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How to Root Sprint Galaxy S4 on MF9 Firmware! 27

How to Root Sprint Galaxy S4 on MF9 Firmware!

For those of you having trouble rooting your Sprint Galaxy S4 on latest MF9 firmware, there’s an easy way by using CF Root by XDA user ChainFire.

Step 1. First, you will need to install either CWM or TWRP recovery.  Follow a or b below:

a. For installing CWM, follow steps 1 through 6 here.


BoneStock ROM for Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545! [ME7/App2SD]

For this week’s Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545 ROM of the week, check out BoneStock ROM!

Based on the latest ME7 firmware (with support for App2SD and HDR camera), BoneStock ROM is a near stock-like ROM but with features you need and ability to uninstall bloatware you don’t want with an AROMA graphical installer (watch latter part of video for AROMA demo).


Arrow ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9500! [App2SD]

For this week’s GT-i9500 Galaxy S4 ROM of the week, check out Arrow ROM.

Based on latest stock firmware Android 4.2.2, Arrow ROM comes with some great transition animations, slightly themed out in AOSP, and hacked camera app so you can use the flash and camera when battery is low.


Wicked ROM v5.1 for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-i9505]

For this week’s AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, and GT-i9505 ROM of the week, check out the updated Wicked ROM v5.1.  Since the last version 4, Wicked ROM now comes with a choice of 4 themes (Stock, Wicked Red, Neon Green, Blue Sky), 3 cameras (S4 camera, Android 4.3 Photosphere camera, Moto X camera), and updated Wicked ROM Control app.

TWRP 2.6 for Galaxy S4! 11

TWRP 2.6 for Galaxy S4!

For those of you using TWRP on your Galaxy S4, please MAKE SURE to update your TWRP recovery to the latest version 2.6 as previous versions do have bugs where custom ROMs may not install correctly.

Older TWRP worked fine but on certain custom ROMs, it would freeze during installation or the custom ROM would not boot causing bootloops.  I found out this is fixed by either using CWM or installing the latest TWRP 2.6.

How to Root for Verizon Galaxy S4 on Build VRUAME7 or AT&T Galaxy S4 on MF3! 97

How to Root for Verizon Galaxy S4 on Build VRUAME7 or AT&T Galaxy S4 on MF3!

For those of you looking for root for Verizon Galaxy S4 on build VRUAME7, it is now available.

UPDATE: This root method also has been verified to work with AT&T Galaxy S4 on MF3!

It involves an external microSD card that must be formatted in exFat format (you can do this easily on Windows by right-clicking and selecting format, you should be able to choose exFat as for format type), download and unzip the script, then copy all the files to your microSD card.