WanamLite ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9500! [Call Recording][App2SD][V1.8]

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WanamLite ROM is now available for Galaxy S4 GT-i9500!
UPDATE: There’s a NEW version 2.0 out, CLICK HERE to see it instead of this!!!

UPDATE: 7/21/2013 Version 1.8 is out, which supports App2SD/HDR recording and comes with STweaks app.

One of the first custom ROMs available for the Galaxy S4 GT-i9500, WanamLite ROM is a proven ROM from XDA user Wanam who has been making solid and stable ROMs for many other Android smartphones like Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3.

Personally, this is one of my favorite ROMs on my other Android devices and it is now available for your Galaxy S4.

Since this is the very first version, you will not see as many features (as you will later down the road) but you still get cool stuff like Call Recording MOD, Adam kernel with tweaked CPU governor for better battery life, and all Samsung bloatware removed. (You can add them back easily by flashing removed apps zip file though.)

WanamLite ROM also ships with Adam kernel, which is pretty much stock kernel but with governor tweaks to give you extra, long battery life plus support for init.d scripts.

Other notable features include automatic SMS encoding with support for Arabic and other UTF-8 languages, disabled scrolling cache, enabled all languages, and more free RAM over stock ROM.

Also, since this is a stock-based ROM, you should be fine installing the ROM without doing data wipe/factory reset.

If you are itching to get a custom ROM on your Galaxy S4 GT-i9500, certainly give WanamLite a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download WanamLite ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9500 (V1.8 – 7/21/2013)

Download Removed Apps and other MODs

For installation, please see our ROM installation guide first. Also, if this is first time installing a custom ROM, please MAKE A BACKUP ROM which will save your phone if something goes wrong!

IMPORTANT: If you have microSD card in ExFat format, you must either install the stock kernel OR you can also format your microSD card as FAT32.
How to check your microSD card format? If you have a microSD reader or microSD-to-SD adapter, connect it to your computer and view “Properties” by right-clicking on your microSD card drive.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer Wanam or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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27 Responses

  1. sehaj says:

    Does it overheats after installing this rom

  2. Omar Lopez says:

    I think the first 2 links are the same file…

  3. theaircraftchannel1 says:

    Hey Max,

    I would like to tell you that i actually got this before you from xda. I am very happy to see someone committed to help ordinary people with your videos and super easy great tutorials. I actually still use many features which many people might consider !!!!!!gimmicky!!!!!. Why don’t you make a video on overclocking galaxy s4 and then under clock it if you consider it a battery hog for yourself.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALSO, I TOTALLY LOVE THE ROM BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Magnus says:

    No roms yet for the i9505:)?

  5. Ornob says:

    “unfortunately, NFC service has stopped” showing after flash. solution please!!!!111

  6. Ornob says:

    unfortunately, NFC payment has stopped” showing after update. Solution please!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ari Pappas says:

      if you still need help with this I just found a fix after hours and hours of trying.The fix is very easy. Here are the steps:
      Root Access required

      For Jelly Bean, which I am assuming you have, download the Nfc_5dex.apk file from the following website:

      rename the file to Nfc.apk and copy & paste it to system\app by using a Root Browser app
      it will ask you if you want to replace the file, say yes
      if it does not ask you to replace the file then you probably named it wrong, so double check
      restart phone
      This should work

      • Kadu Leite says:

        I got the same error. I followed the procedure, double checked the rename step, but mine has no file with that name. It had copied without asking for replace.
        I’ll try it out now and if the error still remain I’ll let you know.

        Thank you,

        PS: sorry for my english.

        • Luke says:

          Same problem… Unfortunately nfc payment has stopped working. Tried the fix and didn’t fix it. 🙁 any ideas.

          Also is it possible to install individual bloatware as I want to keep watch on

  7. chris says:

    when will this custom rom support i9505?? I so want the traditional chinese in my s4…. and get rid most of the idiot software out of my phone….

  8. fares ghazal says:

    Do you have screen purple issuse or just me !?!?!?!

  9. ouija says:

    Will that “Samsung apps” package work for any model of S4 (Canadian version in my case) and any ROM? Just curious if I could use it to possible re-install any Samsung apps I happen to remove after rooting.

    Let me know. Thanks!

  10. clay says:

    Hey Max please make rom for sprint sph-l720 with call recording

  11. Dan says:

    This ROM also works on the T-Mobile S4 version SGH-M919, see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2283194

    • Dan says:

      The version that works on the T-Mobile is the I9505 version of this ROM not the I-9500 version. My link above takes you to the correct page on Xda-developer website

    • Max Lee says:

      try this one instead for Tmo:

      If you flash i9500 version you will hard brick!

  12. Gary says:

    Great Rom, low memory usage is my favourite feature but the ROM is unstable. First time I flashed it I forgot to wipe the cache and I got the NFC and system ui stopped working errors with limited functionality. Second time I did it properly but video/music playback were unavailable and there were no system/media sounds so I ran my back up. Please fix!!

  13. Misael says:

    Hey Max,
    I did install WanamLite ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9500, but there are still some programs I have and I would like not have them. May I install Fox Tolkit? Or you know other program that makes the same stuff?

  14. Pascal says:

    My favourite rom. minimalist, clean and stable. perfect on my i9500 ! I like it

  15. OMHM says:

    hey max I need your help.
    I tried to install this rom (following all your steps) and I got stucked on the samsung logo after the installing was completed. I took off the batery enter on the cwm recovery and wipe the data and the cache (I read that somewhere) and after rebooting got stucked again on the samsung logo. Then I obviously panicked and restored my backup… Everything is OK now but I want to install a rom.. Why happened this? Should I try again or not??
    Thank you!

  16. Misael M says:

    On August 2nd I downloaded from XDA the version “[romcook.com]_GT-I9500_WanamLite.XWUBMG5.V1.9.NO-WIPE” and now there’s no more version 1.9
    Do you know why? May I still install this version 1.9 ?

  17. OMHM says:

    I love this rom, everything works perfekt… almost everything :S I keep getting lag and sometimes it even freezes when I receive a snapchat and I have to reboot the phone :s
    any suggestions??

  18. cms says:

    Where do I find the call recordings?

  19. npkganesh says:

    Anyone please tell me.. Can we install this rom through philz recovery…

  20. Will says:

    how do I find the calls that I have recorded?

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