How to Unlock SIM on Sprint Galaxy S4!

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For those of you who want to use your Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 as a GSM worldphone, you can get your unlock SIM code from  Now, sometimes even with that, your phone may not work correctly, here’s how to manually unlock SIM on your Sprint Galaxy S4 so you can use use phone when traveling abroad.

*Note – Currently, this unlock method only supports carriers outside U.S., will not work AT&T or T-Mobile.  But I should have an update when there’s a way to do that also.

Before we begin, I suggest you to use a TouchWiz-based ROM or stock ROM for this.

Step 1. Go to Settings->About device and check your Baseband version.  If it ends in MF9, you will have to downgrade to MDC.  If it ends in MDC or MDL, you can skip to Step 6.


Step 2. Turn your Sprint S4 off then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see warning screen.


Step 3. Hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download mode and connect a micro-USB cable from your S4 to your computer.


Step 4. Next download MDC modem for Sprint Galaxy S4.  The file name is “SPH-L720_MDC_Modem.tar.md5”.


Step 5. Next open up ODIN program (download ODIN here if you don’t have it yet) and run ODIN.

You should see a yellow-highlighted box, if you don’t see it, you need to download and install Samsung USB drivers.

Next, choose “PDA” and find the file “SPH-L720_MDC_Modem.tar.md5” you downloaded earlier.  Then hit the Start button.  This will flash MDC modem to your Sprint S4.




Step 6. Once rebooted, you will see that your Baseband version says “MDC”.  If you don’t see this, try repeating Steps 2 through 5 one more time.


Step 7.  I found out after doing this, I didn’t need MSL code for this tutorial.  You may need it though so come back to Step 7 if you end up needing the MSL code but you should be fine without it.  so Skip to Step 14.

Next, we are going to get the MSL for your phone.  To do this, go to Settings->About device and hit the Build number about 5-6 times until your phone says, “Developer mode has now been enabled”.  This will allow you to get Developer Options menu.


Step 8. Make sure “USB Debugging” is checked ON under Developer options then connect a microUSB cable from phone to your computer.


Step 9. Next, dial ##3282# on your dialer.


Step 10. Press “Edit”.


Step 11. When it asks you for MSL code, just enter “123456” and hit OK.


Step 12. Next, download and unzip


Step 13. Open a command prompt (by typing “cmd” in Windows search bar), then type:

cd Downloads

cd fastboot

adb shell


getprop ril.MSL

This should give you your MSL number for your phone.  Write it down somewhere.


Step 14.  Next dial “##3424#” on your dialer.


Step 15. Choose “Qualcomm USB Setting”.


Step 16. Choose “DM + MODEM + ADB” and hit “OK”.  Then connect a microUSB cable from your phone to your computer.


Step 17. You can verify everything is working correctly if you see TWO Samsung Mobile USB Serial Ports under Device Manager->COM & LPT.


Step 18. Download and unzip.  Then run unlock_setup.exe.  This should install the program that unlocks your Sprint S4.


If you get an error saying you need .NET Framework 4.5, download it here then re-install program.


Step 19. Once installed, you can run a program called “S4 Flasher”.  Run it then choose “Scan and Unlock”.  It should say “Completed.  Phone rebooting.”  If you see that, your Sprint Galaxy S4 has been fully unlocked.


Step 20. Once your phone reboots, dial “##3424#” on your dialer.


Step 21. Set it back to “MTP+ADB” and hit “Save”.


Step 22. You can now test your Sprint S4 by inserting another SIM card.  You shouldn’t see invalid SIM card error message, meaning your Sprint S4 is fully unlocked.


Note that this method doesn’t work currently for AT&T and T-Mobile.  We suspect that Sprint has locked it down for use on other U.S. networks.

As for non-U.S. networks, it should work fine.  Also, you may have to set APN manually by using APN Manager PRO.  (You can take a look at Note 2 World SIM method for more on that.)

I haven’t had the time to test outside U.S. yet (obviously because I am in the U.S.) but if you can test it outside the U.S., don’t forget to leave your comments/hints below.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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223 Responses

  1. Carlos Ramirez says:

    Will this unlock make it work for metro PCs?

  2. Art says:

    I tried this method and it worked for me! I’m in Europe, bought my phone in NYC a few weeks ago, and now Im using a macedonian network. One thing to remember, watch the video instead of following the instructions on this page, since the video has a few explanations that aren’t on this page; like for example that you have to pick your network manually after you are done with everything. Oh, I also couldn’t get through the MSL part so I just skipped that step and it still worked.

    Good luck!

    • dale says:

      did you apn settings work? how did you go around that?

      • Art says:

        Hey, no I didn’t get it to work and I have no idea how to. I just don’t have the settings in my phone, they’re missing. Hope someone figures a way around that.

        • Art says:

          From the stuff Im reading around the web, it seems we need to root our phones first, and install custom ROMs. I’m really not good at that stuff. Also, I don’t know if rooting will screw up the unlock…

          • dale says:

            yes you do.. actually i got it to work that same evening.. follow this thread .. works great..

            • dale says:

              no custom rom necessary.. just root the device for access

              • Art says:

                Did you root your phone before or after you unlocked it? I’m afraid it might ruin the unlock somehow. Also, did you root it by following instructions off of some website? If so, can you please tell me which? Thanks!

                • dale says:

                  i rooted it after unlocking… i went that direction because it appears thats the only way to get the data to work.. i only noticed the data wasnt working when i took it to the telco for apn settings… there was already a sim in there at that point and making calls

          • todd says:

            no you dont need to root it, if you didnt revert back to the baseband stock rom you wont be able to det into DM mode…

        • Kevyn says:

          New easy method: Root Required

          1)Go to market install BuildProp Editor
          2)Once installed find and open Build Prop Editor
          3)Hit the Edit button (pl See 1st screenshot)
          4)Scroll to the bottom of screen and add the following lines


          5)Hit the save button at the top right hand corner of the screen(looks like a disk) (See 2nd Screenshot)
          6)Once this is done saving restart the phone
          7)After restarting go to Settings>More Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names>Menu Button>+ New APN
          8)Add desired carriers APN info, when finished hit menu button and save

          • Kevyn says:

            I’m from Mexico and i’m using this since 2 weekends 😉

            • joshp8a says:

              Sup Kevyn… what is it that ur using? I am trying to unlock my sprint sg4 as well that I just got… you mean the unlock they use? or buildprop?

              • Kevyn says:

                This is just fot apn settings using buildprop man, you can get it from play store, i unlock my phone with the method of this page 😉

                • Arturo says:

                  Help me Kevin

                  I want to unlock a galaxy s4 form telcel, I have done the buidprop thing but the apn disappears after I save it.

            • cristian says:

              Me puedes ensañar como hicistes para desbloquearlo yo compre el celular en estados unidos por At & ty vivo e colombia y no pueddo utilizar mi sim y me dule pagar 30 usd por el codigo Porfabvor ayudame

          • Saf says:

            OMW! Thank you so much Kevyn! I am in Jamaica and I was so pissed when I came here and realized I couldn’t get data services because APN wasn’t available in phone. Tried a number of things but they didn’t work. What you recommended was the easiest method I have seen. At first I didn’t get what you meant by go to market but then I figure you meant PlayStore. I am officially happy now. Thanks again! 🙂

          • Bhonda says:

            This didn’t work for me…had to download HiAPN, from market, its the easiest method. Once downloaded just launch the app, it’l id the network and all the parameters. Reboot your device and see data connectivity in the notification on top. Its 100% possible.

            • ken21990 says:

              Hi I skip step 12 and 13, I did root with odin and install (MSL utility apk) on my s4 and give me the msl code; more easy!

    • bre says:

      I have a Sprint S4 and I can’t get my MSL to work .
      What did you to make it work?

  3. dale says:

    i dont see the two modems as expected in step 17. as a matter of fact the usb modem only appears in odin ( downloading” mode.
    so on that note the s4 flasher does not complete since it doesnt see the modems.. where did i go wrong?

  4. dale says:

    excellent piece.. works great!!

  5. peter says:

    at the adb shell it keep saying device offline… how to fix this?

  6. dale says:

    peter.. verify the drivers are installed.. and appears in the device mananger.. i also had difficulty there but i used 3rd party msl reader…

    • peter says:

      I used a 3rd party MSL reader and finish all the steps, but its still not unlock. it won’t read my att sim, it said invalid sim

  7. Eduardo says:

    If i flash a custum rom, will the unlock still work? Is this a factory unlock just like the at&t model with an unlock code?

  8. dale says:

    Peter.. :Note – Currently, this unlock method only supports carriers outside U.S., will not work AT&T or T-Mobile.
    eduardo: suggest you to use a TouchWiz-based ROM or stock ROM

  9. dale says:

    Did anyone on here get the mobile data to work? how do you add apn settings?

  10. Manuel says:

    Thanks a lot! I owe you guys, like seriously Finally worked the second time but I didnt hit ok after selecting the modem + Adb + DM part that was when it worked even though when I ran the s4 flasher it complained that I did not put the phone in diag mode then rebooted and everything just worked out great. Thanks once again

    • doyin says:

      Hi, I have the same problem with the s4 flasher complaining that I did not put the phone in diag mode……Please give me a step by step of how u resolved this issue. Thanks

  11. Federico Erazo says:

    I have a problem with the first step… I cant downgrade, Odin get in yellow but it says :

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    MD5 hash value is invalid
    SPH-L720_MDC_Modem.tar.md5 is invalid.
    can You helpme


  12. Avihay says:

    cannot see the yellow highlight in odin ,i tried to install usb drivers two times reinstall the odin software and the 2-5 steps 3 times and still cannot see the yellow higlights

  13. DAVID KING says:

    Hi, Step #19 talks about downloading S4 FLASHER, but it does not give a link where it is downloaded from. I tried to find it online in vain. On the instructional video it appears as S4 unlocker, which made me confused. Could you please advise on where I can download it from so I can scan and unlock my phone?

    Also, do I have to have a Sprint sim on the phone during this whole process, or it doesn’t matter if I have it on the phone or not? My phone did not come with a sprint sim.

  14. Egeliefe says:

    My phone sprint L720, I buy from US, step 14 not working
    *#0808# is working. The other steps were working. Now unlock my phone.

  15. Punisher81 says:

    Hi, can you help me please, In the step 13 i put the command adb shell, and appears (127|shell@android:/ $) but in your video appears (root@android:/ #)
    how i can be root@android:/ # please help me

  16. Free Scripts says:

    Hi I have a S4 is ​​from UK on Three UK i tryied to unlock but after I followed the steps and insert no1 after presing the Key Input menu not lead me where to select UMTS even after i press the Back button

  17. Art says:

    I have a question: My phone is asking me to upgrade to Android 4.3; will that undo the unlocking somehow?

  18. jake says:

    hey do anyone know how to get sprint gs4 msl on android 4.3

  19. jake says:


  20. crowly says:

    I did it with my s4 from sprint … i bought my phone in the US, i am in Nicaragua and this method works for me !!!!

    With Android 4.2.2

    Baseband VPUAMDC

    Thanks !!!.

  21. N Geoffrey says:

    Have a Sprint S4 Galaxy.
    Downgraded the baseband as suggested as could not access the menus.
    Followed all the instructions above and in the video, Seems to have done something. Won’t work with ATT or tMob sims, now need to test it outside the US to confirm it is unlocked

  22. savio fernandes says:

    how long does it take after clicking the scan and unlock button. it says completed. Phone rebooting. but the phone has not rebooted yet??

  23. atul says:

    hi i have the sprint s4 with the new software BASEBAND VERZION L720VPUEMJA. I update my phone few days ago. . so is this baseband low grade method will still work on it.

  24. peter says:

    i tried it with a mexico sim card, but it’s still not working. It don’t show up invalid, but not reading my sim card.

  25. Bhonda says:

    I just got my sprint today and after watching the tutorials above I managed to unlock it.
    Am using it on a GSM network in Norway and its working perfectly well though I do not
    have data, am hoping I call the mobile provider to activate my line or send me the internet
    settings. I have not tried the wireless but it managed to ID some networks around, meaning
    its good to go.
    Am also optimistic that it’ll work in Africa. Will get you guys posted when I get there in
    7-8 months time.

    G Thanx man!

  26. Bhonda says:

    Am now in trouble guys, desperately need help. My mobile service provider can not send network generated internet settings to my phone. They instead sent manual instructions which I seem to have issues inputting in the galaxy s4 (sprint ) does anyone know how to do this? I have no mobile data but wireless is perfect…

    • Kent says:

      this is a common problem which I would also like help with the phone does not show you apn settings at all they r not grayed out there r not there totally

      • Bhonda says:

        kent try to download HiAPN, from market, its the easiest method. Once downloaded just launch the app, it’l id the network and all the parameters. Reboot your device and see data connectivity in the notification on top. Its 100% possible. Let me know if you manage or not

  27. Kevin says:

    Can this unlock be used for simple mobile?

  28. Deshawn says:

    Will this work with a Net 10 sim card?

  29. Daniel Creamer says:

    I’ve unlocked my phone, but chances are it won’t work with Straight Talk will it?

  30. SOKO says:

    Do i need to have a SIM card in? i lost mine

    • Bhonda says:

      You can root your phone with whichever sim card you want or better still without any. However after you finish rooting try check if you got SuperSu in your apps, this will tell you that your phone is rooted. Put in your desired card. Youshould be able to place calls. Good luck

    • tali says:

      I did it with no sim card and no problems

  31. Cindy 101 says:

    It worked! Thanks. i’M IN THE CARIBBEAN.

    • dale says:

      cindy 101
      did u experience any issues with Digicel’s network? seems to be working fine with LIME but i am experiencing some issues with digicel

  32. Cindy 101 says:

    It worked! Thanks.

  33. Rebecca says:


    • Bhonda says:

      @ Rebecca try follow the vid and not the instructions. Remember the basebands and the model # as well as which base model you want to either downgrade to upgrade to. I’d advise you to downgrade and if possible, try axing someone to help if you are having trouble as this is a very simple procedure.

      All da best!

  34. Rebecca says:

    @Bronda, I followed to video. The 123456 doesn’t work 🙁
    I have not phone right now and I was hoping I could get this S4 off of Sprint to put it on CSpire/Cellular South. I am so frustrated. As far as finding someone to help, I am the only one of my friends who is “tech savvy”. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have an extra $150 laying around to take it to a store to have it unlocked. 🙁
    Oh well, no phone, no one to bother me I guess. I don’t know. I need one but I will be fine. I will just resale the ones I have. My CSpire phone CRASHED yesterday and will not do diddly squat.

  35. david says:

    Hi, can you help me please, In the step 13 i put the command adb shell, and appears shell@android:/ $) but in your video appears (root@android:/ #)
    how i can be root@android:/ # please help me

  36. Luis says:

    everything worked fine for me but when i tried to open s4flasher i got the no a 32bit valid aplication message. so i unlocked with z3x box. just saying.

  37. Angelo Divita says:

    Excelent! It worked for me. Now im using my samsung s4 in Latin America and its working perfectly. Thank you very much for this post.

  38. Maria says:

    Hello, I’m trying to follow this instructions, but my baseband actually ends in MK2, does this downgrade should work for my phone as well?

  39. allan says:

    hi, i am having password problem after ##3282#

    edit then password 123456 is not working

    • allan says:

      sorry, my bad, so i get to root the phone then getprop ril.MSL but it did not give me any code for MSL 🙁

      • amjad says:

        were you able to figure out?i too am not getting any MSL code. and the ##3424# code is prompting me to enter the MSL code, so am stuck.

  40. Anthony says:

    Question, once the phone is unlocked, will it still work with mah Sprint SIM?

  41. Anthony says:

    I have another question, what if the last three letters of the baseband are MJA?(that’s what I have)

  42. Moses Arawole says:

    I cant get the Odim software to open after it’s installed.

  43. aagayatt says:

    May i know whether it works for SC-O4E (Japan NTT docomo) or not?

  44. Carlos says:

    what if my s4 baseband ends with mk2

  45. Giorgi says:

    I have Sprint Galaxy S4 with stock 4.3 and MK2 baseband. Is it possible to unlock this phone? I need tutorial.

  46. says:

    My friends ..
    I purchased the device from Amazon 8 months ago .. Did not take advantage of it .. I did not know he was a corporate Sprint .. Since I do not speak fluent English .. and SIM card Missing .. What to do

  47. says:

    I want to sell the device .. It’s very clean .. Who wants to buy me communicate via PayPal

  48. david says:

    I did successfully but, problem is after downgrade baseband version, my phone is getting hard time to catch the signal.

    So i decided to bring it back to formal baseband version. how can i do ??

  49. faykal says:

    root@jfltespr:/ # getprop ril.MSL
    getprop ril.MSL

    root@jfltespr:/ # su
    root@jfltespr:/ # getprop ril.MSL
    getprop ril.MSL

    why i dont get the MSL Number??
    why is **root@jfltespr:/** and in your tuto is **root@androidr:/**


  50. drew says:

    Can someone help I’m on step 17 (mls) but after I do the first 2 commands it says offline/can’t find path can someone help

  51. Mohammad says:

    My problem is : how to install the samsung driver on my pc.

  52. Mohammad says:

    Great. Thank you. Now I do not have the Invalid Sim Message. I was wondering if you solved the problem of the ability to be connected to any other carrier. You promised to work on it.

  53. Martin says:

    im having problems with adb shell part. After i do adb shell it gives me $ and not #. Whats wrong?

  54. Husam says:

    I would like to send u my best regards honestly.
    Your steps worked perfectly and smoothly.


  55. manoluck says:

    if im trying to unlock my sprint samsung galaxy s4 to use it for a different carrier in the us this unlock method wont work

  56. antonio anai says:

    worked on my sprint galaxy mega then use region lock now i can use it on tmobile att fully tested

    • Mohammad says:

      Would you tell us about the steps of how to use it with t-mobile? I unlocked my S4 according to the above steps but cannot use it since i live in the USA. Please help.

  57. Alex says:

    Couldn’t get the MSL everything else worked will i need that for anything?

  58. eric says:

    everytime i type in adb shell in the command prompt my computer shuts down.. why is that?

  59. tali says:

    It’s works! my device is unlocked now and work with international sim . thank you!

  60. Mohammad says:

    Do you use it with any USA carrier now?

  61. franckie10 says:


  62. Midel Meneses says:

    Hello I would like to give me stuck at step # 13 and not as out. In your video goes so root @ android :/ but mine goes so shell @ jftespr :/ $ device offline and I get, I try and I try and I get the same please explain to me, thanks.

  63. HarryRPS says:

    Thanks man it works AWESOME!!!!
    Working on CHILE For CLARO MOVISTAR and ENTEL.

    thanks Again

  64. Corey says:

    Does anyone know how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 for T-mobile yet?

  65. al says:

    Works on the newest stock firmware, L720VPUAMK2, except for the msl, you need mslutility to get it without root. Works in Mexico with telcel.

  66. Teodoro says:

    Can you help me unlock my galaxy S4 L720T from sprint. I want to use it with tmobile sim card. thank you

  67. NRTZ says:

    Can I downgrade a baseband from NAE to MDC with Android 4.4.2, and then apply the unlock software?


  68. Steve Yeh says:

    would you provide me the download link for S4L720UNLOCKER.
    I have Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 Sprint.
    Thank you for you kindly attentions!

  69. john says:

    if you already have the msl or spc 123456 do you need to do the *cmd* ????

  70. Geovaldo says:

    Works perfect, I’m from Costa Rica and this was just great!

    • allan says:

      Hola Geovaldo igual soy de CR, recién me lo trajeron de los Estados y adivina, cagada!!! venia bloqueado! no se si hacer este toque me da taco cagarlo y no poder ni devolverlo. usted se la jugo o alguien se lo hizo?

  71. Gabbiel says:

    hi i need help…..when i type ##3424# don’t appear nothing in the screen …..anybody can help me i tried with *#*#3424#*#* and nothing ….i have a SGS4 SPH-L720 Sprint android 4.4.2 rooted…… version CyanogeMod 11-20140217-NIGHTLY-jfltespr……………….. thanks of advanced any help

  72. WL says:

    Is the sim unlock effect permanent? Should I update my baseband back to the latest version (NAE)? Thanks!

  73. Jefferson says:

    Im Stuck On The Commant Prompt.. When I Put In cd Downloads or anything else it says its not recognized or batch file .. HELP Pleasee

  74. reuben says:

    will this unlock my sprint galaxy s4 sph-l720 that ends with mk2

  75. bond17_007 says:

    I was on NAE baseand. I downgraded to MDC and was ale to SIM unlock. However, since downgrading my WIFI does not work. I reapplied the NAE baseband, still no luck.
    Any suggestions?

    Greatly appreciated.

  76. reuben says:

    after i type getprop rill.MSL the MSL is not coming up any help ?

  77. reuben says:

    do i need to downgrade the android version too because i have 4.3

  78. reuben says:

    after i type adb shell instead of saying rro@android it brings shell@jfltespr is this okay ?

  79. ignaciogh says:

    Hello everyone! Is it possible to apply something like this to a sprint galaxy s5? I need the international unlock. Cant get it from sprint.

  80. JMPD says:

    Hey max last year I did unlock my phone really easy and I get one more this year but I can’t put baseband to mdc, now I have mk2 triforce, but I use to have kk

  81. Johnny says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have followed these step and unlocked my Sprint galaxy S4. and I tried over sea in Asia worked great on GSM network. I also add some comment for some who could not get MSL CODE by using Fastboot as show above, you also try this to download app to your phone and get your MSL Code :…sDoVMQxrfELn5A
    That where I got my MSL code from.
    It works for my galaxy S4 4.4.2.
    Good Luck

  82. comicmonter says:

    Is there any similar unlock for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 ?

  83. fahrenheit5 says:

    I did all the procedure but when in put this command ( getprop ril.MSL ), I don’t see the MSL number for my phone!!! Why???

    • Johnny says:

      Try from your phone go to website forum , find user “Daniel4653” and click on the link…sDoVMQxrfELn5A then download the app.(MSL Utility) when done open the app. then hit read SPC will show your MSL #.
      I just unlocked mine which has 4.4.2 version, also might work for lower version.
      Credit for Daniel4653.

  84. fahrenheit5 says:

    follow the instruction on this link to get the MSL number

    I’m in China now and my Galaxy S4 Sprint work very good

  85. Mike says:

    Is there a way to unlock Sprint Galaxy S4’s for U.S. domestic use. This is the closest I have gotten so fare.

  86. Hamlet says:

    Does this work on any android version?
    I did it on one Galaxy S4 L720 Sprint with android 4.4.2 and it worked like a charm.
    Tried on another S4 same model, just that its android 4.3 and didnt work. (Cant update to 4.4.2, its stuck at 5%).

  87. Aramic says:

    I did not get the mls code is for what?

  88. Lenny joel says:

    i need help. 2 thing.

    1 when i typing cd fastboot on cmd say ( the system can not find the path specified).

    2 the fastboot file only have 2.4 mb and the file on the video it have 1.4 gb whats happening ??

  89. Nate G says:

    I have the Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720T. The baseband version is L720TPUBNC6. Can someone please help me find the method to unlock it.

  90. Andrew says:


    I’m in America and just followed step by step flawlessly. Running 4.4.2 on Sprint L720, downgraded baseband to MDC and confirmed the stick. I have a Swedish SIM card inserted and its still showing “invalid SIM”. Is this supposed to go away? I want to some how confirm unlock before I’m overseas and SOL.


  91. lahabi says:

    Didn’t work for me … no rebooting … nothing happened .. any ideas

  92. Hamlet says:

    I unlocked one L720 running 4.4.2 and worked but on this one with the same version, everything is the same, kernel, baseband, etc., it doesnt work. I noticed now it doesnt say “Invalid sim: but it wont get signal. any help?

  93. Art says:


    I was hoping for a little help since I can’t really find anything regarding my issue. I have unlocked and rooted my SPH-L720 and it works fine. But I’d like to update to 4.4.2 (am running 4.2.2 right now, stock ROM).

    Will everything go to hell?

  94. Nam says:

    I tried this method in order to use Sprint Galaxy S4 in Korea.
    I was sort of lost in the middle of CMD procedure (step 13) but I just ignored and gave up to get MSL number because I couldn’t find where I needed to use this number later.
    Then, I moved on to remaining steps.
    And, it worked. I didn’t even need to install .NET Framework.
    So, I bought USIM from ‘SK telecom’ and it worked. Yeah.
    I did it in Korea. Thanks a lot.

  95. Marcio Duo says:

    Hi, my phone is Sprint Galaxy S4 baseband version L720VPUFNAE. I can’t access this function with it. I need to unlock SIM card. Do you know how can I do it in this version? Thanks!

  96. Kevin says:

    my baseband code ends with fnae. will this still work for me??

  97. John says:

    Hi, is this gonna work with bad ESN phone?

  98. Mathias Prodani says:

    Does anyone know how to unlock the sprint s5 g900p.

    I accidentaly bought it and now i cant use it.
    im in europe.
    does this work on my s5


  99. Dany says:

    I already unlocked phone calls, but I can’t get 3G/4G to work. Anyone knows how to get it ?
    Im trying to conect to Telcel (Mexico). Thanks!

  100. Santos says:

    Hi: I tired so hard. Everything seems to be normal in the terminal, but after i wrote te getprop ril.MSL nothing happens. I already tried at the Android terminal app but same thing. My phone its already rooted. Thanks for your help

  101. Gihan says:

    Thanks, This works for me for s4 which based band end with NA*.

  102. david says:

    can i sim or carrier unlock sprint s4 to use in us?

  103. Carlos says:

    My phone baseband version ends in NAE to do something with. Thank you

  104. Suraj Tamrakar says:

    I have my baseband version ending on ****BNC6,,,,
    so , can i just the download steps too.
    on step 13 , while doing the adb command on DOS
    I get another msg saying “adb is not recognized as internal or external command, operable or batch file.
    THank you.

  105. Sanjay says:

    Thanks so very much. it worked for other versions. I wish I could use it for my Sprint “SPH-L720T version. Is there a way out please???

  106. Dan says:

    I followed the instructions above and everything seemed to work fine but when I inserted my SIM it says it’s invalid and the phone seems to still be with Sprint. I’m in Canada so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. I also had to root my phone for it to work as well. Any suggestions?

    • Dan says:

      I got it unlocked now but the SIM doesn’t work. A new SIM will work for a second or 2 but then it doesn’t recognize it after that at all. Has this happened to anyone else?

  107. Jazz says:

    hi, it works for me but when i connect to my wifi they prompt the new android update, if i choose and accept will the unlock go away and stuck again or will all stay the same with no problem? plz help and thanks for ur hard work

  108. Joe says:

    I am in Costa Rica and was able to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S4 which I used while living in Las Vegas, Nevada with the carrier Sprint by following these exact instructions. It is now GSM compatible and working with Kolbi ICE network. The only part I could not get was the MLS number in Step 7 but I did not need it. So just let you all know if you download all the programs and files first and put them on your PC and follow each step it should work.

  109. Art says:

    I REEEEALLY need some help! I somehow screwed up my unlock, so I tried to do it all over again, so I start from step 14 as for the instructions, but when I punch in ##3424# and hit dial I get “mobile network not available”

    Any ideas?

  110. subir says:

    accutaly i did this but when i entered the msl password i said its incorrect password..
    what to do next any body there??

  111. said durazo says:

    im stuck on step 1 because my baseband end its different it ends with PUBNC6 and when i run the odin program and where it is supposed to say MDM says fail and the baseband doesnt change

  112. Emanuel says:

    im having an issue with my Galaxy s4 sprint
    i used this method to unlock my phone around 6 months ago. but this past week some apps wouldnt work so i would just reset the phone and well i restarted the phone a couple of times and than one time it just didnt turn on. IT STAYS ON THE SPRINT LOGO
    Ive seen that this is a common issue but i cant fix it.
    ive been looking for the stock roms and cant find them
    so if someone could just reply with a SOLUTION PLEASE

  113. Anuroop Gomez says:

    I have a S4 cricket 4G LTE Cricket , and its CDMA , now i want to use it in GSM . How can i convert it , please help.

  114. alex says:

    I am from Guatemala greet me and worked perfectly, only the last step is to connect the network manualnente. settings you configure your mobile network operator will provide the service

  115. J says:

    Hi. After 4 daya of searching I found your great youtube video.
    big question. I now know how to enter my msl thanks to you;)
    Now how do you enter nck code. I have the number. Sprint gave me msl and
    nck so I can use it in canada and use the gsm side on my samsung sprint mega
    and no one in canada or the town im in. Toronto knows how to input the codes or
    do a unlock.
    im half way there thanks to
    please!!!!!! IVE HAD 4 DAYS OF HELL. Can you tell me how to input my nck
    I figures the s4 is like the mega and maybe ill let a 3rd party unlock store follow
    your video in case I cant find a way to input the nck code.

  116. bilelscoff says:

    i cant downgrade my NC6 baseband to MDC write protection : enable and also eMMC
    write is fail , i tried to downgrade it to MF9 the same probleme , then i stoped antivirus and windows defender it rest the same probleme.
    Please can you help me to downgrade My G S 4 Sprint In base band NC6

  117. justin says:

    I need your help 123456 wont work in Step 11. Android version 4.4.2

  118. kc says:

    hey this i could unlock s4 sph l720 m works like a charmo im having problem with the data connection though

    i contacted wd my service provider he is unable to send details of my APN … so i was thinking should i root it and install the build prop editor model

  119. max says:

    this unlock method works on SPH-L720T ?

  120. Shelly says:

    I am using a Sprint GS4 in Canada.
    I did this method last night (Skipped the MSL number part) and it worked like a dream.

    “Invalid Sim” warning was gone.
    Phonecalls were coming and going.

    I have a problem though… there is no data connection.
    Not texts, no internet.

    I saw the Build.Prop thing and downloaded that, but everything I go to save the changes, it says: Failed to Save BuildProp.
    I paid for a “better” buildprop editor and it says it couldn’t allow any edits because the Phone wasn’t rooted?!?!

    I thought this method rooted the phone?
    I’m not sure what to do next.
    I called my carrier (telus) and they are a bunch of blind, tumbling retards about it.

    Do you have any idea how I would get back data connectivity.

    And thanks for the above tutorial.

  121. omar says:

    im having trouble in step5
    SPH-L720_MDC_Modem.tar.md5 invalid
    what should i do???

    • Pin2 says:

      So I got this work work and running on T-Mobile.

      Anyone tried to upgrade the ROM to T-Mobile to see if you still retain the unlock and connection setting?


  122. adonis says:

    hi my baseband dont ends in ng2 work for my phone or i need to downgrade or what

  123. Ron Bartholomeusz says:

    I change the mother board on the SPH L720T with a SGH i337 mother board so that I could use the GSM sim the only issue I have is the menu buttons don’t work at the bottom home button is ok any ideas

  124. Sam says:

    Thanks for the info, just wondering if anyone has unlocked i257m S4 mini, baseband i257mvlubng1 runing 4.4.2?
    I’ve tried rust about anything i could find on line with no luck, any solution yet?

  125. Ricardo says:

    Once I unlock the sprint s4 will it work on metropcs?

  126. Mugheera says:

    My baseband version ends with NG2.
    What Should I do?
    Please Help.

  127. Mugheera says:

    modem file from this website is only 1kb and is not working,downloaded this file from another source and everything goes well.
    Thanks aa lot.
    a million thanks bro.


    100% WORKING…

  129. peter ha says:

    Will your method work with T-mobile carrier now? or only work with carrier outside the States?

    Thank you so much, Sir.

  130. Jyx Mariano says:

    ODIN is always not responding every single time that Im trying to flash my s4’s ROM. Help me to fix this please. Tried other versions of ODIN as well. Tried to use different laptop but still not working. Currently using Windows 7 Ultimate. Thank’s in Advance! Cheers!

  131. henkebot says:

    Just wanted to say that after switching to a Win 8.1 PC the and using SPH-L720_MDC_Modem.exe did the MK2 to MDC modem downgrade go exactly as it was supposed to… allowing international carrier unlock… after following all the instructions in detail on a rooted Sprint SPH720 Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock factory ROM. Odin 1.85 (multiple attempts) wasn’t doing it.
    Thanks to all the amazing work by xda-devs

  132. Macverbal says:

    run perfectly in my S4 SPH-L720 with MEDITEL an operating phone cell morrocan!!!!! yessssssss
    Thk u

  133. esteban says:

    hola tengo un s4 mini. modelo sph-l520 y su version de banda de base es l520vpubnj1.
    con este modelo tambien funciona?
    me urge usarlo
    soy de mexico

  134. Josue Ramos says:

    Does the phone have to have android version 4.2.2 for this methos to work or can i do it with 4.4.2 ?

  135. Charles berneking says:

    Is there any new updates that let you unlock from sprint to t-moble

  136. Josue Ramos says:

    Thank you!!!!! i just unlocked my Sprint SPH-l720 with this method. i just couldnt obtain my MSL Code with your method i used SPCUtility.apk after obtaining my MSL code Everything worked out perfectly!! 😀

  137. Jon B says:

    Hey, I haven’t seen a way to unlock the gs4 sph-l720t on the Sprint network yet. Any chance this method would work? If not, has anyone found a way yet? Thanks

  138. Pradeep I. says:

    Is this tutorial specific to S4’s with baseband versions ending in MF9? My S4 ends ends in FNG2 and I am unable to downgrade to MDC/MDL. The ODIN program simply freezes after I hit Start.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

  139. Giselle says:

    Remarkable! Its actually awesome article, I have got much clear idea concerning from this article.

  140. pablo says:

    hola que tal, mi mi banda base es L720VPUFNAE no termina ni en MDF ni MDC ni MDL .AYUDAAAAAAAAAAA POR FAVOR lo compre en usa. y actualmente estoy en argentina.

  141. khaliddavirus says:

    My phone is not rebooting after I click unlock button. .

  142. George says:

    Hello, Max.
    I tried and got the phone (Sprint Galaxy S4 L720T) rooted, I even ran S4 flasher (it said that it worked), but…. phone still cant recognize different sim (on GSM band). Software version – L720TVPUAMK5. Hdwr version – LT720.03. Android 4.3. build # JSS15J.L720TVPUAMK5. I even tried to change the networks to GSM and auto – no luck.
    I did not downgrade to MDL – couldn’t – something did not work.
    Let me know if I made a mistake somewhere or if there’s a more reliable way of unlocking this phone. BTW, sprint game me MSL # and I didn’t use flashboot. but, funny thing, sprint reps did not give me MSL numbers when I called them again. The said that the sprint store’d unlock them, and the stores told me – they don’t – try Sprint…
    So, to recap – rooting was successful, unlocking – was not. I still need help.

    • George says:

      I installed SuperSU, Titanium Backup, MSL utility (no need for that), GTUpdate_v3.1.8 (I don’t know if it made a difference at all), Hidden Menu (again – no need for it, I think), Virtual Terminal (that’s where I went to some hidden menus to adjust some settings*) and SSU.apk. The last apk file ACTUALLY UNLOCKED THE PHONE, and the phone no longer shows “invalid sim” or the like. The firmware on the phone was original “…MK5” (from Dec. 2013) – a must for unlocking (taken from xda-developers,com).
      Therefore, all efforts and time paid off – the phone is usable over GSM network in US.

      * this is what I typed in virtual terminal:
      am broadcast -a android.provider.Telephony.SECRET_CODE -d android_secret_code://27666368378
      and you’ll get an access to many useful settings. I don’t remember all setting (you’ll need to search them in forums).
      I want to share this info so the other people with “former” sprint phones won’t spend a lot of time searching and searching, and searching.
      I want to thank you, Max, for your videos that eventually led me to find the correct “answers”.

      • George says:

        * this is what I typed in virtual terminal:
        am broadcast -a android.provider.Telephony.SECRET_CODE -d android_secret_code://27666368378
        “am baordc… …68378” is one command (fyi).

  143. Gae says:


    I am already stuck at the first steps 🙁 I want to use my sprint samsung s-4 abroad with a mexican sim card. I am not interested in using it in the USA with another carrier inside the US
    The baseband version ends in: PUBNC6. So what should i do? skip to step 6 or not?
    The model is SPH_L720T

    Thanks a lot

  144. Kasholepsy says:

    thanks you guys for this amazing totorials, i´ve root and install customs ROMs on my galaxy sprint SPH-L720. everything has run ok, but i got a probem trying to unlock SIM. My baseband dosnt end in MDC or MDL (actually ends in NAE), so i´ve tried to downgrade to MDC as you sais. When i starts the proces in ODIN, select da corect MCD modem tar. md5 and pres on Star, but ODIN just stop to work and go to hell. i´ve tried whit a newest version (3.9) but the resoults is tha same.
    i use Windos 8.1 any idea? should i use w7 or XP, or just jump into fire?

  145. richard says:

    I dont get a MSL when looking for it in shell. After doing this. my sim card is now accepted but phones now says it needs to be activated? Any advice??

  146. C. Allen Pinney says:

    Ive got two samsung usb serial ports but the shell command returns : device offline

  147. tian says:

    thanks… win10 ok.. step8-13 SPCUtility.apk get msl number much more easier.

  148. ale says:

    mil gracias….lei mil tutoriales, no habia podido hacer que tomara red mi cel. es de USA de Sprint y estoy en Colombia….ahora funciona!, gracias!!!!!

  1. November 26, 2014

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