Google Play Edition ROM for Galaxy S4!

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Google has finally released the Google Play Edition of Galaxy S4 last week and you are in luck because developers has already ported as a custom ROM for most of the Galaxy S4 models including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Canadian, and GT-i9505.  (GT-i9500 users will have to wait a bit longer)

The biggest notice I noticed between existing AOSP ROMs and the Google Play Edition ROM builds?

Well, benchmark performances of Quadrant and Antutu are much higher.  In fact, they are higher than TouchWiz-based ROMs, which the opposite is the norm.  I suspect that this is due to the fact that it’s an “official” build from Google that includes all the necessary drivers, allowing your S4 to run on AOSP at full speed.

Now, there’s two different Android versions, Android 4.2.2 and the all-new Android 4.3.  It’s interesting to note also that Google has launched Android 4.3 on the Galaxy S4 first (and also for HTC One Google Play Edition).  With Android 4.3, there’s a simple root method for Android 4.3, there’s no current root method at the time of this writing while Android 4.2.2 comes with root.  So, if you need root, definitely go with Android 4.2.2 version and I don’t see much difference between the two versions anyways, performance on 4.2.2 and 4.3 are nearly identical.

Overall, the Google Play Edition ROM is pretty solid with everything working out of the box, if you haven’t tried it yet, definitely give it a twhirl over the week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Google Play Edition ROM Android 4.3 for AT&T SGH-i337/Canadian SGH-i337M/T-Mobile SGH-M919/GT-i9505

Download Google Play Edition ROM Android 4.2.2 for AT&T SGH-i337/Canadian SGH-i337M/T-Mobile SGH-M919/GT-i9505

Download Google Play Edition ROM Android 4.2.2 for Sprint SPH-L720

Download Google Play Edition ROM Android 4.2.2 for Verizon SCH-i545

Download Loki Doki

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM and reboot.

For AT&T SGH-i337 users ONLY, after installing ROM, install Loki Doki (flash the zip file in CWM/TWRP recovery), then reboot.

If you end up in a bootloop, you can try rebooting into recovery, go to Mounts & Storage, format /system and format /data, and re-install ROM, and reboot. (Only if you end up in a bootloop after installing.)

For general installation tutorial, see our custom ROM installation guide.

Credits – GT-i9505 Android 4.3, GT-i9505 Android 4.2.2, Sprint, Verizon

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212 Responses

  1. Mr. Al Ameri says:

    Question, if I flashed Android 4.3, can I flash other ROMs? because as you said it doesn’t have root.

    • Max Lee says:

      Yes, flashing ROMs don’t depend on root but on CWM or TWRP recovery.

      • Josh says:

        How can you install a rom on a unrooted device?

        • Milt says:

          If I’m not mistaken, flashing a new rom relies on having CWM or TWRP installed which does not require root. Typically when rooting, installing some sort of back up, as mentioned above, allows you to create a backup prior to rooting as a precautionary measure without rooting.

          Hope this makes sense and is helpful.

      • Satheesh says:

        Dear Max,

        I bought the Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile SGH-M919 full Price, And the same Unlocked now. I would like to use the international version of F=Galaxy S4 Firmware. I don’t care about wifi calling. I never used or never going to use. I searching for the article how to do that. But i did not find a solid one.
        I would like to use international stock firmware. Any advice, Even i am ready to pay to do the same.
        Please advice me. I don’t care about loosing warranty. But i love to get the Update from kies after use the international version.

        Thanks for your time.

    • Kevin Rodruguez says:

      Hey Max, what advise can you give me about Google play ROM for sprint? I see you have the ROM but are there issues? We are friends on Facebook if you want to message me there or my email. Thanks

    • Dan says:

      how do i instal TWRP without rooting? :s

  2. pege63 says:

    Wher is the GT-i9505 version to S4

  3. Blaqueboy9 says:

    Do I need to flash gapps?

  4. Omar says:

    I want to install this rom on my s4 i337 but the link says it is for i9505. I don’t want to brick my phone, so I want to ask you if this link is correct and if it has been tested for my model.
    Thank you!

  5. Toki says:


    Great Efforts that are always appreciated 🙂

    I know this was asked a thousand time but i’d love to ask again from your experience.
    Will this receive OTA ?
    Will it be considered a Nexus and therefore pulls its way out to the next following version(s).
    Do you anticipate some rooting ?
    do you recommend we wait a bit more ?

    Thanks a zillion.

    • krncwby says:

      I would also like to know what he was asking. Also, I understand that non of the motion sensing features work or multi-window. Do you think they will ever be implemented. Also I love the S-View flip cover features of the phone and would hate to lose that. Can you test a S-View cover and see if it is still functional? Thanks a bunch. Big fan of your site from when i had a S2

  6. Akshay Singh says:

    Does the 4G LTE work on this rom for Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile SGH-M919

  7. Daniel says:

    Do I need to flash the KT touchwiz kernal when flashing the 4.3 rom onto an AT&T galaxy s4?

    • Max Lee says:

      No just flash the loki doki zip file after flashing rom.

      • Daniel says:

        ano another quick question. im using twrp recovery. and in the wipe menu, i have an advanced wipe option. what exactly should be checked off in order for it to be a factory wipe?

        • Daniel says:

          NVM. I installed it. HOWEVER…..Im not getting LTE in an area where I would normally get it, can you help me!!….also it seems the 4.3 is not compatible with dash clock :/

  8. Sergei says:

    Hey max, do you think there would be root for the 4.3 should I install the 4.3 and just wait a couple of days/weeks in order to get root or just go with the 4.2? thx

  9. blaqueboy9 says:

    Any one else have problems with 4g lte sprint? Cant connect in a area i would normally have 4g

  10. pelit says:

    Can I flash gt i9505 fimware on gt i9500

  11. bpdunsta says:

    I flashed this onto my AT&T i337 and it worked very well. But, I guess I just prefer TouchWiz. So, I wiped and restored to my saved stock ROM back-up. Everything is working fine with one exception: no music players will find the music files on my external SD card. Other apps (myFiles, ES File Explorer, camera, gallery) find files on the card, so I know it’s mounted and not “damaged”. If I go into a file explorer and select a song, it plays in the music player just fine. The only problem is none of the music players see my files.

    Anybody seen something like this before?

    • bpdunsta says:

      I forgot to mention that I deleted all the music files and copied them back to the Music folder on my SD card and the issue persists.

  12. Geanny says:

    Hey max, do you know when will the rooted version be released?

  13. Daniel says:

    will the KT kernal work with the android 4.3 rom?

  14. rafael S says:

    Why is battery life worst on 4.3? After testing it a couple of days and logging battery life. It seems onld TW version battery lasted twice as long. I like the Nexus experience on gs4. However, if the battery drains so much it is not worth it. Are there any suggestions besides the regular tweaks on brightness,bluetooth,wifi,and sync options.

  15. Richard says:

    Hi … can I install the 4.3 version straight on to my stock i9505? right now it is not rooted or anything. If I copy the zip to the internal SD card and then use the stock recovery boot, wipe data / reset and use the stock recovery mode to install the new ROM? or do I need CWM or TWRP? Is there any way to backup the stock ROM first? or do I need to root it to do that?


  16. Tamika says:

    Hey Guys…. I flashed this Rom yesterday. Everything was fine except for a little glitch with gallery. Then tried to charge the phone. I left it overnight and it won’t charge past 43%. Anyone else having this problem? Is there something I missed?

  17. CharlieRoKC says:

    Working great so far, except google wallet keeps crashing. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Knightforge says:

      I’m having the same problem. Every time I try to set up google wallet the app crashes. I hope there is a fix for this.

      • Knightforge says:

        Over at the developer of this ROM has it up to v15 now. He fixed Google wallet in v15 and it is working great. You just have to change your build prop to the Galaxy Nexus one to set it up and your done.

  18. Mike M. says:

    I have brand new t-mobile s4 black unlocked (i would order the actual google edition from play store, but not in WHITE). I want the 4.2.2 google play rom, will the phone function just like the i9505g from the google store? I will use it on AT&T network, will the reception be just as good, any known problems or incompatibilities? I assume the hardware is the same, right? Please advise.

  19. blaqueboy9 says:

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for the APN settings for Sprint?

    • Jaden Craig says:

      Go to setting under wireless & networks click more.. and then Mobile Networks and it should be there. If not just set Network to LTE / CDMA or whatever you use I use sprint. And enable roaming if you want. That might be a little glitchy at first. And if it wont let you change it to lte or it changes back after. Resore old rom. And wipe and reinstall.

  20. Jose Miguel says:

    What happen if I don’t install Loki Doki after installing this room in my AT&T SGH-i337?

  21. Bryan says:

    I installed this on my Sprint S4 and it won’t connect to the mobile network, the cellular and internet services won’t connect? Any suggestions?

    • Blaqueboy9 says:

      I keep reading that you need to input the APN setting. only thing is I don’t know where to find them. Let me know if you figure it out

      • Jaden Craig says:

        Go to setting under wireless & networks click more.. and then Mobile Networks and it should be there. If not just set Network to LTE / CDMA or whatever you use I use sprint. And enable roaming if you want. That might be a little glitchy at first. And if it wont let you change it to lte or it changes back after. Resore old rom. And wipe and reinstall.

  22. chris says:

    I installed rooted 4.2.2 and everything seems to work alright except I only have 9.5 gigs free after install. I did wipe and factory reset any ideas where this space is gone to?
    Att i337

  23. masi says:

    thoughts about the google editon rom i liked the most of all the aosp roms out there but i can only suggest that their should be the samsung camera app and other samsung apps but not all bloatware and the notifcation panel as well because i really miss that.

  24. Eric Jensen says:

    Hey Max I flashed the google play rom in my rooted sph-l720 everything went fine i really like the rom but i have no connection the signal bars are a grey triangle and it says emergency calls only cant figure why…

  25. jrfarve says:

    everything worked good on my gs4 from sprint except i cant get it to connect to LTE.. its stays on 3g.. i checked it with speed test and its def 3g.. anything you can tell me to get 4g lte back?

  26. Achal Agarwal says:

    I got the gt i9500 will these rom work? If not please suggest an alternative.

  27. Damon2nomaD says:

    GS4 is my very first android ever!!!! I am a nuub when it comes to everything android and I been thinking of switching back to iPhone since this whole process has been so different. I want to install Google play edition on my gs4 so far I am rooted that’s it! What do I do next? Btw I have a mac. I don’t understand clockmod recovery or twerp or flashing??, please help or ill be switching back to the darkside???

    • Jrfarve says:

      Don’t switch back to iPhone.. Watch the videos and educate yourself

      • Damon2nomaD says:

        Obviously I’m trying to educate my self and I been following the instructions but I’ve had no luck everytime I restart my phone or turn it on or off it either changes my settings or it restores my phone removing the root process from what I’ve heard root is not usually removed that one.

    • ms. samsprung says:

      Hey Damon,
      Like Jrfarve says “…read, educate yourself…”. I know it can seem pretty overwhelming, initially. But, if you think about it, the aspect of it that’s overwhelming is actually what’s so great about it. Its the variety, the innovation, the collaboration and the competition that provides the android relm with such a wealth of options. Then there’s the opportunity for regular Joes like you & me to learn a little about it and be involved in our own way, too. Hang in there. Check out XDA, SAMMOBILE, ROOTZWIKI, Cyanogen Mod, and the “recoveries”(TWRP & CWM, you’ll use one or the other) websites, etc. Hit the glossaries, it always easier to learn a new field if you can speak the language. Good luck.

  28. Damon2nomaD says:

    Aldo I have att version

  29. Wes SGS4 says:

    Hi Max, I have a SGS4 i545 (VZW) and last night i installed the rom without trouble, everything worked great, but at random my radio went out all together this morning. I have played with the APN stuff and made sure that it was set to LTE/CDMA, but I saw in a post above that I should go into the APN settings: “check your apn and make sure *#*34636#*#* is set to LTE/cdma r LTE/gsm depending on ur network. LTE/cdma for sprint/verizon LTE/gsm for att/tmo/sim” Problem is, I dont know where to type in the *#*34636#*#* ?

    Any suggestions?

  30. Brad says:

    Just tried the 4.3 for my I337 ATT Samsung Galaxy S4 and got an unauthorized error message from ATT on reboot.

    • Max Lee says:

      Make sure you flash loki doki after installing rom.

      • darryl chism says:

        Please help.I have gotten the same system software not authorized by at&t has been found on your phone message.How do I get out of this.Any help is greatly appreciated.

      • Jonathan says:

        I’m unable to get Loki to flash as my phone refuses to connect with my macbookair now that I’ve flashed … Anyone else have this issue?

  31. Kelly Stripes says:

    I came across this just as one informative and interesting post i really think, it is rather useful and knowledgeable. I must thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this information. I am hoping a similar best work within you in the future also. In fact your creative writing ability has inspired me. Actually the article is spreading its wings rapidly.

  32. Jorge Arche says:

    Im having major issues with both the 4.3 abd 4.2.2 ROM for an At&t GS4. After I install and it boots up and will not stop crashing different apps and services. The phone does not stop vibrating and popping up the message that says something has crashed.

    • Max Lee says:

      Try reinstalling after formatting /system and /data.

      For CWM, it’s under Mounts & Storage.

      For TWRP, it’s under Advanced Wipe.

  33. Joe Stratton says:

    Just FYI on Galaxy S4 ATT NOVA launcher can break. Mine was stuck in landscape mode for the homescreen, but not apps

    • Mark says:

      I flashed 4.3 to my GT-I9505 and Apex Launcher will not work. Will not even start. I have sent logcat to devs but no response so far. Also Poweramp will stop playing track about 5 seconds after screen goes off. The setting to stay alive doesn’t work, so I suppose there’s some tiny difference between 4.2.2 and 4.3 that causes that. These two things are show-stoppers for me so I went back to 4.2.2.

  34. miguel m says:

    I am fresh off the apple boat, my tmo gs4 is my first android and I just rooted and installed this ROM in one shot. You guys make it easy; huge thanks and keep up the great work. All you iphonites out there, the android scene is not that bad!

    • Mark says:

      imho the Android scene is superior in every way to the iOS scene my friend, but it does take some time and effort to get up to speed. After all, we are doing things to our phones that iOS users can’t even think about.

  35. Mort_ba says:

    I tried this on ATT S4, it all goes well but i dont have some options of the rom: no EDIT on desktop, no option for removing desktops so I am stuck with default 5, unable to find percentage for battery.
    I went stock > root the phone > flashed CWM> recovery mode+ factory reset + ROM flash + loki flash
    Did I miss flashing something?

    • Emcee says:

      This is stock, not CM. I think 5 is the standard number of screens and isn’t changeable. Same for small features like the battery percentage.

  36. haremmon says:

    I found the thread on xda. The provided link on this page is v6 while the thread has v13.

  37. JCannon says:

    Flashed 4.3 onto T-Mobile SG4. Most everything is working good. Google Wallet seems to be dead. (won’t even start) 1 or 2 non-related apps don’t work either (expected with a new version of the OS). Otherwise it seems to be real nice.

  38. dtoocool says:

    My S4 is stuck on the Samsung Logo.

    My installation process:

    1. Enter TWRP recovery mode.
    2. WIPE > Format Data, then FACTORY Reset, then Advanced Wipe (dalvik cache, data, cache)
    3. Install ROM
    4. Install loki-doki
    5. Reboot to recover
    6. Advanced > Fix Permissions

  39. dtoocool says:

    I also did system and data wipe under advanced

  40. The Goat says:

    Max Lee, have you or anyone else figured out how to LTE to work on VZW? I have followed all the above steps and I am still only at 3g in areas where I know I get 4g. Thank you.

  41. Mohamed Ameen Omar says:

    Will this work on the i9500 international version?

  42. jose says:

    Worst rom ever . I uninstalled right away

  43. Rob G says:

    Flashed to a i337 and everything works perfectly! LTE signal works great. Very snappy, i had tried different ROMs and this one works flawless. No issue what so ever.

    Just to notice. The first time opening the camera i wouldn’t gave me image. Just close the app and re open and everything will be good.

    I wish there is a way to reduce the status bar size. I feel it huge after coming from PA Rom in a Nexus 4.

    • dtoocool says:

      Rob, you said you installed on your i337. Does it allow you to reboot? Mine gets stuck on the samsung logo during reboot.

  44. le khoa says:

    How about the battery betwen stock rom and google play edition rom ? And different about android 4.2.2 gpe and 4.3 ? Which one have more long life battery ?

  45. Venkat says:

    Can some one help me to root google edition galaxy s4 ?

  46. Dan says:

    does this ROM get updates from google? for example if i installed the well established 4.2.2, and just waited until 4.3 is free of bugs, will i automatically be sent the update from google?

  47. QJ says:

    Hi there Maxx,
    Is there are fix for Google Wallet on 4.3, freezes then error? Does Google Wallet work on 4.2.2?

  48. Alex says:

    When I go to install it states verification failed what can i do?

  49. QJ says:

    Question, currently installed 4.3 what to go to 4.2.2 for stability and google wallet support. I lost root when Installed 4.3. Can I just re-flash 4.2.2 or do I need to root 4.3 first, wipe then install 4.2.2?

  50. Jaden says:

    Hey if you can please reply. Will this get updates from google. Or will you upload the updates as they come along.

  51. CerealKiller says:

    Hey Max I got the Google play edition installed on my galaxy s4 from att and I would like to know how to go back to the Samsung stock touchwiz from att. Thanks.

  52. Venkat says:

    May I know how to root google play edition galaxy s4 ?

    • Max Lee says:


      • Venkat says:

        Hello Max,

        My requirement is how to get root access on my new google edition galaxy s4 (GT-i95905G) but not installing GPE s4 edition ROM on normal S4. please help me. i have been waiting a lot.

  53. Roshan says:

    When will there be the google play edition rom for the international version of galaxy s4. Answer ASAP.. 😀

    • Gord says:

      I have installed GPE rom on my Telus SGH-I337M. It works great!
      Remember to write down your APN info first ( *#*#4636#*#* ) and your Build Info.
      You will also want to change the build properties. The build showed it as a GT-I9505G and as that, was not able to download ‘USB Mass Storage Enabler’ by Mohammad Abu-Garbey.
      I used an app called ‘Build Pro Edition’ by JRummy Apps Inc that allowed me to change the 10 lines of data (from my original stock capture). Once changed and rebooted, my properties showed the right phone and Google Play allowed me to download the app wanted!! :good:

      On a side note, my signal shows an H instead of 4G… further checking shows that Telus doesn’t have 4G but only HSPA+. Interestingly, when my stock phone came, it said 4G. Hmmm I wonder if Telus didn’t change the icon in their software to dupe us!!!

  54. Callum says:

    Hi I am about to install this do you know if i’m going to get the new updates google will bring out ?

  55. Danny Soto says:

    I went back to stock GS4 for AT&T because a few things were broken in this rom. If anybody knows about a good version please post here to try it.

  56. Luke says:

    Every time i open my phone i get the error “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” I’m running the 4.3 rom on an I337

    • Max Lee says:

      Try formatting /system in recovery then reinstall ROM. Your /system is corrupt that is why.

      • Jennie says:

        I am receiving the “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped…” notification as well. This is from a 4.2.2 rom on a Samsung G4. How can I fix this.

  57. Eric says:

    I am on AT&T GS4 with Google Play 4.3 and can’t seem to connect to LTE. Any suggestions?

  58. Darren Carey says:

    Hi guys, I installed this room and I love it but for some reason I only have 2gb free storage left. I did a full wipe of the cache and I have retried a few times and it’s still the same. Any ideas?

  59. Alex says:

    Hey Max,

    The Google Play Edition ROM is a non-AOSP right?

  60. Scott says:

    Flashed on Sprint GS4. Everything works perfectly except mms. I can send picture messages but can’t receive them. Anyone else have this issue? Any work around?

  61. Joel says:

    hey max you do a great job….i need your help can you please tell me step by step how to install the google edition rom on the galaxy s4 for tmobile(sgh-m919) i would really appriciate it thanks again.

  62. ciretos says:

    If I have a Rogers Galaxy S4 and flashed AT&T version of custom ROM (CleanROM 1.5), model number shows SAMSUNG-SGH-I337. Do I need to flash Loki Doki?

    • Max Lee says:

      Unless the rom developer specifically says so you need to flash it yes.

      • ciretos says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        I can’t seem to get back into recovery mode after flashing 4.3. I tried pressing volume up, power and home button, i can see the word recovery mode on top left corner when samsung logo is displaying, but nothing happens after that….

  63. Matt Wood says:

    Overall, the Google play edition was good. I like the fact there is no stupid T-mobile jingle on boot, and of course bloatware free… however, sadly, I do miss the camera software that comes preinstalled. I have tried several apps for panoramic pictures, but all have horrible results. The Samsung pano shot is flawless. Guess I will have to put up with Samsungs version of Android, but the software is just to enticing for me. I hope the Cyanogen folks makes a stable rom soon. CM is my favorite mod by far.

  64. Joel says:

    hello can someone help me on how to install the google edition rom on my t-mobile S4 i downloaded the rom file and then copied it to the sd card of the phone but when i do wipe data/factory reset i try to install it i get a failed signature something i don’t know what it is….then the phone reboots to brand new as if i turned it on for the first time any help would be appreciated thanks guys.

  65. Arjun says:

    everything worked fine I installed the 4.3 rom. Rebooted the phone but its stuck on the google logo. Don’t know what to do. I have a Canadian S4 i337m

    • ciretos says:

      Similar thing happen to me, I thought I bricked my phone. I don’t know if it’s exact same problem, I ended up downloading Canadian I337m stock 4.2.2. Got my phone into download mode and flash it using odin, and went into recovery mode which i wasn’t able to do before and did a factory reset. Rebooted and everything seems to be working.


  66. thewiz says:

    I installed it in my at&t galaxy s4. And I love it . The battery life is another story its so bad. The battery last me 8 hour first day, then it wouldnt charge 100% and it dies after 4 hour. Very bad battery life. Benchmark score were lower then stock rom by 3000 points.

  67. Astronomical says:

    Has anyone tried this on the Canadian i337m model? How does it run? Any issues with the3 Camera/WiFi/Data/Play Store?

  68. Madyy says:

    I was trying to flash 4.3 on my i337
    I selected the Pure-Google-pre-rooted-4.3-v2 file from sdcard i had downloaded …
    While it was doing , i got a error Signature not verified something and it just wiped off and i am on 4.2.2 only 🙁
    Can you please help ?

  69. Burgaaa says:

    Does anyone know of a way to get OTA updates directly from google? I want the official with OTA updates, is it posible?

  70. Kevin says:

    I installed the Google play 4.3 edition, tried it for a day and didn’t like it. I tried restoring original ROM using CWM and phone booted, but went to a blank screen. Tried removing root and flashing OEM ROM using ODIN, still have same problem, phone boots, I can see the lock screen wallpaper, but when swiping screen to unlock, the screen stays blank except for status bar along the top. The phone will eventually reboot on it’s own and repeat the same procedure. Any help unbricking my phone would be greatly appreciated. At this point, I’d be happy to just recover the original ROM. Btw, I’ve tried Kies to see if I could recover through there, but I get the following info regarding firmware: Your device’s firmware is not supported to update firmware via Kies. current firmware version : PDA:MDL / Phone:MDL / CSC:MDL (XAR)

  71. Georgy says:

    Hey max is Trim included in this rom? That feature that basically keeps your phone clean while its idle?

  72. casz says:

    Anyone know if there’s a way to enable WiFi calling for T-Mobile s4 with this ROM or any aokp roms

  73. titaneds says:

    funny i just got an ota update with 4.3 im on 4.2 im assuming i shouldnt install this update correct?thanks for your time max

  74. Ricardo says:

    Hey Max,
    been following your work since I bought my Nexus S quite some time ago. Thanks for everything you do!

    Anyways, I flashed the 4.3 rom on my T-Mobile S4 and it works great!
    Everything works out of the box.

    Issues are that the phone gets a tad hot after extended use with constant screen on, but im not sure if stock rom did too, i dont remember.
    Also, sometimes when i reboot it from CWM, it started boot looping.
    It was rebooting fine before hand.
    All in all, it works just like it is supposed to.

    With the occasional quirk, but awesome otherwise.

    A warning, i forgot how barebones Stock Android is. I have been running CM for years now. I ended up going back to stock because of this as well as the Bootloop issue. For now, it has more functions and features with tons more bloat of course.

    Guess it’s back to waiting for CM to go Stable or at least RC!

    • titaneds says:

      hmm i have not had those issues but then again im using the att variant so that could be it,i like this rom alot imho tw just is too laggy i do miss some of the features but then again i hardly use them,this is quick the only thing i found was the benchmark on this rom is lower than tw but what is a benchmark when everything works without lag.

      and the system volume on this rom is so low it drives me nuts anyone know how to increase it?ive tried android assistant but it says volume system volume is already on max.anyone know where the system sounds are located to replace with a zip with a louder sound thanks.

  75. Gabriel says:

    I just got an OTA update to 4.3 too. Running 4.2.2. I tried to install it, the phone rebooted to recovery and it did nothing. Had to flash 4.2.2 again.

  76. Arjun says:

    I have tried everything under the sun to install the 4.3 rom on my canadian S4. Does not work.. Bad file !!!

  77. titaneds says:

    i just installed it yesterday on att and is running smooth besides the ui volume being low everything seems to be working,
    anyone wanting to change the ui sound so it will sound louder you can find it at
    just get any sound file you want to replace the current ui sound and convert it to ogg file
    hope this helps someone

  78. Kevin Trinh says:

    Just installed 4.3 works fine. Will this ROM still be able to receive and install OTA updates?

  79. e wong says:

    Flashed 4.2.2 and loki from links after rooting and CWM’d a backup on ATT Galaxy S4, but network triangle greyed out without any cellular connectivity. WiFi works fine.

    There’s no Network Options where you can select cellular bands. APN area says ATT so selected that.

    Did wipe several times and reinstalled several times without difference.

    What am I doing wrong?

  80. Chris says:

    The 4.2.2 iSCH-645 ROM bricked my mobile connectivity. Nandroid restore comes back fine but still with bricked mobile connectivity. Flashing back to complete stock….fingers crossed!

  81. titaneds says:

    try using twrp recovery ,i have installed the 4.2.2 rom on att s4 and have had no issues with connectivity.also make sure you have the correct version for your phone and redownload to make sure the file isnt corrupted.

  82. Ant says:

    is there is an update for this rom???

  83. titaneds says:

    honestly after using this rom for about a week on att s4 the battery life is horrible, originally i installed this because tw was laggy ,but this rom just makes my phone over heat and as i said battery is just horrendous ,but it wasnt laggy is the only good thing i can say about it simple and clean ,but cant live on 5 hr of battery and for some reason when charging if charging while on the battery would take forever to charge like it wasnt going into deep sleep and when turned off the battery would charge in about hour and half fully charged weird max if you have some thoughts on this i would like to hear from you thanks for all your work.

    • Darrrell says:

      I’ve got the same issue but I tried another ROM and the colors looked so washed and muted I went back . I know there’s got to be an update for this one somewhere??

  84. kmangame0 says:

    Is there anyway to stop the OTA update notification? I am afraid to install it and from the sounds of it I would rather just stay on 4.2.2.

    • marco says:

      if you try to install the OTA update it will just NOT install it and go back to what you have. Not sure if there’s a way to block it.

      It would be nice if there was a way to actually make the update……anybody?

      • Ricardo says:

        You would have to flash the Rom manually.
        All these roms are ported because of the GPE S4s specific antenna set.
        Therefore allowing the update could brick the phone or screw your signal up completely.

    • Ricardo says:

      I havent been able to find a way either. What i did was hold the notification, go into App Info and force stop the Google Service.

      It would stop the notification for about a day, then it would come back.

  85. jack says:

    I337 ATT.
    google wallet does not work on 4.3

  86. Brandon says:

    Is this the official 4.3 GPE ROM or the leaked one?

  87. okaybn says:

    Is the Sprint Version link that Max provided here the port by B-dub25? (on xda)
    I am asking because the B-dub25 port has been updated several times since this post.

    I am hoping his updates will fix my Sprint LTE issue.

    Anyone know?

  88. JV says:

    I don’t use any of the Samsung features on my Sprint Galaxy S4 so this rom is something I’m interested in.

    Can anyone tell me if this rom is compatible with exfat 64gb cards? I tried the aokp rom and almost got stuck there because my 64 gb card couldn’t format to fat32, luckily my backup was saved on my internal storage.

  89. dawit says:

    I couldn’t access to the country restricted apps in google play store for my device samsung galaxy s4 international. Pls I need your help.

  90. Ron says:

    Can you get OTA updates with this Rom?

  91. terry franklin says:

    when i installed this, my phones internet data wasnt conecting, whats up with that

    • Gord says:

      This was already asked by Bryan on July 6, 2013 at 4:55 pm and answered by Blaqueboy9 and Jaden Craig July 16 at 7:40pm…
      “Go to Setting. Under Wireless & Networks, click more.. and then Mobile Networks and it should be there. ” Click on Access Point Names, choose your Network Provider and enter the required info. (if you don’t know it, just ask someone you know on that provider or google it.)

      Same thing happened to me.

      • Jake says:

        I had the same issue and followed the instructions Gord gave, but then only select data services worked. Specifically, Google queries would function, but no other data was transferred, such as retrieving email or going to a website.

        To fix this, I installed Set DNS from the Play store (, granted the app root access, and set DNS to the default IP addresses. Sometimes I need to do this after restarting, but it seems to fix it!

  92. John says:


    I have an ATT S4 i337 using a T-Mobile SIM. I notice the ROM connects to HSPA+ and not to LTE. I had to use LTE On/Off to enable the LTE band. Plus the dial-er code provided (above) does not work on ATT S4 i337. Here are some additional observations, the Wifi performance is not very good compare to the stock ROM. I also did a comparison with my Note 3 (on the same Wifi network). The results should be close to the same but it was not by 3x (2.55 Mbps vs 7.89Mbps). NFC does not work, in some cases, like photo sharing from Note 3 to S4 the ROM launches Google Play for some reason. Is this normal behavior?



  93. Leo says:

    I’m a newb too rooting and custom roms. I installed 4.2.2 google edition rom on my T-Mobile SGH-M919 S4. Under model in the settings it says GT I9505. Why is this? Is this suppose to happened?

    • Max Lee says:

      This is because this rom is originally based on gt i9505. all att, tmobile, canadian, and gti9505 roms are 100% compatible.

  94. Wil says:

    I have MF3 on my i337. How do I get this installed? Safestrap? Can you do a tutorial of safestrap for those of us stuck with MF3 or above? Thanks.

  95. Leo says:

    I’ve been running 4.3 for about 10 days or so and getting really bad battery life. Need to charge every 2-4 hrs. Running it on tmo gs4. Other than that everything works fine.

  96. ian says:

    I am having issues with 4.2.2 on an s4 i337 mf3. Having flashed the ROM and the mf3 modules the WiFi works perfectly but the let and 4g drops constantly. Is anyone else having this issue? Solutions?

    • John says:


      IMHO you should pass on the 4.2.2 ROM, it had to many issues so I switched over to the Gummy KitKat 4.4 ROM. It is so much better. I have the ATT S4 – i337 running on the Gummy ROM with no issues. Here the link

  97. anshul says:

    Does the first rom mentioned, work with safestrap 3.71 on MK2 device. I can able to boot the rom but its getting stuck at the “Android is upgrading starting apps” screen and doesn’t do anything further

    • Aaron says:

      I am having the same Issue. Flashed the ROM with safestrap on MK2 and getting stuck at Android is starting apps. Left overnight with no change.

  98. SP3NGL3R says:

    Does anyone know if this supports full phone encryption? I want to put it on my phone but that is a requirement for corporate email. Every other ROM I’ve tried that isn’t the stock ROM goes into a boot-loop after trying to enable encryption. Then I have to re-do the recovery with Odin :(. Thanks.

  99. said says:

    I have a GS4 SGHI337M bought on Mexico, my company is Telcel. I have had some issues when installing ROMS like CM 10 or 11, because the modem and the radio gives alot of problems: low signal bars, low internet speed, bad wifi signal….So I want to know if anyone knows a good working ROM for mexican SG4 which is the same as Canadian (SGHI337M) but I guess companies uses different modem versions….I really need help on this one…thanks!!!!!

    • Max Lee says:

      Hmmm usually network isn’t ROM related I suspect Telcel might be at fault, have you tested internet speed with another phone and made sure it’s not the network first?

  100. nuwan chinthaka. says:

    Dear Max,

    im on android 4.3 mk2 and rooted.
    can i install 4.4 kitkat rom on to it ?
    can i install 4.4 stockrom on it via odin?
    is locked bootloder problem for that.?

    please explain………………..

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