Wicked ROM V7 for Galaxy S4! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-i9505]

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For this week’s T-Mobile Galaxy S4 ROM of the week, check out latest version of Wicked ROM V7.  You can also install this ROM on AT&T, Canadian, or GT-i9505 Galaxy S4s.

Latest Wicked ROM V7 features additional stock and white theme in AROMA installer, 3 additional cameras to choose from (Moto X, Android 4.3 PhotoSphere, Focal), and 4 different music players including stock Samsung, MIUI, Apollo, and Sony Walkman.

Since this is a T-Mobile-based custom ROM, you will not have latest App2SD and HDR camera offered by latest Samsung firmwares. (If you absolutely need them, you can install another ROM.)

Wicked ROM features some great Nexus 7 transition animations along with “Wicked on Crack” speeds for your UI. It’s definitely super-fast and you will love the UI.

For launcher, you do have option of Launcher 8 with Windows theme, Xperia, 4×5 TouchWiz, or stock TouchWiz launcher.  If you are into AOSP looks, Wicked ROM does also offer AOSP e-mail, calendar, and calculator apps.

Wicked ROM definitely has one of the coolest lockscreen themes around, allowing you to choose between stock, fire, shock, and blood along with some wicked boot-up/power-down animations.

Overall, Wicked ROM V7 is one of the best T-Mobile S4 custom ROMs out there (if not the best) so if you haven’t tried the latest version, give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Wicked ROM for Galaxy S4 [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-i9505]

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, and reboot.  For general installation tutorial, see our custom ROM installation guide.

For AT&T, I didn’t install loki_doki.zip and booted up fine so just a basic install should work fine.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Additional Notes:

For settings up LMT Pie Controls, see here.

I am currently running Wicked ROM V7 on my AT&T Galaxy S4 along with T-Mobile SIM card with both LTE and Wifi-Calling working,   If you need such a thing, see our guide on How to Enable T-Mobile AWS Bands on AT&T Galaxy S4!

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61 Responses

  1. titan2005 says:

    Been running Wicked ROM for a while. It’s one of the best if not the best TWz base ROM for the GS4.
    Super fast and great battery life.

  2. michael says:

    i flashed this ROM on my t-mobile s4 and it keeps booting me to the TWRP recover screen. i cant get past that.. help! 🙁

  3. Michael says:

    Yea. I found it but when i searched ‘recovery’, it gave me 11 pages of results.. I gotta read through them

    • Justin says:

      In a nutshell: YOU MUST SELECT an option at each prompt for the recovery to install successfully.

      Also use latest philz recovery. Hope this works for you 🙂

  4. Michael says:

    Ok, will give it a shot. Thanks!

  5. shawn says:

    I installed on galaxy s4 at&t, ran Loki, formatted data and system. Can’t get data to work, anyone have a fix or suggestion? Thank you in advance

  6. Justin says:

    Here you go 🙂
    Originally Posted by bookmonke pn XDA thread:
    Running on AT&T, just use loki doki like Evil said or flash a kernel for AT&T that is already Loki’d
    and add the following apn: be sure to save after typing all this in:

    Name: ATT Phone
    APN: phone
    Proxy: Not set
    Port : Not set
    User name: Not set
    Password: Not set
    Server: Not set
    MMSC: http://mmsc.mobile.att.net
    MMS proxy: proxy.mobile.att.net
    MMS port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    Authentication type: None
    APN type: default,mms,supl,hipri
    APN protocol: IPv4
    APN roaming protocol: IPv4
    Enable/disable APN: APN enabled
    Bearer: Unspecified

    • MD says:

      Works like a charm, thank you for this!

      BTW for those who dont know, to set your APN on a GS4 go System Settings -> More networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> *menu button* -> New APN.

      Like Justin said – don’t finish filling it out and hit the back button. Hit Menu -> Save!

  7. Justin says:

    Arghh again… :/ Just posted the settings you need but it says it is ‘awaiting moderation’. Check out post #6127 on the Wicked ROM XDA thread (page 613 for me) for them. Hope they work but if not post back as there are a couple of other things to try 🙂

  8. ommmmar says:

    i cant watch hulu videos with this rom.?!!
    m919 t mobile

  9. johnsonwea says:

    Is there anyway to prevent it from turning you att gs4 into a tmobile. because where i live doesnt have good tmobile coverage so its always dropping my signal

  10. Lucas says:

    Flashed on my gt i9505 and during the installation it reboots the phone and freezes it at the galaxy s4 logo…
    from then on, i can’t install any other rom anymore (via CWM recovery) or backup’s, they all give me some error… (note, i re-wiped everythig before trying to flash a backup or another previous rom)
    I am desperate, what should i do?

    • Ahmed says:

      I am facing the same error… Max please help or anyone. I cannot install other, because it gives me error. PLEASE HELP

    • Aad says:

      hi Max,
      i have the same problem, made a CWM backup, made backup of my ROM, wipe data/factory reset, installed the wicked.zip from my external sd card.
      installing runs to 10%, then reboots and hanging in the reboot screen of my GT-I9505.

      • AAM says:

        I was getting stuck at the Galaxy S4 logo. I had to flash the Recovery from CWM to TWRP ver. using ODIN, and now I’m back up again.

  11. Swen says:

    i am using this rom a few days now, but i have (for me ) one big problem with it. If i write a textmassage i must between the words, two times press the space button not only one time like before or with other Roms. Can somebody help?

  12. Jeff says:

    Hey Max,
    I’d been using version 5 before I switch to version 7, I got the same issue home screen rotation doesn’t work, it works only if am on an app, looks like this part had been neglected, dont get me wrong, I checked and unchecked auto rotate option under display menu.


  13. konsti33 says:

    I rooted to this rom and now it wont read my 64gig sdxc

    • csharpner says:

      I’m having the same problem. I try to mount it. It says it’s preparing it, then it says it’s safe to remove it.

  14. The Bourne says:

    Upgraded from the V5, so far the brightness bar in the notification works now, and everything is just about perfect. I do see a difference in battery usage. The v5 had the best battery usage of any rom I used, this rom uses about 25% more than the V5.

    • The Bourne says:

      Ahh nevermind, forgot I chose Wicked Crack Mode instead of the regular UI that the Wicked Rom had. Tested it out and it does make a difference in battery life. That’s the good thing about this rom, you can choose either battery life or performance when you flash it. I don’t know how the dev is going to top this version, but this is perfection to me.

  15. JMG says:

    Can I flash this rom to my Google Play Edition S4 (i9505G)? I am a new T-Mobile customer and would like to flash this rom to test the WiFi calling feature. Thx!

  16. Jon says:

    Everything flashed fine. rom works amazing but I lost root. I’m on att Mf3 build. Please help. Dont know how to get root back.

  17. Jon says:

    Lost root when flashinh. I’m on att mf3 build using safe strap

  18. Jon says:

    Cant find any help. Do I have to re-root on this rom? Does it matter I used safe strap? I never used this before

    • Romeo says:

      I have MF3 Build also and when installed Safestrap and Wicked, SuperSU and Titanium are in the apps but no root access. When I flash back to stock, the root is fine. Have no clue????!!

  19. Franklin says:

    Hi I just installed the wicked rom on my tmobile gs4 but having issue installing the adobe flashplayer. Everytime I try it says install fail. Does it not work with this rom?

  20. Andrew Lima says:

    I find GoldenEye from XDA to be a bit better in retrospect of performance and stabilization.

  21. Mike says:

    Just had to come back and sing the praises of the Wicked ROM once again. I’ve had it now for a couple of days, and the battery life is unbelievable! I had been running Cyanogen 10.2 prior to this, and then the Google Play version of 4.3, and both were fine except for the camera app (it’s terrible in 4.3) and the battery life, which was atrocious. Both of these issues are completely resolved now. I have my S4 camera app back, and I have been going since 5 AM today on a single charge (it’s now 6:03 pm where I am and the battery is still over 50%). Simply a great ROM. If you’re looking for a great TouchWiz experience, Wicked is your solution.

  22. D says:

    Can you post another download link for the ROM. this one does not seem to be working for me, tried with three different browsers with no luck. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Romeo says:

    MF3 Build, SGH i377: Safestrap installed fine. Wicked Rom installed fine in Slot 1. SuperSU lost it’s root privileges with Wicked Rom(tested with Titanium) and I don’t know why. If I flash back to stock, root access is there and tested with Titanium.

  24. Leo says:

    Been running Wicked Rom v.8 for my SGS4 tmo for about 1 week now. Extremely stable and awesome battery life.

  25. Scott says:

    Anyone try to install 9.1 MK2? I wiped via TWRP. Flashed rom. Gave me an illegal software error. Flashed the hacked kernel. Rebooted. Would only boot to a black screen with a blue led. Tried the whole process again. Same thing. Am I missing something? Restored back to wicked 7 with no problems, but would like to try 9.1

  26. Anthony says:

    I flashed it but I have no audio. Also its laggy. Any tips? I have a Tmobile GS4

  27. Mrhunter13 says:

    I install the rom on my att gs4 mf3 and i figured out how to get root on this rom

  28. Aad says:

    hi Max,
    i have the same problem, made a CWM backup, made backup of my ROM, wipe data/factory reset, installed the wicked.zip from my external sd card.
    installing runs to 10%, then reboots and hanging in the reboot screen of my GT-I9505.
    i couldrestore my bobcat rom but like to have the wicked. i didnt see any answer yet to resolve this problem.

  29. mike says:

    im on wicked v9.1 for canadian s4, when i am on a call the network signal drops to nothing, making it impossible for me to send a second call or recieve/send texts while on a call. im not a developer and i cant figure out if this is due to some setting i changed or the roms defasult doings, please help me to do the voodoo that you do so well. thanks

  30. shkar says:

    didnot work for me when turn on phone stock boot animotion

  31. HR says:

    Hey guys,
    Wicked V10.0 is just release, I will try to download tonight and install. I am on V7 now which runs flawlessly, but I love to try the V10.

  32. elCess says:

    Installed and have been using it for couple weeks, and must say that Im totally satisfied, way snappier then V5. Ive noticed improvement in the Battery department too. Im using Nova launcher, have the CPU set up with SetCPU profiles too.

  33. Eddy says:

    Does it work for the GT-I9505 jfltexx?

  34. henry says:

    My custom rims will not install. I have tried several. It always goes to factory 4.4.2. I’ve done factory reset. Cleared dalvik…. I’m so confused. I am on at&t nc1. Using safestrap. This is dumb

  35. Manuel K says:

    Is this rom compatible to Samsung Galaxy S4 I337M (Telcel Mexico)?

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