Gummy ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/Canadian/GT-i9505]

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For those of you with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Canadian, or GT-i9505 Galaxy S4, check out Gummy ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for this week.

Based on latest Android 4.4 KitKat sources, Gummy ROM brings you one of the most complete Android 4.4 KitKat custom ROMs out there along with a good level of customization.

First, Gummy ROM has camera, camcorder, WiFi, bluetooth, 4G LTE data, IR Blaster (use 3rd party IR remote apps on Play Store to control your TV), YouTube, video replay, and more working out of the box.  Actually, I have not seen anything broke on this ROM yet.

Second, Gummy ROM comes with Gummy Interface in Settings menu to give you a good level of customization on your status bar (battery icon/date), notification drawer, hardware keys, navigation bar, lockscreen, performance, and more.  Also, wifi tethering works out of the box for those who need it badly.

For performance, Gummy ROM ships with its own Elite kernel with overclocking support up to 2.268Ghz!

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, honestly this is the best Android 4.4 KitKat ROM you can install on your Galaxy S4 “right now” so definitely hit ’em up over the week(end) and do let me know how KitKat tastes while all non-rooters are complaining they are stuck on Samsung Jelly Bean.  (Don’t get jealous, root your own S4 and install this ROM.)


Download Gummy ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S4 AT&T SGH-i337

Download Gummy ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S4 T-Mobile SGH-M919

Download Gummy ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S4 Sprint SPH-L720

Download Gummy ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-i545

Download Gummy ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S4 GT-i9505

Download Gummy ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S4 Canadian

Download Gummy ROM Android 4.4 Gapps (DO NOT USE PA 4.4 GAPPS, CAMERA WILL BREAK!!!)

Download Google Home APK (Download and Install this using ES File Explorer after installing ROM to get Google Now Home working in launcher.)

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot. (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

You may have to use CWM or higher for installing all Android 4.4 KitKat ROMs.  If having trouble with installation, use ROM Manager to update or grab CWM Recovery ZIP here you can flash with your existing custom recovery. (No update needed for Loki recovery on ATT/Verizon, I was able to install fine.  Not sure on Safestrap, I am testing it right now should have results soon.)

Credits – ATTTmoSprint, Verizon, GT-i9505 <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if you want photosphere, but may force close so make a backup of your Gallery app using Titanium Backup app before installing!  )

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%. (Works fine on Android 4.4 tested on this ROM.)

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230 Responses

  1. Beto says:

    And I’m finishing newly installed CM11 ROM …. : (

    • Max Lee says:

      Sorry but Gummy is WAY better! Try it.

      • Craig says:

        Is Gummy better than Black box?

        • Bigkid says:

          really a question first regarding “Black Box”–could someone running Black Box as a daily driver please download from play store the “WeChat” app , install it and see if the option to see “people nearby” works–it worked fine before i got into Gummy—and the reason im leaving gummy and going back to stock 4.2.2 🙂 least i know the GPS and WeChat work properly there 🙂

      • Sunny says:

        Hi Max,
        Gummy is great.
        But my 64GB mem card is not supported. It does not mount it. it was working great when i was using foxhound.
        Also, Facebook app works but no pictures or media can be seen. Facebook messenger force close as well.

        • vic says:

          Try backing up and re-formatting sd card in fat32. I had it in exfat and had the same issue but it works just fine now.

          • shaun says:

            dude, same issue here… i already formatted in fat 32 to work in my wicked rom v8, but after i put this 4.4 gummy rom.. it does not load in phone as an external sd…. but the content can be used by using a file explorer only. how do i make the s4 read my 64gb-SD as an external-SD itself is the question here?

            • Jeff m says:

              Hey Max,
              Here’s what. I think, SD card not recognized, did what the above dude says to format it to FAT32, did that on my PC and cellphone itself still didn’t work, Facebook doesn’t have images, mic doesn’t work on Skype, and my lock screen time is different from home screen time. Is it me, or the ROM, anyway I love the unlimited homescreen, 360 flip screen. just like my tab2. .

        • Jeremy says:

          Did you ever solve this? What worked for me was to plug the sd card right into my pc, copy the contents over, and then format the card as ntfs. I plugged it back into my GS4 where it was then mounted properly. To speed up the restore, I plugged the card back into my pc, copied the contents back, and then mounted the card back in my phone. From there I restored all my apps settings. Hope this helps.

      • Maka says:

        I’m trying to copy the zip files for the rom onto my phone and and error message keeps popping up and saying “device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected.” what do i do???

      • FusionX86 says:

        Thanks for the info on Gummy. For me it is indeed better than the other KK roms. I tried the CM11 and Hydra Team roms with various different kernels, but never could get mobile hotspot to work on my SGH-M919. With Gummy, everything works so far including hotspot! Battery usage is also noticably better with gummy on my phone vs the other roms.

        Anyway, thanks for your continual contributions to the Android community.

      • Mats says:

        Just installed Gummy but i can`t get google play to work (download apps ) and i`ve tried the usual tricks and tips online. PlZ help!!!!

      • Curtis Browning says:

        I have a quick question. I installed this ROM and when I used the camera app or any other camera app (front facing) there are green lines on the pictures that I have taken but when use the back facing camera app there are not green lines. If you have any suggestions or solutions please, it would be nice to know what I can do to get rid of this problem

      • egberooo says:

        where is the art?? i didn’t see it

      • chris says:

        Bey bro I’m having problems with moth my galaxy s4 m919 Irooted and installed the gummy ROM itsoft bricked my phone so I went into twrp recovery and did a format then it went on but every time my phone dies or I power it off it soft bricked again and I have do do the same thing wipe everything to get my phone to work can u pls help me out …

      • chris says:

        Hey bro I’m having problems with my galaxy s4 m919 I rooted and installed the gummy ROM it soft bricked my phone so I went into twrp recovery and did a format then it went on but every time my phone dies or I power it off it soft bricked again and I have do do the same thing wipe everything to get my phone to work help me out .

    • Sean Clayton says:

      Anybody know if the Samsung Link app still works with this rom?

    • Dan A says:

      I installed Gummy Rom 1.1-11-21-13 on my S4 SGH-I337M and have noticed a few things.
      first, there’s a bug when I go into the app drawer, and press the menu button to create folders or to edit it, nothing happens.

      Second, It’s not working with the smart cover.

      Finally, there is no use for Samsung’s features like Smart Stay, Smart Pause, half screen multi-tasking, the finger hover features. If you could implement those, then this would be the greatest rom ever.


      • Ari says:

        You can install third party apps like “Auto On/off” or “S-View”. They work but not as good as original. Would appreciate somebody extracts this app from original samsung stock rom and release it as a zip.

    • Salman khan says:

      I have clone s4 look like original it is korean s4 and it is not able to to go to recovery mode or download mode and the phone doesn’t connect to kies or odin what to do plz help me ASAP 🙁

  2. oliver says:

    Does this work with safe strap and me7?

  3. Oliver says:

    Is it only roughly 200 MB?

  4. Jarrad says:

    Just installed and been running for a couple of hours and everything is great so far. Really smooth and quick, really liking Kitkat as well, seems like a good improvement

  5. Craig Mangum says:

    I’ve been running the Gummy 4.4 for awhile now and it’s solid, quick, and reliable. I know this rom will only get better with each build

  6. The Bourne says:

    I’m still loving the Wicked Rom, but definitely let me know if this Rom is worth it. I’m curious about the 4.4

  7. denton says:

    Having problems with gmail calendar not syncing

  8. Riz says:

    Seems a stable fast Rom, but didn’t sync Gmail, Calendars & my work email through so has to revert back.

    • Buddy says:

      Hi mate figured it out… flash it with CWM then all above will be fixed… Everything is working so far except for the yellow lines in the front cam.

    • Rick says:

      For those who are having a Gmail sync problem follow this it will fixed the issue: get a rooted explorer go to /system/bin and delete time-daemon file you will be good to go..

  9. Salena says:

    Hi, I don’t see the Google Play Store in the ROM?

  10. Martik says:

    Would you explain the installation step by step and if its possible with screenshots? (You know, for noobs!)

  11. Lime says:

    The External card is not recognized with this ROM

  12. Buddy says:

    Nice ROM having issues with email sync, maps and GPS…. any fix for the issues rest seems to run smooth….

  13. joh says:

    The file Gummy .is 56kb is that ok?

  14. pedro a de castro says:

    Question does it reconize gps does it work with sd card and does it do apps to sd with out partition does it have. dialer I could not find it on the first version and all my contacts disappeared is tmobil doing 4.3 on nov 28?

  15. oliver says:

    Does not work on verizon s4 ME7 and safestrap 🙁

  16. DocBob says:

    Max. Could you kindly make an install video on how to EXACTLY install the Gummy Rom.
    Many thanks in advance.

  17. Alex says:

    Works almost perfectly for my sprint s4.. flashed the cwm from philz and gummy from triforce (mf9). However, DO NOT USE CAMCORDER.. Didn’t work, then couldn’t connect to camera. Rebooted, now gallery only receives blank, black pics. How do I fix this? I can’t delete gallery2 or gallery4 apk’s from system/app folder. Do I just flash ROM again?

  18. scott says:

    @Max Lee Do you think you can get something to work with safestrap? I am used to having a phone that I can modify. This is frustrating. 🙁

  19. Rob Man says:

    Im going to try this on my Sprint S4 with TWRP, If it doesn’t work with TRWP I’ll probably just go back to Carbon because I don’t want to to install a New customer recovery just to test a ROM that is getting few questions answered

    • Rob Man says:

      Installed and testing… So, far I found NO App2sd feature, Starting with KitKat 4.4 ONLY the default SMS app is able to restore SMS messages, For those of us that need this it can be a deal breaker if we are unable to restore our text messages. However, I use a backup program that will restore them but you have to chose it to be your default, once it has restored the texts you must deselect it as default or SMS text will not work…

  20. Nick says:

    For AT&T is Loki Doki needed?

  21. Cyclone says:

    Have been using this ROM for several days and love it!

  22. Beto says:

    I’m testing the ROM on my SGH-M919, so far without problems, at the beginning I had a problem with syncing calendar but I solved it by installing a calendar android 4.2.2 and both calendars were synchronized, besides that, the phone works fine.
    I keep trying -.
    And I also noticed that I have to configure APN manually, with other ROMs that are to automatically.

  23. Beto says:

    A simple question … and GPS? and maps?

  24. neoflasher says:

    Everything is working fine for me except data. On wifi I’m fine but will not work on mobile data. Calls go out and are received without a problem.

  25. Rob Man says:

    I got no data either, Can’t locate the APN settings in this ROM

  26. Craig says:

    Great ROM except no 4G LTE from sprint where I live and I can’t get the 3G to work.

    • John says:

      Same problem. I’m waiting for my 4G sim card in the mail and I guess for now im stuck with no data… Does anyone know how to update PRL + Profile?

  27. Riz says:

    You need to create your APN manually and mobile data will work fine. Did anyone try WhatsApp ? I got a message saying that i need to wait 30000 something minutes to activate. I use whatsapp alot so i dont think i can stay on this rom unless I have an solution.

    • Craig says:

      No access to configure APN settings

      • Riz says:

        You should have this under your mobile networks, but yes you need to know the settings for your carrier.

        I figured that WhatsApp doesn’t work with ART, there is a fix on . Going to try it now. fingers crossed.

  28. GReg says:

    This is cool but CM is way better and there is a problem with front face camera

  29. Rob Man says:

    I was liking the ROM speed and everything but it wouldn’t install Titanium Backup, Said it was but not so much.

    So I’m back on carbon for now. which I like but want to change it up sometimes.. :-/

    Plus Carbon and CM hasn’t been doing any updating since the KitKat release.

    • Craig Mangum says:

      Not sure Titanium is working but flash SuperUser 1.65 after installation it helps with some of my apps that wasn’t working

  30. Steve says:

    I have a Sprint SPH-L720. The ROM looks very cool, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a lot of testing in before I realized that the phone was no longer recognizing my external SD card. It won’t mount at all in settings. I did some basic research on the web, and I see that others have had this problem after installing a 4.2 ROM, but nobody seems to have an answer. If anyone has encountered this problem and has found a solution please reply. Thanks…

    • James G says:

      I have same phone, but I can see my sd card. hmmmm. I cant see any app2sd option though. Looks like it will be a good ROM, but may not be ready for regular everyday us yet.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks James.

        UPDATE: The SD card that wouldn’t mount was a 64GB card. I tried my old 32GB card and it works just fine… Not sure if the ROM has a problem with the size of the card or its a formatting issue. Will update if I find anything else…

        • Seth C says:

          plug your memory stick into your computer and format it for FAT32 and it will work, had the same issue and this fixed the problem.

  31. Rob Man says:

    I notice that when the Phone boots it attempts to dial *22899 and says it cannot activate the mobile data service

    • beef says:

      same here…it calls the “activation line” and then says “the process did not complete successfully”..i dont know what that’s about.

  32. Andy says:

    i just installed the new 4.4 rom my wifi was working and now its not i tried rebooting the phone and still doesnt work. I went thru all setting and cant find problem everything else is working . It flashed in smooth and problems can someone please help me.

  33. James G says:

    I just installed it, love the speed and simplicity. L720, no issues with gps or gmail, I used TWRP, howeverI have a few issues, here they are:
    battery meter does not update, shows same level for hours, then when you reboot, shows correct level.
    facebook does not show pictures
    there is not app to sd feature. tried installing app and it just takes you to the app info and there it doesnt show the abilithy to move any apps to sd.
    i hope these get fixed. would love to keep using this, came from Carbon ROM, which isnt bad but seems to love battery juice!

  34. Craig Mangum says:

    Check out the link to Gummy 4.4 at XDA there has been quite a bit of conversation about External SD Cards and getting them to work. Mine works fine however

  35. Craig Mangum says:

    Here’s the link to XDA and the Developer thread that will give you all the insight on fixes and current problems

  36. Tykisson says:

    Ok great ROM very smooth, Problem i have now is the samsung S View cover i’m using no longer works!! any work arounds or ideas?

  37. Keneth says:

    I Have been running this rom for 24 hours and all seems good, except for SDcard issues (only shows 9gb of 64gb and no option to format) , facebook doesn’t load images and the cock on status bar only updates when rebooted but its working with my Pebble smart watch which is a huge plus for me

    • Kenneth says:

      I booted in to recovery and formatted sd card and also cleard phone data. after setting everything backup and re installing apps ..facebook and clock along with sdcard issues are fix

  38. Jonathon says:

    Hey Max,

    Was there ever a way to boot a ROM from an SD card with Safestrap?


  39. bigtraps says:

    Installed very easy on my i337. Only issue I am seeing is GPS/maps do not work

  40. Rodolfo Inoa says:

    Everything is running smoothly, except the microphone doesn’t work. Tried a video call on Hangouts and the person on the other end didn’t hear me. I saw people posting on XDA the same problem but with different apps as well as Hangouts.

  41. Stan says:

    Mobile Data keeps dying and the phone keeps roaming I know its not the are where im at because before flashing this ROM i’d always have perfect 4G LTE signal never roamed…

  42. Benji says:

    Is this ROM pre rooted? If not is there currently a root method?

  43. Benji says:

    I just get status7 error which is what I get when trying to install virgin rom and then it gets bricked :S

  44. Josh says:

    Does this automatically enable all apps in the multiwindow like deathstar?

  45. Beto says:

    anyone have problems with playing movies? I can not, I installed several players but all are closed.

  46. Ryan says:

    WhatsApp is getting buggy with this ROM (and many others from what I understand).

    Anyone got WhatsApp to work on their rooted devices running a 4.4 mod?

    WhatsApp wont load images anymore on my Amaze 4G running IcedBullet. Stopped working about a month ago. Damn you WhatsApp.

  47. Bjorn says:

    I like the ROM but am missing an option to “press home button to accept call”.

  48. bigtraps says:

    After a day of use on my i337, the wifi has stopped working. Anyone have any ideas???

  49. Brandon Payne says:

    Will this work with a rooted verizon S4 on mj7 (4.3) build?

  50. carl s says:

    Kitkat kangbang is still better and more stable than this one.. !
    Front camera on this doesn’twork .. I notice Max didn’t mention that in video am sure he must of tested it out first before putting on here…???? Or not ..!!

  51. Gord says:

    Telus SGH-I337M rooted via CF Auto-Root and ran stock; needed USB Mass Storage Mode.
    Later added TWRP & tried Google Play Edition ROM. Liked!
    Switched to Gummy ROM 4.4 …
    – clock on Notification Bar sticks
    – battery indicator sticks (yet if you change to %, it updates)
    – Maps don’t work!! bummer dude!
    This ROM isn’t ready for main stream IMHO

  52. Markus G says:

    Great ROM. But I think I’m doing something wrong. My battery drains pretty quick and that’s with under clocking to 1998. If someone could please help me I’d really appreciate it.

  53. John says:

    Are there any 4.3 or 4.4 ROMS that are able to be installed via TWRP??? what gives?

  54. carl s says:

    Just installed CM11 KIT KAT UPDATE NOV 24 .. WORKS GREAT camera works back and front SD card works.. Far better than this gummy crap .. Max is taking the piss out of people saying this ROM is good and better than CM11.

    • Steve says:

      Carl – which phone do you have? I have a Sprint SPH-L720 and I want to try CM11, but I wasn’t sure if that ROM would work on the Sprint variant. Thanks….

      • Rob Man says:

        I dont believe CM11 will work with the SPH-720 yet or maybe never. Carbon is based off CM kernel. Im running it on the 10/24 nightly build of Android 4.3.1.

  55. Jessie B. says:

    Could you please show a step by step video to root, install rom and gapps from factory samsung galaxy s4?

    • Rob Man says:

      Do you have a customer recovery (TWRM or CWM) and root yet?

      • Matthew Hamilton says:

        I can’t seem to get TWRP to install on my phone. Goo Manager says that it is installing, but it keeps just booting into the stock recovery. I think it has something to do with Samsung security, but I haven’t figured out how to disable. Using 4.3 most recent update. (I updated when I got my phone yesterday, not realizing it would make rooting harder).

        • Corey C says:

          have you found a solution to the samsung security updates with 4.3? I believe I’m in the same boat as you, and would like to find if theres a solution before i proceed.

          • Matthew Hamilton says:

            Not really. I ended up reseting the Knox counter to 0 (to keep my warranty) with Triangle Away. Before I did this I removed all of the know files I could find with Root Explorer after freezing them with Titanium Backup. Then all I could do is use Odin 3.04 to revert back to stock 4.3 firmware. Until someone figures a way around the locked bootloader, I don’t think there’s another answer. For now I’m living without Root and living with the Samsung/Verizon crapware (at least it’s hidden).

  56. Abbas says:

    How do I customize my tiles on the drop down toggles?
    Other than that, Fantastic Rom.
    No problems at all.
    Running a T-Mobile S4.

  57. D says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get the Calendar to sync and Maps to work. Also when i take a picture, it shows as a blank in the gallery.


  58. D says:

    Ok so the Gallery and Maps have been fixed somehow but I am still having an issue with the Calendar, I have tried deleting the apk and reinstalling but the issue remains as such. I would really appreciate any help.

  59. Kaltuzak says:

    Excelent rom, despite the problems that I could solve most of them, one in particular still makes me come back to my old rom, the lack os 64gb support. Tried to format the card in every possible ways and no deal.
    Here it goes some other issues:
    – SIM Toolkit is a must, I took it from CM11, works fine.
    – Some 3g operators wont work, you have to manually configure (I took the suggestion on the comment list).

    Keep working on it, soon you’ll get to perfection.

  60. D says:

    Another issue I have come across for the Galaxy S4 is that the flip case which would normally show the time through the small screen on the case when closed does not do that anymore and the screen remains in the same position when the case is closed. Any help regarding this would be appericiated.

  61. D says:

    Fixed the flip cover issue, all you need is the S View app.

  62. Eric T says:

    I was so sorry to see so many bugs. I find it funny they indicate no bugs and there were so many.
    1) Does not read SD Card with how I have it currently formatted. I’ll have to see what I need to do about it but these days you should have multi format reading capabilities.
    2) Home button does not work to go home at all. It doesn’t close out of any program at all. I have tried it in an app, on a settings page and numerous places won’t go home at all.
    3) Shows two launchers but only one is viable to use. Why have a launcher3 listed if you can’t use it?
    4) E-mail app crashes everytime I try and open it.
    5) Internal ROM browser does not even open it just blinks and then closes I had to install firefox to be able to browse.
    6) Unable to use front facing camera at all.
    This is from an SGH-1337 rom and going from a rooted but stock 4.2.2 to a rooted 4.4 using the above rom link, and the above apk files, and the above gapps. And while in CWM I cleaned EVERYTHING out from user cache to dalvik cache to all other items I could to make this as close to a fresh install as possible. No errors on any installs and nothing to indicate why I am getting so many bugs.

    • Max Lee says:

      Sounds like a bad install to me, did you use CWM v6.0.4.3 or higher?

      • Eric T says:

        Yes I sure did. I am using the latest CWM for 1337. I also did another format of ALL mounts, reformatted the exFAT card (that did work on the stock 4.2.2) to Fat32 (which I guess going from stock to CWM had this requirement), also wiped all caches and everything. Its now up and running but this is now my 4th install. FIrst one was what was typed above. Second time was an all of a sudden Wi-Fi glitch that would show no APs and would not forget the one I was connected to when it glitched out I tried dto do some stuff as SU but nothing made it work right. Third one was because after something installed it made it so the reboots took forever the rom would “stick” on the Samsung screen and not proceed to GUMMY unless I hit the power button. Now this is the fourth install I am still reloading all the apps from the play store but this has been my most painful ROM upgrade ever. Just not sure why 2 downloads of the zips and apks, and 4 installs with 0 errors in the process and its acting up this much.

  63. carl s says:

    Yes this ROM is garbage…. ! Am running the updated Nov 24 CM 11 4.4 ON MY TMO S4 wow so good now all is working great now Thanks Cyanogen.. !

  64. Jason says:

    ROM is solid. Battery is just draining way too fast. Is this normal? I already adjusted the brightness, CPU governor is on powersave profile, etc.

  65. Mike says:

    Does this work with the OTA update sent out yesterday to UVUEMK2

  66. Noah says:

    Yo, you got a typo in your post, is or 4 D:

  67. Noah says:

    Also stuck in bootloop trying out your guide, for some reason ever since the release of the phone, NONE – of your guides really worked, either there are a lot of bugs or random reboots or over heating issues. Believe me, I’ve read and tried everything as well.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  68. OsoFresh says:

    I recently did a clean install with this rom directly after CF-auto root(4.3) and CWM installed thru Odin3. After the reboot at the top of the samsung s4 boot screen two new color notifications (red) KERNEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING (yellow) Set Warranty Bit : kernel. Any clues? any fixes? … Phone boots up well with this rom, although seem that wifi is not working. A quick reply would be thankful.

    • bigtraps says:

      I had the same issue with wifi. Just stopped working then mobile data stopped working. Did another clean flash of the ROM, and the wifi has been working now for 3 days.

  69. MeMyselfAndroid says:

    My AT&T S4 is on 4.2.2 MF3 build. Can I flash this GUMMY ROM via Safestrap without a problem?
    (I tried and couldn’t get passed the reboot black screen)

  70. Rob J says:

    I updated to the new kit kat and now my WIFI doesn’t work any ideas what I can do to fix this issue it says to try again later

  71. Josh says:

    On the m919 do I just flash it? If not how would I update to android 4.4?

  72. Josh says:

    I am asking does it automatically update to android 4.4? If not how would I update to android 4.4?

  73. DJ X says:

    hey whenever i try to load the rom it says:
    this package is for “jfltetmo” devices; this is a “jfltexx”. error in /external_sd/ (status 7)
    installation aborted.
    what does all this mean? how do i install the rom to my phone?

    i have tmobile galaxy s4

    im already on wicked v7
    just trying to figure out why i cant use this rom


  74. KSD1996 says:

    Stock 4.4 for GT-I9500 too man ! :'(

  75. mukul says:

    how can i install this ROM by odin ?? on SGH-1337

    • Eric T says:

      You can’t, you need to use the CWM method. It explicitly states in the information for 1337 you can only use this method and NOT to use Loki. Personally I would bypass this rom I have had nothing but issues with it.

  76. Justin B says:

    I’m sorry but to those with bugs, you did something wrong. This ROM works FLAWLESSLY. Literally, Once I installed GAPPS and my photosphere camera, I had this thing running like a pro. I’d recommend trying again. This ROM is definitely worth it.

  77. Zee says:

    Hows the battery on this one?

  78. Dave says:

    I flashed Gummy ROM 4.4 yesterday on my sprint s4 and now my Gmail wont sync and my mobile data seems all jacked up like it hardly ever gets connection. any idea how to fix them?

    • Steve says:

      Yeah – restore your old ROM!

      • Eric T says:

        Either that or reload the rom a few more times. Took me 5 loads to get a “stable” working version of this. Each time prior I found something that was not working right after the 5th install it seems to have stabilized with no problems that I could figure out. What’s funny is I did not change my install methods all 5 times and none had errors shown.

  79. Rob says:

    Cant find to download? i need sprint one plz

    • Mike says:

      The Sprint version is listed above. What issue are you having? I used the link above and I am now on the ROM. Only down side is that there is no touchWiz which I have grown fond of. Going to miss those till January when the ROM is released.

  80. Ed says:

    Using a Koodo Galaxy S4 i337m – Worked flawlessly.

    Only complaint is the boot animation is ugly. Other than that runs just like my gf’s nexus 5 now.

  81. duane says:

    Overall don’t mind this ROM. Having superuser issues. Phone saying not full root. Tried replacing with supersu. Same problem. Not sure the problem. Using on T-Mobile version.

  82. Noel says:

    Verizon s4 using Safestrap do you think it’s ok to try it or should I wait .

  83. Jeff says:

    Love this ROM (using the ATT version)….but….can’t use the camera with HDR set. I was getting green lines on the pictures, but the latest build took care of that. My 64gb SD card won’t mount either. The battery seems to drain pretty fast with this ROM also.

  84. vlee says:

    There’s only 186kb for this rom..? I have Sprint galaxy s4, pls let me know. Thanks in advance guy…

  85. vlee says:

    I mean 196mb..?

  86. AW says:

    I am not liking this update…how do I roll back to MF9?

  87. AW says:

    Let me fill you in….I wiped everything clean and attempted to reflash MF9….after it’s installed it will not let me boot past the samsung galaxy logo
    if it gets further the screen just goes black and nothing happens

  88. Nicho says:

    Can anyone chime in on how to do a ‘SCREEN CAPTURE’ or a SCREEN SAVE / SCREEN PRINT. Before we had the Power & Home Button but not anymore. CM would have a long press power button and click after on screen print. This GUMMY ROM 4.4 KitKat / For Samsung S4, I can’t find any button combination. Thanks for your help. Blue tooth in Car is an issue shuts down BT Share error. @ Home on a BT speaker works fine, I did another reset and might have fixed it.

  89. Aw says:

    I was able to take a screen shot with the power/lower volume/home keys.

    • Nicho says:

      Thank you, it works! Even better than original. I have grown to really like this rom. I got confused with the home screen, there are two options it took a bit of getting used to I ended up switching to launcher 3, it reflects my original settings from rooted stock rom. I have to go through the whole entire setup to group my icons and the bloatware free OS and most of all the wifi tethering.the other stuff I have notice is the double Commands you can program the hardware keys.

  90. Aw says:

    Have you had any signal issues in buildings? I seem to drop signal every so often.

  91. Darth Zoika says:

    ROM works great on my S4

  92. scott says:

    Has anyone tried installing using safestrap on Verizon ME7?

  93. Mike says:

    Any chance it working on Verizon MJ7?

  94. bigtraps says:

    Flashed the 12/5 nightly. Much better. Still not too good on the battery. Maps work, wifi good. Just remember, A DIRTY FLASH IS LIKE UNPROTECTED SEX ! ! !

  95. egberooo says:

    where is the art ?? i can’t see it

  96. Bryce Turner says:

    I have a Sprint L720 Galaxy S4. I installed this ROM today and I’m not having the same issues as I have seen above. My WiFi works flawlessly and the sdcard isn’t having any issues. My bugs/issues are that my battery never updates, like it doesn’t show the power depleting unless I reboot the phone it shows the new battery life. Secondly, my clock doesn’t update unless I lock the phone and open it again. Finally, I don’t think this is a bug but it would be nice to have, all the functions I had from Samsung are no longer available, such as air view or any of the other nifty features. Anybody have any ideas? Also, LMT and pie controls do not work for me. Thank you.

  97. Nash says:

    Will this rom allow me to connect to my Galaxy Gear Watch ?
    Will the SD card issue prevent it from ever mounting my 64 GB card if i revert back ? os is it just with the rom?

    • Steve says:

      Don’t know the answer to the first one. Yes – your 64GB card will be just fine without having to do anything… After I went back to my old ROM and rebooted, the card worked immediately and all files were intact…

  98. Tafa says:

    I tried it, it seems to be a stable. However, I find the battery usage not terrible. The screen uses around 60% of the battery and I do not understand why (my phone is on sleep all the day and is on only for 12hours, but I lost 45% of the battery in 3 days).

  99. Seth C says:

    My clock is responding it shows the time, but it doesn’t update when time change, I’m not sure if I see/feel anything amazing about this rom.

  100. Jeff B says:

    Love the rom on my Galaxy version…but rom will not mount sd card? Heard this from anyone else?

  101. Dan A says:

    I installed Gummy Rom 1.1-11-21-13 on my S4 SGH-I337M and have noticed a few things.
    first, there’s a bug when I go into the app drawer, and press the menu button to create folders or to edit it, nothing happens.

    Second, It’s not working with the smart cover.

    Finally, there is no use for Samsung’s features like Smart Stay, Smart Pause, half screen multi-tasking, the finger hover features. If you could implement those, then this would be the greatest rom ever.


  102. john says:

    Put this on my gs4 sph l720, love everything except for the fact that I can’t playback any videos. Gallery, YouTube, and snapchat all just give me a message which says ”can’t play video”

  103. Mike says:

    Does this rom work on VZW MJ7?

  104. henry says:

    any1 please help me install this on my at&t phone the one that has mf3 build or even other roms thanks

  105. dan says:

    status7? help pls…

  106. Raymond says:

    MAXX! help ! Im using GTI9505 , gummy rom flashed. but LTE , no 3G .. cant use mobile data! help!!

  107. Randy says:

    is the usb tethering and bluetooth out of the box from this rom free ? or do i need to get an external apk for that.

  108. Repairs UK says:

    Were having the same problem as Maxx, 3g stopped working, is anyone else having this issue ?

  109. jiji says:

    does this work on S4 active I9295?


  110. Rick says:

    Almost everything run smooth, except MMS, and texting problem some message took along time to received, texting out is fast. MMS group texting is a problem keep loading sending…….on my tmobile sgh-m919. Checked all the setting seem to be right.. Help? anyone highly appreciated.

  111. iDVB says:

    Got Gummy to work and install.
    Took a while to realize that there are two links for installing gapps and only the *.zip one works from TWRP.

    Now my issue is that only FREE apps install from Play Store ones that I already purchased that I try to install via “MyApps” or just search and install all fail with “Error retrieving information from server. [BM-PPH-01]

    Any ideas?

  112. iDVB says:

    lost hope. Installing backup of 4.3 🙁

    • iDVB says:

      Found out what my problem was. because of my first mistake of not knowing there are two types of gapps files above *.apk and *.zip and I somehow only saw the apk, I was not able to flash both the ROM and then the gapps ZIP one after another and THEN reboot. I have installed the ROM, rebooted and then booted into TWRP and installed gapps.
      Reinstalling the right way did the trick.

      Also, found out two other weird issues.
      1) If your KitKat “Hey/Ok Google” does not work (not always listening) be sure your device language is en_US, its the only one that works. Apparently, thems Canadians, dont know thems englishes to good.
      2) Google Calendar was broken for me. I just downloaded the one from the Play Store and now they both work. Go figure.

  113. stcman says:

    Love this rom! I have had a problem with the Shazam app though. It says the the microphone is not working correctly.

  114. Chris Gall says:

    The ROM has been working fine after a couple of installs, my question is that when I hook up an otg cable it will not work but the stock phone works just seeing if there is a fix for the kernel

  115. Justin says:

    My 64GB SD Card won’t show up on my PC and I can’t move my movable apps to my SD card nor anything on my SD Card won’t show up. Also, been having WIFI Issues. Please help and thanks.

  116. Nichelle says:

    I’m having problems. I rooted my phone and checked it to make sure it was rooted, which it is. But when I try to flash CWM it does not work. When I try to flash Loki it doesnt work. Someone pls help!

    Im on MK2 on ATT s4

  117. austin beaty says:

    Will this rom work on verizon galaxy s4 4.3 mk2 build with using safe strap??

  118. Nick says:

    I flashed this ROM 2days ago and all of a sudden my WiFi will not connect at all. What could I do for that?

  119. Gunner says:

    Will this ROM work for my AT&T S4 Active I 537 ? ? ?

  120. Brandon says:

    I flashed this rom, works pretty great, other than I can’t seem to get the play store to load to download apps (just keeps loading and loading) and that google now doesn’t recognize my work or home when i try to voice command to navigate to work/home. Any help? I’ve noticed that whenever i try to flash a rom, the play store either doesn’t work, or goes REALLY slow for apps.

    • flako says:

      Get the pa gapps 4.4.. Look it up on Google or something. Download the zip and flash it with twrp. And it should work after u reboot

  121. flako says:

    I have kit Kat 4.4 on cm11 on my gs4 (sph:L720) and my clock app is not working. A window pops up saying unfortunately clock has stopped working . how can I get my clock to work. I need my alarm!!

  122. Dennis says:

    I have installed gummy on my gt-i9505 (uk base) but i dont seem to have the 4g/lte symbol on it.. any thought??

  123. Rayan Kamal says:

    Hello there! First off, hats off to everyone who has provided so much on this site. I am a rather new fella who unlocked his own phone using the steps from this site. I have a SPH-L720 from sprint. I recently unlocked it but was having some problems with mobile data, so I used Odin and tried to load MF9(not from this site) which did not work and redid the MDC. Mobile data started working.

    Soon after that someone called me but the screen went white and I couldn’t answer it. I tried to make a call and apparently it rand but I didn’t see or hear a call going through. A message appeared saying the process has stopped working. I thought a factory wipe would do the trick. So I did that and loaded the Omni rom on it but the problem still exists. All I can do I know is text and use wifi. Mobile data has disappeared again.

    Any help will be grately appreciated!


  124. Brandon says:

    Got the playstore to work after flashing stock gapps. But hotspot doesn’t work for T-Mobile, still getting the automatic forward to the website to add Wi-Fi tethering to my account. Any help on how to go around the T-Mobile block? Much appreciated

  125. ez ed says:

    Mic on Skype not working….. anyone know how to fix this? Running 4.3 version of gummy ROM on sprint s4.


  126. jay says:

    does this rom work with the Verizon mk2 and safestrap? thx

    • brian says:

      nope, safestap only has a limited number of ROMs that it is compatible with. I am stuck with stock until someone figures out how to unlock bootloader on verizon gs4 mk2.

  127. lexi says:

    I flashed it everything works good, but I cant make a call.
    Everytime i type a number in and click call, the screen turns black and it will not work!

  128. Terrance says:

    When I’m on the phone, the system makes this annoying jingling sound that doesn’t go away! HELP!!

  129. pepper cane says:

    It sucks I can make video calls and they can see me. regular calls but they can’t hear me and I can’t hear them for both video chat and calling

  130. Dazza says:

    Great rom, after trying servial on my s4 this is the only one that done everything i wanted. Worked right out of the box, have not had much problems, the only one I have is the front camera still has the green lines on it. I had no data after i installed, but added APN settings and it worked right away.

  131. Brandon says:

    snapchat keeps closing on me. both the holo apk version and the google play version. i tried clearing data from the app, uninstall/reinstall, and taking out all removables (battery, sim, sd) all to no avail. any suggestions?

  132. Jack says:

    Hey Awesome people!! I need your help please!! I root my i337M S4 and then flashed it with Gummy ROM, everything was successful but now my Phone starts with the Gummy Logo ( black background with star and a bubble in the background, expanding and contracting ) and nothing else happens…. any ideas as to what happened?!! Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

  133. says:

    I am curious to find out what blog platform you’re working
    with? I’m experiencing some small security problems with
    my latest blog and I would like to find something more
    safeguarded. Do you have any suggestions?

  134. librahiant says:

    it works with safestrap recovery?

  135. roger says:

    I have the Blu life 8 it has it has the octacore processor with a gig of ram. So it’s close to top of the line and it was KitKat 4.4 upgradeable out the box as soon as it was available. So I updated my phone as soon as it was available for T Mobile now this phone is a blue phone which is basically built just like the Galaxy S phones and with it being a flagship new phone I assume rooting it to the gummy gooey stuff would work just fine on this phone but the thing is I am a first time readers so please someone tell me if I am going to ruin my phone routing this with this Gummy 4.4 thank you in advance

  136. roger says:

    I also have a tech issue with my phone and it’s exactly the same problem I had with my galaxy s4 that I had basically after a few months out of nowhere when I rebooted my phonefrom my phone and it’s really pissing me off because my last phone I had to do exact same thing after a few months now and I haven’t done anything in the settings haven’t done anything I just rebooted it once and now it crashes everytime I try to load a picture on Craigslist or on Facebook its pissing me off please someone help me tell me what I need to do fix this stat are greatly appreciate that the person who helps me out of the main things rockstar peace bro or an amazing rock princess peace brah 🙂

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