BobCat ROM v5.1 for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-i9505/Canadian]

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For this week’s GT-i9505 ROM of the week, check out latest BobCat ROM version 5.1.  You can install this custom ROM on AT&T, T-Mobile, GT-i9505, and Canadian Galaxy S4s.

Latest BobCat ROM v5.1 ships with even more features than before, looking faster than ever, and certainly one of the best stable, custom ROMs out there you can install that’s based on TouchWiz.

BobCat ROM v5.1 is based on latest Android 4.2.2 XXUDMH8 firmware, which means it will have App2SD and HDR camera support. Also, instead of 3Minit app, BobCat ROM now ships with Xposed Wanam app, which is just as good and you can customize your UI/system fully with it such as enable lockscreen rotation, change clock options, enable call recording, and much much more.

One of the things I really like about BobCat ROM is the fact that wifi tethering works flawless out of the box. I was having some trouble with T-Mobile-based custom ROMs but with BobCat ROM running on T-Mobile Galaxy S4, tethering is completely working.

Other notable features include custom pulldown images (which you can change also with UpdateMe app, see video for that), NFC enabled while screen off (by using Wanam Xposed app), 4 different kernels to choose from (in AROMA installer), custom theme (with custom keyboard), and a ton more.

Overall, BobCat ROM is one of the most solid ROMs with latest TouchWiz features/updates along with more customization than you can imagine. If you haven’t tried the latest BobCat ROM, check it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download BobCat ROM v5.1 for Galaxy S4 [AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-i9505/Canadian]

For AT&T, make sure to install after installing ROM!

For T-Mobile, you will lose Wifi-calling as this is a ROM based on GT-i9505!

If you have trouble installing, try formatting /system and /data and re-install ROM.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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45 Responses

  1. InfiniteImp says:

    Never tried installing a GTG-i9505 ROM on my Canadian SGH-I337M. Has anyone tried this? Any special instructions needed to get it working or just wipe & install in TWRP?

    • Rocky says:

      I just got the S4 last night, I didnt want to go through all the hassle of flashing CWR via the Loki method so i used Odin and flashed TWRP. I flashed this on my Rogers S4 via TWRP Last night. And so far everything is awesome! Love the theme of the rom and performance.

    • Henry says:

      now that ive rooted my phone what can i do with it? goo manager rom nmanager and just about everthing else wont let me update any other custom rom

  2. steve says:

    I am running it on my sgh m919 everything seems rather great except i wont get lte .but out of the box it runs wifi tethering Great apps, icons are bold and have an awesome look and feel, lacks with backgrounds images but that fine with me so far just an lte problem any ideal how i can fix it ?

    • InfiniteImp says:

      There are LTE fix instructions on

      Search the page for “7- If LTE not working”, maybe that’ll work for you.

  3. Cecilia says:

    Where I can down load the missing stock apps S voice, s health etc… For ATT just install loki doki after installed , and that s it?

  4. Mark says:

    Tried this ROM. Looks really good BUT NO WIFI on my GT-I9505. Have tried re-flashing and selecting Adams Kernel (coz his Kernel fixed this problem in Omega Rom for me) but still no WIFI.

    How do I get WIFI working on my GT-I9505 with this ROM?

    • InfiniteImp says:

      Wifi worked right away for me. Nothing special needed. Might be an issue specifically with your device.

      • Mark says:

        doubt it – wifi works fine on many other roms. I did have a problem with Omega back around version 7 but Adam Kernel fixed that. Unfortunately I tried Adam Kernel with this rom but still no wifi.

    • Tracy says:

      I had the same issue when I was installing. I had MF3 KERNEL MODULE zip package queued to install after I installed the rom. However, the last step in installing the rom is a checkbox (defaulted to checked) to reboot the device. This was rebooting the device before the MF3 Kernel Modules was installed. When I unchecked it after the install it installed the MF3 Kernel modules and WiFi worked fine for me then.

  5. Frank says:

    I have tried all of the kernels that come with the rom and my radio flips back and fourth from 3g to H+
    On stock i H+ solid in my area.
    Anyone have any thought on this.

    • InfiniteImp says:

      As long as it switches to 4G when the performance is needed (during a download for example), you could be looking at a power saving feature. I.e. it drops down to 3G to save power but jumps to H+ when the speed is needed. I’ve had other custom roms to this as well.

    • Max Lee says:

      try checking network settings is set to 4g lte and also try #*#*4636#*#* on dialer

  6. InfiniteImp says:

    Installed the ROM and works great on my SGH-I337M (Bell Canada). LTE works great (shows up as 4G, speeds are the same), WiFi works, everything as it should. Love it.

  7. Frank says:

    I got it to switch like normal after doing a few full back to stock wipes then install and adam kernel .
    But now my batt life is crap (says screen is 39% but i have it set to like a quarter bright and i use to run it at half all day at 9% ) and when using my phone for surfing, FB, ect it feels like its going to burst into flames then i get random freeze reboots. I’m use ti the normal warm phone this is Hott! Manly wanted to use this rom for tethering, its cool rom as a whole. I have also tried a few APN settings Default seems to work best. It all works otherwise .
    Thanks for the Responses guys.

  8. Wayne says:

    Hey max
    Installed bobcat v5 everything works fine on my GTI9505, only thing is sometimes when I reboot I loose service and phone says to install a sim card even though the sim has never left the phone.
    I then reboot again and again till my phone registers my sim and I get service again….. Any ideas on what may be causing this and how to fix??????

  9. Rocky says:

    Hi guys, I just flashed the ROM on my S4 yesterday, its awesome! Only thing I’m missing and looking for is Automatic Incoming / Outgoing Call Recording. I just migrated to the S4 from my International Note 2, and for my Note 2 most rom’s had automatic call recording built in, and if they didn’t i had a mod i flashed via recovery that would make it automatic (Mod was by an Omega Team Member). Does anyone know if there is a similar mod i can flash that will give me automatic call recording on this rom?

    • Jay says:

      I believe the call record option only is added on the dialer, it is visable once you place an outbound call or receive an incoming call.
      At least this is how it is working on my phone.

  10. Jay says:

    Installed this rom yestersday and boy is this a hot rom…… Literally, I find my phone burning up and battery life draining fast. Also for some reason my scotiabank app always gets an Error code 106 on this rom and I cant access the app ,same thing happened with the previous BoBcat rom? Also having issues with emails not syncing. Not sure why this is but would love to know how to fix…. Beside these complaints everything else works fine like data, internet, phone, wifi etc…, it would be very nice rom if I can get the bugs worked out!

    • Rocky D says:

      I was having similar problems, i belive its running hot because the CPU is always at full! And because you can NOT underclock the CPU/GPU on this rom it uses standard power settings which are high and make the phone hot. PLUS it was EXTREMELY annoying the Toggle Icons, i could never tell if the toggle was enabled or disabled. I ended up installing Omega v12, Its got the stock look + it comes with a kernel that supports undervolting so now my phone runs alot smoother and less hot! And i get some actual battery savings!

      • Mark says:

        Have to agree. Apart from my wifi problem, which was resolved using faux kernel on my third reinstall, battery drain was evident and the toggles look like they’re on when they’re not.

        Omega is a good choice and I would be hapoy with Omega 12, but thought I’d try another and I have put Echoerom v3.1 on my gt-i9505 and it is running very nicely so far.

  11. Cecilia says:

    I installed this rom on my ATT work super no problem at all. Just because I made an advance restore of data I lost the boot image. How can I restore it.? thanks

  12. martin says:

    Won’t install onto myGT- i1337! When will developers start making customs roms compatible with 9505 and 1337? Specially this custom rom. I’d like to try this custom ROM on my device.

    • Rocky D says:

      Hi, i have a freind with an AT&T i337, and i personally have a Rogers i337M, this rom and ALL i9505 S4 roms work perfectly fine. Maybe your making a mistake flashing them or something. Just check out the guides on this site, and make sure you read all the information! Because as far as i know even though the AT&T & Rogers share the same model number, the AT&T has a locked bootloader or something, so you have to install a custom kernel prior (or after) to flashing a ROM so it will by-pass the locked bootloader.

  13. Thomas says:

    Wanamlite vs bobcat? which would you say is better?

    • Jay says:

      I would say wanamlite is better so far, I just find it more stable. Otherwise they are pretty similar. I am waiting on a stable Jellybam Rom for the S4.

  14. frank says:

    Hey all
    thanks for the help.
    I tried to a few things stock wipes, dirtys, kernels, re downloads, and never good get the hot or 4g flip to be stable with a few freeze/reboots. Might just be my device.
    I like the features of the but I could not use it as my daily.

    I have installed wicked v7 and its well amazing.
    Runs great. Cool and battery life is great.

  15. IanR says:

    I have a s4, GT-i9505, sold in Australia.
    Is this the way to do it for this phone?

  16. alan says:

    Does this rom have free wifi tethering

  17. DaNy says:

    1-check md5 sum
    2-copy the zip file on the SD
    3-reboot recovery
    4-do a full wipe (recommended)
    5-choose zip
    6-complete wizard and reboot device
    7- If LTE not working
    – with a file manager (with root permissions)> data> property>
    open and changes from “false” to “true” save and restart
    or flash this zip: (Thx Indie)
    Open >settings >more network >mobile network >network mode and select LTE/UMTS/GSM AUTO

  18. John T. says:

    I have downloaded the bobcatrom but can’t flash it with Twrp 2.6. It says failed. What can i do?

    Grtz. John. T.

  19. Tony says:

    My Bobcat installed with no problem, but wifi is not working. I also installed loki doki, please help

  20. Brian says:

    my fb app keeps force closing any ideas on how to fix this?

  21. Craig says:

    Anyone do the latest update to Bobcat ROM 6? Max I know you’re busy, my Bobcat Rom which has turned my Canadian Version i373M into the International version GT-9505 (that’s what it says in the About Device area) and I’m curious to know if the latest OTA update to version 6 from 5.1 will screw up my phone seeing as this original version wasn’t designed for my phone to begin with?

  22. kingslayer111 says:

    Hi I just eant to know which kernel is the best for my tmobile galaxy s4, becasue this rom ask me which kernel I want

  23. apulido says:

    will this rom also work with at&t sgh-i337? I understand it works with the sgh-i337m

  24. ravage007 says:

    hay i am have trubel with BobCat ROM v7.0 for Galaxy S4 i instill it & my phone not rooted any more

  25. patrick says:

    I kept falling to download application using 4g and it shows error code 413.

    I can download with wifi.
    Help pls..

  26. CSharpner says:

    I love your site, but you’ve seriously got to find a new host for the ROMs. is really really slow (an hour or more on my 30mb, hard wired connection), they frequently fail, and the advertisement captcha’s don’t respond 2/3 of the time (but we don’t know until after several minutes of the browser waiting).

  27. Mats Rydholm says:

    Hi Max
    I just rooted and installed Bobcat rom 6.0 on my GT9505.
    I can`t get my sound to work, or to make and/or recieve calls?!
    What am i doing wrong???

  28. jose says:

    this rom just broke my wifi after i flash this rom, couldnt boot then try reinstalling original rom with odin and boot up on bob cat was a mess now i reflash to stock and my wifi doesnt turn on at all

  29. Damian says:

    please help!!! been looking day and night for a solution to my problem. have gone through all xda and other android forums searching for similar problems and have yet to find the solution. was running bobcat and then tried to flash stock rom through odin but did not reset binary counter. now im stuck on “firmware upgrade encountered an issue” screen and cannot access recovery but i go into download mode. every time try and flash stock firmware through odin i keep getting failed message. pc does pick phone up as does odin but every attempt to flash results in odin not responding and flash failing. 🙁
    should have just stuck with my xperia lol only reason i got s4 was to root and install custom roms, should have paid more attention. any and all help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!!!

  30. Chinedu says:

    I want to know what ROMS are stable and work with the galaxy gear for the T-Mobile S4.

  31. henry says:

    My roms won’t install on my at&t 4.4.2 nc1. It keeps doing factory reset. I’ve tried several roms…. no luck

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