How to WiFi Tether AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337!

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For those of you who cannot wifi tether on your AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337, here’s how to bypass AT&T’s wifi tether provisioning mechanism to enable it.

UPDATE: There’s a better method to get wifi tether, please CLICK HERE to see!

First, you will need a rooted phone, go ahead and root your AT&T Galaxy S4 following method here.

Step 1. Next, download the new Wifi Tether provisioning files.

Download new Wifi Tether provisioning file


Step 2. Download Script Manager on Play Store.


Step 3. Choose “Browse as root”.


Step 4. Make sure you hit “Allow” when Superuser window pops up.


Step 5. Browse to /system/app directory and you will find two files called TetheringProvision.apk and TetheringProvision.odex.  Rename these files to TetheringProvision.bak and TetheringProvision.bak2, respectively.

howto-wifitether-galaxys4-sgh-i337-5 howto-wifitether-galaxys4-sgh-i337-6

Step 6. Go to your Download folder (or where you downloaded your new TetheringProvision.apk file to) and copy.


Step 7. Paste the file into /system/app directory.


Step 8. Reboot your AT&T Galaxy S4 and try turning Mobile Hotspot on.  You will still get AT&T’s warning message but tethering should now turn on and work.


Step 9. Try connecting to your mobile hotspot from your computer or another WiFi device.  It should work now.  Enjoy!


Credits – XDA <— Please donate to developer or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like this, thx!

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87 Responses

  1. jim says:

    very cool!
    but does anyone have a version for GS4 for TMOBILE?
    that would be even cooler!

  2. Steve says:

    Did everything step by step when I try to turn on hotshot will not turn on saying mobile data is not available
    or invalid sim .?

    • Darth Zouka says:

      It happened to me as well. I did everything as showed on the video but I keep getting the same error message: “Mobile Data is no available or Invalid SIM”.

      I have an AT&T Samsung S4 SGH-I337 with Android 4.2.2 Baseband I337UCUAMDB and Kernel 3.4.0-440216
      Any ideas?

  3. joe says:

    Everything goes as planned until I reach the point where I turn on the tethering… at that point it says “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.”

    device info:
    purchased yesterday
    SGH-I337 (ATT)
    running 4.4.4
    kernal version from apr 27

    Any ideas?

  4. joe says:

    to be more clear, the error appears instead of the “verifying” message after flipping the ‘turn tethering on’ switch.

  5. UltimatePeter says:

    Thought this may be an extra help:
    [How To] Enable Sprint Wifi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S4
    May 7, 2013 | Hack Tutorial and Reference, Hacking, Technology, Tutorials, Ultimate Productions, Video Production
    Prerequisite: ROOT YOUR PHONE.
    Okay folks, I guess I had to take matters into my own hands. There was no video on what to do for Sprint.
    I read the XDA site and made some logical conclusions with the file they had. Then I made a video:
    (how to enable the hotspot that comes in your phone, actually not very hard) ENJOY!
    Youtube Address:

    This is from my youtube description:
    So here it is. Haven’t seen any other vids on how to do this yet. This will enable the internal system wifi tethering on your settings menu. This is for Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint. Do at your own risk. You are about to replace your Services Jar file and odex files, so… At your own risk. I claim no responsibility and modifying your phone in such a manner is your responsibility and liability. Why? Because you own your phone. I don’t… and neither does Sprint. I am providing this information for educational purposes.

    My Phone:
    Android 4.2.2
    Baseband L720VPUAMDC
    Kernal 3.4.0-442222
    Build JDQ39.L720VPUAMDC

    • Nav V says:

      Hi Peter.
      could you help me with the same please. i own an S4 i337 AT&T.
      got it rooted, also changed the file names and installed new tetheringprovision.apk file.
      but that didn’t work too.
      plus for your video on youtube it says. “this video is no more available”
      please suggest , what do i do about it.

  6. joe says:

    Works fine now! I deleted the original downloaded file and downloaded it again. All is well. Thanks!

  7. JP says:

    Well Ter mod I used on galaxy s3 work on the galaxy s4 anyone know. I’m using T-Mobile.

  8. PatB says:

    I got it to work on my AT&T S4 but is there a way to change/turn-on security, change the default SSID (it is using “GALAXY_S4_0346”), etc?


  9. drew says:

    really nice job. and don’t make it to easy for the masses. still bit of privacy concern before I use it unless I have to for some reason. i will contribute if this works out. regards…

  10. jaycei says:

    I just git my s4 yesterday..anyone know if this works on the latest jelly bean firmware?? ATT

    • jaycei says:

      UPDATE: following these steps my S4 on ATT in the US can now use this method of tethering, thank you!!

  11. Matthew says:

    MAX! You are the best!

  12. kopro says:

    att i337 s4 worked perfect like a charm

  13. kopro says:

    android 4.2.2 by the way

  14. jtierney says:

    Little problem here. Everything goes as planned until I enable tethering. I get a verifying message, then contact AT&T, and finally “Enabling portable Wi-FI hotspot will turn off WiFi” Pressing OK then turns of Wifi. Turning Wifi back on then disable tethering. Any Ideas?

    • brandon says:

      Same problem here, can’t find anywhere that addresses this issue.

      • Max Lee says:

        You can try this, which should work to remove bypass:

        • Umgkat says:

          I’m using samsung s4 at&t version and I was have problem with wifi and tethering

          So I decided to make it root and install a new skript

          Which contain following procedure
          To rename TetheringProvision.apk and TetheringProvision.oden file
          To TetheringProvision.abk and TetheringProvision.abk2 but mistakenly I give them the same name

          And TetheringProvision.abk2 file disappeared

          Now I am worry to do next step

          Which is to download new apk file and paste it to

          Should I do it or nor
          Orr howww can I restore my apk files back to my origional ones???

          Please help me as soon as possiable

  15. Daniel says:

    Not working in my Galaxy S4 SGH-i337 🙁 when i try to activate the hot spot i get a message invalid sim or mobile data not available but I’m connected to the 4g =/ any idea??

    • Elar Jimenez says:

      debes eliminar el archivo thetering provision pack de donde lo copiaste vuelve a descargar y copiar nuevamente en system/app. luego descarga app quarantine y poner en cuarentena el archivo TheteringProvision. descarga portatil wi-fi free y asi funcionara tu hotspot wi fi

  16. Clif says:

    if I tether just using the tether widget it will at&t know and attempt to charge me?

    • ag says:

      I have similar question, is this WiFi tether option using my current data plan? or AT&T will try to charge me for using this option? can some one please shed some light. Tks!

  17. Rotty37 says:

    Works on rooted Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T i717 with JB 4.1.2. Thanks !!!!

  18. Josh says:

    I have the AT&T model Galaxy S4 but I switched to T-mobile. Your At&t -> T-mobile HSPA+ guide worked perfectly and I can now use 4g. But I followed this guide very carefully and what happens when I turn mobile hotspot on is it says

    “mobile data is not available or invalid sim”

    Is that file we replaced it with programmed for AT&T sim cards only? If so, how can I edit the file for T-mobile or just download a AT&T -> T-Mobile version of the file? And thank you for making these very helpful vids.

  19. Bill says:

    I did this and when I goto to mobile hotspot and turn it on it say to enable mobile hotspot on this device, go to att…ect. I hit ok and it does the same thing and does not work. Any ideas?

  20. tmomo says:

    I’d like to see wifi tether worked out for tmo

  21. BigJon says:

    Purchased S4 tonight from ATT. rooted with Motochopper and followed this tutorial to enable wifi hotspot. WiFi hotspot works as advertised. Thank you for your work! Great job!!

  22. suj says:

    I have at&t galaxy s4. I did follow the steps.the tethering turns on and I can see the tethering icon. But when I try to connect the wifi network is not listed on my computer.i tried manually setting up the connection with the ssid, still no luck.any thoughts?,

  23. bada bing says:

    I am searching for the same information as Josh…
    I have a S4 –ACTIVE– unlocked and rooted from AT&T but using it on T-Mo.
    I am trying to use the wifi hotspot feature but also get the invalid sim warning.
    I found this link ..
    that explains how to ‘edit’ some code (beyond my current abilities)
    I was going to try this method but the first download link for tethering provisioning is dead.
    Max, hurry up and get your new ACTIVE!! I want learn how to do this.

    • Max Lee says:

      My active was here today too bad the mailman didn’t knock on my door I have to pick it up tomorrow morning.

      • bada bing says:

        Darn!! Should have told me, I would have signed for it!!
        That link you gave me to root worked perfectly.
        The actual link is for the ROOT is;

        If you are using an AT&T phone on NON-AT&T network… be sure to follow the instructions to turn off some update and nap apps. That is all in the link you sent me;

        Thanks again for your hard work. I really want to learn more about this but do not want a $500 brick.

        Few things I would love your advice on are;
        UN-LOCKING / ENABLING the WiFI hotspot feature. AT&T locked it up. Gives message like; mobile data not available or invalid sim (t-mo). I found a link for another phone to fix it but without a pure ROM to reflash with… not sure I want to try yet.
        I expect the PURE android flash would fix that when and IF it gets ported but I am really liking some of the camera and translation stuff Sammy included.
        Also need to figure out the T-mo frequency unlock you did for the S4. I’ll be watching your progress for that. (I really hope you got the AT&T for t-mo).
        Last, While you are playing… would be a great help if you could document your unlock and flashing a new rom into the ACTIVE. Your videos and explanations are wonderful.

        Will say, love the phone. Not a lot of stuff for it (cases and such) but really love it.

        Good luck with your new toy.

  24. bada bing says:

    You might also like this simple DE-BRAND of the start up screen. It is for the S4 but it worked on my Active too. Ditched the AT&T logo and sound and back to the Sammy one.
    Also, I have had no luck with the script editor you suggested for moving an apk. I have had great success with root explorer though. Works much better.
    Would love to get that darn tethering working.. that is a deal breaker for me.

  25. Luby says:

    I have an s4 it still dnt wrk (att i337). I tried all buy same message like invalid sim stuffs like that help plz

    • William says:

      I am using my SGS4 Rooted from AT&T on a different carrier, followed all the steps and it doesn’t work. I still get “mobile data is not available or invalid sim.” Can someone please help me?

  26. SlyGuy says:

    works as advertised on my i337 AT&T on OTA-MF3 (rooted)

  27. Irvin says:

    Sadly this method does not work because the file TetheringProvision.apk on this site is corrupted. On the image it says 209.7 KB and when downloaded i only have 6KB.

    can you fix this ?

    • Max Lee says:

      try redownloading.

      • Miguel Alexis says:

        I tried to unlock tethering on my samsug s4 At&t i337 jellybean 4.3 mk2. I followed the steps and it didn’t work. i’ve been searching everywhere for a solution and i haven’t succeed in my mission yet…. is there any other solution?

  28. prestonjb says:

    I cleared the davik cache and it worked.

  29. buba says:

    I am using SGH-I337 with other carrier than AT+T, and did not work, still not turnning on tethering and comes same message “mobile data not avilable or sim …. “. Pleas help.

  30. RandyBoy says:

    I ended up getting Foxfi off of PlayStore, after rooting my S4 AT&T MF3 version from mid August. Rooted the phone with the SD card and 3 lines method with terminal emulator and Super SU…. You will get a warning the first time you open up Foxfi… close it and reopen it and it should provide you with Wifi tethering abilities.

  31. MTCHPR says:

    ..anyone know if this works on the latest jelly bean firmware ATT OTA-MF3 (rooted)?? When I try to rename its said: DANGER!!! Your are about modify RO partinions. Incomplete or incorrect modification can brik your device!!! Press Brick to continue with modifications. Press Safe Action to continue without modifing RO partitions or Cancel of course. ITS SAFE TO SELECT BRICK???? HELP!!!

  32. barcemiaec says:

    when i get the script manager and i click in brick my phone get freezee and dont do nothing why it is doing that?

    • Jayray says:

      Same here I change the .apk or .odex and Brick to make a partition change and it just freezes. I am able to end the task but the change is not permanent.

      • Weiwei says:

        instead of script manager, use “root browser” and follow the direction above:

        1) open root browser
        2) find original tetherprovision files, rename
        3) copy downloaded tetherprovision.apk to /system/app folder.
        4) restart S4.

        I have MF3 baseband, rooted S4 AT&T and this method worked.

  33. jayray says:

    Thanks, I noticed the root browser alternative in the you tube comments of the video and it works perfect. Awesome. Hooked up to my laptop with 5ghz and 4g only with 8 mb download and 2 up.

  34. xdeem says:

    This does not work on my AT&T S4 active. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  35. John says:

    I did everything as described in the video and on the website. I am now getting a “custom” message during restart and the tethering is still not work, still getting “Mobile data is not available or SIM invalid”. Any suggestion, this is a unlocked AT&T Samsung S4 using a T-Mobile SIM. Do I need to install or open the TetheringProvision.apk after place the file in the apps folder?

    • KG says:

      Im using an AT&T SG4 with MF3 like John and am using a Solavei sim card with it (uses T-mobile network). I have rooted the phone and followed the instructions to replace the TetheringProvision.apk file, and I am getting the same error message: “Mobile data is not available or SIM invalid.” Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

  36. heather says:

    It doesn’t work on the galaxy s4 I537 model and no updates help, it will not let you rename

  37. heather says:

    Att galaxy s4 i537 does not work with any of stuff above.

    • John says:

      Still waiting on an alternative solution. I un-rooted and re-rooted that phone and followed the steps again, still no luck in unlocking the tethering feature. I am running AT&T S4 SGH-i337 (I337UCUAMDL) on a T-Mobile SIM.

      • Calvin says:

        I had the same problem. i used file manager (explorer) from the play store.
        this is what i did and it worked great. open file explorer open settings from the left side of the home button. Scroll all the way down you will see two check boxes one is root explorer this should be checked already and check mount system folders make sure their both checked. then follow the instructions above to change the files to bak.

        • Calvin says:

          P.S You have to be rooted first

          • John says:

            Yes, my S4 i337 is rooted. Still no luck.

            • Tom says:

              I was having trouble too. s4 i337 MF3 rooted with sd card method.

              in ES File Explorer, hit menu button and scroll all the way down. You’ll see Root Explorer and a button that goes ON/OFF to the right. Click actually on the words ‘Root Explorer’ and that brings up Root Explorer options.

              Toward the bottom, you’ll see Mount R/W. In there is where you set the system to allow R/W (Read/Write) instead of RO (Read Only) in each category.

              Having said all of this, I can rename the files but I can not copy the new TetheringProvision.apk where it needs to go and is where I am stuck. I keep getting “Copy Task failed” and “Permission Denied” at the bottom.

              • Tom says:

                And just to update, I don’t know where it got hung up but I restarted a few times, updated SuperSU, restarted and tried again. I was able to rename and then copy the file over.

                I just got done off the line with AT&T, activated the new sim in the S4 and tethering works as described. You do get the little popup that says to contact your provider but it still stays on and works. Tried with my old computer, my desktop computer, another android tablet, and my old phone.

                I don’t see where you can configure options off the bat through the phone but you can go into ES File Explorer and go to Menu, Net Manager. Hit Settings (on the bottom) and then “Use the system AP setting”. It turns on the network the same way as if you just turned it on yourself but you can input a SSID and Password for it to use.

  38. henry says:

    Hi I tried this method but didnt work I have sgs4 i337 att unlocked working on t mobile and when I turn on the tether says invalid SIM any ideas?????

  39. Pojane says:

    I am facing the same issue. With my AT&T rooted i337 i am not able to tethering for other carriers.

    Pl. help

  40. PSA says:

    This method is not working for my galaxy S4 AT&T I337 MF3 firmware 4.2.2.

  41. brian says:

    i get the same error message on my samsung galaxy s4 at & t and i have tried downloading the new apk file and also the script manager, i have done it several time but i am still getting the same error message anytime i try using the hotspot. is there anything i can do??

    • Tom says:

      u do still get the error message, but it turns on after anyway. if you see a little blue WiFi symbol at the top, it has turned on. do you get that? configure the settings at the bottom of the hotspot screen.

  42. nick says:

    Does this bypass the network detection?

    • brian says:

      my network is working fine, just that i cant switch manually from 4G to 3G or Edge. is there anything i can do? and hot spot is not working still. and sometimes i see a small message at the middle bottom of the screen saying error contacting server, i dont know what else to do and it is frustrating

  43. Angel says:

    I need this file but for the S3 ATT I747

  44. Harish says:

    I tried to follow this method on my AT&T S4. I have 4.4.2 and it throws Settings stopped working. Any one facing the same issue ?

  45. Jim says:

    Any Idea how to make it work with

    Model: SGh-I337Z
    Carrier: AIO

  46. JavierKinteros says:

    Please, brother, installing Rom SAMY DELUXE S4 ROM M support in SGH-I377 ???



  47. Johnny Blaze says:

    If after following the steps of renaming the files and replacing the tetheringprovision.apk file and rebooting and you attempt to turn on tethering and you get message – “unfortunately, settings stopped working”

    DO NOT WORRY, you are almost there. I also was getting the same message and also did ONE FINAL step to get mine to work.

    I personally used SManager but I went into the properties of the TetheringProvision.apk and changed the read – write – execute permissions for the file. By default R/W/E will be checked for User, Group, and Other.
    You need to change this to RW R R
    So in other words for User you need to check – RW, for Group R and for Execute R
    Once this is done, REBOOT YOUR PHONE…….while it is rebooting, you will notice something along the lines of please wait while android is upgrading…
    Once your device is rebooted, your tethering will work.

    • Jizzo says:

      Jonny Blaze, you nailed it. Thank you. I read this entire thread, tried every suggestion and none of them worked…. until this.

      They need to move this to the top or add it to the tutorial.

    • majid says:

      pls jonny hlp me cox I av e same problm as urs. my settings used to stop working but when I changed the properties it says invalid sim or mobile data not available. pls hlp me by whatsapp me on 233-540534877

      • Mukesh Thakkar says:

        Hi Majid / Johny,

        I am also getting the same error. After changing permissions “Invalid SIM…. “…

        Could you please provide the solution to me as well?


        • BillA says:

          Unfortunately this hack will not work with any other sim but AT&T.
          There’s nothing more than can be done, other than switching to AT&T service.

    • LAZ says:


    • Julio Guevara says:

      Para la version 4.4.2 del i337 he intentado de todas las opciones y no se activa la zona de anclaje wifi

  48. David O says:

    For all who follow the steps and doesn’t work..
    1. Do all the steps
    2. Download App Quarentine app
    3. In app settings, Filter, Turn on Advanced,
    4. Block the TetheringProvision
    5. Download Portable Wi-Fi hotspot app
    6. Turn here the hotspot (I have to make this step twice)

  49. Shahzad says:

    Thanks for the detailed tutorial. However I have rooted successfully my SGH-i337, but I’m unable to rename/write the files all of a sudden. What could be the reason?


  50. CDM says:

    I have a Galaxy S4 Active unlocked with Android 4.4.2 from ATT that I am using with a T-Mobile Simple Choice plan. I was getting the “Mobile data not available or invalid SIM.” Error when enabling hotspot, but after following this guide my tethering is working. I am considering going with an unlimited plan to take full advantage of this. I currently have the 3GB with unlimited music. I used 10GB of music and 1GB of other data. My SpeedTest shows around 35ms Ping / 12 Mbps down / 2 Mbps up on my phone and on a tethered device.

  51. Mark Bryant says:

    Brilliant procedure and many thanks. Got past the Hotspot bumps on my unlocked ATT Galaxy S4 KitKat 4.4.4.

  52. Jide says:

    I continue to receive the error message “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.” I have tried deleting the file and downloading another but the error still persist.

  1. November 21, 2014

    […] How to WiFi Tether AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337! | … – Galaxy S4 Reference You will need a rooted Galaxy S4 to install all ROM/kernels. NOTE: THE AUTHOR OF THIS SITE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU MESS UP YOUR …… […]

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