Sacs ROM with Android 4.4.2 KitKat for Sprint Galaxy S4!


For this week’s Sprint Galaxy S4 ROM of the Week, check out latest Sacs ROM with Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Based on the latest official Android 4.4.2 KitKat Sprint firmware, Sacs ROM aims to improve upon the stock experience with a modded launcher that’s been S5-styled and much faster over stock. Sacs ROM has been developed by XDA users Sac23, who has been making some excellent custom ROMs in the last few years that I have been following him. So, definitely you can’t go wrong with this ROM.

I’ve also tried the latest Sprint official Android 4.4.2 KitKat which is filled with Sprint bloatware and lacking serious speed. You won’t have to worry about any of that with the Sacs ROM.

Sacs ROM has also been outfitted with some excellent S5-styled mods like S5 Settings/Quick Toggle icons, S5 wallpapers, S5-styled overall UI, S5-style Accuweather widget, and some more. Other nifty extra apps include Samsung Milk music app, Multi-Window Manager App, AdAway app, and even 3Minit app for UI customization.

Other notable features include Call Recording, Lidroid Tweaks, Quad-view Multi-Window (YES, 4 windows!), and some more.

Overall, Sacs ROM is a great way to experience the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat TouchWiz firmware without all the bloatware so definitely give it a go if you are still on Jelly Bean and do let me know what you think!


Download Sacs ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4

Credits – Sac23 @XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Q:My wifi is not connecting!
A: Download and Install BuildProp Editor app from Play Store then change the line “” value from “true” to “false” then reboot.   That will fix the wifi issues.


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if you want photosphere, but may force close so make a backup of your Gallery app using Titanium Backup app before installing!  )

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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92 Responses

  1. jason says:

    Eveytime I try to install the zip for sacs rom it says its bad and cancels the installation. Right now I am running triforce mod and usin philz recovery

    • Max Lee says:

      Try opening up the zip file on your computer or using ES File explorer, if it doesn’t open, it’s a bad download, just re-download.

    • vladimir says:

      After wiping usually his instructions say reboot recovery. Hope that helps

    • Brian says:

      Visit sac23’s developer page at this will help you install his ROM. His ROMs are awesome they come loaded with modded features not found with other ROM for this sprints version.

    • Sean Piercy says:

      This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a computer tech for over 20 years and have never had this many problems installing ANY operating system. I have tried FOUR custom roms so far and all of them have had major issues. The problem with this one is it doesn’t connect to the mobile network so you can’t make/receive calls or download updates for your phone. So as long as you don’t actually need to use your SMARTphone for a phone you should be great. If you do need to on the other hand like nearly every person with a smartphone, then you’re stuck going through all of the comments trying to decipher the steps to resolve your problem because the only Q/A they have listed in the instructions is for fixing a non-working wi-fi (which is not the issue in this mod). All of the other mods I’ve tried it’s been the opposite, the wi-fi wouldn’t work but the mobile network would. What is up with this poor software and support and all of these people raving about rooting/modding your phone? These mods should not be released until ALL of the major issues are resolved. The worst thing is there is no mention of the mobile network and wi-fi issues anywhere in any of the descriptions.

      Developers need to get on top of their game or drop out of the race!

  2. rasadami15 says:

    Greetings love sac’s my only issue is wifi and hot spot don’t work has anyone have this problem and even when flash wifi fix my phone just freeze. Help! Wifi is very important!

  3. rasadami15 says:

    Greetings thanks install buildprop but hot spot not enabled getting error has anyone have the link for enabling m hot spot I’ve tried flashable mobile hot spot but when going into setting I get a black screen! What to do! Anyone

  4. Pete says:

    Did build prop but WIFI still wont turn on,any help would be great. Thank you

  5. roman says:

    my problem its that it doesnt get any data and signal they both off and cant turn them on and wifi work just fine any idea how to fix it

    • leonardo says:

      I experienced a similar issue where both the wifi and mobile network were not working. I fixed the network issue by reverting to [Android 4.3 MJA Stock ROM] and then re-flashing the sacs rom above. Mobile data works now and i’m currently trying to apply wifi fixed explained above.

  6. trizek says:

    You won’t anyone explain the wifi problem

  7. Pete says:

    Really like the rom but need a fix for the WIFI not turning on. Tried Build Prop fix but it didn’t work…next? lol

  8. Chris says:

    For wifi download the nae modem only tar from xda. Flash in the pda slot in odin. I’m using sacs 4.4.2 right now on wifi at safeway. But my mobile data not working.

  9. Keith says:

    Add me to the WIFI issues list.

    I ensured “” value = false and PDA’d NAE-ModemOnly with ODIN. The WIFI toggle moves right back to off, each time I try to turn it on. Suggestions?

  10. Pete says:

    I really want to install this ROM again but we need a fix for the WIFI issue! I’ve been looking every where and have tried a lot of different fix’s but so far nothing works! Come on Dev help us out, please! LOL

    • Jack says:

      I solved the wifi issue but changing “” back to true, and PDA’d on odin the latest NAE Modem only tar.md5

  11. Jack says:

    Having trouble with the locks creen options. Wifi works for me after doing the NAE modem only PDA.

    I’ve flashed the rom 5 times now, and I still can’t get my lock screen options besides swiping. It shows the option for pin and password but I can’t even do that. It will just go back to swipe.

    I have no SD card so that’s not encrypted, and I’ve tried clearing my credentials.

  12. rasadami15 says:

    Greetings has anyone solve the mobile hotspot issue ?

  13. pete says:

    Going to try the WIFI fix that Jack mentioned. I hope it works. Stay tuned! !! LOL.

  14. Jack says:

    Okay, solved all my issues after doing some research and going to the Sacs OP on xda.

    FIRST follow all steps from:

    But on step 2 instead of flashing MDC, just go straight to MF9 and save you’re time from updating. So you can skip step 8 and go to 9 and root your device.

    SECOND follow ONLY step 13 from:

    Pretty much just go to your recovery and flash the rom, no need to do factory reset or wipe dalvik since your device should already be cleaned from the first steps.

    After that reboot to home screen make sure your shit works, then reboot back to recovery and flash comadose. You can also flash S Health if you want it.

  15. Pete says:

    I did the NAE Modem only tar.md5 fix……success!!!! However, I left on the auto reboot but not the fast reboot. after it restarted I waited and it flashed notice ” finalizing android update” and that did it. Didn’t have to change anything with Build Prop Editor. Its worth a shot. Awesome rom.

  16. Pete says:

    So, got the WIFI working but now…….cant get viper audio to work!!!!! No matter what I try or settings I apply nothing works. this is the only message I get….”please ‘confirm’ your phone has been rooted and su binary installed” or ” driver install failed, unsupported android system or ROM”. I listen to a lot of music. Must find fix or this ROM will have to go on the shelf until further notice!!!!!!!!

  17. Pete says:

    So, got the WIFI working. Now I cant get Viper Audio to work…at all. This is all I get “please ‘confirm’ your phone has been rooted and su binary installed” or Driver install failed, unsupported android system or ROM. I listen to a lot of music so if I cant find a fix this ROM will be going on the shelf until further notice.

  18. blaqueboy9 says:

    Also Joining the list of people trying to get this wifi working. Sprint Galaxy s4

  19. Pete says:

    Still can’t get Viper and screen shot working.

  20. rubn says:

    anyone have a link for the latest NAE Modem only tar.md5?

  21. Pete says:

    Flash thru Odin on your computer.

  22. Rubn says:

    pete, found it and tried it. still not working. i don’t know what else to do.

  23. WL says:

    When I tried this ROM I noticed the GSM option is gone in Network Mode. Do you know how I can get this option back? Thanks!

  24. Pete says:

    I’m going to restore back to previous rom, sick of trying to get Viper fx and screen shot to work. E mail the developer a few times a week ago and haven’t heard back so screw it.

  25. Scottie says:

    My phone is stuck at the boot animation. What should I do? I reinstalled it like 5 times! Please help!

  26. Pete says:

    Go into recovery and restore the backup you made before you tried to install this rom.

  27. enmanuel says:

    Not allowed me to select the GSM network

  28. Luis says:

    Max can you fix this ROM with everything working and put a download link to download remember not all of us no how to fix a rom. Please than you.

  29. Alex Hiatt says:

    Please Help, I have flashed kk 4.4.2 Sacs rom for sprint galaxy s4 and now my hotspot and wifi do not work at all. I have tried the above fixes and I cant get them to work at all, Please help is there a simpler way. I am at my wits end.

    Thanks in advance

  30. jaime says:

    Hello max why the sacs ROM don’t have WiFi tether , and also the gummy rom m.1 nightly I really neeed wifi tether can youhelpnme find a good ROM running kitkat

  31. pete says:

    I’ve been running this rom for a week now. Wife works, got viper fx working. Lock screen doesn’t work (you can’t lock the phone), tether doesnt work.

    • Chris says:

      I got wifi to work, tethering hotspot to work and also lock screen to work. Now I just need viper 4 android to work and Im good to go. Could you share how you got the viper 4 android to work?


      *****Alternate Lock Screen Fix*****

      Thanks to @tallblazer124 for this much easier way to get lock screen settings:

      Another fix for lock screen which is very quick, is use root explorer or a similar app and edit the buildprop in the system folder.

      You can just add # before


      in build prop and it will work.

      The entry will then look like this


      Then restart your phone and you should have all the lock screen options.

      • Chris says:

        For wifi fix, just install different modem through ODIN and that should fix it. I actually reverted the modem to a 4.3 modem, and that seemed to fix the wifi issue. As for the hotspot, google 4.4 hotspot flashable for sprint, install it through recovery and you should be good to go, i have tested all of this and it all works!! Let me know about VIPER!

        • Chris says:

          For now I am using a DSP Manager app from Google Play marketplace, and it seems to work fine. I will use this until viper is fixed. Overall everything seems to be working on this rom after a lot of trial and error. This Rom is not complete when you download it and extra steps will need to be taken to get your WIFI, hotspot and other main settings working, all the info should be in this thread!

  32. pete says:

    This is a really good rom, awesome battery life…. just need to get the dev or anyone for that matter to fix the issues.

    • pete says:

      Forgot to mention that the call recording feature is the main reason why I haven’t quit using this ROM, Not being able to lock my phone is not good. Need a fix for this soon or I will have to go to a different ROM. Will be donating to the dev as soon as issues are fixed.

  33. tommy says:

    I don’t know why everyone is having so many issues..I have been using this rom over a month and as of yet have had not a single problem with anything.this rom is excellent! Only one thing cold make it even better and that’s to enable free hotspot!!

  34. rasadami15 says:

    Yes I agree it’s a great time but these issues dough minor yet the fact remains the what’s a Tom without free mobile hot spot .

  35. cory says:

    have no service at all wifi works fine

  36. saul says:

    Hey everytime I try to install it doesnt give me any data services or voice. I seen one guy say to revert to 4.3 but didnt you think that by the time u rolled out this rom most people would be using 4.4. Most of these roms have glitches like no wifi. Come on now how u gonna put that out knowing wifi dont work. Im sticking to my stock rom rooted u can gey most of those features through other apps and exposed. Peace

  37. pete says:

    I agree saul, when you make a custom rom everything should work. When you are done building the rom and test it and there are issues you should fix them. If you can’t get issues fixed start over. I can only imagine how hard it is to build roms, and I certainly don’t mean in any way to bash the devs. Please guys keep building roms for everyone to enjoy but please try to get the most important features working when you release the rom. Thanks again Devs.

  38. Alex says:

    I installed this rom Sunday morning, anyway few days later I end up with a brand new phone cause after installing this rom phone was acting all f@$ked up and then when I followed the suggestions to get wifi working……… BRICK CITY

  39. Pete says:

    I cant the screen lock function to work. I enter a pass word to lock it but nothing happens. Any ideas?

  40. pete says:

    Max; how do root if I’m on the current update (nae) sprint L720?

  41. pete says:

    I’ve donated to most of the devs who’s roms I’ve installed including this one! So yes, it is like I’ve paid for it!!!!!. Back off with the name calling!

  42. Carlos says:

    Mobile network isn’t working and don’t have for select mobile operator.

  43. Chris says:

    i have shared my personal research and fixes for this rom. I have gotten everything to work except Viper 4 android. Pete says he has a solution, and it would be appreciated if you would share it with the thread so we can all fix it. I have shared everything I found above.


  44. Chris says:

    Okay, finally got Viper 4 Android to work! After many, MANY failed attempts I went to google and downloaded a fix for Viper 4 android on Android 4.2.2. The file was for a nexus, I thought I would try it anyways. Download the zip, clear cache, and install it through your recovery. Reboot then install the latest Viper 4 android and follow the instructions. It should say driver successfull reboot now, if it does your good! This was a very frustrating and time consuming project to get this working for me. I use my phone to listen to music all the time, Viper 4 android is a MUST!! Overall now everything is working on this ROM and hopefully I can use this as my daily driver for some time. I hope my posts have helped others.

  45. stephan says:

    i like this rom but i cant install mod hotspot on it which i need

    • Chris says:

      Google “4.4 hotspot flashable” for sprint galaxy s4. The file itself should read “hotspot_flashable” and is 3.10mb. Download it, then go to your recovery. Clear the cache and davlik cache, install it, reboot and you should have working hotspot.

  46. Rod says:

    I love the ROM but do have one question, is there a way to get the IR Blaster to work?

    • Chris says:

      The Samsung watchon app is included in the install. You should be able to use the IR blaster through that app, its Samsung’s main APP for using the IR.

  47. stephan says:

    ok i have permission problems every time i download or try to read or write data i get a ton of errors. so can i please get a fix.

    p.s if you use WiFi.tether.router.apk you can use the hotspot again and it is better.

  48. Blaqueboy9 says:

    Flashed rom on my sprint galaxy s4 (nae) everything working fine except for saving downloads to my phone. Anytime I take a screen shot or save a image from the browser it says “unable to take screenshot USB storage maybe in use”How do I fix this?

    • Chris says:

      I have gotten almost everything t on work on this rom. Incredibly the most difficult thing was viper4android. I have shared all of my findings and fixes above. The only thing I can not get to work properly (yet) is sd card issues. I am having the same issues a lot of people are having. When taking a screen shot I get the error “unable to write to sd, USB Storage may be in use”. Screen shots are cool, I like them but not a deal breaker if it doesn’t work. However, there are more problems than just the screenshots. When using emulators such as epsxe or other emulators there are issues acing your games. Not sure if other emulators are affected aswell. I am sure there are more issues than just this. It is possible that it is a 4.4.2 issue and not just with this rom, many people are complaining about this with the stock 4.4.2 update. Let me know if anyone finds a solution.

  49. Bobby says:

    Does anyone know a fix for issues with instagram and other apps that use video force closing? Also i am having issues downloading files as well.

  50. Lorent says:

    Im having problems with network and wifi please help

  51. Chris says:

    Finally I have found a fix for the screenshot issue. Many people, including myself, have been having issues saving screenshots. Apparantly this is due to the deletion of the “screenshots” folder during the ROM install. To fix this simply get a root file explorer and add the following folder:

    built in SD under the new “Pictures” folder and create “Screenshots” folder in the directory(/sdcard0/Pictures/Screenshots).

    Simply create “Screenshots” folder inside the “Pictures” folder in your sdcard0 ext. Tried and tested, works great!

    As always please share your findings and fixes here! Thanks

  52. dave says:

    Don’t waste your time with this problematic ROM. Just get C ROM and you are done.

    It works from day one.

    If the ROM is not working out of the box then its not a finished ROM its that simple.

    The developer has been lazy with this ROM and probably working on a gs5 ROM so all u got is Max.



    • Javonjw says:

      how do i install c rom i was able to install sacs no problem any step by step instructions and a good link to a crom download

  53. Chris says:

    I have been consistently posting my thoughts and fixes for this rom. I have a galaxy s4 and am locked into a contract, and don’t see a point in upgrading to a s5 (even if i was contract free, there is not much of an intensive). This rom is not complete upon download, but by downloading only a few simple files and having some patience, this is in my opinion the best rom currently available for the Sprint S4. I got a new s4 after damaging my first one, and re rooted it and re installed this rom. Upon first install everything didn’t work properly. It took my a few installs and then everything works now (:knock on wood). Until something better comes along, or sacs releases v4, this is the best touchwiz rom out there. Read my comments above, I have solutions for the most common and annoying issues.

  54. Javonjw says:

    Mobile networks not working but wifi is i am new to this but i have rooted me phone and was able to install rom no problems i have a sprint s4 please help me get mobile networks and 4glte working how can i fix the problem possible step by step

  55. gregoreo says:

    Apparently there is a update v4 or higher on another website thats not XDA and some bitch xda Mod is deleting links to it over there. Anybody know the site? I heard v4 fixes a bunch of stuff and adds new things that were missing from the eariler kitkat roms.

    And all you people who cant get your radios to work NEED to upgrade your baseband for it to work with Kitkat roms

  56. says:

    this looks like it


  57. Patrick says:

    The WiFi does not work on this ROM. I’ve tried all fixes listed here and it still doesn’t work. Not worth the frustration.

  58. Randy says:

    I agree with you Patrick, I tried the methods listed here and I simply cannot get the wifi to work. definitely not worth the headache and frustration..Would be an excellent ROM otherwise..

  59. Chris says:

    I agree this room does not work out of the box. I have tried many other roms, and this one seems to be the best. After a few installs either through odin, recovery, or the system itself everything works. As far as wifi, download a different radio. What I found helpful, if you are installing this to replace another custom rom, try installing a fully stock rom first. After this you can install sacs rom. This will bring your kernel and all major things back to stock, and then install the radio I have above if you still don’t have wifi. I have posted screen shot fixes, viper 4 android fixes and other fixes above. I am using this rom now and have been running it fully operational for about 1 month. Just try and do research if you have issues. With some patience this is a great s4 rom

  60. Mark says:

    Hey Max,

    So I have been running this rom for a while and I did have some issues like screen locking up etc… but I re-installed and everything is working fine. Here is my problem… I can’t go back to stock. I get an Odin failure every time and the failure depends on which stock file I am trying to Odin either its a write error or its an Auth. failure. I had this issue once before and it had to do with services.odex and services.jar files. Only I can’t find either of those files that come from the stock build and I am not really sure they will fix my problem of returning to stock but I am so hoping it does. I know I was the idiot that didn’t do the nand back up I just forgot. Any ideas on obtaining the files above or another fix. I need to take the phone back and I am unable too. Thanks in advance Max you are the man.

  61. Nathan says:

    I’ve tried several times to flash this rom, following the instructions on the forum and I can’t get past the spinning Android logo. Anyone have any ideas?

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  63. Raul says:

    Had similar problems when installing sacs rom on note three. What I did to fix boot loops was flashing a different kernel right after I would flash the rom. Hope this helps some of you.

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