Wicked ROM v5.1 for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-i9505]

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For this week’s AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, and GT-i9505 ROM of the week, check out the updated Wicked ROM v5.1.  Since the last version 4, Wicked ROM now comes with a choice of 4 themes (Stock, Wicked Red, Neon Green, Blue Sky), 3 cameras (S4 camera, Android 4.3 Photosphere camera, Moto X camera), and updated Wicked ROM Control app.

UPDATE: Wicked ROM v7 is OUT, please CLICK HERE to see it instead of this!!!

And for T-Mobile S4 users, you will be able to benefit from WiFi Calling as this is based on T-Mobile firmware.  But there’s no App2SD since T-Mobile firmwares don’t support it yet.  If you need App2SD, you can try BobCat ROM instead.

Other notable features on this ROM include init.d support, bluetooth/wifi tethering (hacked native hotspot), CRT animation, extended power menu, Hold-Menu-Button to kill app, all apps enabled for multi-window, Ad blocking, and lots of performance tweaks to make your S4 run faster.

If the latest version seems like something you want, check it out and do let me know what you think!


Download Wicked ROM v5.1(AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-i9505)

To install Wicked ROM, AT&T S4, install ROM then install Loki-Doki.zip.

If you get bootloop while installing, try formatting /system and /data and re-install ROM, I had to do this on my GT-i9505 to get it booting.  Also if you are using TWRP, make sure to upgrade to latest v2.6 as older versions may give you bootloops.

For general installation tutorial, see our custom ROM installation guide.

If you need removed bloatware, check out the XDA thread for zip files that will add it back on.

Credits – Evil1art for original T-Mobile version, <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it!

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69 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey there, just downloaded wicked v5.1 on my att s4. I’m coming from v4 and I loved it, but I’m getting a recurring NFC service stopped error message and makes my phone basically unusable, pops up every 10 seconds and slows it to a crawl. Anything I can do? I have cwm installed and installed lokidoki after flashing.

  2. Richard White says:

    installed then reboot on AT&T GS4. phone went into some sort of lock. it wont even let me go into recovery so it is hard bricked i think anyway to un-brick this?

    • larry more says:

      I got the same problem. Got a “non-at&t approved software installed on phone,” message and couldn’t boot, couldn’t even get to recovery. I used odin and flashed back to stock os. (thankfully I could get into download mode.) Had to root and install custom recovery again. got everything back working with no loss of data, but am hesitant to try again. Am even hesitant to go back to wicked v4

      • larry more says:

        and yes, i did install loki doki when i installed the new rom…. did it in the same installation process. (when i installed v4, i had done loki after the rom installaion

      • Larry More says:

        I was finally successful in installing this rom in my at&t galaxy s4. two things happened:
        (1) when I tried to upgrade TWRP in wiicked 4, goo manager automatically installed the t-mobile version of TWRP 2.6. This triggered the “software not authorized for at&t” loop. I had to flash a stock rom via Odin, root, and then install the correct TWRP.
        (2) Installing wicked 5, you can NOT reboot at the end of the install, because Loki doki has not yet been installed. But it appears that this is the only option in front of you. You have to hit the menu button, giving you “about/quit installation/back” menu. I am not sure whether it was “quit” or “back” that worked, because the phone wasn’t very responsive; but eventually, I got back to TWRP and it installed Loki. THEN reboot.
        All is well with the new version ! All multi-windows, s-memo, data toggle, LTE working fine…..

    • Alberto Arbelaez says:

      Hi Richard,
      I tried like 3 times to install it on my phone (Galaxy S4 At&t SHG-I337) with the same screen locking me out.
      I don’t know if you were able to install loki, because i couldn’t, however if you still want to go wicked the only thing that worked for me was restoring boot from a back up. You are still able to go into recovery if press power button until vibrates (3-5 secs) then rapidly press home+volume up-down until going to recovery. Then recover boot, i did it from an external sd card…
      hope it helps.

  3. Zama says:

    Hey max,

    I installed this rom and now im not able to use my data at all. Please help, I have an att s4 and did the proper installed and loki doki install.

  4. jaco says:

    I installed this rom in my gs4 Tmobile and everything is working great!! BUT when I’m in the look screen my home botón doesn’t work., who know what is my problem?

    • Jeff says:

      Go into the wicked rom control and then lockscreen mods, there you will find the settings for the home button.

    • saul says:

      you just got to let the rom sit there it will stop after like 24 hours than everything will be cool and working properly

  5. Pierre says:


    I have installed wicked rom today, everything works fine except the data. I am using a Canadian version of the S4. I tried entering APN settings manually, reselecting network, nothing is working. I read above the comment but I do not understand what to do to fix it.


  6. Souza says:

    I have a problem.
    My phone S4 T-Mobile. I installed Wicked 5.1, and now the system does not turn enable 🙁
    Any idea?

  7. Anthony says:

    Does this rom support app 2 SD?

  8. Bill says:

    Just installed wicked and it’s a great rom. One issue is when I am on the phone, I cannot adjust the earpiece volume unless I pull the phone away from my ear and wait for the proximity sensor to allow the screen to come back on, at which point I can then adjust the volume.

    Is anyone else having this issue and/or how can I fix it? Also how would you go about contacting the developer for this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Wez says:

    The download keeps stopping around 35% on the 4 occasions I have tried to download it and I am on a cap so will not be trying it again.

  10. Nick says:

    Noob question:
    How do you upgrade the Wicked ROM from 4 to 5.1?

    • Matthew says:

      Ok, I’m no noob but I can’t seem to figure this one out…I have the AT&T GS4 and I came from wicked v4 and my LTE and MMS worked perfectly. But on Wicked v5.1 I couldn’t get LTE working, but thanks to Jeff here I changed the APN to pta and now it is working.. (thanks Jeff!). But I still can’t send or receive MMS. Tried everything I know. Anyone have a solution?

      • Nick says:

        Erm, so how do you do the upgrade again?
        Re-flash everything or is there some way I can upgrade without losing settings?

        • Matthew says:

          oh, whoops, haha I didn’t mean to reply to your comment. I thought i was just leaving a general comment. But anyway, I can certainly help you! Sorry if I sounded rude when i said, “I’m no noob.” That wasn’t directed toward you, 🙂
          All you need to is flash the new version of Wicked. It could be a good idea to wipe cache and Dalvik cache. You won’t lose anything and it’s always a good thing to do. But, there’s no need to wipe system or factory reset. Only if you’re flashing a completely new ROM.

          • Nick says:

            Cool! I’ll try to get that done.

            I will keep you updated if I can get MMS after this.

            • Nick says:

              I must have done something wrong in the flashing, cos after installing, it became a whole new phone… lost all my previous settings and apps…

      • Jeff says:

        I had the same exact issue, just recently found the right settings. Go here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1791526
        Make sure all your settings look like this but ignore the apn and stick with the pta.

        • Jeff says:

          Here are the settings that got my mms working on att. Make sure your settings look like this and keep the pta the same.
          mmsc: http://mmsc.mobile.att.net
          mms proxy: proxy.mobile.att.net
          MMS port: 80
          APN type: default,supl,mms,hipri

      • Max Lee says:

        Make sure you’ve entered the MMS settings in APN, here’s full 4G LTE settings for AT&T:

        For 4G LTE PTA/HSPA+:
        Name: PTA
        APN: pta
        MMSC: http://mmsc.mobile.att.net
        MMS Proxy: proxy.mobile.att.net
        MMS port: 80
        MCC: 310
        MNC: 410
        Auth: none
        APN type: default,mms,supl,hipri

  11. Souza says:

    Everythink is working very nice.
    Thank You

  12. Matthew says:


    I installed this on my att version from stock root. Ran loki, and it booted up and seemed to work well, except with the ATT version I could only get the Edge network to work. Let me know if you know anyway to get lte going. I reverted until then. Which is a shame, this rom was awesome.

    • Matthew says:


      I must not have refreshed the page since before 7pm because I just saw your post this morning (I’m apparently a different “Matthew” then the one that posted). Anyway, I tried the settings from Jeff and Max and can tell you they work awesome (PTA).


  13. Nick says:

    This is weird, loads up to 10% then phone goes into reboot and stops at loading screen.
    Will try to download the ROM again and try later…

  14. Sam says:

    I was wondering if this ROM can be applied to AT&T phone with baseband version: I337UCUAMF3. If so how to I install the loki-Doki first. This is AT&T factory rom , factory unlocked that I have on this phone. Much appreciateed

    • Alberto says:

      Yes it can be installed, it is my type of phone… The second thing is to install the ROM then Loki I learned the hard way that the Loki zip file needed to be in the phone memory (didn’t let me install it from SD card)
      Just make sure you have downloaded the wicked file, Loki file, and that can be in recovery mode to do it.
      Hope it helps.

  15. Andi says:

    Cant get this ROM to work for love nor money! I’ve tried formatting /system and /data and re-installing ROM, factory reset and cleared cache and delvik and tried reinstalling it 3 times but I just get stuck in the Galaxy s4 boot screen. Pleeease can someone out there help me? I cant even get my CWM backup to work now!? I was running the BoBcat rom before I tried this on my GT-I9505.

    • Alberto says:

      Cannot boot into recovery neither boot into system? Read my answer below…
      And to install just make sure you are using the right tutorials, please let me know type of phone that way I might help you to get better answers to your problems.

  16. John says:

    Just to be sure this is not going to work on Sprint right?

  17. andrew says:

    Hello all in the forum I am also wondering the same just for clarification the updated version 5 isnt supported on the sprint ver yet is it ? Only the previous ver 4 ?

  18. Mark says:

    I installed this rom last night and have been playing around with it all day. I really like all the features but I noticed the Gallery doesn’t have the spiral view that came with the stock version of the S4. I really like this feature but don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. is there any chance of adding this in the future?

  19. Jerome Navalta says:

    Hey Max i just wanna know if somehow you know how to change or remove the skeleton thing when you turn on the device when using wicked 5.1 rom and also the eye thing, it gives me a creeps though, i was thinking to put it back to the original/stock t-mobile samsung animation but i want to stay to the wicked rom without those creepy animations, please help me, thanks alot

    • Reuben says:

      Hey Jerome did you get any answer to your question? I am also looking to remove the Skeleton and Creepy and I don’t know how. Please let me know if you find out. Thanks.

  20. cole lewis says:

    I installed wicked v4 and then came up with the att lock. Then i booted into recovey mode and installed a custom kernel for att phones. I download all the stuff on my phone and when i go into recovery mode it comes up with the att lock so i cant get into recovery mode. Help

    • cole lewis says:

      When i said i downloaded all the stuff I ment v5 and loki doki.

    • Alberto says:

      If you cannot boot into recovery neither boot into system I recommend using Odin to help you boot into system then use the Loki way to go into recovery. With that I mean putting your device into download mode (down+home buttons) obviously have Odin in your computer and hopefully a backup. What I did was check the bootloader in Odin (device in download mode and connected) chose the system part of the backup and thats it. That let me boot into system then I was the Loki way (check tutorial in this site at, clockworldmod recovery,) hope helps. If don’t really understand let me know.

  21. Laz says:

    Is there any way to overclock this Rom? I have it now but I would like to overclock it.

  22. mrdreamers says:

    Hope you can help, how do i get pie to work on wicked? ive pushed every button in pie control but no pie 🙁
    and also wicked suppose to have fire and lighting unlock effects but i cant find them plz help TY 🙂

    and i like to get high on Android everyday!! 😉

  23. daniel says:

    this rom got bugs it brick my phone two times

  24. larry says:

    Does this work for sprint? I’m currently running the version 4

  25. larry says:

    Can I get an answer please?

  26. el C9 says:

    Working awesome for me, after getting that NO OS Warning in the beginning too, did a Shut Down, reboot to Recovery and did the needed Dalvik Wipe/Cache Wipe, booted up fine, change around the APN settings, LTE/MMS working fine…..very nice Rom…looks like my GS4 is Wicked for now!!!

  27. HR says:

    Hi Max,
    How can I get my Tethering to work please?

  28. HR says:

    Oh, I have the GS4 T-Mobile

  29. JimDiGriz says:

    Just installed WICKED 5.1 onto my rooted and unlocked (by me) AT&T Galaxy S4 without any problems (no bootloops/etc). I already was running WICKED 4 BTW prior to this upgrade 4->5.1

    Here’s what I did:

    1. Upgraded TWRP to using GooManager. Prior to doing this I changed the build.prop file to make sure GooManager downloaded the ATT version and not T-Mobile (as it tried to do). A total of 3 entries in the file were changed. Rebooted in to TWRP using GooManager.
    2. I updated the kernel to use the latest ATT KT for TouchWiz through TWRP and followed all the installation instructions including wiping the Dalvik cache and cache
    3. Next I installed WICKED 5.1 by flashing it with TWRP. At the end of the installation DO NOT reboot. In order to do that you need to UNCHECK the ‘Reboot’ option on the last page before hitting NEXT button (this will make sense after you install the file)
    4. Installed loki_doki.zip
    5. Re-installed the kernel and wiped again the Dalvik cache and cache. This is a repeat of step 2 explained above because during the ROM installation it flashed a sign “installing kernel” and I thought it might have installed a T-Mobile kernel so … just in case
    6. FINALLY rebooted the phone. The CT scan images of the skeleton flashed for a while (a lot longer than a normal boot up) but then everything booted up.
    7. I let it sit for 5-10 mins, then rebooted again which took way less time than in step 6, went through the set up of a brand new installation and currently GOOGLE is updating and installing all my apps.

    No issues so far. Let me know if ?s

  30. HR says:

    Dose any one have battery issue? Mine really drains the battery.

  31. richard says:

    Hello I have the tmobile s4 (sgh-m919) and I love the rom its great just have one problem, after I receive a phone call my data stops working. The 4g lte disappears and I have to reboot the phone… can I get some help for this please? Thanks in advanced.

  32. Joe says:

    Hey Max and every body, I love this rom! Its perfect so far except one problem. When I want to text somebody and i go into messaging, click on the recipient icon (the one that goes to your contact lists) it crashes messaging. if i start typing the recipients name instead then my contact list pops up and i can select one no problem. i have looked all over for a solution to this. Has anyone else encountered this? I have a M-919 from t-mobile.

    I have excellent battery life, tethering works great, LTE speeds as high as 24.53 Mbps, and everything else works flawlessly. I may just try Ver 6 that is out now but i dont know if its worth all the hassle.

  33. phoukhong arounleut says:

    Hi, Max
    I’ve updated my galaxy s4 firmware to the latest MF3
    and I tried to flash new ROM but my s4 is in softbrick mod
    how can I unbrick this device with the latest firmware(MF3)

  34. HR says:

    Hey Guys,
    Wicked ROM V7 is out

  35. Yousef says:

    Can i install it on GTi9500 and if i can’t how can do that >????

  36. Paul McCall says:

    I just installed wicked rom v5.1 on my s4 and I can’t receive phone call but my data ,messeages and everything elses work’s great but I can make call’s please HELP !

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