CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/Canadian/US Cellular/GT-i9505/GT-i9500]

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For this week’s Galaxy S4 ROM of the week, check out CM10.2 ROM, Android 4.3 CyanogenMod ROM.  This ROM is available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, Verizon, US Cellular, GT-i9505, GT-9500.

In case you don’t know, CyanogenMod ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) that’s usually the beast of them all as custom ROMs like ParanoidAndroid and AOKP are built on top of CyanogenMod ROM.

Well, how are these builds?  Although these builds are “beta” and considered full of bugs, I found them pretty solid out of the box, both Focal and stock AOSP camera working, especially for the AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, US Cellular, and GT-i9505 builds.  The GT-i9500 build seem to be a bit buggy, randomly rebooting at times and I couldn’t get the camera working right.

Overall, you will get an Android 4.3 custom ROM with CyanogenMod features like DSP Manager and some customizations like your lockscreen shortcuts, button shortcuts, and some more.  I would highly recommend it (even though it’s beta) to those of you with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Canandian, US Cellular, or GT-i9505 Galaxy S4.

Of course, since this is an AOSP ROM you will lose all of your Samsung features so this ain’t for everyone but for those of you who must have the best of pure Android.  However, you can always give it a try for couple days then restore your current ROM back easily by using CWM or TWRP recovery, my recommended method for noobs.

If this is something you are looking for, try it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think, thanks!


Download CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S4 AT&T SGH-i337

Download CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S4 T-Mobile SGH-M919

Download CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545

Download CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9505 (Canadian users use this)

Download CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9500

Download CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S4 US Celluar

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

For general installation tutorial, see our custom ROM installation guide.

For Canadian S4, use the GT-i9505 version.

To fix broken Google Now Search, update “Google Search” app in Play Store to fix.

If you have trouble with the stock AOSP camera, try updating with the Android 4.3 PhotoSphere camera.  You can also add Air Gestures by using Hovering Controls app.

Root not working?  Here’s the fix for CM10.2 root.

Credits – AT&T/T-Mobile/USCelluar/Canadian/GT-i9505, GT-i9500, Verizon <— Please donate to the developers of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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45 Responses

  1. Dustin says:

    I don’t see a 10.2 version for the GS4 on the Cyanogenmod site. Is this official?

  2. Ty Carter says:

    Just tried 10.2 on my USCellular R-970 ( and like so other forks, there is an inherent widespread flaw in some releases of cm10.1 & 10.2, that even though the ROM is built or pruned for USCellular phones Galaxy S 4, the rom will install and all function except the phone.. The phone will not function because there is a programming bug in the code that will not allow the modification of the CDMA subscription type from NV to RUSIM/SIM. Defaulted and built off of Verizon, USCellular utilizes the same freq and LTE band for 3G and 4G; but the sub type for USCellular is RUSIM and not NV; the programming will allow you to select RUSIM; but will not save the settings…. I have tried and tried to get around the issue; but I can not find a developer willing to listen to my plight and issue because it is a smaller user base and they have masses with ATT, VERIZON, TMOB and Sprint. I really want to try this ROM; but until this is fixed I can not contribute or test without the phone functionality. 🙁

    • Ty Carter says:

      How are you installing?? Are you completely flashing with a clean wipe and recovery? What recovery have you tried or are using??

      I have several USCellular members that are seeing this same issue.. Just for kicks and giggles, try REVOLT ROM

      Let me know what happens and if your phone side works and your able to change the sub type from NV to RUSIM/SIM. (If you don’t mind…) Be sure to do a complete backup before you do this and a complete restore will be a quick and easy point back in time, just for testing purposes… 🙂

      What market are you in??? I could be that your market was from another provider and adapted to use.. not 100% but something to think of..

      USC was the and has been the predominant carrier in the Greenville NC market that extends to Washington, NC.

      Verizon is the other carrier in this market in Washington, NC. There has got to be some difference we are not talking about for you not to have a similar issue.

      Just in my opinion.

      Please reply back with your details.


      Ty Carter

      • Ty Carter says:

        Sorry… I think I didn’t give the complete path to the most recent nightly build of REVOLT.

  3. Brandon says:

    I am having no problems with this on my Galaxy S4 from us cellular. Have you tried reflashing it? Everything works great. I’ve been using it as my daily driver for a couple of days and it’s been perfect.

    • Vincente says:

      Brandon do you still have root access , bc I do not & I also have Us cellular s4

      • Brandon says:

        Yes. Go to about phone and tap on build number to enable developer options. Then go into developer options and under root access, change it to apps and adb. You will then have full root. You could also flash the latest super su in recovery.

  4. Jay Peters says:

    be nice to try this. but because of t house e att update. no root till the peeps at ask figger it out.

  5. Matt Wood says:

    Love CM!, been a big fan for 2 years now. However… this beta version is full of bugs. T-Mobile Galaxy S-4: Camera worked ok after restarting it several times. the CM version of the camera was hit or miss. I have come to really enjoy the benefits of folders on the Jelly Bean 4.2 desktop. CM10.2 allowed me to create folders, but upon returning to the desktop from an application, icons were missing, folders were missing. Rebooting made no difference… I am going to wait until a more stable version of CM10.1 or 10.2 for the GS4 is compiled. Until then, back to Google play edition.
    I might do a caches wipe and Odin reload of the original stock ROM. After flashing back to Google play custom ROM, i was in an application, and the toolbar time froze, but the widget clock was fine :-/ That did not happen before loading CM10.2.

  6. Michael says:

    Hy…. Is this also Working On GT i9505 international and GT i9505g?

  7. Nate L. says:

    put this on my att s4…full of bugs. camera wouldnt open on first try…eventually came up after 3/4 tries. No Gapps support. Used gapps version for 4.2X and wouldnt work….no keyboard through setup. After gapps was installed without customization…menu button quit working. Going back to 10.1.

  8. Angelo says:

    He Max…

    Just installed a 4.3 ROM over at XDA, with everthing working…
    Never heard from him before but he is on the good road why dont we give him a chance?
    this guy makes this ROM with the apps and mods people ask about…


    it is verry stable and solid…
    why dont you do a ROM update on this one…


  9. Eric Scott says:

    installed ROM on my AT&T Galaxy S4 worked perfect. Looks great. Battery life has been increased. This is my first time installing a ROM on my i337, but it definitely wont be the last. Thanks.

  10. Caleb says:

    Hey guys. Fairly new reader and completely new forum user here.

    I have an issue with my AT&T Galaxy S4. I have been running the nightlies versions of 10.1 for my device for several weeks and everything has been going relatively well. Last night, the 10.2 version was downloaded via my CGM updater and I installed without making a backup (I did not run titanium backup, either) because I did not realize that it was not a simple 10.1 update. Because of this, my ROM became much buggier. I (once again not realizing that I had loaded 10.2) flashed the most recent nightly of 10.1 to fix the issue (I figured flashing back to the most recent stable nightly OS would fix my problems). This caused the phone to be unable to boot past the CGM logo screen. I then re-flashed the 10.2 update to regain basic functionality (which worked) but now, even though I have root enabled under developer options, I cannot run titanium backup. I have researched this to the best of my ability but cannot figure out why T-backup cannot gain root authority.

    My goal is to run titanium backup to save my app and personal data so that I can erase the current mess of a ROM and flash a clean rom.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

  11. steve cousins says:

    I am getting a new 32 gig Verizon Samson Galaxy S4 later this week. I am assuming it will come with VRUAME7 which has a locked bootloader. There is a root method but so far the patched locked bootloader hasn’t been cracked and will prevent loading any custom ROM whatsoever, including CM10.2. So this is only for S4’s bought on the older stock ROM that did not update to VRUAME7. Sure hope someone solves this, I’ve never been stuck with a phone with a locked bootloader that there wasn’t eventually a fix for. I don’t mind running stock for a few months but eventually I am sure Touch Whiz is going to drive me insane.

  12. kartik says:

    hey max, i rooted my gt I9500 some days ago and began to use many root apps ie multi window manager but after some days i noticd that my phone reboots on heavy multitasking.i decided to installl the custom rom mentioned above.i installed it but the problem is same it rebooted when i was entering my email details in setup.
    please reaply as soon as possible!

  13. Ramone says:

    I’m unable to restore apps via Titanium backup. Is there a fix?

  14. Kevin Hartwell says:

    I installed CM 10.2 last night on my AT&T i337 and I’ve been using it extensively today and it has been rock solid stable so far. It took a little while to get used to AOSP, but I’m realizing that I never really used any of the TouchWiz features anyway. I’m definitely liking this ROM.

    • Kevin says:

      Just a follow up, I was having trouble losing my WiFi signal on my old ROM, apparently it’s a known issue with the s4 and certain D-Link routers. Since loading this ROM, I haven’t lost my WiFi connection once. From everything I’ve read about the problem when I googled it, it was supposed to have been a hardware issue, but somehow this ROM fixed it. I’m not sure if it’s the 4.3 update or something CM did, but it’s a nice perk.

      • Matt Wood says:

        I was having similar issues when installing new nightlies. I resolved this issue by booting to CWM recovery and doing a data wipe/factory restore before installing new nightly: that fixed that issue as well as others. in spite of what is said, upgrading CWM nightlies is not a good idea. Sure its a pain in the butt to set up the phone again, but after doing it several times, i have it down to a science. Using sms backup and other apps to quickly restore text messages/app settings make the process seemless.

  15. Sk13 says:

    If I use this custom ROM on S4 AT&T i337 model, will this enable all the LTE bands and 3G 900MHZ, since the original ROM did not allow all the LTE bands and 3G 900Mhz was not available.

    please confirm?

  16. Ryan says:

    Performed a full clear and freshly installed the latest nightly and I’m not getting any cell service. any ideas? in about phone it says UNKNOWN on baseband

    any ideas?

    • Ryan says:

      This is the ATT S4

    • MAD says:

      I had the same problem. Installed the latest nightly and do not get any cell service.
      The phone doesn´t even prompted me to enter the PIN for my SIM card.
      Do you have found the cause already?

      • MAD says:

        Updated the cwm recovery to the latest version (previously installed version and installed the latest cm-nightly. Now everything works fine – no further issues so far.

  17. hadi says:

    hi man !!! i liked the rom .. but there is just on thing that is not working! ,,, the camera! .. i tried to install the photosphere cam ! and still not working! .. what should i do !?

    btw i have sgs4 i9500

  18. Sam says:

    Need help Please. I recently went to wicked rom v5.1 but now i would like to try cm10.2 but when i try to go into recovery a screen shows up and says System software not authorized by att has been found on your phone and in the upper left had corners in red its says secure fail: kernal. I am a noob so please help

    • infoatdroid says:

      Flash the latest cwm recovery for your device, you can find at xdadevelopers….

      Andere af ter that flash this rom….

  19. Avery says:

    I have been having some problems with the boot on this phone. Sometimes it will boot really fast like the S4 does, or it will take a really long time on the load screen and then I have to take out the battery and put it back in. Also how do I change the Cellular types because I constantly have 4g and it changes from 3g to 4g constantly.

  20. Kendrick says:

    How do I switch model numbers? I have a Canadian GS4, have installed multiple roms and currently have Wicked ROM v5. Want to try CM10.2/install new TWRP. Noticed my device shows T-Mobile jfltetmo and want to switch back to Bell jfletcan.

    How do I do this?

  21. Joel says:

    I’m using the canadian gs4 on bell, model number sgh-i337m. What version should I download?? The one you marked as “canadian” or the at&t i337 version?

  22. Matt Wood says:

    Max, you might want to kill the links for that experimental rom since it was so buggy… the nightlies are far more stable than the initial releases

  23. john says:

    plz plz fix the camera problem on i9500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beniston says:

      once the camera issue is fixed can u pls drop me a mail. so that i also will use this. there are also other bugs which i faced in my i9500.
      1. Restarting often
      2. noise during calls
      3. camera not supported

  24. Michael Farias says:

    Will the “Download CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9505” work on the galaxy s4 US Sprint phone.

  25. Beniston says:

    will cyanogenmod 10.2 go official on i9500 device? i am waiting for this official release

  26. Vern says:

    Heya Max,

    New T-Mobile S4 owner here but I’ve been following your various pages since I rooted my Nexus S a few years ago. I’ve been using CyanogenMod on the Nexus S pretty much the whole time and really love it. Now that I’m on the S4, that’s what I’d intended to use but I find myself really attached to the WiFi Calling feature. Any idea if the 10.1.X or 10.2 builds of CM support this? I know there are other ROMs out there that do support it but I’d really like to stick with CM.


  27. Vijay says:

    Does this ROM support OTA updates? Thanks in advance.

  28. Andrew says:

    Does this work for the Sprint S4? I found no mention of it supporting the Sprint S4. I thought it was odd that all the other major carriers were mentioned and Sprint’s wasn’t. I would like to use this Rom but would like to know for sure before flashing. I know your a busy man Max but a response would be much appreciated.

  29. Bogdan says:

    Hello! Im from Ukraine (but region SEK (Russian) ) with stock android 4.3 and TochWiz. Which ROM do l need to instal?? GT-I9500 ?

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