CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM for Galaxy S4! [CM10.1]

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For those of you with T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 or any Canadian Galaxy S4 models (Rogers, Telus, Bell), you are in luck as founder of CyanogenMod Steve Kondik has just made them available.

Now, these are totally “beta” versions so there may be some minor bugs and not a fully polished custom ROM like stable releases.

However, I did get to play around a bit and most of major features seem to be working well such as data, wifi, bluetooth, and camera.

If you have a T-Mobile or Canadian Galaxy S4, definitely give it a try and do let me know what you think.  And for others, there should a CyanogenMod ROM coming to you shortly.

Make sure to make a backup ROM before installing so you can easily restore back if you encounter any problems.


Download CM10.1 for T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919

Download CM10.1 for Canadian Galaxy S4 (Rogers, Bell, Telus)

Download Gapps

For installation, see our custom ROM installation guide.

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31 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Awesome website thanks for all the tips so far. I’m struggling with the jtlfecsn file. Wiki tells me that file is only good for the I9505… Some clarification would be awesome!

    • Scott says:

      Figured it all out and so glad to report that the jtlfecsn file does work with the Canadian versions I337 as previously mentioned.

  2. abe says:

    I just flashed this ROM to my T-Mobile Galaxy S4 and now my phone won’t recognize my micro SD card. I reflashed twice thinking that maybe it was a random error. But the problem is still there. The storage menu in settings won’t give me a “mount” option.

    • brownrooter says:

      Yea, I’m having the same problem with my Canadian S4, I tried flashing it multiple times, with the SD card in or out, and it didn’t change. Could anyone help me out?

  3. Aziz says:

    So why is this coming out for ATT?

    • Aziz says:

      WHEN is this coming out at ATT?

      • Geekbtrippin777 says:

        Logically in this order
        1) Depends on how long it takes to fully unlock to bootloader.
        2) Depends on how long to develop a root if unable to use root for other carriers’ S4.
        3) Depends on how long clockwork recovery or team-win to release
        4) Depends on how long it takes to release custom rom/CM
        5) Some of these may already be completed. I have Sprint now I refuse to ever go att again.
        6) Good Luck

  4. ozziedog says:

    Will this work on the AT&T version?

  5. michael says:

    Is cm 10.1 available for AT&T? I noticed before that I was not able to use TWRP custom recovery up until today. However when I go to install cm 10.1 it says failed. Do you know what is happening?

  6. michael says:

    I was able to get custom recovery for AT&T which before today it was unavailable. I think since the verizon galaxy s4 has shipped TWRP has unlocked the boot loader

  7. michael says:

    if you follow this youtube video

    it will allow you to install custom recovery on the AT&T galaxy s4 where as before it never allowed me to download it. So i am trying to figure out if my device has an unlocked bootloader now because I am having trouble loading the CM 10.1 software it keeps saying failed.

  8. michael says:

    I was able to load it on my phone, it worked!! I now have CM 10.1 on my galaxy S4 AT&T version

  9. michael says:

    It will not let me send links in this forum, I get blocked by moderator

  10. Aziz says:

    Can you email it to me?


  11. Aziz says:

    Can you shoot me an email? M r K Q Q L 15 – gmail ?

  12. Trevor says:

    I am using this ROM cm10.1 on my att galaxy s4 i337. Thanks to all who made it possible to get around the bootloader and thanks to max for all these handy dandy tutorials. It has been working great for days now, much better than touchwiz. Much snappier and crisp. I’m very happy with this. I finally found one defect that others should be aware of in case you have the same problem. If you try to listen to music or audio anything while the phone is set to vibrate or silent the audio will not work and the phone will freeze and cause grief. I simply change my profile to loud and suddenly music and audio work.

  13. alex says:

    Does this method allow me to flash a custom rom? i’m rooted and using this, Just not sure if i can now flash over the bootloader.

    • alex says:

      sorry that didn’t make much sense….. I’m rooted and just flashed TWRP Recovery.. Does this mean i can flash CM10.1???

  14. Chris says:

    Yeah, my SD card won’t read :/ looks like I’m heading back to stock

  15. Marcus J says:

    They have nightlies for this ROM now, just flashed my SGH-M919 to the one time stamped from yesterday…everything works flawlessly on it so far, would be nice to have airview and dual camera mode back on

  16. mrdreamers says:

    is this rom updated regularly? and is there a site to goto for help and troubleshooting if needed?

  17. mrdreamers says:

    also do i need to change my APN after i flash this for my t-mobile SGS2, SGH-M919 to work?

    • Marcus J says:

      No troubleshoot site, just a download site for the daily updates..I didn’t need to change my APN, just make sure your UVUAMDL is unrestricted before flashing the ROM…website:

  18. mrdreamers says:

    and can you send pics through text?

  19. Marcus J says:

  20. junaid says:

    When will this cm mod will be available for the galaxy s4 gt i9500 please tell fast

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