BlackBox ROM for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-i9505]

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For this week’s Galaxy S4 ROM of the week, check out BlackBox ROM!

Based on latest GT-i9505 Android 4.2.2 MGA firmware, BlackBox ROM can be installed on AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, and GT-i9505 S4s. (For T-Mobile, you will lose Wifi Calling with this ROM.)

BlackBox ROM is geared towards brings you the best of TouchWiz and AOSP, bringing you all of Samsung core features while everything is AOSPed as much as possible. You will find inverted apps for Contacts, Dialer, Calculator, Clock, E-mail, G-Mail, MMS, YouTube, Music Player, Play Store, DropBox, and ES File Explorer apps.

BlackBox ROM also comes with nice, custom transition animations so you will have a refreshing UI instead of the same old look. As for launcher, you will get Apex launcher and no TouchWiz to be found anywhere.

The theme on BlackBox ROM is Vertumus’ JB Domination AOSP Theme which is fully blacked out with full AOSP status bar layout. MGA firmware on this ROM also gives you Samsung’s latest App2SD and HDR camera.

Last but not least, BlackBox ROM does offer a great level of customization through its BlackBox ROM Control settings, allowing you to fully control your UI and system shortcuts.

I know many of you appreciate these “hybrid” ROMs that mix the best of TouchWiz and AOSP and certainly BlackBox ROM is one of the few that I must say it’s pretty awesome.

If this is something you are looking for, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think.


Download BlackBox ROM for Galaxy S4 (for all AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-i9505)

For AT&T users who have rooted before ME7, you need to install after installing ROM.  For those of you on ME7, you can try installing it with SafeStrap, I have no idea if this ROM boots or not but please do let me know if it does, I don’t see why not but again I have simply not tried yet.

For general installation tutorial, see our custom ROM installation guide.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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25 Responses

  1. EP3 says:

    Does this rom have hotspot (native tethering) working for t-mobile?

  2. Paul says:

    I tried this rom and it has a great theme and very customizable. However, I had many difficulties with my apps crashing and the phone freezing. From what I’ve been able to gather from the forms these issues may be a result of the kernel that comes with the room (KT) as well as a need to update the system UI after the fact.

    This rom is very much in the development stages and if you are new to flashing custom roms like myself I’d wait until they iron out the major bugs first. I would like to use this rom in the future once the issues are cleared up.

  3. Tim Beckwith says:

    As someone who has to watch my home budget, why would I want to give up less-expensive Wi-Fi calling? And why is it necessary to give up Wi-Fi calling in order to get the other “benefits” of this ROM?

  4. Tomas says:

    Hi Max,

    any known way to get an LTE signal icon instead of 4G? I know that I’m getting LTE now but because this rom is based off i9505, LTE shows up as 4G. 3minit and Jkay mods aren’t compatible with this ROM so I’m out of ideas.

  5. roy says:

    there is a problem when i use a korean language. if I choose default font, some letter in icon title is missing.

  6. markworksfx says:

    Downloaded this rom was going to install it but the aroma installer said it was for
    the galaxy s3 i9500 this would have hard bricked my galaxy s4 t-mobile variant
    I learned that the hard way when I had a galaxy s3 I flashed an international rom and it never came on again

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you download this ROM? Or it could be just a typo but I am sure AROMA says 9505.

    • Hussein says:

      i had this note too, it said I9300 and everything worked fine. It seems the developer missed to change the name of the device so don’t worry u will be fine.

  7. markworksfx says:

    No I’m sure it said galaxy s3 i9500 it’s still saved on my phone

  8. Zac says:

    I can’t send mms after installing this Rom. It just says sending. I’ve tried multiple vpn settings. Could you help me please 🙂

    • james says:

      what u need to do is when u send it and its says sending hold the picture and hit edit when the settings come up and resend then it goes out fine.

  9. Jay says:

    Installed this rom and in general this is the kinda rom I like… Mix of both worlds. Features like wifi, data etc… are working fine. I have tried the install with the stock kernal, and no kernal added and this will cause wifi and data to become buggy and not work. So I recommend installing with the Kernal. There are bugs, I have gotten a couple reboots, i notice Live Wallpapers does not work or actually not even an option on this rom (if anyone knows how to fix let me know.), also i cannot use the home button to wake up the phone. Small but noticeable issues on this rom, but the idea and concept are great. Hope for a fix on the little issues i have found so far.

  10. Larry says:

    It works for S4 running MF3. I rooted it through safestrap I flashed the Loki Loki doki file and the the file that the website where you would download safestrap from that was for MF3 users only.
    I337 🙂

  11. Jonesy says:

    This rom is unstable it makes me sick it freezes my phone on black screen but doesn’t just randomly reboot it witch would be better but it stays frozen until you hold the power to restart it yourself.

  12. dustinwillis says:

    Aroma says for gti9300 gs3 please fix before someone bricks

  13. james says:

    well i have some what of the same problem. my phone reads i9505 and i have att i337 and i cant get into my recovery. it just pops up the yellow triangle and says system has detected soft wear not authorized by att but i can put my phone in downlond mode. and it also reads when trying to get into recovery it reads kernel fail. someone please help

    • Larry says:

      Okay I had the same problem. Try putting it into download mode and restart the phone from there that should put you into your recovery or if you installed it you can proceed to your custom rom from there.
      I337-safestrap recovery

  14. Craig says:

    Max I’ve been flashing a lot of the ROMS you’ve suggested for the Canadian i337M phones and while I did enjoy KitKat 4.04 aside from the clock freezing, ECHOE or BOBCAT V5.1 which had mobile signal issues I really have to say that BLACKBOX is the best ROM right now…absolutely problem free, everything works like you’d find in a stock phone and I love how it’s fully customized with little to no bloatware…

  15. jah son says:

    Too buggy for me. Freezing, random reboots, etc. Went back to BobcatROM and just updated to version 6.0 (which was impossible to do with CWM Recovery, btw, since it won’t mount the external SD and v6.0 requires full wipe. TWRP got the job done). BobcatROM looks much nicer, too.

  16. Paul says:

    I totally agree with you! I tried this rom a couple of months back and experienced a lot of what you did. I am presently running Bobcat v6 too and it is great! I am experiencing great battery life and virtually no issues! I strongly recommend it!

    • Craig says:

      How’s the new updated version of Bobcat V6 in comparison to the 5.1 that it was prior? Any real changes? Also you and jah son had buggy issues with Blackbox? What phone are you two using? S4 from which provider?

      • jah son says:

        I have the M919 for T-Mobile. There is not a huge change from 5.1 except that the footprint seems a little smaller. I have some extra storage space on the internal sd (full wipe also helps that, though). Signal and stability have been good. Our has the occasional lag, but the benefits are worth it. Call recording, wanam xposed, icon pack (vs blackbox rom), kernel selection at install. The installer has been tweaked as well. The user selections for installed native apps is arranged much better to make things easier. v7.0 is out there too, but I haven’t seen much in the way of reviews on it. I’ll probably try it myself pretty soon.

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