WanamLite ROM for Galaxy S4! [GT-i9500/GT-i9505/AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian]

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For this week’s GT-i9500 and GT-i9505 ROM of the week, check out latest version of WanamLite ROM.

Latest version of WanamLite ROM now ships with its own Wanam Xposed App that allows you to fully customize your UI and control almost every feature of WanamLite ROM such as call recording, Torch shortcuts, Volume button music skip buttons, change long-press home/back key behavior, and much much more.

When Wanam first introduced WanamLite ROM, there was no such app but now, everything is more controllable and customizable through the new Wanam Xposed App.

Also, WanamLite ROM comes with STweaks app and ability to tweak your CPU frquency/voltages. You can also tweak the audio and easily make the volume of your speakers/headphones softer or louder, adjust the sounds across different bands/frequencies, and even control the volume of sound on each channel of your headphones.

With latest WanamLite ROM, you will find App2SD and HDR camera working out of the box as it’s based off latest MH1 Samsung firmware.

Certainly, the latest version of WanamLite ROM has it all. It’s fast with great battery plus customization of UI, system, and sound is superior to stock ROM.

If you want stability of TouchWiz and also keep all features of Samsung but want faster performance, better battery life and a load of fancy customization, try WanamLite ROM today and do let me know how much better your Galaxy S4 is afterwards.


Download WanamLite ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9500

Download WanamLite ROM for Galaxy S4 GT-i9505/AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian

Credits – GT-i9500, GT-i9505 <— Please donate to the developer Wanam or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like his ROM, thx!

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50 Responses

  1. Rayner says:

    I tried many custom rom, im currently using latest wanam.

    Other custom rom – 3G mobile data on- 100% – 11pm-7am battery left 39,40,50%

    Wanamlite – 3G mobile data on- 100%- 11pm-7am battery left 70, 67%

    honestly super battery life.
    Probably safe to say Wanamlite 2.0 great battery life. Thank you Wanamlite

  2. Misael says:

    Hey Max,
    I’ve just installed this new version of WanamLite in my GT-i9505 and STweaks app doesn’t have so much features as in your video using a model GT-i9500. Do you know if it’s really happen in my model or something wrong happened?
    The other stuffs seems to work perfect, only this matter.

    • Zaman says:

      Hey Misael,

      Im having the same issue on my ATT S4 so its not just you. Has anyone found a way to fix this or is this just due to the way the rom is made?

  3. LeonPhelps says:

    Im a little confused, Will this rom work on the rogers s4 (sgh-I337m) ?

  4. Mike says:

    Yes you can but you must use the GT-9505 international version and must setup the apn setting to get internet access. See this link to get the correct APN settings for your carrier. http://www.androidcoliseum.com/2013/08/rogers-telus-bell-fido-virgin-koodo-apn.html?m=1

  5. Jay says:

    Just make sure you download the second one that states its for canadian s4

  6. Tomas says:

    Hey Max!

    So I flashed this rom on my Roger’s SGH-I337M and it works just fine. Thing is, it changed my model number from SGH-I337M into GT-I9505. If I want to flash an AT&T custom rom (for model I337M) like clean-rom, will this be a problem?

  7. lynnette says:

    Will this rom work on the U.S tmobile variant of Galaxy S4. Please answer. Thank you.

  8. David says:

    When you list tmobile. M919 is the model your refering to?

  9. jaime says:

    Hello, will this work on US tmobile sgh m919?

  10. Curtis says:

    I flashed the wanamlite v 1.5 for T-Mobile SGH-M919 but Im getting stuck at the SAMSUNG logo when booting so it wont fully boot up. Any ideas? I did factory reset before flashing and wiped delvik cache after. Plz help

  11. Vineet Chadha says:


    The link you described for att version is not working. I enter the captcha and then it says that the website is down. Can you please make it work somehow ?

  12. Curtis says:

    EDIT: After clearing system cache under ‘mounts’ settings in CWM my sghm919 now boots with wanamlite

  13. Nate says:

    Hey I Loaded this up on my Virgin Canada GS4, but for some reason im not getting any data, any way i can fix this?

  14. sasha says:

    hi, I have an i337, loaded the ROM but got the unauthorized software msg. I tried loki_doki afterward but its not installing. Phone is bricked…im desperate…please help

  15. Paul says:

    I would like to start with saying that I think this is a great site and it has helped me a lot with learning more about my S4 and custom ROMs for Canadians in general. Keep up the good work! That being said I would like to give you some feedback on my experience with the WanamLite ROM.

    The installation went smoothly. However, I ran into a couple of issues.

    First, I lost the connection to my data and cell networks, unable to make calls or access the internet (internet access worked with wifi only).

    Second, the STweaks lacked the functionality that was presented in the video presentation. I did not have access to CPU overclocking, undervoltage settings and audio settings. I did get access to CPU scaling (as a primary heading).

    I restored from my backup of my rooted ROM to get my phone working again (Thanks for that invaluable suggestion by the way!!! It was much appreciated!)

    This experience has not deterred me in any way, I would like to unlock the true power of my S4! But I need some help here being a newbie to the ways of custom ROM installation. If you can give me some solid advice on work around the above mentioned issues I would very much like to try this again.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    P.S. My S4 is with Rogers in Canada.

    • YCB says:

      You lost connectivity because your phone lost its APN settings. That’s usually one of the first things you should checked out. Just add it Settings – More networks -mobile networks – Access Point Names.
      Google your carriers apn settings.

      I also found no settings to really overclock the cpu, tried downloading no frills cpu off the play store, and no options to overclock from 1.89ghz. Possibly a different kernel is needed?

      • Paul says:

        Thanks YCB for the tip on the APN settings! I looked it up and I got what I think I got what I need.

        But, When I watch the review of the Wanamlite ROM on this site it shows clearly that STweaks allows for over clocking the CPU. Does anyone know if there is an additional installation like a kernel or something that needs to be turn on in Wanam xposed to activate this feature? Please let me know. Max, if you could chime in on this I would greatly appreciate it.

        Thanks in advance.

  16. Kabeer says:

    can any one post flashing procedure/instructions for wanamlite on s4 i9500

  17. Jamil says:

    Guys to overclock/under clock as well as undervolt cpu you will need another kernel that will allow this. so all you need to do is load a kernel (like Siyah) and all the functions will be available…. it is not advised to play with these setting unless you really know what you are doing

    • Jari says:

      where can we download this kernel? and does it work on WanamLite or do we need a completely different ROM to overclock…

  18. jeremy says:

    Flashed this on a telus phone…works but I can’t connect to my data network…I downloaded the second link, tried re-regester on the network but it just doesn’t want to work…calls are fine

  19. Brandon says:

    This site is wonderful and has provided me with valuable information for S3 and S4.

    I have flashed many many ROM, rooted multiple Samsung phones, and have backed up and restored almost all of those phones. I’m pretty familiar with flashing and setting up ROMS.

    However this ROM seems to not want to run sound at all on my phone. I installed this ROM multiple times, followed the installation procedure to a T, and each time I had no sound at all. No boot sound, no message sound, no ring tones, no voice during call mine or received voice. Everything else seemed to work just fine. An odd error, it’s like no sound driver is installed on a computer.

    Has anyone ran into this issue?

  20. Troy Stanley says:

    ROM looks and functions great almost!

    The wifi function does not work. It will not turn on. Any suggestions?


  21. Nick says:

    Hey Max/Anyone else.

    I installed this ROM using Safestrap on my S4 AT&T on the new MF3 firmware. Everything works fine except for Wi-Fi. It will stay off even when I tap the switch to turn it on. Anyone know any fixes? I love this ROM and want to make it my daily driver but I need the WiFi fixed. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

  22. luca says:

    hi guys, i am italian and i have an european samsuns galaxy s4 9505. Can i install this rom or this is only for 9500 and 9505 but canadian, at&t and t-mobile?

  23. Ash says:

    tried on GT-I9500 ….
    sayz (bad) then aborted …….
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  24. siddarth says:

    are u sure this will work on my GT9500 without any instability…..?????? now m using CM version 11 but in that some of the application did not work properly…so i wanna change to this….plizz tell me….m waiting..

  25. Georgi says:

    Hi, i have problem with installing the rom. I have S4, AT&T, MF3, 4.2.2 android, Safestrap recovery 3.71 and i cant install
    im using odin3 v3.09 but it fails. It says that ROM is for AT&T phone in this article but i think bootloader its locked and thats why i cant install these two files, wihtout them i dont have wifi.
    Anyone have any idea could i do something to install this ROM on my AT&T phone?

  26. Diego says:

    This one functions with Android 4.4.2 ?

  27. Jon says:

    Thanks for all of the information for the ROM. I’m currently trying to look for something to flash onto my S4 (i337m).

    However, my question is, what is the difference between flashing this ROM and running Wanam on Xposed on the stock TW ROM?

    Thanks in advanced.

  28. AR says:

    will this rom work on s4 (shv-e300k)

  29. Gary says:

    Having problems downloading this ROM. Tried twice using FDM. Both times when it go to about 98% it stopped downloading, and the download was not resume-able. Is there anywhere else, like a torrent, where I can download this?

    Any help much appreciated.

  30. edin says:

    after install this rom, my device cannot open , everytime i open it will appears until the samsung logo, but still cannot start. why? can you fix my problem

  31. Blake says:

    What over clocked kernel can go with this rom tmobile galaxy s4 m919

  32. Hilbert says:

    HI i flashed my phone a few times reason because each time there was no sound and no service, only seeing a stop sign icon where the sim card service signal should be. First i tried OZcan Rom, then CM11. I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S4 gt-i9500.. today I just installed the WanamLite ROM for Galaxy S4! [GT-i9500/GT-i9505/AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian] thinking that it would help, but no luck same issue.

    Read some where that this info might be useful…
    i dialed *#1234# here are the results

    CSC: I9500MWDBMH1

    MAX Help pls…

  33. John says:

    Will this work on international version /i9505/

  34. Jack says:

    Will this work on European i9505 ?

  35. aam says:

    Why don’t you make it .tar.md5 so we can flash it using Odin?
    I spent 4 hours downloading this shit.. Thanks for wasting my time.

    • J. Konietzko says:

      Would you have spent less time downloading a tar file rather than a zip file? Is tar that much more compressed?

  36. hussein says:

    When I try to install it on my Canadian s4 I get status error 7

  37. zane says:

    Hi… I installed this on a few I 9500 and its great.. Runs smooth and has all bells and whistles.. Only time I had trouble installing was when the rom got corrupted in download.. It then said error… Make sure you have a good stable connection to download. If not dont bother? Find a good connection and it will be fine.. If I can do it in South Africa, you can do it in Europe or wherever.. Lol. I also used philz touch Cwm… The best… Cheers to all the developers.. Later

  38. Ajitesh Sinha says:

    Hi max,

    Can I flash this rom for my GT-I9500 black edition? As the build number for black edition is different from that of other GT-I9500.

  39. J. Konietzko says:

    Hi, Max,

    can it be that, as far as you are concerned, GalaxyS4Root.com is effectively more or less dead?
    I installed the WanamLite ROM from the link above, liked it even though it’s a 4.2 ROM, then went to XDA to express my appreciation – and on his site there was version 3.1 of his ROM (Android 4.4.2) as opposed to version 1.5 on your site.

    So I had to flash again – very annoying!


    J. Konietzko

  40. yeadul says:

    Can i install it on galaxy s4 gti9500 lollipop (india)??

    • J. Konietzko says:

      As far as I could see on Wanam’s site, his latest ROM is 4.4.2, so no Lollipop.

      You can find more infos about his ROMs on xda


      or on his own website


      Hope this helps

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