitizer during this process so keep heating up the screen if you cannot get a good gap between the screen and the frame.  BE PATIENT!


Step 4. Once you’ve successfully wedge your plastic tool between the glass and the frame, place a guitar pick to hold the gap in place.   Then heat up the screen again.


Step 5. Slowly slide the guitar pick and also use extra picks to hold gaps in place.
VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE KNIFES OR METALLIC TOOLS as that will increase your chances of breaking the digitizer.


Step 6. Keep heating the screen then work your guitar picks all around the phone so there’s a slight gap everywhere.


Step 7. Once you have nice gap, you can try pushing your guitar pick and if your screen is hot enough, the adhesive between the glass and the digitizer will slowly come off.


Step 8. Once you have the adhesive loose, keep sliding your guitar pick while applying heat.


Step 9. Eventually, you will be able to get most of the glass off.


Step 10. When all adhesives come loose, you can try pulling gently on your suction cup.


Step 11. Your screen glass should come off now.


Step 12. Carefully pull the glass out from the bottom buttons and loosen any connections that are still connected to the screen using your plastic tool.


Step 13. The screen glass should come off completely and you should be left with a screen-less Galaxy S4 with a bunch of adhesives.  If you notice any cracks in your digitizer at this point, you either failed (used too much force) or the digitizer may have had cracks beforehand. (You can now order digitizer and replace the whole digitizer.)

Clean the digitizer with some rubbing alcohol (or Windex) and get rid all the adhesives on the screen but leave the adhesives on the side of the phone as you will re-use them when putting the new screen back on.


Step 14. Once you get the digitizer sparkly clean (it took me 30 minutes to clean), place the Home button back on your phone and also double-check there’s no missing parts.


Step 15. Put your new screen glass on your Galaxy S4 and press it down nicely.


Step 16. Apply some more heat (so the adhesives melts) then push down on the screen couple times.


Step 17. Once done, you should have a completely restored screen on your Galaxy S4!


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