Sacs Custom ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4! [MF9][App2SD]

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For this week’s Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 ROM of the week, check out Sacs Custom ROM by XDA user Sac23. ┬áSac23 has been making some great ROMs for the older Galaxy S3 and his latest custom ROM is also very good on the Sprint Galaxy S4 with excellent performance and battery life.

Based on latest MF9 firmware (yes, you will get the MF9 update), Sacs Custom ROM brings you some excellent customization through its own ROM Control and 3Minit Settings (working flawlessly out of the box). Some of the cool features include Torch function using Volume Up button when your screen if off and also Torch function during lockscreen through 3Minit Settings app.

For sound, you will get Viper4FX to tweak your speakers/headphones/bluetooth to your liking, just make sure you choose “CortexA8 Neon” when installing it. Hotspot is working also out of the box for those of you who need tethering.

The Sacs Custom ROM also features modded framework for the launcher for great performance along with great battery life.

Overall, this is a very stable, solid custom ROM for both noobs and flasholics so if you haven’t tried Sacs Custom ROM yet, try it this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Sacs Custom ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 (DO NOT FLASH ON OTHER S4!)

If you have trouble getting wifi working after installing this ROM and your baseband isn’t MF9, see here to install the latest MF9 radio to fix.

Credits – XDAdonate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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23 Responses

  1. Freddy says:

    Great video like always exelente job.
    I like to know where can I get that phone case.
    Thank you.
    Also, do you think that we are going to get the 4.3 update.
    I am with sprint.

    • austin says:

      i flashed this rom recently and for some reason my screen has been consuming tons of battery life on this rom. would there be any particular reason for that?

  2. joey b says:


  3. austin says:

    im having less than average battery life on this rom and have no idea why. the screen seems to be consuming the most battery and i have all my screen settings adjusted so that they wont eat up battery. quite lost my stock rooted rom has much better battery life. i like all the features of this rom but if it can only last a few hrs theres not much point in using it. any advice?

  4. Doug says:

    how long does it take to boot after install. Mine seems to be taking forever at the samsung galaxy s4 screen

  5. jason says:

    Great rom, best one yet I’ve flashed, everything works and my battery life seems to be pretty normal so far. Keep up the good work.

  6. zukboyz317 says:

    This is the best rom I’ve found at this this time. People are having problems with battery life, With normal to mod use I get almost 2 days on auto setting. A couple things I’d like to see cpu tweaks for over clocking and custom themes. More like swamp monster for my note 2

  7. Brandon says:

    Great rom. Best one ive ever had and btw does anyone know how to switch the kill app from the back button to the menu button. That would be great if someome told me.

  8. Geek Mode Andy says:

    Cannot seem to turn on wifi or hotspot. Dont know if hotspot is even hacked at all honestly but for these reasons im going to head on to my next rom. Other wise I fell in love with it instantly, best s4 rom yet.

    • Joe says:

      Read above where it explains this. You have to install MF9 and then it will work. I had the same problem but did the steps and worked great.

    • Rico says:

      Instructions for wifi problem are at the bottom of the description of the ROM, right below the download link for the ROM itself. Here’s the link address though. I had the same problem. Flashed this through ODIN and I was good to go. Easy fix.

  9. justin says:

    I love the way this rom is set up seems really smooth but I can’t get the hotspot to work tried the radio through Odin that didn’t help also tried the mf9 unlocks those didn’t work either any ideas

  10. Brandon says:

    My flashlight wont go off. Anyone know the cause?

  11. MIke says:

    Very clean Rom, effective and simple enough to navigate with enough customization and tidbit to make it worth while. However I am experiencing an issue with the hotspot, I had needed to use the MFP tar file with odin and that was a success, well orientated guide as well, but the hotspot still pops up as not supported. VPUAMF9 L720.08 SPH-720 4.2.2 Build, JDQ39.720VPUAMF9. Thanks for the rom and any help with this issue.

  12. John24t says:

    The wireless all share with my tv does not work with this rom

  13. Darko says:

    How do you do a screen capture with this rom? Hand swipe is not working for me like it has on most other roms and/or stock. Thanks!

  14. wolf1o says:

    Will this rom allows access to mobile data and apn settings? I have a factory sprint s4 rom, unlocked, but can’t use mobile data, sprint claims it’s Samsung fault and that Samsung’s working to resolve it (???)….

  15. bryan says:

    I downloaded sacs custom rom…and its a great on MF9 and my wifi works..However the hotspot tether does not work. .my devices can connect to it…it can find it on the list but does not connect…do I have to reinstall MF9 radio again just to refresh..or what should I do…Thanks

  16. TheHyenaLePeu says:

    Hellllpppp……hot spot doesnt work….everything good except Hot spot???

  17. Rico says:

    Very nice ROM. No issues. I like my S4 so much better now… and I liked it a lot before! Apps2SD, WIFI hotspot work great. Lots of tweaks. Cool options on the power button like flashlight, and other standard root stuff like shutdown to recovery, “download” mode (shutsdown and enters Odin mode), and also screenshot (so you don’t have to push pwr and home just right anymore). Also from the lock screen you can go right to certain apps like camera, phone, text, etc. If you swype down from the top it has more or less the stock quick launch icons, etc., but with an additional cool feature. There is a rectangle box by the settings icon that allows you do close open apps, manage ram (kill tasks to free up ram), show how much ram you are using, and system and SD card storage stats. The battery icon is a circle with the percentage in it, so you don’t have to go configure that in settings to show percent. Some stuff is no big deal but nice, but overall it works great, no bugs, no shutdowns, and normal to slightly better battery life as best I can tell.

    • Rico says:

      Oh, btw, I switched to this from a stock rooted ROM without apps2sd (prior to Samsung fixing that snafu). I was getting the dreaded insufficient storage message and read that I needed an MF9 rom. Well, first of all, this ROM automatically installs a lot of your apps to the SD. I found some more apps that could be moved to SD and did so. Now it shows 2.3GB used and 7.4GB free. I had about 5 free before and was getting the insufficient storage message. With this ROM I even did a couple of nandroid backups and accidentally stored them in the internal storage. It used up just about ALL of the “device memory” as shown in the
      Application Manager before I moved them to the SD, but it was still downloading and installing apps like a champ. That was not the case with the stock ROM, on which I could not figure out how to stop getting insufficient storage (even with 5GB free). So if you have this problem, back up your Titanium, do a quick nandroid backup, maybe your texts too if you need them, and give this a go. I love it!

  18. Darsh Patel says:

    When I try to download this rom onto my phone it says that the download was unsuccessful? Please help!

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