How To Wifi Tether Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720!


For those of you who want to wifi tether on your Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 without paying Sprint twice for the same internet you already paid for, here’s how to do it easily and get around the dreaded “Hotspot Error” pop-up window.

Before we begin, you will need a rooted Sprint Galaxy S4 with CWM or TWRP recovery installed.

If you don’t have a rooted phones with CWM or TWRP, follow one of the following method first before trying this tutorial:

For rooting and installing CWM recovery, see How to Root Galaxy S4 with CWM method.
For rooting and installing TWRP recovery, see How to Root Galaxy S4 with TWRP method.

Step 1. Before we begin, make sure you have Build number L720VPUAMDC in “About Device”.

If so, download the following if you have a stock ROM:

Download MDC Sprint Wifi Tether Mod Odex

If using custom ROM that’s de-odexed, you will need this one instead: (Most custom ROMs are de-odexed btw, very few are odex)

Download MDC Sprint Wifi Tether Mod De-odex


Step 2. Reboot into CWM or TWRP recovery and install the zip file you downloaded.

For CWM Recovery, use the “install from sdcard” option and for TWRP recovery, use the “Install” option.

When done installing, simply reboot and you should have a working, native Sprint Hotspot.





Step 3. Turn on your your Hotspot in Settings and it should be working now, you can verify by connecting to your phone via your computer or another phone and accessing the interwebs.  Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to our e-mail list!


Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to developer or hit "Thanks" button if you like this, thanks!

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33 Responses

  1. david770 says:

    1-Click WiFi Tether No Root
    this is the ONLY WiFi Tether app that works for T-Mobile GS4 SGH-M919.
    just to let you know.

  2. Jamie says:

    I installed the sprint hotspot zip, working great! Thanks! Just had a question about if my phone wants to do a ota update with this zip still installed will everything be okay? I noticed in your video that it only works for the original stock version, but just curious to know if my phone will update okay. I realize the zip won’t work for the newer version L720VPUAMDL, but what will happen if I take the ota update? Thanks again!

  3. Billy Qiu says:

    How to do the free tethering for Tmobile S4?
    is it the same procedure?

  4. david770 says:

    use 1-Click WiFi Tether No Root from play store
    this is the ONLY WiFi Tether app that works for T-Mobile GS4 SGH-M919

  5. Rob says:

    Dude you rock this was the most insanely easy root/wifi/rom stuff ive ever done my old hero was a pain, the evo was an absolute nightmare and even the gs3 was interesting… but i literally did everything for my s4 withing a half hour and that was just cause i read ahead before i did anything well friggan done bro thnx a ton!

  6. saul says:

    Installed the zip and on reboot got stuck on yellow sprint page! What do I do? I can get into custom recovery and into download mode.

    • phonenoob says:

      Mine is stuck at yellow Sprint screen too. Is there a fix?!

      • matt says:

        you guys probably have the mdl update so it will cause the yellow screen to even stuck like that using shabbypenguine’s mdl kernel.

        • Cameron says:

          Did we figure out a fix for the yellow screen problem? I am also stuck here…realize now that I have the MDL kernel.

          • josh says:

            I too had the same problem because of the mdl update. My only solution was to use a backup recovery created using cwm. If this is not an option for you, you are probably going to have to download the original firmware and flash it using odin.

  7. Freeman says:

    How to Wifi tether the UsCellular’s S4? Is any body success with it? I try the 1-Click WiFi Tether No Root but it’s not work.

  8. Robby Payne says:

    I’m subscribing to these comments in hopes that an update comes that allows those of us on the MDL build to get in on the tethering action! The root process was pretty seemless, but the lack of tether on the newer build stinks! Hopefully someone much smarter than me figures out a way to make it work!

  9. Jumper says:

    I got as far as rebooting into twrp, installed the zip file, got a successfull, it all booted well got a pop up sayin “Unable to download try again later.” I try the hotspot anyways. It actually works for maybe 20 seconds (I see it on my laptop), then I get the normal error; hot isnt enabled on your phones service blahblahblah… Any idea? Could it be a bad zip file?

  10. lumangoy says:

    I have a rooted L720VPUAMF9.. will this work?

  11. Walter Douglas says:

    So if I do this it will be taking from my Sprint unlimited data plan and not charging me extra for hotspot usage. Right?

  12. oscar says:

    i got an l720 sprint sim unlocked, with mf9, but once i have flashed mf9 mod, the hotspot option just disappear, i have already flashed to mdc firmware however any hotspot option appear, I try to ad the option using sqlite, even using sqlite i could not because the cell phone said hotspot not supported

  13. Stephen says:

    my build# ends in mk2 what do i do for free hotspot?

  14. Grits says:

    Same here, I have the mk2 build. is there a download for it?

    • kamelda says:

      I found it over on the xda forum for the mk2 build.

    • Kamelda says:

      Here is the link to the MK2 Odex thread:
      Here is the link to the NAE(KitKat) thread :

  15. Platnym says:

    I also have build number mk2 plz let me know if there’s a zip for my build

  16. Joseph Day says:

    yes i just recently rooted my sprint galaxy s4 my build number is LRX22C.L720VPUGOH1 can you email me a link to do the hotspot mod on my phone please

    • Ayodele says:

      same here…i have an unrooted sprint galaxy s4 my build number is LRX22C.L720VPUGOH1 can you give or email me a link to download the hotspot mod on my phone please, it’s so urgent…

  17. Ayodele says:

    I have an unrooted sprint galaxy s4 my build number is LRX22C.L720VPUGOH1 can you give or email me a link to download the hotspot mod on my phone please, it’s so urgent…

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